Currently Watching: Hidden Identity


Lately, I have been craving action dramas. I guess my rounds with some action Japanese dramas really made me think twice for my next to-watch drama. And Hidden Identity came in just in time to fill this void in my watch hole. What’s more? This is Kim Bum’s latest comeback since he broke up with Moon Geun Yong. I’m sure I was not the only one waiting for Kim Bum’s comeback to small screen. And with the preview pics of him in stache and guyliner, of course I can’t say no to that! Can you? *wiggles brows*


Hidden Identity reminds me of Ten and Cruel City. It’s an action police drama, as it is as dark as those two (and many more dramas that I’m lazy to list them here). I typically not a fan of kdrama police drama. We all know how ridiculous and injustice the Korean law system is. But somehow I was able to stick through it. The first two episodes did it with me. I was sold completely by the entire cast. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses, but as a team, they are daebak! I truly enjoyed watching the team and the way they dealt the situation, I’m impressed. I mean, the cases are not extraordinary, but I just love the way they tackle things in their own way. Yeap, this drama is interesting in its own way.


So what is Hidden Identity about? Just by its title, the team was created secretly and perhaps no approval given by the top. It is consisted of 6 undercover police officers that led by Team Leader Jang. Each of them has their own abilities to fight crime in any means they have. They will do whatever they can to hunt the criminal. Under the Team Leader Jang’s fierce leadership, they were able to catch the criminal. However, the one main plot that get carried away throughout the series is the revenge Min Tae In forever carrying with him. His sister was killed and he is determined to find the crooks. But after 10 episodes, I still questioning his intention. I don’t know, Kim Tae Hoon is notorious for playing baddie so it is difficult to actually see him on the good side. I will feel at ease if he remains the good detective until the end of the series.


Back to Hidden Identity, Team Leader Jang recruited Cha Geoun Woo as his sniper man. Coincidentally, he was given an undercover mission by his Leader to save another team member that was trapped and his under cover was blown by the crooks. Unknowingly, the person Woo had to save is none other than Min Tae In. They have a history together. They are connected through Tae In’s sister. Woo dated Tae In’s sister and he witnessed the brawl that caused her life. So to meet again at such situation, it was not only awkward but also felt that they are meant to meet again. You can totally see the reaction between the two through their eye contact, and Tae In’s life was totally depending on Woo’s move. Well, this was one of the nail-biting situations you get to see in Hidden Identity. Throughout the 10 episodes, the team will work to solve the crime and at the same time, you will expose to clues that would lead Woo and Tae In closer to find the murderer.


Well, the question now becomes would I recommend it to you? I’m in a tough spot. I was completely blown away by the first two episodes but felt I was let down the next two episodes. And then, the climax came in waves… Episode 9 and 10 were very suspense yet awesome, I couldn’t sit still. Hidden Identity is not for everyone. There is no romance and there will be no romance. Also, I found Hidden Identity drowned by OCN’s action drama, My Beautiful Bride (review to come soon). I found My Beautiful Bride more intriguing and exciting than Hidden Identity. Nevertheless, Hidden Identity is worth watching if you don’t mind the agenda but definitely not worth rewatching… *shrugs* that’s how I see it.

Currently Watching: Ramen Loving Girl/Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-San


I’m warning all of you now! Before you start watching this drama, please make sure you have taken your breakfast, lunch, dinner and all of your daily snacks! Yes, I mean all of them! Trust me, in my case, even though I had all of them, I still could not control my hunger! Ramen Loving Girl is the source of my constant hunger! This shows talk nothing but ramen and the art of making and preparing ramen. Koizumi -san thinks nothing but ramen. Oy. She loves ramen so much she is willing to travel to great distance to eat the best serving bowl of freshly made ramen! The fact that this drama featured real ramen noodles house made me think why am I sitting on this couch and fattening my arses while I can hop on the next flight to Japan right this minute!!!!! Oh wait, I forgot that I am on vacation with family! Double oy!


