Song of the Moment:Seongbukdong


Yes, I have not been posting any songs on my blog since I don’t know when. I am super busy and my Wednesday Eu-Mak is now officially neglected by me! Booooo *heads down*.  I stop listening to songs too. I only listen to the podcast and to songs that I have on my phone. But today I decided to take a peek into the music world and Kim Feel pops up right away!

This song is a great come back for my post. It is a beautiful song; the melancholy feeling describes my somber mood. I love how it started softly and gradually built up then dies down again. The piano part at the beginning really creates the hell-raising feeling. Kim’s voice is undeniably awesome. You can almost hear his voice breaking out when he pulls a slightly higher note. I seriously think he will be great carrying a rock genre song. That tiny raspy… I want him to!

Here is Seongbukdong for you! Enjoy!


Currently Watching: IQ246


I confessed I am watching this show just to kill time. Sometimes the episode is intriguing but sometimes it is just a meh. But what keeps me going is Dean Fujioka. Yes, I’m watching this show for him. Dean in suits. Dean in glasses. Dean in trench coat. Dean in sweaters. Dean without glasses? I will need another post just for that! *giggles* Yeah, Dean, Dean and more Dean! I can’t get enough even though he is not the main lead. It is okay, I will endure the rest.


IQ246 is a Sherlock-style investigation drama. It can be funny, but not all the time. It can be quirky, but not all the time, too. Sometimes, I find it creepy. So I have mixed feelings with this show. I enjoy how smart Homonji-san, the lead character, is. He is not only genius with high IQ, but born into an aristocrat family with a heritage that could last for another two or more generations, Homonji-san is certainly blessed. However, he is different than other rich brat. He does not care for his wealth since it is an old money. It will continue to grow without effort. He has passion for knowledge. He reads a lot.


Homonji-san is bored to death. He has abundance of knowledge but does not have a place to use. One day, Wato Soko, a new detective was assigned to guard Homonji. It’s a weird assignment for her. On top of that, it is definitely weird to guard him when he already has Kensei, his personal assistant aka butler aka the man of everything. I found it weird that Soko-chan got assigned to be Homonji-san’s bodyguard. What for? I also find Soko to be annoying and her presence is not needed. For a detective, I question how she passed her exam. She can’t even fight!


Homonji is a character you either intrigued or intimidated by him. For me, it depends on the episode. He is a very intelligent man. His approach in solving cases is pretty nerdy. But he is haunted by someone. He knew he’s been followed but couldn’t figure who is it. By the end of episode 6, we finally got a glimpse of that person. Maria T. Who is she and what she wants from him? Well, you just need to watch it to know *sticks her tongue out*. I wish I could tell you how many episodes this drama is but sorry, I really don’t know. I assume 10 to 12 episodes long. But I don’t mind… As long as I can ogle Dean *wink*. Did I mention Dean looks hot in suit? *salivates*

Currently Watching: Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu


A contract marriage drama! Wow! And it is done with a twist!!! Oh my goodness, why don’t I think of this idea before? *laughs* I should have make money off of my husband! I mean… yeah, I should get paid to be a housewife, right? Well, this is what Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu is all about. Hey, what’s the matter? Got your tongue tied? It’s ok, same here. Let’s just shorten it to Nigeru.


Anyway, this show is extremely addictive yet predictable. We know how it is going to end. Still, the idea is so refreshing it makes me curious more and more. The drama is directed and acted casually yet superbly. I just love every single bit of it. Even thinking of this drama makes me giggling. Nigeru aka We Married as a Job is a brilliant drama. Half way through watching it reminds me of Date. Similar style, in reverse. Anyway, Nigeru wa Haji is a sweet 10-episode drama. I feel it is too short because the show is super sweet, funny and downright cute! I really do not want it to end. So far 7 episodes have aired… I wonder how the next 3 episodes will be. By the end of episode 7, I was nonstop yelling baka at Hiramasa-san! You want to know why?


