Just Watched: The Boy Next Door


Update (April 26, 2017): I added episode 11 to 13! Looks like we finally have the correct number of episodes! We need two more to complete the series! Until then… Enjoy watching the latest addition!

Update: 4 new episodes added! Yippeeeeeee! Thanks, etherealblue!

Hey all, if you have 36 minutes to spare, please please watch The Boy Next Door! I thank Sada for hooking Bel and me up for the funniest BL parody drama of 2017!  I completed all 6 episodes on my way to work this morning! I laughed so hard! You just have to watch the goof between Gyu Tae and Ji Jae. And then the misunderstanding. Poor Min Ah, she’s all confused. Are they… or are they? *laughs* You really have to watch it! I thank etherealblue for subbing and uploading the videos online! Bless her soul!

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Just Watched: Proof of Innocence

d4vWkyZ1_dce714_fThis movie has been on my to-watch list and thank goodness it’s available on my flight. I feel sad watching it because of Kim Young Ae. Her recent passing news due to cancer devastated the Korean industry. She was truly a dedicated actress and even worked to the end of her life. What an admirable actress. May she rest in peace.


Proof of Innocent is a typical Korean crime movie. It is a simple drama with one goal in mind: to prove that the prisoner that reached out to this lawyer is innocent. Choi Pil Jae is an ex-detective turned lawyer. He was approached by Soon Tae and claimed his innocent. He begged him to work on his case because he was wrongfully accused of murdering a prominent company’s daughter in law. Soon Tae’s case was twisted by Manager Park, Pil Jae’s once rival partner. Pissed by this, Pil Jae decided to investigate the case and bring justice to Soon Tae.


The movie was alright. I did enjoy it as much simply because it was a straightforward storyline. I liked Kim Myung Min’s casual act in this movie. He certainly carried his egoistic character, Choi Pil Jae, very well. Kim Sang Ho really carried out a great father character. His loving care for his daughter showed in the first few minutes of the movie. Sun Dong Il’s character was too short for me to enjoy. I wished he had more screen time. Same goes with Young Ae’s character. For a two-hour show, I would recommend it if you are up for a partial comedy-crime show.


Currently Watching: Sweet 18


I decided to go classic on my newest watch. I thought it’s time to give some love for Sweet 18 and see what’s the hype people have been talking about. Before I started, I was contemplating whether I would last until the end or quit half way through. Old dramas usually get on my nerves. I just don’t tolerate old bs and cheesy, and I also couldn’t stand old fashion. But so far, I have managed to watch it well. I don’t have much to complain except for few gangster moments. Also, seeing the actors at their early age makes me feel very, very old.


Sweet 18 is a 2004 drama I didn’t get to watch and yet remain on my to-watch list. When it aired, I was broke and away from getting access to a good internet. Remember the sound of the modem when connecting to the internet? Yeah, that era. I feel old just thinking of it *laughs*. 14 years later, the opportunity finally here. And I must say it feels refreshing to watch old dramas. I thought I would hate and feel disgusted by the time difference and style of acting, but actually, it makes me feel indifferent about it. Best of all, the drama looks simple and earthy. If it is today, you will see too many bling-bling and fashion brand. Today’s dramas defeat the purpose of the real story. They treat dramas as commercials. Sad to say, I bought into it as well.


Unlike contract marriage like Goong, Sweet 18 is an arranged marriage drama. The OTP was arranged to be married by the families and 18 years later, they are forced to be united whether they like it or not. Hyeok Jun is a successful prosecutor while his bride Jung Sook is a rebellious high school girl with very ambitious life. She fell in love with him since the first time they met. But at the time, she didn’t recognize him because he was in hanbok and had his face covered with a fan. Eventually, she found out who he is and started falling hard for him.


The marriage went well. Sort of. Her rebellious character continues to create havoc. Before and after the wedding. Now, her sister in law (worse than a mother in law) is trying to separate them. Hyeok Jun’s ex is also trying to break their marriage. These two are the only obstacles Hyeok Jun and Jung Sook is facing. Believe me, after watching too many crazy dailies and family weekend dramas, Sweet 18 is extremely mild-angsty and enjoyable!


The whole series is 16 episodes long. I really like it because it is quirky, funny and cute. I can’t say it is very romantic coz it is not. Several people on my Tlist told me they give up on Sweet 18. Most of them just can’t handle gangster Jung Sook. Too me, she is just another sassy girl. And seriously, I just enjoy the two! They are definitely match made in (hell) heaven! Give it a try, you might like it! *wink*


200,000 Views! Thank you!


Yes, this blog has reached 200,000 views today. Thank you so much to all my followers, readers, commenters, viewers, and trollers. I really don’t know what would I do without you. This blog has seen my ups and downs on blogging. Last year, I had to slow down due to a major real life crisis. This year, I slow down on my watch because I need to be a responsible adult. Have I ever thought of quitting? Yes, I sure did. Why haven’t I quit? This blog is my portal of happiness. When I blog, though I am not good at it, it makes me feel I forget all my misery and sorrow.


To be honest, I am surprised that MyMyooz attracts followers and readers. I never expect anything. I even get personal emails from readers asking me to recap certain daily dramas. I feel so touched and honored for such requests. If you are regular to my blog, I am sure you have met bloggers like Erl and Mari and contributors like KPopKolorado, Sada, ADGirl, and AhsokaSeoul. Thank you, ladies!

And again, thank you all for making time and reading the posts from MyMyooz. Your support is truly appreciative. *wink*

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Special Eu-Mak: B.A.P 2017 World Tour Party Baby


I am living a dream now. Last night, I attended B.A.P World Tour Party Baby concert with Bel, JaeSwoon, and Van. The concert lasted for two hours but 16 hours later, I am still on BAP hangover. It even crossed my mind last night that if they have a second show tonight, I will go back again! They were fabulous performers. It is hard to put this feeling into words. I did not take a lot of photos or videos because it is hard to record the experience. I believe that you have to be there in person to experience the mind-blowing, outstanding BAP members. They were mesmerizing. They were professional. They were awesome! But hey, even though I said this I managed to capture a few videos and photos for this post. Also, I would like to thank JaeSwoon for sharing the photo of us.

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Currently Watching: Reply 1988


Yes, I am finally caught on to Reply 1988 fever. To be honest, I had no intention of watching the show. I did not feel the vibe with Hyeri as the main lead even though I have never seen her in anything before. But what made me change my mind? Bogummy! Park Bo Gum! My love. My harem. My king! Ever since I saw him in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, I just couldn’t get my eyes off of him. Since then I vow to watch all his work. And Reply 1988 is my first drama since Moonlight ended.

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Just Watched: Hirugao


I got drawn into this drama because of my good friend, Maki. Yes, we squee regularly on Saito and she loves spamming me with (illegal) photos of this hawt man! She recently spammed me with Hirugao (the movie) trailers and I knew that it is time to start watching the drama. I heard the movie is independent of the drama but I think it is worth understanding the history of the main OTP. I mean… c’mon, I will do whatever I could to have sultry Saito on my screen. Saito Saito Saito! I hate sharing but he’s worth sharing *wink*. He is juicy like that *giggle*.

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