Wednesday Eu-Mak: Unbeatable Duo


Good Wednesday, everyone! How is your day going? I hope you’re having a fabulous time. I know I am. So this post will be the last one for this month. I will be on work travel this Friday and I’m afraid I will be on hiatus for the next two weeks. I will do my best if I have the time but to blog while on travel can be a bit challenging. I hope you all understand where I’m coming from… *smiles*

For this week post, the chosen songs are by Super Junior Donghae and Eunhyuk. The first song is titled Still You. This is an old song from 2013 and I still enjoy it. Still You is very cozy, romantic and romantic, and I love the video. They were in London for this MV! I’m glad! At least they were not trapped making this vid in the studio as we all know SM is notorious for when producing MVs! I feel that they are one great pairing that came out of SuJu! But wait, are there more other pairings? No, right? I’m such a fool *sticks her tongue out*. But anywhoooo, Donghae and Eunhyuk have great voices and they are so in harmony together! I especially adore Eunhyuk’s singing voice! And what made this vid so cute is when Eunhyuk tailing a pigeon at the beginning of this vid… *giggles*. Cho, cho cute!

The next song is taken from their latest album called Growing Pains. And we all know the boys have been growing together since they were teens! And this song is so, so great! And by this time I’m in love with Eunhyuk’s voice more and more! And furthermore, he doesn’t look super skinny as he always does! Yay! Don’t worry, I still love Donghae too! The boy is beautiful. Period. Come come, take a listen to this ballad pop Growing Pains.

I’m so happy with these two songs! And I’m more happy with Donghae and Eunhyuk! They are the best! Well, who doesn’t like Super Junior, right? *wink*


Song of the Moment: Going Thai

20110808165249Heh, I wish I know who they are. If anyone could tell me who the singer is… I would appreciate it. Yeah, I Google Translate the name and title of the song. I got The Constitution of Solomon. Really? Hmmm…. *rubs chin*. I’m not sure and I need confirmation. And the song is called We Just. This is my first time I actually take my time to listen to Thai songs. I’m sorry I was too biased before… I won’t now, I promise *smiles*. But for now, let’s listen to this song. I can’t say much coz I know nothing of them or of their songs. But the MV is cute and open up the door to how they are. Oy… I sounded too ignorant, don’t I? I’m sorry… Anyway, take a listen… I really love this song! I hope you like it too!

Currently Watching: Ouroboros


Well, didn’t I tell you that I will be watching a lot more Japanese drama this year? See… I told you so *sticks her tongue out*. I’m loving this resolution of mine and I’m pretty successful at doing this so far… Except for the sageuk drama. Heh, that’s another story and time. Let’s focus on Ouroboros. My love infatuation with Oguri Shun continues. I don’t find him attractive but somehow they way he carries himself, as if I can feel his presence, really intrigues me. And all the while, I saw him as a good hearty man or the man you want to fall in love with. That’s the usual male lead character, right? But in Ouroboros, he is such a badass yakuza! This is the side of him I have never seen before. Sure, I have not seen a lot of his dramas so I’m never exposed to him playing a baddie. But in Ouroboros,  a baddie character that wants to do justice is completely unexpected. Wow! Yes, you heard me. Wow! *thumbs up*


Ouroboros just wrapped up the series like two days ago so now I’m playing catch up. This 10-episode drama unites Oguri Shun and Ikuta Toma once again. I have never seen Hana Kimi before (but I have seen the kdrama version) but it would be interesting to see how they were in their younger roles. I’ll definitely add it to my watch list this year. The chemistry between the boys in this drama are quite good although you can sometime feel their tension even though they grew up as an orphan together. So yeah, that’s how they met. Danno (Shun) and Ryu (Toma) grew up in the same orphanage since they were in an elementary school. But as an adult, though they are like brothers, they both have their own separate lives. Danno became a very well-known yakuza. And this how I was surprised to see Shun in such a compelling badazz role. He is good at it! Ryu, on the other hand, went on an opposite path. He is a detective that is also badazz in a quirky way. He looks very rookie and inexperience but very skillful in solving crimes. So what makes these two still in touch together considering their circumstances? Hmmmmm *rubs chin*


They both vowed to find the man with the golden watch. He is somewhere hidden either in yakuza or police world. Right now, we don’t know. But why are they looking for this man? Their caretakers were murdered and their statements to the police weren’t taken very seriously. The case was left cold and eventually unsolved. So Danno and Ryu decided to take the matter in their own hand as adults. They wanted to know who murdered her. In the event of searching the man with the golden watch, they faces many obstacles along the way. Will these obstacles lead them the way to the man with the golden watch? I don’t know and I, sometimes, feel a bit confused too. I don’t know if the cases are related but I sure enjoy the action. Winner!