Well, here is the scope. Mikuri, always a contract employee, never a permanent was told that her contract will not be renewed. You know  how frustrating that can be. She has invested all her energy at work, again, for nothing. Her mom suggested to do an odd job. A house cleaner. And so she accepted a job to clean a bachelor’s home. Hiramasa-san small and cozy apartment. In the beginning, she work for a few days. And later her hours got increased. But because she’s not making a lot of money and the fact that her parents are moving out and away from her job, this means she will be once again jobless. Instead, she proposed a contract with her employer re: Hiramasa-san. To employ her as a full time, live-in housemaid! And that contract turns into a marriage contract! Brilliant, isn’t it???


Everything went well in the beginning. Hiramasa and Mikuri continue to have that employer-employee relationship. But suddenly an unexpected event happens. His colleagues got curious with his “wife”. Hiramasa-san and Mikuri started playing a married couple and hosted a dinner. His colleagues were curious over his relationship and found it odd that he’s suddenly married. From then on, the two started behaving weirdly. Actually, I take that back. Hiramasa-san started behaving weirdly. He is for sure confused and clueless. Mikuri, on the other hand, started developing a feeling. She sensed that he is, too. But Hiramasa-san has a confident issue. To say he’s ignorant and clueless on everything love, I would think he is not. Of course, this is his first time falling for love. But he’s an adult and he should know what a husband and wife OR couple relationship should be. I honestly think his upbringing got to do with it. And also, perhaps he’s been exposed to couples being rejected, it would scare him a bit.


My biggest frustration with him is his fear of taking a leap. He must have thought he won a jackpot by marrying Mikuri. She is a beautiful woman and it intimidates him so much. However, he made progress. Lots of it! They started making compromises. They have a “Tuesday hug” event. He got super confident since then but still second guessing himself. He did not make a move on his honeymoon vacation but kissed her on their way home. Clearly it was a great move but he thought otherwise and went on hibernation on her, again! Seriously, how can he chicken out again?


As I said earlier, the next three episodes will be very interesting. The preview to episode 8 was not a good one. I saw Mikuri left the home after their second kiss. I am dying to know what would happen but I wish that Hiramasa-san realize how precious Mikuri is to him. He better make a move and chase after her! I would be very upset if he did not! Overall, this drama deserves a multiple watch. I, myself, saw a few of the episodes twice or more. You should add this drama to your watch list if you aren’t watching it. It won’t be disappointing no matter how frustrating Hiramasa-san is! *wink*



Currently Watching: You Are A Gift


I was debating whether I should give up or continue. Each time I feel like giving up, You Are A Gift picks up again. But the reason I wanted to give up was not because of the drama, it was because of my schedule. As you noticed, I do not have time to blog lately. My work has consumed my life. Hence, my watch also affected. I am being very selective once again. It is not easy to watch, blog, be a full time mom, housewife and a worker. It is a miracle that I get to finish Working Mom, Parenting Dad. But I vow not to neglect my blog. It is my portal to release my tension from life. I will slowly blog again but it won’t be as frequent as I normally do. Bare with me, peeps *winks*


Back to You Are A Gift, this show finally completed on November 24th. I got behind but I’m playing catch up now. Today alone, I have seen 10 episodes so far. I’m currently on episode 100. I have 11 episodes to go. I really think this show could have ended earlier but the writer keeps adding new plots. I want to say it doesn’t make any sense but each time a new plot got added, the show spins around but it makes completely sense! The writer is cruel yet genius! *laughs* Yes, this is a compliment! It gets tiring but I don’t mind though. I really loving it! The characters can be really dumb, especially in the beginning, but they do grow as the show grows.


So here is a quick synopsis of this SBS show. Hyun Soo and Yoon Ho were university lovers. Yoon Ho wanted to marry her quickly and take her to the US because his family need to migrate there for his dad’s work. Yoon Ho’s mom dislike Hyun Soo in the beginning. But that was a misunderstanding because Se Ra, a girl who likes Yoon Ho, spread a false rumor on Hyun Soo. Once the rumor was cleared, they marriage proposal was approved and they got married right away. Hyun Soo’s family was superstitious and was warned that Hyun Soo will need to marry twice. They fear for Yoon Ho’s life knowing that this marriage will not last.


