Breaking News: JTune released MBLAQ Comeback Teaser Image

Need I say more? These images for the men’s 8th mini album is officially out!!!! My twitter line is packed with retweet and favorited tweets! I’m so excited and can’t wait to see the trio before my eyes! Notice that their initials are on the corner of each triangle. Seung Ho has the most complicated one, Mir is perfectly balanced since there are three letters on his and GO is the least complicated one.

I’m GO bias so I can’t help but staring at his softer yet manly gaze. I could hardly breathe when I saw his teaser image. He is perfectly balanced, and utterly handsome! His hair is perfectly combed and his body language showed us he is ready for this comeback! Again, need I say more???


As for Seung Ho, the handsome leader, is forever handsome with his signature hair style. His reflection really matches the title of this album, Mirror. His triangle is the most complicated one of the them all… Perhaps it is because he is the leader? Well, we do know that as a leader, he has the most important duties of them all but I love how he cares of his two maknaes, G.O and Mir.


I must say, Mir is looking good as blonde. I think this black and white image made Mir even more beautiful. This image is totally stands out – guyliner and blonde – perfect combo!


Now, where is that MV trailer, JTune???

Currently Watching: Neko Zamurai – Season 1


See, I told you I’ll be watching more Japanese dramas this year. I don’t know why but I’m attracted to Jdrama more than ever. The fact that they can make good dramas any romance element makes me feel more calm, comfy and relief. I’m into romance but it’s good to simply watch dramas on daily life. It is comforting and I could relate theirs with my daily life struggle. Kdramas are catching up with better plots too but their still lacking and sometimes can be unrealistic and dumb… I guess I’m maturing up in my watch. Or maybe I’m PMS-ing today *giggles*


Neko Zamurai is an easy watch. It’s so easy I could finish it in overnight. Each episode is 23 minutes long and before you know it, you’ll be hitting that next episode button. Yeap, this is me at the moment. And I’m afraid I might finish before I’m able to upload this post. This drama is pretty calm, light and easy to watch. And I like the pace of each episode. You won’t feel like you’ve been rushed and the development of the main character is very consistent. They really took the time to peel off his skin little by little and unveil who he is. One thing I desire to see is his smile….. If only he would but he is depressed *pouts* but with a valid reason! *giggles* I can’t tell you now, you just have to watch it.


So, what Neko Zamurai is all about? Madarame-sama is an unemployed samurai. He is penniless and could not afford to buy food nor paying his room rent. He’s been begging for a job post at one of the prestigious home but was turned down numerous time. He used to be a known samurai but his popularity dipped way down for a reason I have yet to know and now no one fears him anymore. One day, on his way home, he was approached by Sakichi. Sakichi explained that his master is possessed by this goblin cat he recently adopted named Tamanojo. Sakichi wants him to take care of this goblin cat! But when Madarame-sama came to finish the goblin cat… It is history! He didn’t kill the cat but instead told Sakichi that he did and handed Tamanojo’s fake urn. Madarame keeps the cat. Their relationship is out of this world cute! He wanted to laugh from this kitty’s cuteness but couldn’t. It is hard to watch a mean looking samurai charmed by this little kitty but believe me, he is charmed alright! *laughs*


Madarame-sama also realized that the kitty is harmless and not a goblin as Sakichi thought he is. But now, he is facing danger because Sakichi’s master really missed Tamanojo and has hired someone to find Tamanojo’s killer. While all that is happeneing, you will get to know Madarame-sama more and more. Often time, you will see him having inner monologues with himself. You will also see him practicing his sword and getting annoyed with this kitty. But no sweat, it is too hilarious to ignore these scenes. Overall, Neko Zamurai is pretty entertaining and just one of the cutest dramas I have seen in years! For under 12 episodes, this easy watch drama is a must watch especially if you are a cat lover like myself *wink*.

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Good Jive!


Hello, hello, HELLLLLLLLLLLLO!!!! It’s Wednesday! Are y’all ready for some good dance music??? I can’t hear ya!!!! Say it louder! That’s more like it! So remember how I was counting down for SHINee’s comeback? Their 4th album, Odd, was released recently with 11 tracks in total! Wow! I have yet to check it out but I certainly hope all 11 tracks are new – not recycled songs *fingers crossing tightly*. Amuden, the first song released as an MV is called View. Yeap, it certainly a view to me! *laughs*

Isn’t the song catchy and awesome? And it is not what I expected though but still great! I thought it would be 70s or 80s style song but nope, totally not at all. But still….. the song is wow! It makes me wanna get up and dance! So if you’re interested to hear the whole album, take a listen to this…

I am only able to listen to the first three songs due to timing issue… I must say these songs are very contemporary and mature! When they sang “my eyes on you”, I said my ears are for you! *smiles*. I love that they maintain their dance/futuristic/pop/jazzy/r&b/electro genre as they have in the past! I’m totally digging this album. Definitely worth buying it! The boys did it again, y’all!