I’m not quite sure what Ouroboros means even though I’ve heard it several times through the first two episode. *rolling eyes* I should take notes next time I watch… *sigh*. But the symbol looks like eternity and the meaning itself, from Wiki, symbolizes circle of life or some sort that will bring you to a wholeness. Urgh, whatever… I hope you get it. As for the drama itself, the plots are very interesting and intriguing. It is moderately intense but it certainly brings a lot of tension. A good tension, of course! I love Ouroboros. Every episode I saw was intense. Right now, I’m dying to watch the next 5 episodes. I love how fierce Danno and how cool Ryu are, and together they made a very amazing team! I hope they catch the man with the golden watch! Don’t you wanna know too? *wiggles brows* Watch it! This dark justice drama is highly worth your time!

ouroboros-ep02-848x480-x264-mp4_snapshot_22-49_2015-01-25_18-45-49 (1)



Currently Watching: Second Love


*fans self* Okay peeps, I’m warning you in advance. This drama will give you tingles in an unexpected area of your body and more so, your ovaries might explode continuously! And I’m serious!!! I remember at one point, I believe I was in the middle of episode 4, I had to pause it, and changed my shirt! Yeap, Second Love made me feel heaty and hot! And it’s freaking cold here! So please be a little cautious if you choose to watch it. And keep tissues or napkins nearby… No, no! Not to wipe tears but your drools *cackling*!


Second Love was never on my radar but since Bel suggested it, and one of my 2015 drama resolutions is to watch more Japanese drama, I say why not! This drama introduced me to Kame! Wow, what a beautiful man he is! And I’m actually jealous by his beautiful, archy perfect brows and curvy lips. How can a man be this beautiful? *shakes head* Life is unfair. So since this drama is still airing, Bel recommended Tokyo Bandwagon. I saw and loved that drama. Very warm and hearty! I highly suggest you to watch it if you haven’t already. But Kame in Second Love is a completely different person. I’m amazed with his talent. AMAZED! Or maybe I’m easily pleased? *raised brow*


Second Love is a 7-episode drama. This show screams nothing but infidelity since the minute I started watching it. But what I love the most about Japanese dramas is, as I said it over and over, they wasted no time in diving into the agenda of the story. From infidelity, they quickly redirect this drama and tackle several other pressing issues such as romance with an older and younger men, bullying issue at school by students and peers, fear of moving on, etc. Come to think of it, those are heavy stuffs but none of it made me feel depressed or bat shit crazy. A little angst? Yeah. Mostly tolerable…


Because Second Love is quite racy and a bit controversial, I’m surprised that they decided to make this drama shorter than the usual Japanese drama length of 10 to 12 episodes long. I thought Japanese society is open to fornication (you heard me right) drama. I guess not. In one article I read, Kame admits that this is the drama he wouldn’t want his mom to watch. Perhaps the women there are still traditional. But I respect that. And I understand that Second Love is more graphic than reading a racy novel. The way the director envisions the scenes is pretty much on point which makes Second Love a truly guilty pleasure drama for some of us. *laughs* To be honest, even though the plots are quite predictable, I pretend I know nothing. What makes me stay? Why… It’s the shagging part! *rolling on the floor laughing* You’ll understand why I’m laughing if you decide to watch it (hint: episode 5) *wink*


Second Love, in my interpretation, means two different things to two different people. Yui sees it different than Kei. Yui is a 35 year old chemistry teacher in an all-girl school but really, if you take a closer look of her life, her mind is off a 15-year old girl. She’s been living with her mom all her life and get treated like a child. But her mom is so dependable on her that she really did not let Yui mature enough as a woman. Yui provided monetary support since the start of her career and taking care of her mom was the only thing she knows. The only adult thing she does, other than her career, was having an affair with her married co-worker who is much older than her! Kei is a professional dancer but ran out of money to support himself after relocated back from Germany. While hoping to get some good offer, he works as a construction worker. He lives very poorly and spend most of his earnings to pay for the studio so he can practice. So apparently Kei have been noticing Yui and one day, he mustered all his strengths and went to see her. He slipped a note into her hand! He did it so smoothly everyone went gasp! Whoa! That was daring of him! When they met, Kei danced to convince Yui that he’s not joking. I admit *fans self* the man danced beautifully!


