Radio Romance episode 6

The Radio Romance crew runs into a few problems that mean they can’t broadcast from the station. Will they managed to work together to get the show in the air?

“I’m curious about you” says Soo-Ho to Geu-Rim, she blankly stares at him but before she can ask anything they are interrupted and they hide. The assistant walks into the radio booth and now finds them sitting randomly discussing the script. The assistant asks why they are there at 3am and Soo-Ho says they want to get it right! The assistant of course runs to tell the other writers that Soo-Ho & Geu-Rim spend the night together. That & the rumors Writer Ra was speeding before now make the junior writers also join in the Geu-Rim hate.

Later that day the competing radio teams are gather to hear who won the rating war.Radio Romance is the winner and Pd Lee gloats and heads out to ask the senior DJ if they can use his booth to broadcast from now on. Next we see Geu-Rim & Soo- ho having breakfast and Pd Lee pushing them apart so he can sit between them. ( I love Soo-ho’s pissy face when Pd Lee eats Geu-Rim’s food) He tells them they are going on assignment next we see them at a restaurant with DJ Moon.

they are all giving him reasons as to why he should let them use his booth. They all give complements and all pleading look to Soo-Ho to help them close the deal. His reply ” I honestly don’t care where he record” deflates the crew but oddly enough makes DJ Moon agree on the condition Soo-Ho hikes with him a few times. Geu-Rim while happy they have the booth grumpily follow DJ Moon plus asking why he has never ask her to hike with him? She’s been his biggest fan for 10 years ( she’s so cute!) DJ Moon tells her he has his reasons and will make Soo-Ho appreciate the radio more. Part 2 of this trip begins with the boys competing again and since Soo-Ho fails to hit the trash can he must follow them to talk to their next project.

Update on the rest of the crew: Jason is at a hospital giving updates on his case aka giving us info on Soo-Ho and his issues. Soo-Ho suffers from chronic insomnia. He has never had a real relationship in his life. He creates a fake persona because he is afraid of being himself. Lately however because of one person he has started to change.

We then find that CEO Mother send Jin Tae-Ri to a bar to meet with a director & store owner. The store owner is very condescending and Tae-Ri fight back and the man begins to beat her. Manager Kim shows up, takes her out and comes back in to threaten the men. On his way out Tae-Ri asks him for “it”, she’s going to use Soo-Ho in any way she can & she knows Manager Kim has proof about something in Soo-ho’s past.

The Radio Romance crew is dropping off Soo-Ho in front of his house & Geu-Rim hands her handwritten script to him. She ask’s for him to read it & give it a chance as she goes to the car. Pd Lee interrupts by saying they have to go back to the station and co-habit which freaks Soo-Ho. He calls her back & tells her he needs for her to drive him tomorrow to his photo shoot, so that way they won’t be late to film the show. ( I don’t get his logic but the boy does not want her near PD Lee) He tells her to go home & sleep, she can’t be tired tomorrow.

Later at home Geu-Rim gives him a call to ask him what he thinks of the script. He says it’s ok but he can’t use it in such short notice. She says it’s ok. She will work hard and make her scripts better and next time maybe he will use it. Then she ask why he doesn’t have a phone. His answer is so sad. I don’t have anyone that calls me, and no one I want to call. Geu-Rim tells him is selfish to think that way. There’s plenty of people that would call him, including herself. ( I honestly found his answer very sad! He is so lonely) He then asks “If I get a phone can I call I talk to you every day?” When she asks what he means he just smiles & tells her to go to bed.

At the photo shoot the next day has Soo-Hoo & his costars looking flawless but as soon as the director shouts “cut” he runs out to look for Geu-Rim. She’s in his car trying to set up and appointment & when Soo-Ho gets in the car she tells him to get off she’s going to borrow his car and be back before the shoot is over. The poor boy is left in the parking lot holding lunches for both of them.

Geu-Rim heads to a school near by that is closing its doors. The teacher call Radio Romance because she’s having issue with one of her students. The little boy is very angry & refuses to partake in the closing/graduation ceremonies. The teacher explains that there used to be 2 boys the same age. One got sick and unfortunately has passed away. The teacher did not know how to tell the children. So she lied and said he gone to Seoul to get treatment. So the little boy, his name is Sang-Go, is waiting for his friend to return ( please just breaks my heart!). Geu-Rim goes to speak to Sang-Go and he is very angry, tells her to away and leave him alone. She tells him she wants to help him also that he reminds her of someone ( she thinks of Soo-Ho). Speaking of Soo-Ho, his photo shoot has come to a halt because Jin Tae-Ri has shown up to replace the other girl which leads to a hilarious cat fight between the actresses. Soo-Ho calls CEO mom to ask her what her plan is. Her answer is something along the lines “if you keep disobeying me, be prepared for my retaliation”.

