Currently Watching: ExtraOrdinary You

I think am the “Teen drama” hype person! If we have a teen drama, you bet I’ll be here to talk about it! Also the boss ( Nelly Unnie!) is out of town and the blog is mine while she’s gone.

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Just Dropped: Flower Crew – Joseon Marriage Agency


Yeah, after 5 episodes… the mood of this show went from bad to worse. I don’t feel it. In the beginning, it felt like another highly anticipated drama. I mean… it has been a long time since we last saw Flower boys drama theme. I was hoping for something strong, cute and silly but instead we got only a little of everything. Maybe it is because I had a blast watching Be Melodramatic, The Tale of Nokdu (reviews coming soon!) and Extraordinary You (reviews coming soon!), Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency felt short with me. I hate to dropping a show but I am afraid that my time is more precious.

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Currently Watching: Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung


Somehow, I feel super relieved to watch another period drama. I don’t know why but I’m starting to get addicted to sageuk genre. Right before Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung, I was watching the Nokdu Flower. Though Rookie is less political than Nokdu, the fact that it is a period drama was enough to get me going. I know I will be adding more sageuk dramas once Rookie ends. In fact, I already have one in mind. Be on the lookout for my review, okay?

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Currently Watching: Autumn’s Concerto

9Ooz3fCan you believe it? I have never seen Autumn’s Concerto and I know many of yous rave it. I was not move by Vaness Wu’s hotness and that it is a Taiwanese drama. But, as you all noticed, I have started watching old dramas and dramas that I did not get to watch before. Joy brought up this movie one time and I thought hmmm, maybe I will brave myself and try it. Believe me, it was not easy. It is now September and I am finally hooked on it. I started back in May but I just could not get passed Ren Guang Xi’s cockiness along with his cheesiness. And as you can tell, this drama is growing on me and I am in love!

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Just Watched: Ramen Teh aka Ramen Shop


Ramen Teh has been popping on my Netflix for a while. I put it on hold for quite some time but I finally succumb to it last week. I needed something light to watch and seeing the word “ramen,” I immediately thought of comfort food. Sure enough, the movie is about a relationship that can only be amended with comfort food. If you are a Singaporean or Malaysian, this movie is quite dear to our hearts. I know bak kut teh is a very famous dish among Chinese Hokkien. I never tried the original since I don’t eat pork. But, as it turns out, you can also have it without pork. As a vegetarian, bak kut teh is my go-to dish especially in wintertime. Say… is it winter yet?

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Currently Watching: Doctor John


I spent my weekend marathoning Doctor John! I started the first four episodes in Malaysia but did not get to continue. It felt good to continue watching this drama. Ji Sung never fails me and he is the reason I am watching Doctor John. I guess he is the reason I can handle this medical drama. There were not many bloody scenes as I thought it would be; thank goodness I survive. Now before this drama, I know nothing about pain management. But now, I am very curious. Even got me google for it!

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Just Watched: Designated Survivor: 6o Days


Honestly, I never thought of falling for Designated Survivor: 60 Days this much. I never heard of the original one until I started this drama. I am considering now after being so engrossed with the Korean version. I don’t do political drama and when I do, it mostly sageuk kind. So it is refreshing to watch modern politics in a drama. I was on the fence starting it but got super addicted as soon as I started the first episode. Never would I thought I would love it so much. I just completed the last episode and A and I cried because of the ending. I am hoping that this show will get a second season. But will it?

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