So back to what I said before how these two see things differently. She’s looking to him to fill the love void but he is looking for her for more than love, but for moral support. Now the question is what happened when their missing pieces are found? Would they stay together or go separate ways? By episode 5, Yui started to become addicted to the passion she received from Kei whereas Kei feels Yui will never understand what he wants in his life. At this moment, the shagging part is gone *cries* and now replaced by continuous pouts from both. Oy… is this it? Do you think they will eventually come to their senses and go back to where they were? The relationship started out with sex but will they last? Will they work it out? All I can say is… go watch it if you dare. I know this is not cup of tea or Joe for most. It does feel a little rush considering that the show is cut to 7-episode long. But hey, I don’t care… All I can say it Second Love is a great drama about human relationship. If I were you, I would watch it! I mean look at him! RAWRRRRR!


Sisterhood Blogging Award!

Sisterhood of the World_zpsqt7wixy7

A sisterhood award! I have never heard such award until recently. But I’m truly honored. Thanks Kfangurl for nominating me. She said I’m a superwoman! I’m looking at all the toys all over the table and on my dirty floors, I am afraid I no longer am *cries*. But I have to give pats on my shoulder sometimes… I can be a superwoman again *wink*! Ok, I got my cape on… And the logo, designed by our superb Kfangurl is up! *rubs hands* I’m ready for her questions! Bring it!


But before I go on, here are the rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
  • Put the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer the ten questions they have sent you.
  • Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Nominate ten people.

1. If you didn’t have a blog, how would you be spending your spare time?

There are several things I love to do on my spare time. Besides watching dramas and listening to music, I love to bake. I used to bake a lot and I can see myself baking like mad in my spare time.


2. Do your family, friends, and colleagues know about your blog? Why or why not? And if they do know about it, what do they think?

My  husband does. He is quite supportive of my blogging life. He never reads it and I certainly don’t want him to! But he encourage me to do more… I wish I could though. It is hard to juggle life as a career woman, a mom, a blogger and a fangirl. It is tough…!


3. Have you met blogosphere friends in Real Life? If yes, what was that like? If not, would you want to, given the chance?

I think I’m the most fortunate blogger around. I have met several bloggers all over the place. I’m so blessed and I really enjoyed meeting them in person. One blogger I hang out frequently is NewKdramaAddict. Since she’s only an hour drive away, we meet up more than twice now. And we will hang out again this month for some jjimjilbang experience *grins*. As the matter of fact, I’m meeting another blogger soon! I look forward to meet Snow, an India-based blogger for The Drama Corner. I’m excited! And hopefully one day I get to meet kfangurl as well!!!


4. If money were no object, what gift would you give to a loved one (significant other, family, friend; you pick), and why?


Heh, I will relocate my friend Michele to Seoul so that she can open an entertainment agency solely to serve our one and only truly love, MBLAQ G.O. She’s been telling me how she would like to help GO advance his career especially in musical theater and knowing how passionate she is, I am very sure she will do it beyond my imagination. This is Michele, you can always count on her. *beams*. Here… I leave you with oppa singing Wildflower… Raise your hand and feel the song with G.O!

5. Since this is a sisterhood type of award, who’s your favorite female celeb (actress, singer, comedienne, doesn’t matter), and what do you love about her?


Cate Blanchett! I admit I don’t watch all her movies but every time she’s on the screen, she owns it. She knows how to hold herself in every character she was in. Cate is a chameleon – you give her anything and she will do it and do it better than you expect her to be. And plus, she is one gorgeous Aussie woman. I love everything about her. She’s very elegant, poise and down to earth (hopefully she attempt nothing crazy as she’s aging).

Phew… Thanks kfangurl! I don’t think I can survive with 10 questions! And with that, I will follow her footsteps and keep the award short and sweet with 5 golden questions *flashes teeth*.

My questions are:

1. If you were lucky enough to win a lottery, what would you do?

2. If time is not an issue, name one thing you would like to do or give to yourself?

3. I am a fan of Gilmore Girls. Are you? If you are, are you a Lorelai or Rory? If not, why not?

4. Pick one: gold, silver or platinum. And why.

5. If you can choose a blogging partner, or add another blogger to your blog, who would you choose?

My nominees are:

Congratulations to my nominee! *claps*



Update as of March 21, 2015:

Well, what do you know, Michele turn the table and nominated me back. Oy… This is not fair but I have a feeling that she did it because she loves me so much! *grins* Can you feel the love tonight? I do, I do!! I certainly do! Thank you again. I’m honored! So let’s do this and here are my answers to her questions:

1. Which of the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) best describes you and why?


Autumn – I have this fiery and passionate feeling yet I manage to put down this fire with my cool attitude. The combine of fire and cool is lukewarm feeling, in my dictionary of course. And therefore, this is why I’m an autumn person. And I also think I’m pretty *coughs* as autumn.

2.  Which western actor or actress would you like to see star opposite a Korean actor and actress and why do think the pairing would work?