Ramen Loving Girl is a 4-episode drama with each episode is no longer than 22 minutes long! I have just finished episode 3 and I’m ready to announce Itadakimasu on my breakfast that is waiting for me – wherever it is! Anywho, this drama is about a girl, Koizumi, that loves ramen so much! Her school mates, Yu and Misa, wondered why she never smiles and decided to follow her. Their adventure finally paid off! They saw her smiling while eating ramen. They both started to feel intrigued by Koizumi and tag along with her. They witnessed her gorging down a huge bowl of ramen that fits a belly of sumo wrestler! However, the two started falling for the ramen as well! Together, the three girls visited all the best noodle house. The three have great appetite they made anyone watching them eat feeling amazed and wanting to eat what they are eating!


The ending? I think it is predictable. The girls may either open their own noodle house or continue to roam the country in search for the great bowl of ramen! Either way, itadakimasu to you! I know you’ll be hungry, too! *tummy growling* ooops, sumimasen!


[Important Message] ~ The Art of Copy/Paste and other Dramaland Stories.


Be respectful as we all wanted to express OUR own feelings and thoughts and what zkpop did is totally uncool. This article is another reminder that we blog because we care, and to be victimized by such losers not only hurtful but it also discourage future bloggers from entering the blogging world.

Originally posted on Dramajjang:

bscap1432We started this blog, dramajjang, out of love for dramas and because we didn’t want to keep our thoughts to ourselves, we wanted to share them with the rest of the fellow adventurers in the vast sea of dramas. It’s difficult finding people in real life who share a like-minded passion, so interacting with all of you beautiful people from all over the world, even though it’s through a keyboard and behind a screen, it means a whole lot. Writing an article, whether it is a recap, a review, just a few thoughts or simply anything, it takes time, especially recaps. Even though it may be tiring at times, once you finish writing a recap and you finalize it there’s a sense of fulfillment. The thing is, 12 of my recaps (from My Love Eun Dong and My Beautiful Bride to be more precise) have been copied…

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Currently Watching: High Society

Upcoming Drama “High Society” Releases First Set of Posters

Whoa! An upgrade version of Heirs? Sign me up! And with Sung Joon as the main lead? Hello, I am so in! *licks* *giggles*. Plus, ZE:A’s Hyungsik is back. *smiles*. Great cast, eh? But the title gives me the impression that we are in it for the young, bold, beautiful and rich! Urgh, I hate dramas with nothing but featuring the rich lifestyles. But after watching several episodes, High Society defies the lifestyles. Somewhat. But I do like the idea of a chaebol girl working her hardest to have a normal life like us. The idea is kinda fresh and different. Plus, I don’t recall seeing girl shower scenes in life. Well, maybe I have but High Society gave a great fan service for Uee’s fans as they did with Sung Joon’s fans. Ahhhh… it is definitely balance.


I had a hard time blogging this drama due to several reasons. I know majority of watchers love this show. Most of them are for the second lead, which I completely get it. My reason is for the first lead. Prior to the latest episodes, I was extremely disappointed with the lead. I feel that the sparks between the two were rather boring. The feelings I crave for I only found it with the second lead. *sigh* Really, the second lead stole the thunder completely! The chemistry between Ji Yi and Chang Soo are much more interesting than Joon Ki and Yoon Ha. But I found the table has turned recently. Yoon Ha finally snapped out of her fantasy but Ji Yi sunk in deeper and sounded too shallow to me. Oy, I despise shallow character so, so much. But hey, I’m not shooting the messenger… I will shoot the writer for making Ji Yi’s character shallow and childish.