Geu-Rim comes to pick up Soo-Ho but on their way back to Seoul it starts snowing and there’s also an accident and they aren’t moving. There’s no way now to make it back to the station for the show. She calls Pd Lee with the news and everyone is panicking. Pd Lee tells her they will go mobile & calls a truck to wet them. Geu-Rim picks the school she was at earlier. There when Soo-Ho asks what he can do to help. She asks him to go find Sang-Go & talk to him.

Soo-Ho finds the little boy and follows him around. The little boy is on a rampage but when Soo-Ho doesn’t rush to stop him he deflates a little. He asks Soo-Ho if he came with the girl with the poodle hair? ( I laughed at this, so I had to share it) They sit and talk and the little boy shares that he misses his friend and regrets that he angrily send him away. Soo-Ho has no tact and tells the little boy that sometimes no matter how much we wait the person we want won’t come back. He later finds the boy sitting with a flashlight turning it on and off much like how Soo-Ho tries to fall a sleep every night. He apologizes for what he said early but tells the little boy that sometimes the people do want to comeback but can’t. He also tells Sang-Go he needs to cry, he can’t bottle it all in. He does not want to grow up and be like Soo-Ho. They head begin the live broadcast and the little boy tells his story including a plea and apology to his friend and everyone is crying. Geu-Rim ask Soo-Hoo to end the show with own words and he closes with this line “Not crying doesn’t mean you are sad. Like laughing doesn’t mean you are happy” and we get a flashback of a young Geu-Rim telling Soo-Ho this. The show ends with some of the students singing and we get a view of some of the characters including Writer Ra who is angrily pulling her hair. Then the writers excitedly call Pd Lee over & we see that the chat boards for the show are full of messages that’s say “Soo-Ho is a murderer”. The assistant also shares that they’ve been getting letters with the same theme,

Later Geu-Rim & Sang-Go are waiting and he asks her if she knows who Soo-Ho is waiting to comeback. He is about to say more but Soo-Ho stops him and Sang-Go proudly shows off his graduation certificate. He asks Soo-Ho where his is and Soo-Ho answers that he does not have one. We then cut to a columbarium where we see the profile of a man ( it looks like Manager Kim) and inside one of the compartments we see Soo-Ho’s graduation certificate next to the urn and a picture of the young boy we have seen in flashbacks with Soo-Ho before.

Outside Geu-Rim runs the field excited that her show aired and Soo-Hoo used her script. Soo-Ho is just standing watching her and flashback time. We see teen Soo-Ho helping a teen Geu-Rim who is blindfolded walk across a hallway. We then see them talking, sharing stories, Soo-Ho watching her sleep ( it’s sweet! It’s not creepy). I have to note that in all these memories she is blindfolded. In present time Geu-Rim runs & hugs Soo-Hoo when she pulls away he ask “Song Geu-Rim do you not remember me? He then leads in places his hand over her eyes and leans in to kiss her!!!! While we also see that Teen Soo-Ho also kisses her while she could not see him

Excuse while I ran around with excitement! I’m 100% on this ship and ready to Captain it forever. What do guys think will happen now? Also I need to know what’s the deal with the “murderer” letters? So many questions. I need answers soon.


Radio Romance episode 5

Time to figure out who’s carrot is bigger! *rolls eyes* men and their need to compete at everything!

Wrist grabbed count: amazingly zero

Me slapping these “men” moments: too many

We are back in the parking lot where Ji Soo-Ho rushes to stop Song Geu-Rim & Pd Lee from leaving together. He says he must speak to her right away. To which Pd Lee says “speak to me instead”. they start arguing and when Geu-Rim tries to stop them she gets pushed to the ground. She’s finally had enough and gets herself up and tells them to fix their issues by themselves and walks away. The menboys decide they need to change settings because people on the street recognize Soo-Hoo. They recklessly race to Ji Soo-Ho house and being to drink (I have no clue how drinking helps)

Back home Geu-Rim is with her awesome mother trying to pretend everything is ok. Her mom can tell she’s sad and asks why. I love that her mom is her biggest fan but is also ready to point out problems & keep her grounded. She can’t expect to her scripts to be a hit right away. She must keep improving and working hard. The script rejection is not the only thing on Geu-Rim mind, she’s worry about her two menboys. Her fears are not helped when her coworkers send her videos of what Pd Lee did to his last DJ. The videos show a DJ getting upset and Pd Lee tying him up and yelling at him & following him around once the DJ quit. While Geu-Rim is freaking out the menboys are just getting drunk.