One day, Yoon Ho and his dad went for deep fishing. The boat sunk due to storm. His dad died and Yoon Ho went missing. Yoon Ae, Yoon Ho’s mom went into a deep depression. She cut her ties with Hyun Soo and left for the US alone. 7 years later, she came back with a new husband and new family. One of her sons, Ma Do Jin, has been trying to get Hyun Soo’s late dad’s work so he can produce it. But her family refused to release it. Do Jin fell in love with Hyun Soo and they eventually married. The catch? Do Jin is Yoon Ae’s stepson. Another catch? Hyun Soo has a son now – a product of hers and Yoon Ho. Yoon Ae and Hyun Soo rekindle back their mother and daughter in law relationship.


All these are considered rosy except that Ma Do Jin’s mom,  Tae Hwa, continuously trying to get her foot into his dad’s company. Her greed has caused a lot of trouble. She never considered her status as ex-wife as anything. In fact, she thinks her divorce was nothing and still demands money from the Chairman. Tae Hwa has a heavy baggage. She knocked Hyun Soo’s parents’ bike that killed her dad and injured her mom. Her boyfriend took the blame for the accident. After jail time, her boyfriend came back and demanded money. Not only that, he came to know that Ma So Jin is his son. He wanted to meet him but Tae Hwa fought back. If the Chairman knew, she feared that So Jin will not get the heritage. She then drowned her boyfriend but guess who was around to somewhat witness the scene? None other than Yoon Ho!


This tied up to the boat accident. It was Tae Hwa’s work that caused Yoon Ae to lose her husband and son. But surprise surprise! Yoon Ho was found coma and tucked in a hospice facility. Tae Hwa uses him as a weapon to get back on Yoon Ae and the Chairman. But don’t fret, people. Yoon Ho woke up from coma and got his memory back. The revenge started when Yoon Ho got his memory. He then slowly plotted his revenge on Tae Hwa for causing pain to him and his family.


As I said before, this shows is really interesting. I love the revenge but hate the journey. Tae Hwa is one cruel biatch. Hyun Soo is completely stupid and indecisive. I can’t stand her sometimes. Do Jin is so text book, refuse to walk on the grey line. He can be very disappointing to you. Yoon Ho’s logic is illogical. He is cruel but too softy. If you want me to sum this show up, it has lots of violence. Not man to woman, but violence between women! Verbally and physically violence. I really can’t! There are draggy parts but I overcame it.


I’m almost done with the show. I really wish Hyun Soo will end up alone in the end. Since Yoon Ho is back, she divorced Do Jin to make her family, especially her grandma, happy. You want to know my opinion? It’s a stupid idea! And because of this, I really hope that she ends up alone by the end of it. She can’t choose between Yoon Ho and Do Jin so… Now if you allow me, I’m going to finish this drama with grace! Even though it is full of evil *laughs*. But jjakkaman, this drama is not for everyone. If you can’t stand evil, you won’t stand You Are A Gift. Period.


Just Watched: Working Mother, Parenting Dad


Did you think I stop watching Korean daily dramas? Hell no! As the matter of fact, I am overwhelmed with an influx of subbed dailies these days! All of a sudden, I see many interests in dailies. And for the first time, I’m being picky! This is unheard of! I mean… Since when I started being picky with dailies, right? Really, Bel and I just couldn’t decide. Even Lena eonnie, too!


Recently, I was watching two dailies. I may add another one once the other daily drama is half way through. But first, let’s focus on Working Mother, Parenting Dad. I know what you’re thinking. It is a weird and long title. But before you judge, hear me out. Working Mother, Parenting Dad is my current favorite daily this year. I really can’t express how much I look forward to watching it each time Bel said the episode is up! This daily is unlike anything I have seen before. No romance whatsoever. Pure daily drama. Pure life. Pure Misaeng. You and I can relate with. And this is why I like this show. No screeching screaming and yelling. No pulling hair. Not much of dirty tricks. Smart characters! Genius children actors. Awesome and funny background music! To sum it up, this show is brilliant, smart and witty!