Currently Watching: Ishitachi no Renai Jijo aka Doctor’s Affairs


I have lost my count on how many Japanese dramas I have seen this year. It’s a good thing because I really want to spread my watch horizon to more Japanese shows. I’m not bored with Korean dramas but lately I found myself not into it as much as before. But changes is good, right? I think I should broaden up a bit so I can see dramas from different perspective. Now back to Doctor’s Affairs… As always, Bel recommended it to me. Gosh, she knows which good drama to watch! This jdrama is so addictive! And I’m a bit addicted with this male lead doc! Wow, look at him! His looks is extremely unique! There is something sexy and charming about him. The way he carries himself is just… wow!


Doctor’s Affairs is a 12-episode drama and 6 episodes aired so far. In the beginning, I sort of hesitant to watch it because it is a medic drama. I’m not into medical drama because it intimidates me big time with all these genius terms! Puhhhleeeez, just speak in commoners language! Also, I’m not good with blood so I was afraid I will get queasy. Well, my brave soul told me to give it a go and so I did. So far it has been great and I was able to avoid feeling nauseated while watching! Phew. Imagine if I faint while watching it… I might as well go for nap or sleep, right? *laughs*


Doctor’s Affairs is a marriage between Doctor X and Second Love. Morita Sensei transferred to a prestigious university hospital as a surgeon but disagree with the way the hospital is running. Mikio-san lead the hospital as the Chief Finance and he prioritize wealthy patients. Morita sensei disapproves of the system and prefers to help patients no matter their backgrounds are and all he cares is to save the patients. Morita sensei met Kondo sensei, a senior surgeon who is much older than him. But to him, it was love at first sight and he tried to get closer to her more and more. He even assisted her in surgery. What got me hook to Doctor’s Affairs is how charismatic and genuine Morita sensei is and I, too, fell in love with him at first sight! Kondo sensei started to develop that attachment with him as well but she’s very concerned over her age against him. I am not surprised. At that age, I’m sure she’s very alert and self aware of herself, and taking a suitor younger than her age can be intimidating as well as nerve-wrecking.

1065391v_1504101744_5Well, if you have seen Second Love, the age was not an issue with Kei and same goes with Morita sensei. I predict happy ending with Doctor’s Affairs. But unlike Second Love, this drama does not have racy scenes yet still able to make your heart goes dugun dugun *wink*. The progress of love is slow for both doctors as they are occupied in saving lives and plus, the first 6 episodes seem to focus on taking care of business. What that means? Kondo’s ex-fiancee came back, Morita’s mother needs surgery for her illness and his ex-girlfriend came back for treatment. Now that all these are taken care of, I hope the next 6 episodes will give us more love development between the two doctors. This drama is light and calm, and I see no issue with angst whatsoever. I highly suggest you watching it if you want are into a calm, medic drama.


Liebster, Sunshine and Sisterhood Awards – Wow, wow, WOW!!!

golden-globes-storyHello, hello, and hello!!!! Annyeong! Forgive me for my lateness in addressing all these awards that I have been receiving lately… And I’m guessing I will make someone really, really mad after seeing this post! Why? Because I may missed replying theirs… If I do, please forgive me and let me know so I will address yours immediately. My life has been hectic since January 1. Although I have managed to watch tons of dramas and now squeezing a kpop trip, my excuse to ignore these awards is unacceptable! I started to work on this post since May 17 and I’m determined to answer these questions as fast as possible! Now, here are the rules and they are pretty unified throughout the awards!

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate a few other bloggers.
  • Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated.
  • Notify the bloggers on their blog.
  • Put the award button on your blog.


The first award is Sunshine Award by Hana of DramaJjang! Thank you, Hana and I think I should thank Kwon as well since you both are the engine for this blog.