High Society describes the life of young, rich and beautiful still in search for their own identity in this twisted world. Yoon Ha despised her status as a rich girl and feels that she should make her own living. But to live in disguise is difficult. She is constantly trying to run away from her status but somehow, it is difficult. It is funny that she wanted to make her own living but still driving her luxury car and living in her mansion home. *scratches head* Well, so much for being independent, eh? Anywho, being rich came with a prize. Being the last child in the family, she is not only the rebel one but also the better one among her sisters. She is loved dearly by her brother but her mom hated her so much. Yoon Ha questioned her existence but eventually was shut by the same DNA she shared with her mom. This is truly the worse case I have ever seen in a rich kdrama land. She was arranged to meet Chang Soo not knowing that he is the Director in the supermarket she currently working in.


Joon Ki met and fell for Yoon Ha for the first time the minute he saw her in a hotel elevator. When he found out that she is a chaebol daughter, he started to pursue her. Well, we can call him a gold digger all we want but to him, he has his own reason. This is a survival. A stepping stone so to speak. But I do have a beef with him. Even though he is proud of his family, he was ashamed of his father’s occupation. Pathetic, really. Since then, he is determined to make a better living for himself but his intention for a better life is a bit selfish. Prior to meeting Yoon Ha, he was dating another rich chaebol. Coincident or not, we all know where he is heading with his current life.


Yoon Ha and Joon Ki met and it was a love of a different kind. She saw him as a man that would accept her regardless of her background. Sadly, unknowing to her, Joon Ki already know her background and was just playing along as she madly in love with him. We could see him developing love for her but his intention trumped his feeling. When she caught on to him, her furious was unbearable that she is now willing to use her status to get on him. But how far is she willing to do that? Will she understand if she is in his shoe? Joon Ki never shy to admit what he did to her and my feeling is that the reason he was frank was because he is genuinely falling for her. *shrugs* I don’t know, what do you think? Let me know… I’m not sure if I want to recommend High Society. It was a hard watch for me but not for others. Just go by the ears if you think you want to watch it. For me, I do not see a happy ending for this show but who knows, I could be wrong…

Wednesday Eu-Mak: On Hiatus Again…


Hello, yeoreobun! It’s Wednesday and it’s my final eu-mak post for this month. I’m leaving for a month-long trip (work and vacation) and this blog will get neglected again. *cries* I promise myself that I will try to blog on dramas that I did not get to blog. But the good news with going on hiatus again is that… I get to meet some Malaysian bloggers and tweeter friends! Yay! We are still sorting out the perfect date to meet up. I can’t wait! Really! *jumps with joy*

So being that my mind is no longer here, I have selected random songs for today’s post! Yes, again! *rubs hands* Sorry, I’m too excited to leave and my mind is occupied with last minute work. I really hope you enjoy some seductive voices by these men… Adios and see y’all later! And for all my Muslim readers, Eid Mubarak al-Kareem!

Currently Watching: Q10

Q10-p2Lately, I’m more excited to blog Japanese than Korean dramas. I don’t know why. It’s taking forever for me to blog High Society and it is still under draft! I am losing it, the interest is really sipping away from me. But the feeling is different with J-dramas. They don’t dwell so much and they get to the point. And this is why you’re seeing more and more reviews on Japanese dramas… And Q10 is my latest victim *giggle*.


The reason I started Q10? Sato Takeru, of course! I’m awed by his talent in his recent drama Tenno No Ryoriban that I’m determined to watch more of his work. And Bel picked another great drama for us to start! Q10 is a 2010 aired drama and though it feel old (it’s the quality of the film), but the story is otherwise. Seriously guys, leave it to Japanese in coming up with all sort of unique stories. Q10 is no different… The poster itself intrigued me! What is he carrying? Is that a real person? Or just a cut board girl? Why is she wrapped in plastic? *rubs chin*. Hmmm… Many questions!