There are three main couples in this show. They are all in different leagues but came to know each other via work. The women and men are balanced in terms of career wise. Jae Min and Mi Soo are considered the power couple of the show. They are both working hard to support themselves. They are also very driven in their careers. When Mi Soo was pregnant, her awful boss asked her to resign rather than taking a maternity leave. The company acted unfair to female employees. Her husband Jae Min decided to take paternity leave for 6 months. It is uncommon for men to take paternity leave and Jae Min definitely set a new path as a working dad!


While on leave, Jae Min started hanging out with Il Mok. Il Mok’s wife, Ye Eun, works in the same team with Mi Soo. Unlike Mi Soo, Ye Eun is driven by greed and she is forever competing for the best – even if it means to sell her mother’s soul. But Il Mok is a heavenly husband. I still don’t get it what he sees in Ye Eun. They are completely opposite partners. Il Mok lost his teaching job and failed to nail on one. Instead, he did odd jobs like being a waiter and a delivery boy. Sadly, he is terrible at it. But what he’s good at is cooking. His son goes to school with Jae Min’s daughter. Besides, he and his family move to the same apartment building as Jae Min’s. And that’s how they know each other.


Jae Min and Il Mok started as friends and they decided to brainstorm the idea of childcare when Jae Min fail to find an available spot for his newborn. They both decided to run a community daycare from Jin Sung’s (Mi Soo’s colleague) apartment and their idea started growing bigger and bigger. When Jae Min came back to work, he pushed the idea with his boss. Clearly, his corrupted VP continuously shutting the idea down. The fight became worse and worse but Jae Min is a fighter and did not give up on the idea. Together with Il Mok, he rallied the community and colleagues to support daycare in a work place.


Meanwhile, back with Ye Eun. Her lacking in ideas has pushed her to cheat and steal Mi Soo’s hard work. Mi Soo collaborated with Jung Hyun aka Cinderella Mom to come out with a recipe book. Ye Eun tried to steal Mi Soo’s deal from Cinderella Mom. When she failed, she pursued another blogger. Unknowing to her, that blogger is none other than Il Mok, her husband. It’s a small world, isn’t it? Anyway, Il Mok refused to work with her. Ye Eun gave up on him and let Mi Soo have it. But she didn’t stop there, she continued to be a pain in the butt for Mi Soo and her colleagues.


Cinderella Mom and Mi Soo became very closed. She not only had helped Mi Soo, she also supported Jae Min’s idea of community childcare. She lent her time and energy but somehow her effort was misunderstood by her husband, Hyuk Ki. As a renown physician, Hyuk Ki has big egos. He’s a firm believer that women should be suppressed. He wouldn’t let Jung Hyun work and insisted that she delivers homemade lunch to his office daily. When he found out she’s a blogger, he forced her to quit. Instead, she filed for a divorce. This was a slap on his face. Hyuk Ki eventually changed but it took a lot of effort on his part to realize what he did to his wife, to his daughter, to others and to his employees are wrong.


Working Mom, Parenting Dad is a hidden gem daily drama that you don’t stumble every day. If you have the time to watch it, please do. It is worth 120 episodes (ie. 62 hours) of your time! I really can’t understand why aren’t many people in my circle never consider watching a great daily drama such this. It is entertaining and a drama full of plots you and I can relate! MBC does a great job of picking this drama. I don’t mention lots of characters here but besides the couples, we also get to see Jae Min’s nasty mom. She’s not as nasty as you would think. She’s just very old-fashion woman. Also, another character you will love is Ye Eun’s stepmom and how later on, they will realized that she’s Mi Soo’s biological mom. Yeap, some makjang there. The kids are wonderful. You’ll come to love and hate them. More love than hate, in my opinion. Ahhh… What a gem. It’s a 10/10 rate for me!