Sunshine Blog Award

Anyway, here are my responses to your questions:

1. What was the first drama you watched and how you ended up watching it?

Wow, this is hard to answer. I started watching dramas when I was 6 or 7 years old. This was three decades ago so I couldn’t vividly remember the title of the drama nor what drama it was. It could be either Cantonese or Japanese drama. The drama always aired during my dinner time and that’s how I started my addiction to watching dramas *wink*.

2. Was there a drama/movie you felt described your life or your situation the most, or a character of the drama/movie you felt he/she was a lot like you at a certain period of time?


Hmmmm, not that I recall. My life is pretty boooooooring, no one wants to make a movie or drama out of it *giggles*

3. What time of the day you enjoy watching dramas/movies the most?

I’m extremely active and my mind is on full throttle in the morning so that’s when I usually watch my dramas :)

4. Favourite food/sweets to eat while watching dramas/movies.

I hardly eat while watching dramas or movies. But yes, I have eaten my lunch or dinner while watching but not too often now.

5. Did you change your fashion style after getting into Asian culture? If you did, how you changed?

Nope, because I don’t think it’s practical. People might think I’m crayyyyyyyyzy!

6. Do you ever feel that drama/movies boyfriends makes it hard to choose a boyfriend in real life because of the perfection.

Oh yes! Even as a married woman, I started to view my husband differently *giggles*. Too late now…. Damn you, drama! *fist air*

7. Choose a song that describes your life now.

I can’t think of any at the moment… Too many that could describes my life. Hmmm, how about SHINee’s Life *giggles*.

8. What’s your favourite movie of all times and why?

Kingdom of Heaven. Have you seen it?

9. Did you read as a kid, what books do you remember and why?

I read a lot of books. I don’t read as much today sadly as I lost interest after I had my son. But when I was a kid, I love reading Sweet Valley High series.


The next nomination is by Aidazen of I Dreamed A Drama! Thank you, Aida… Although I’m a bit confused, did you nominate me for Sunshine or Sisterhood Award? Or both? Can I be greedy and accept both? *wink* *giggles*. I love awards so…


Here are my answers to Aida’s questions:

#1.  I half-coined a saying which goes thus: drama biases come and go…but great kdramas stay forever. Which words of wisdom could you share, inspired from your interest in kdramas?

Wow, this is definitely deep, chingu. I’m not sure if there are any good kdrama wisdom I could share much but I do know one thing – never watch dramas based on an actor alone. You’ll end up disappointing yourself when he or she did not meet your expectation.

#2.  Blogging about kdramas is my little happy place, a PTSD pill of sorts and just a little way to express what kdramas have brought to blossom within my deepest depths. If you blog about kdramas, tell us the positive side of things or negative as the case may be. What is kdrama blogging to you?

Blogging is a room to escape from my real life. My real life is hectic. I’m a working mom. So blogging is my medium to let go of my real-life world and turn myself into a fangirl of dramas, movies and music *wink*

#3.  A good kdrama OST can go a long way – that’s another phrase I coined *wink*. Some songs from kdrama OSTs stick around long after the drama has faded from your heart or mind. Which one song in a Kdrama do you think perfectly suited the moments or scenes in the drama they were used? Hint: mine is from Birth of a Beauty titled Dazzling by Lee Hae Na. I love that song!

Oh my goodness, this is tough! There are many kdrama OSTs that I love, love, love!!!! And all were well suited with the scenes… Here is one of it:

#4.  Every one hates a sad ending but even worse is a bad ending!! Kdramas can be guilty of those especially when it hits you out of nowhere. For example in my case, Sword and Flower and more recently Jang Hyuk’s Shine or Go Crazy. Which drama finale past or present has got you screaming Noooooo! Or you wish you could change? (minus any major spoilers, just the title of the drama would do =)


Bad Guy. The ending put me to silence for days. I just can’t. I can’t. *tears* But I wouldn’t say it was a bad ending though but certainly disappointed me till today… They should keep the main lead alive!

#5.  Who was your first kdrama crush male or female? And is the crush still the same today or do you have a new one? If so who is it and why? (so many questions in one question sawry)

Wow, this is hard. My current crush is Yoo Seung Ho but previously I was so in love with Bae Yong Jun. He’s hardly on screen now. Too bad. Look at him…. The man age really well!


#6.  Which kdrama actor male or female do you think hasn’t reached their full potential? Considering roles or dramas. What do you think they should do differently? They could be established actors or upcoming.