The next day Soo-ho is woken by his mother ( CEO Mother, that’s my name for her)and Manager Kim. She is shocked to see his obvious signs of a party and wants to know why he changing so much. Soo-Ho just ignores her and tells her to leave his house.

While at the radio station Jin Tae-Ri is being introduced as the guest for the second radio show. No one seems to be happy she’s there and we once again see that Tae-Ri has a sharp tongue & is not afraid to put down people especially her juniors. Outside the studio she runs into Geu-Rim who happens to be a fan and they take a picture.Their meeting is cut short because Geu-Rim has to head to recording.

On her way to the studio she finds the menboys having a game of who can squeeze their hand hardest and she pushes them along. The prerecording begins and Pd Lee seems way too cheerful. Soo-Ho takes a call about a girl with an over protective dad that wants advise on how to deal with him. Soo-Hoo is about to answer when the girl’s dad takes the phone and start screaming. Soo-Ho has no idea how to deal with this. He asks if they can stop recording and start again. This is when we find out the show is actually Live. While everyone is freaking out, Soo-Ho is trying to recover and Pd Lee is gleefully laughing his head off. They managed to finish the show and Soo-Hoo storms in to demand an explanation. Don’t they remember the contract they agreed on? Are they trying to damage his reputation. Pd Lee is prepared for this, he pulls out both a video & a picture showing a very drunk Soo-Hoo agreeing to changing the contract & singing it ( I’m no lawyer… but I don’t think this is legal). Soo-Hoo storms out and Manager Kim steps in to threaten Pd Lee if he does not destroy that video. Pd Lee does erase it but once he is out of sigh mentions that it’s already backed to his cloud. ( sly jerk) while in the parking lot Geu-Rom catches Soo-Hoo and apologizes for what happened. She also gives him her own phone because she’s tired of not being able to reach him.

In another part of the building Writer Ra is busy spreading rumors about Song Geu-Rim and trying to get the other juniors to hate her. While Geu-Rim goes to her favorite DJ to ask her advise His advice; mistakes can sometimes turn into wonderful things. Don’t give up. ( love him!)

Soo-Hoo has been summoned to his parents house where once again he is told he has to quit the show. His father even tell him to “take one for the team” Before Soo-ho can sit a phone begins to go off and both parents are surprised that he has a phone. We see that Geu-Rim’s mom is calling and Soo-Ho rushes out without an explanation leaving CEO Mother livid. He finds Geu-Rim’s mom waiting on the street, he says he is a friend of her daughter and drives her home. He walks her in and is very surprised with how self sufficient she is for a person without sight. She made a him stay for diner and soon we are also joined by Geu-Rim & Pd Lee. Geu-Rim is a bit taken back when mom announces that “she and the jerk Soo-Ho are now friends”. While Soo-Ho can’t stand that Pd Lee call Geu-Rim’s Mother “mother”. The night ends with Pd Lee telling Geu-Rim they have to stay up all night to perfect her script. To which Soo-Ho says “nope” she has to come with him & help him learn more so accidents like today won’t happen again.

They go back to the station and Geu-Rim gives him a crash course including why 7 seconds of silence on the radio is a NO. She eventually falls a sleep with Soo-Ho just stares at her. She wakes up to him saying “I’m curious about you”

I honestly was very upset at the beginning of this episode. Seriously you guys pushed her to the ground!! Don’t even get me started on the reckless driving! But Soo-Ho hurts my heart! I feel so bad for him. He was raised by 2 horrible people, seems to have absolutely no friends in his life and his loneliness just breaks me. I want to give him a hug. As Song Geu-Rim she might not have a perfect life, but she’s surrounded by people that love her. They let her struggle, they want her to learn but I’m 100% sure they would all come running to help is she called.

Radio Romance episodes 3-4

Optional title: Can I punch his handsome face and please get him some EYEDROPS!!

Wrist grabbed count: 1

Times the males in this show needed to be punched in the face: I stopped counting after 10

“Let’s do it, let’s do this radio show” those are Ji Soo-Hoo words when he finds Song Geu-Rim being belittle by her senior in the hallway of the radio station. He then drags her away & I try not to roll my eyes!! Yes!! We have it made! Easy sailing! Not so fast. Ji Soo-Hoo and the station have to agree on a contract and once again Song Geu-Rim has to be the person that gets it done.

At home Ji Soo-Hoo is a little shocked he agreed but no one is more surprised than his friend/ doctor Jason. Who excitedly bounces around waiting to see the show.