Currently Watching: Unmei ni, Nita Koi


Who is here for Saito Takumi? *raises hand* ME ME ME!!!!! And Bel. Anddddddddd…… Mrs. Bagnet! Yes yes, she’s my new watching girlfriend. The three of us squee like schoolgirls! Especially with Mrs. B, the minute she hit the play button, she automatically transform to a 14 year old girl! And not just that, she continuously running out of breath. To be honest, I have supplied all my oxygen tanks to her…. I’m running out now *laughs*. Okay, okay… Let’s be serious and focus on this cheesy drama.


Unmei ni, Nita Koi is also known as A Destiny-Like Love. I guess the title give it all. The couple is destined to be together. But are they? The story line was predictable in the beginning but as you started to invest your feelings toward it, you will begin to feel pain that ultimately divide you to whether to go along on this wonderful and cheesy ride, or let the truth guide you to the end. I am torn. The ladies felt that death will be the final destiny for this drama. They are smart because the reality seems to be heading in that direction. Whereas for me, I want to continue to live in the cheesy bubble. This is all but just a dream. I do not want to think that death is the end goal *sigh*


So the story began with Kasumi, a divorced 45 old woman working in a dry cleaning service company. Her life is difficult. Her ex husband is a useless man; he continuously gambling his money away and always beg from Kasumi for more money. This is madness, she does not know how to turn him down. Together, they have a teen son with a bright career in sports. One catch about the son. He has a cute stalker. She has taken many photos of Kasumi’s son. Eventually she got caught by him and they are now, let’s say, in the process of blooming together. Their stories are the least of my worry.


Yuri is a famous furniture designer. He’s been all over Kasumi’s face. They got to know each other because Kasumi delivers his clothes to his condo. He has been trying to get her attention; she is doubting his every moves. But by episode 3, she realized he meant no harm and his intention was pure genuine. As their love progress, she realized he embodied of the boy she liked during her childhood time. He is definitely younger than her. Kasumi hesitated to start this relationship due to their different background. Her mother-in-law, bless her soul, encouraged her to be brave and start this journey. And so she did. So, what could be wrong in this relationship?


Actually? Nothing! Prior to Kasumi, Yuri has a f*ck buddy, Maho-san or as we called her as Harpy *laughs*. She was furious when Yuri left her for Kasumi. She is now determined to ruin him and his career. On top of that, Yuri is enslaved to his mentor. He feels guilty that the mentor’s son died instead of him; he therefore devoted his guilt life for the mentor. These two are the villains in Unmei ni, Nita Koi. They are the worse of the worse. They are extremely selfish because all they ever did was using Yuri for their own personal gain.


When Kasumi suspected that Yuri is the boy she fell in love with, she was extremely happy and shocked that she finally able to rekindle with him. But later on she noticed that Yuri works with his right hand whereas the Yuri she remembered was left-handed. Yuri was able to push away her doubt. Kasumi and her simple minded life did not question it any further. But this led to Yuri’s deep secret. He’s not the real Amori, the real boy’s name. This secret could go either way with Kasumi. So Yuri have been using Amori’s memories to seek Kasumi. Another secret is that Amori is the mentor’s son. The last twist I saw by episode 6 was that Yuri is dying!


I just saw episode 7 with the ladies and we have another episode to go. This 8-episode drama was nothing but cheesy in the beginning. The lines got my hair standing up. I wonder how these actors feel when delivering the cheesy lines for us to squee and drools *laughs*. I would feel so embarrassed but hey, it is their job to deliver it and they did it well. And Saito and his hair oh em geeeeeeeeee… He made our ovaries exploded over and over again! His every move in this drama is deemed sexy! Nothing less *giggles*. We are dying to see the end of it. This show could go either way. Yuri may ends up dead. Or not. Kasumi may walk away after knowing the truth about Yuri. Or not. If you are as curious as I am, let’s watch it together! Plus, you always need Saito dose because he’s the schmexy Japanese man on earth!