I can’t believe you’re making me think! My vote is on Park Ki Woong. He actually has reached his full potential but constantly getting a second male lead. I’m not quite sure why because when I saw him on Bridal Mask, he was great but then downgraded in Full House 2. I think he is suitable in melo or action type drama. I hope he choose wisely when he is done serving his duty.


#7.  Mind control. How bad (or not) is your kdrama addiction? Have you done 48 hr binges on  finishing a single drama? Have you gone raw a few times (watching a drama raw, no subtitles possibly minutes after the episode drops on streaming sites) This is assuming you don’t speak/understand Korean. So how bad is it? (you can rate it from 1 to 10.)


How bad? Extremely bad! My friend, Michele, calls me an addict. I, sometimes, watch it on the train, in the shower, in the kitchen and sometimes, in the office (only when I’m not busy). Gone raw? This is nothing new. I watch raw daily dramas all the time but I’m lucky that after years of watching, I understand 65% of it. To rate myself though, I don’t want to put it as badly as others because I don’t sit and watch more than 8 hours so I’ll rate myself a 6. That’s generous, right? *wink*

#8.  This is almost identical to the last question, but still humor me. What’s the worst thing kdramas made you do to yourself? Like losing sleep, forgetting to feed your pets, or do your homework, study for a life-changing exam….the list is endless. Share one?

Losing sleep, definitely.

#9.  This question is about me. Taking a look at my blog what changes or improvements could I use to make this a better, relevant place? Some of the best tips I’ve discovered are from fellow bloggers pointing them out for which I continue find indispensable.

Do you have MyDramaList account? Maybe you should put it on your blog. This way, you readers could know how did you rate your dramas :)

#10. Ten questions are a lot! Thanks for making it this far. So what is the one question no one has ever asked you, but you wished they had? And what would your answer be?

You’re welcome! I think others have cover it all. :)


Thank you, apqaria for my first Liebster Award! This is totally unexpected! I will do my best and answer all your questions ^^


1. What drama/movie do you watch to cheer you up?


At the moment, it is Goong! I love that classic drama! It’s forever my cheer go-to drama *wink*

2. What made you feel the urge to start blogging?

I just want to document what I have seen, to be honest, but sometimes I have this urge of blogging music I like too. And also… *clears throat* a little bit of stalking *giggles*.

3. Do you follow a schedule for your drama watching and blogging?

Nope, I’m not bound by any. I watch and blog whenever I feel like but I definitely blog a drama before it ends. I like it that way.

4. What is the first thing attract you to watch a drama/movie? (Cast, Story, ….Etc)

My own feeling. I don’t fall for cast nor story, but if I feel like watching it, I just watch.

5. What is the weirdest dream you had recently?

Instead of being chased, I was chasing zombie! Apparently the zombie was afraid of me! I wonder why… hmmm.

6. Are you a big eater? And what is your favorite dish?

Yes! I eat all the time and now paying the price of this muffin top! *cries* I love anything with eggs but my favorite is eggs in spicy sauce! Yummmmay!


7. Would you ever want to try dangerous sports like sky dive or bungee jump?

Done bungee jumping but have yet to sky dive. I’m not sure if I would go that extreme now that I’m a mother. Life is precious at the moment…

8. What is your favorite drama in 2015 till now? And what is the drama you are most looking forward to watch?

Kill Me, Heal Me and closely followed by Falling for Innocence. Right now, it is Orange Marmalade. I’m very interested in Yeo Jin Goo. Well, to be cleared, not because he is a cutie but I want to see how far he could take in acting. He is like living Yoo Seung Ho’s life right now… These child actors have good portfolios and Jin Goo is definitely an actor to watch.

9. If you have to choose another profession/study other than the one you have, what would that be?

Wow, I have never thought of it. I love what I do but if I have the money, I want to run a B&B. I have shared my dream with my hub and he agreed with my idea. Who knows, maybe I could have my own business one day – B&B kdrama theme *wink*.

10. Cute or Sexy?

Definitely cute! I can’t stand sexy and I don’t dress sexy. It doesn’t fit with my attitude and style.

11. Do you watch variety shows? If yes, which is your favorite?

Sadly, no. I just can’t stand it.