The next day Song Geu-Rim shows up with a contact but Ji Soo-Hoo is ready with his the contract reads as follow:

1. No live broadcast. All shows will be prerecorded.

2. Ji Soo-Hoo has the final say on scripts, guest, segments

3. He can quit whenever he wants

4. Song Geu-Rim has to do what Ji Soo-Hoo says.

Song Geu-Rim can’t believe his contract and is sure the station won’t go for it but surprisingly PD Lee says “let’s sign it”

I need to introduce you to a Jin Tae-Ri ( Yura from Girls Day)she’s a former child actress that is now down in her luck. Fortunately for her, she’s caught up to the fact that our perfect family is all a show( Ji SooHoo’s) and managed to get pictures of the dad with his mistress. Which she is now using to blackmail Nam Joo-Ha. Jin Tae-Ri also has a weird vibe going on with Ji Soo-Ho manger, waiting for more info on this

Back to our Radio crew, PD Lee manages to goat Ji Soo- Hoo until a planing diner. Where we notice that Soo-Hoo can’t stand it when PD Lee touches Song Geu-Rim. PD Lee notices, because the weirdo is sharp and uses that to somehow gets Ji Soo-Hoo to agree to go on a retreat with the radio crew!

The next day off they go in a ferry and they all seem to be having fun except for Ji Soo-Hoo (Jason is also in this crew) who just mopes and growls at any attempt to include him.

Once they get to their hotel Song Geu-Rim realizes she’s missing her laptop and has to rush back to get it. To her surprise Soo-Hoo follows her ( he is actually trying to go home but finds out there’s only 1 ferry per day, so he is stuck there). On the bus ride back Song Geu-Rim starts to tell him her plans for the show. She is full of ideas but eventually dozed off and Soo-Hoo is remembering a similar trip when they were teens. Neither realized that are on the wrong bus. They try to find their way back but an older man stops them thinking that Ji Soo-Hoo is his son. He has been waiting for him for many years and neither Soo-Hoo or Geu-Rom can find a way to leave him so they spend the night at his house. Neither can sleep so Geu-Rim shares more of her ideas. She tells him about her love for Radio and how she can’t wait for him to use her script. They seemed to be getting along pretty well and they both fall a sleep next to each other. That’s when Soo-Hoo has a nightmare. He dreams of going to see his friend but having second thoughts and ignoring him and that boy gets hit by car because Soo-Hoo ignores him ( truck of doom cameo!!).

When Geu-Rim wakes up Soo-Hoo is gone and can’t be found in the island. The jerk is ok, he somehow got his manger to pic them up and when Jason returns home he lets him have it. Soo-Hoo could care less, he is at home with 4 script writers

Later we see him filming the show and Geu-Rim & PD Lee look angry. Soo-Hoo went ahead and recorded the show but did not even look at Geu-Rim’s script she is very upset but decides to be an adult. He leaves the station with his coldness and sits in his car thinking. He knows he is being a jerk, but we don’t know why he can’t stop. He sees Geu-Rim walking home and PD Lee stoping her and guiding her to his car. Which activates whatever Soo-Hoo “macho” and he rushes out to stop them from leaving together!

Ahhhh!! These men kinda suck!! Both of them are constantly doing things that are a No in my book. The amount of times I would had slapped them both. I need Song Geu-Rim to stand her ground soon. They need to stop trying to control her! Also I’m dying to know who the boy in the flashbacks is. Why is Soo-Hoo so traumatized by his memory? Lastly does PD Lee like Song Geu-Rim? or does he just enjoy causing chaos.

I promise I’ll gave 5-6 up tomorrow but I started a new drama & lost track of time!! See you all soon!

Just Watched: Prison Playbook


I should have listened to Michele but at the time I was too obsessed with Money Flower to care about other dramas. Plus, as one of my goal of 2018 is to reduce watching currently airing drama, I was able to commit to few dramas at a time. So two weeks ago, while I was alone at home being sick, I decided to watch a drama. Plex was down at the time and I had no choice but to go to Netflix. I saw Prison Playbook on the Recommended list. The drama was calling me and… the next thing I knew, I fell into the Prison trap.

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Currently Watching: IS – Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei


What does IS stands for? Intersexual. Yeap, it is appropriate to continue my next Japanese drama watch with another gender issue drama. Kataomoi was a great drama aired in 2017. But IS-Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei is an older drama. 2011 to be exact. And the situation and approach are much different. I am still at the early stage of the drama and not sure where it is taking me too. But I would like to speculate. Let see if it actually make sense and whether I am correct.

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Just Watched: Kataomoi


WOWOW wow’d me once again! This network is brilliant and Kataomoi is a masterpiece. Leave it to a daring network to once again giving us an outstanding performance, a high-quality storytelling and the most compelling sensitive issue in today’s world. Transgender. Furthermore, you can’t help but respect Miki Nakatani as her portrayal as a she-man. She is brilliant! Being this is my second time seeing her, first was IQ246, I think I am a fan!

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