By the way, Unmei ni, Nita Koi is a soft porno drama *laughs* just so you know *giggles*. 


Currently Watching: The K2


I don’t know what got into me that I decided to watch The K2. To be honest, I wanted to watch something dear hub would get excited. Clearly by mid episode 1 he fell asleep. I’m not surprised. I, on the other hand, was hoping that The K2 will be as cool as Healer, Cruel City or City Hunter. Yes, I had expectation. It’s rare but I did. Clearly I should have not because as of right now, I really want to drop it. Especially after seeing episode 13. But I’m too deep into the drama to back out. Many people advise me to drop it. I know I should have. But since The K2 is ending this week, I feel I might as well give it a go. Two more episodes… Two more episodes. I can do this.


So, if you are watching this drama, I’m sure you know why I want to drop this show. In the beginning, I was looking forward to see the romance between the bodyguard aka Je Ha and Anna, the candidate’s daughter. I was hoping for the sweet, sweet love blossom into a secret garden. And then something else happened. Choi Yoo Jin. Anna’s stepmom. Je Ha’s sleek move from taking Yoo Jin as his hostage into saving her life from local terrorist, then and there I, and I’m sure all of us who are watching it too, saw myself shipping them instead. This is absolute wrong! Where is this writer taking us??? The woman who power craze falling for her stepdaughter’s bodyguard? And what’s more, she herself feeling jealousy when she saw Anna’s love for Je Ha?


Yeah, it is wrong. This is why most of us who saw it dropped it. I understand how they feel. But I remain calm and curious. The if questions in my head keep me from dropping the show. And I somewhat glad I did not. I saw her true feeling for Je Ha by the end of episode 14. What’s more, when Je Ha revealed her childish love to her (and in front of the doctor), I can’t help but to evil laugh at her! Choi Yoo Jin secretly in love with Je Ha and wants him to be her slave. Not in this life, woman! Do you know how old you are? Oooh I forgot, money buys everything.


What I love about The K2 is Choi Yoo Jin herself. She is a two-faced villain. Her portrayal of  a ladylike wife to presidential candiate Jang See Joon in the limelight and a mastermind for her husband’s election as well as taking everyone down is something only a perfect villain could do. Yoo Jin is perfect. It’s been her dream from young. She killed Anna’s mom, married her dad and granted his wish to run for the presidential candidate. She is willing to do everything. All for herself. All because she is a chaebol daughter. Truly, money buys everything including her puppet, See Joon.


What I hate about The K2 is Anna. I definitely feel they cast the wrong actress. I love sweet Yoona but her portrayal as the damsel is weak and dull. I can’t feel her love for Je Ha. I can’t feel her motivation to revenge for her late mom. I can’t feel her driven to want to escape the life she’s currently in. I feel that the writer did not develop Anna’s character well enough. This makes me sad. Another undeveloped main character going down the drain… Sorry, Yoona. I hope you get a better role next time.


As I said before, The K2 will end this week. What I’m hoping from this show? Happy ending, of course. I really want to see Choi Yoo Jin going down and hoping as she going down to hell, she will drag all her evil minions and peers with her, too. I want to see how this writer punish Yoo Jin for her evil sins. I really hope for justice. I also hope that See Joon will not win the election simply because his motive isn’t right. He may have the face but his mind and soul are corrupt! Finally, I do want to see Je Ha and Anna love one another. This is easy. The not so easy part is to watch the final two episodes.


Will I recommend the show? No, I will not recommend this show. This Cinderella and Snow White like drama is awesome but the characters are poorly written and the writer lost his/her grip with the story line. There is nothing a director can do about the story even though the performance and execution were done at 1000%. I can see Ji Chang Wook and Song Yoon Ah gave all they can in this drama. I really hope this writer will do his/her homework in future. It is a shame that this drama is turning very shallow. If you do decide to watch it anyway, please do not expect another Healer. It is not. I am disappointed. I will choose my next drama wisely.