Next is another Sunshine Award, and it is by Kwon!!!! Thanks again for this nomination! And here are my responses to your questions:


1. Which drama bloggers you would like to meet in real life and why?

You! I think you’re very interesting person to chat with and I think we would go along pretty well! *brofist*

2. Do you like traveling? Which place has left the greatest impact on you and you would like to visit again?

I travel a lot but it can be hectic sometimes. But I do love travelling and one place where it left a huge impact on me was Cairo, Egypt. I was 15 at the time and was reading Anne Rice’s Ramses the Damned and it took my breathe away. I got to read it while visiting “him” in the museum. It felt surreal! I would love to go back to Cairo and see him.

3. Which is the movie that has scarred you gently for life?

The Ring!!!! Let’s not go there….

4. Have you ever converted a person into a drama addict from point zero?

Sadly, no! I will keep working on it :)

5. Which is the currently airing drama you’re enjoying the most? Describe it in 5 words.

Falling for Innocence! It is funny, serious, witty, bubbly, cheesy without being too cheesy and cute! (oops, the drama has ended now).

6. Which drama figure you would like to be real in order to meet him/her and why?

Whoa, this is hard. I want to be as cool and confident as Yoo In-Hye, a character played by Kim Hee-Ae in Midas. She made the world of finance extremely aggressive and powerful and I loved every bits of it.

7. Do you have the same visual fetish with South Korean graves with great view presented in dramas as me? Yes or not and why?

Hmmmm, that depends. Sometimes I just want to focus solely on the plots, I couldn’t care less of the presentation of the drama to be honest.

8. Which is the album, song and/or artist (whether it’s k-pop or not) that has recently captured your attention?

I’m currently waiting on MBLAQ’s new album  but at the meantime, Sam Ku has captured my attention. Here is one of my favorite songs:

9. Which is your favorite SLS figure and why?


Funny, I don’t know what SLS means and I had to ask….. Days later, okay now I know! Second Lead Syndrome! Wow, I’m terrible, aren’t I? Hmmm, let me think… I hope you’ve seen You’re Beautiful coz I still can’t get away with Shin Woo tsk tsk tsk…

10. If you could do anything, just anything at this very moment, what would you do?


Eat and not get fat! Can I have your metabolism, please?

11. Have you ever thought of an ultra weird scenario you would like to see in a drama at some point?

You said ultra and my mind went to ultra man! Is this possible???? Ultraman versus Godzilla kdrama style??? Well, this could be the battle of mother in laws!!! *laughs*

Okay, I hope I have addressed all the questions. Now, I’m going to break the rules and nominate 5 people with my 5 cheesy questions! They are:

1. Whether you are single or married, how is your love life now that you’re hooked to Asian dramas? Is it bad, good or the same?

2. Who is your bias and if you ever get to meet him/her, what is the first question you would ask?

3. Are you a rom-com, melo or action drama person?

4. Name an idol turned actor that you currently like and why?

5. Do you download or stream drama?

Here are my nominations for this Liebster award:

Currently Watching: Falling for Innocence


Somehow, this drama was not in my radar whatsoever. I think I was too busy preparing for my work trip to notice Falling for Innocence. Mtoh, my close drama gal, been squee-ing like mad on our KaTalk room and she told how I must watch it. She takes no for an answer. I don’t know why I kinda hesitant to watch it in the beginning. I was worried that it would be another mediocre drama. I hardly watch jtbc network dramas. I’ve seen Heartless City and a couple more from this network. All of them were not a romance comedy drama. So I’m sure you know where I’m going with this, right?



When I started the first episode, I couldn’t focus at all. I was distracted by my chatty son and was still coping with jet lag. But the minute I started to rewatch again, I knew I was ready for it. Why? I ended up watching the first 8 episodes in 3 days and made it in time with the rest of my chingus to watch the latest episode. And I finished watching episode 13 and 14 on Sunday. So can you tell how this show caught my interest big time? It’s too obvious, right? *wink* See my previous post! *giggles* *blushes* Please don’t judge me, I’m only stalking… *grins*


Falling for Innocence is a story of heart. I mean, literally, the main character, Min Ho, played by Jung Kyung Ho, had a change of heart. Min Ho was a ruthless investor. Even since his dad passed away, his uncle snatched his dad’s company and it turned Min Ho to a one, heartless basturd person. Literally, he was a rude basturd! He reminded me of Joo Won, the character Hyun Bin played in Secret Garden. So anyway… Min Ho attended the company meeting with such a bad attitude he offended everyone in the room. Practically, he is that arrogant chaebol you love to hate. But behind his arrogance, he suffers a heart problem. So obviously, as typical kdrama plot goes, he was admitted to the hospital by his secretary, Soon Jung. But his heart was terminally bad that he could have died that night. Fortunately for him, Soon Jung’s fiancee was admitted to the same hospital and is an organ donor. He died from his injury from a “car accident” and Min Ho received his heart to live. The next thing he knew he became less ruthless and more compassion… Heh, he can’t ditch his old self completely and I kinda dig the mean Min Ho to be honest *giggles* But one thing that got his attention… He saw himself changing for better and also started developing a vision through dreams. So what was those visions for?