I wish I could nominate Heath Ledger… Really, the man was so talented! But I also would like to see Eva Green with Lee Jin Wook. Why? He has this witty character which drives me crazy and she has this a bit snobbish princessy like which I adore. Of course, I would love to see them in a period drama. She is a daughter of a lord of some sort who is very adventurous and love to travel. She travels to the east to explore and meet up with a crown prince that happened to love exploring the Sahara dessert. Omo! I should stop! This could be a story!!!!! *laughs*


3.  How has your love for K-drama and/or K-pop changed your life – that is, if either have in fact changed it?

I do remember that I was told by hub to quit kdrama and kpop while I was pregnant because he didn’t want his kid to look very kpop-ish! *giggles* Well, it didn’t turn out exactly as what he wanted… The boy is certainly very kpop-ish! So, yeah, it kinda changed my life a bit but not too much.


I would like to take this opportunity to nominate a couple more bloggers that I did not get to nominate previously. The questions are the same as above so here they are randomly:

Congratulations you two!



Currently Watching: Date – Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira


Date! This Japanese drama is not in my radar whatsoever! All I can say after watching the latest episode is WOW! How did I find this drama? I saw an article posted on MyDramaList and I read it immediately. *gasp*. It was a love at first read! So I immediately started watching it, thanks to my supplier and drama bestie, Bel! *bows* This drama is hysterical! It is too funny and the script is just… I wanna be BFF with the writer!!! Really I am! I betcha she is as quirky and weirdo as I am! And I learned so many new terms from this show! Educated idler? Who would have thought!!! You wanna know what educated idler is? *in whisper voice*  an educated bum aka an educated person who does nothing but living off of his family, wasting time by reading (not that it is wrong to read) and killing time on unnecessary thing. Hmmm, I know someone like that… sigh. But another word I learned is hikimokori! Social awkward! *laughs* that is me!!! And I’m only social (by force) at work is because I have no choice but to…! I rather be a hermit and stay home *wink*


Date is a 10-episode. Off all the episodes I have seen, not one episode bore me at all. And I promise you that this drama would make you roll on the floor laughing so hard, you won’t realized you even snorted! *covers her mouth* Oooops, I didn’t say that out loud, did I?! *giggles* You must watch Date! Yoriko is the wackiest girl I’ve seen to date! She is a nerdy economist who loves solving math problems on her free time. Who does that??? Wait *shakes her head*, I used to do that too! *laughs* Anyway, because she’s an economist, she is one very precise girl who loves to be right and punctual on every single thing she does… Her bento has to be rightly portion, her workout regime has to be on the point with her body, even her decision to get married. Bottom line is, everything must be precise and on the dot! She is definitely a color-inside-the-line type of person. Since she is approaching 30 years old, and her dad has been hoping for her to get married to fulfill her late mother’s wish, she signed herself up with the marriage agency. Her first date with Takumi was considered a success! Success on her account, of course! Even though they are completely opposite of each other, to her he seemed to be the perfect husband candidate! But when she found out later that he is an educated idler, and that he is willing to be a househusband, she was disappointed. Throughout the episodes I have seen, there was no indication, or should I say it was hard to read her whether she started to like him or not, but I am certain that she was hopeful that Takumi is the chosen husband for her. But faith has its own way in getting back into her. She went on a speed date and guess who was there too? Yeap, Takumi-san!!! She rolled her eyes on him. Hell, I rolled my eyes on him too! And he covered his face in an embarrassment *laughs*.


This drama is definitely underrated. If not because of the article, I would have never know it. The OTP is just down right funny! They are totally awkward together and come to think of it, they are not even a made-in-heaven couple! But after 6 episodes into the series, I’m starting to believe that they are fated to be together! She is not a marriage material girl to be honest. And one look of her you would say hell no right away! As for him, he looks way too old for her! I don’t find him attractive at all. But that is the best part… two quirky strangers got together and trying to make themselves fall in love with each other. Do you think they will success in this game of love? Or is it all business? Come, join me and let’s find out together!


Wednesday Eu-Mak: Teasing You


Yeoreobun, annyeong! Happy Wednesday! I’m attending work conference this week so I’m unable to update my blog as quickly as I could. But like I said before, I hate leaving my eu-mak post unattended… It feels empty without it *cries*. So this week, instead of the usual music post, I’m teasing you with some pre-release trailer. I hope these trailers will enlighten your craving for music (like me).

Davichi – Two Lovers

CLC – Pepe

Bubble X (feat. U Jay) – Wonder Why

MFBTY – Bang Diggy Bang Bang

I know there are more teaser trailers out there but these four are worth looking for in my opinion. I hope you are excited as I am :). So stay tune for the release of these songs… SOOOOOON! *beams*