When I first saw the first episode, I did not know what to expect. And I’m not a huge high school drama fan. I announced my usual NowWatching hashtag on Tweeter and several tweet friends tweeted back and told me how they loved Q10. Well, that’s a good sign, right? The show started with a quick intro of Heita, a high school student and his family. One day, on his way home, he saw a “person” leaning towards the window in one of the rooms in his school  building. Being a Curious George, we went and checked it out. There, in the room, sat a girl who appeared sleeping with her mouth wide open. Heita told himself that he wouldn’t put his finger in someone’s mouth but as he was saying it, he found himself slowly inching closer to her. Before he knew it, he put his finger in her mouth and boom! a light lit up from her mouth and he fell to the ground. He saw the word Q10 tattooed on her right foot but wasn’t sure what it was for. The girl opened her eyes, scanned the place and requested him to name her in 15 seconds (or something like that). Panicking, Heita quickly named her Kyuto (Q10). It turns out, Kyuto is a robot! But her appearance is very human… minus her voice. I actually adore her voice, cho cute! Although some may find her voice a bit annoying…


One of Heita’s classmates, Hisashi, actually is infatuated with Kyuto (episode 3 is all about infatuation!) but when he saw a cut on her hand that exposed her robot-self, he freaked out. When he told Heita if he could own Kyuto, Heita jokingly said yes. But when Hisashi insisted, Heita started to feel agitated and frustrated. Heita came to realize that Kyuto is more special than just a robot. He is starting to fall for her… Wow, is it possible? I mean she’s a robot!


There are only 9 episodes in Q10 with each episode about 45-55 minutes long. This drama is funny at times, but at other times, very passionate and sad. It is just how you see it… I found myself laughing a lot more but I also suspect I will soon be crying, too. Kyuto is funny with all her ridiculous and curious questions, and her kawaii expressions. She actually made Heita thinks… Including me, too! You know, things that you have taken for granted… It is definitely interesting to hear it from a high school’s perspective on what he understands about life. Q10 is a harmless drama, you should totally give it a watch! Check out this clip I found on YouTube – great fan-made clip!

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Queen of KPop!


Happy Wednesday! I’m back for another Eu-Mak post and this time, I’m focusing on BoA. Hmmmm where do I begin? In the beginning, I thought she’s Japanese coz that was how I got to know her… Through Japanese songs! She and Utada were my favorite Japanese singers back then. Well, they still are!  Hmmmm maybe I can feature Utada on another post… *smile*. This multilingual singer had an early start. She was picked by SM Entertainment scout and her career took off since her debut. A 1986-er born, she has albums ranging from Japanese to Korean to English!


The latest album, Kiss My Lips, is her 8th album. Nope, not mini but a real album! I haven’t listen the entire album but I heard these two songs yesterday afternoon and I’m sold! Love the vibe, love the energy and really, it is kinda sexy mature side of her. Her vocal is lovely as always. Wow, just thinking of her voice gives me this chill. It’s soft yet strong, and it has power. See, it is hard to describe it. You just hafta give it a hear…

The first song I picked is called Who Are You. This beautiful song has a balance of pop and ballad. The beat is hip and energetic you really can’t help but bopping your head and dancing to it. This style of song really gives the feel-good feelin’ and I’m loving every beat of it. The vid is a bit cheesy but hey, at least it is not the typical SM vids which mostly shot in studios. And it doesn’t hurt that EXO Luhan is featured here… Way to go to draw people to watch vid, SM! Smart move! Anywho, enough ranting but just simply enjoy the song, yeoreobun! *wink*

The next song is another upbeat song but the mood is different than Who Are You. It is called Kiss My Lips. In here, the song has this seductive and sensual vibe to it. Well, the title speaks volume, right? And the song is not only pop-ish, it is a bit R&B-ish too.The vid, even though was shot in studio, is quite awesome. I love, love, it and BoA with red lipsticks? Whoa, I sure wanna kiss her lips! *smooches*

Yeap, the queen of kpop is back and she is back stronger than ever. BoA is definitely in her own league, no one can top her. Her voice is awesome, her image is fresh and beautiful and she is simply classy. I really am happy that she’s back and looking forward what’s coming up in her agenda. I hope you enjoy her songs too! Have a great day!