Soon Jung was his uncle’s secretary and she is now his secretary. When she found her boss on the floor unconscious, she took him to the hospital immediately. Not knowing that Min Ho received her fiancee’s heart, she resorted herself to work in order to forget her fiancee’s sudden death. However, ever since the surgery, she saw her boss differently and the change of heart in him and that he’s more genuine in what he does. She thinks he is grateful for second chance and is genuinely to make a difference in the company.


So where is the angst? Once you’re on top, there are so many people wants to challenge your position. This exact situation is currently happening with Minho the minute he became the president. One of them is Lee Joon Hee. A son to a security guard and childhood friend for Soon Jung, Joon Hee is determined to steal the post from Minho. He threw dirty tricks to shake and threatened Minho’s position but somehow Minho was able to fight back. Lucky!


Despite all that, there’s one thing Minho could do to bring Joon He down. But he doesn’t have enough weapon to do so until the end of episode 14. It would be very interesting to see how he would use his newfound evidence to keep Joon Hee off of his company for good. Falling for Innocence is a 16-episode drama and this week is the finale. To be honest, I’m not ready for it to end. Minho is a joy to watch and that itself is enough to make me love him more and more. He stay true to his quirky, ruthless and basturd character to the end. I highly suggest you watch it. It’s witty and comedy at the same time! WATCH WATCH WATCH!


Wednesday Eu-Mak: Fangirling my way to Tokyo!!!!


Yeap, you heard me right! I’m heading to Tokyo in two weeks from today! Yippppppppeeee! *jumps up and down* What will I be doing? Can you take a guess? Can you take a BIG guess? Here’s a hint:

YEAHHHHHHHHH! I’M JETSETTING TO TOKYO TO WITNESS THE BOYS IN PERSON!!!!! *screams*. Oh my God, oh my God oh my God, I can’t believe this myself! It took me forever to decide but finally, after days of talking with my hub, he finally gave me a green light!!!!! And he said yes on my birthday!!!! Happy birthday to me! This is the wildest, unexpected birthday gift I have received in my entire life! As a mom, I quit receiving and more giving and to receive a nod from hub is a big deal to me! VERY BIG DEAL! Another big deal? *wiggles brows* I’m going to be there with Michele, Marisol and Marlena!!! This is going to be a one helluva fun adventure! I’m so excited!!!!

The boys are set to make a comeback next month and I am guessing that they will serenade us with songs from their newest album. I’m excited to see the TRIO before my eyes, although deep down how I wish they are still the fab five I’ve known them since 2011 *pouts*. But it’s ok, life goes on and I’m happy with the TRIO. Seungho has been teasing us with photos of him and his maknaes since April 28! I love these photos! And the most recent one was yesterday… Right after the making of the MV! OMGosssssshhhh… It is happening, A+! Keep it coming, Seungho!!!


And here is a photo taken during their dance rehearsal! Thanks, Kevin!


How cool is that? A little bit of snippet here and there… It keeps the suspense going and my heart is beating faster and faster. All these build up teasers really starting to make me anxious! Is it June 3rd yet??? Yes, that is my departure date. In fact, all of us are leaving on the same day! Michele made it happens for all of us, y’all! If it is not for her, I wouldn’t be taking this trip. She will say I’m crazy for not following my dream, which it is true, but I don’t think I can do it without her. This is my first overseas concert and I need lots of hand holding. As you all know, Michele is a pro at this and it is a great opportunity to attend this concert with her. We have been talking about this like forever! I was bummed that I couldn’t attend the Curtain Call but that’s all in the past now…


Okay, now here is to my adventure with my MBLA+Q sisters *raises imaginary champagne glass* and together we will commit and devote our endless support to the group! Thanks for squee-ing with my! ^^ And before I leave, here is my all time favorite song in Japanese, Cry. The boys will make me cry… But those tears will be tears of happiness! Na gan da!