Song of the Moment: On My Own

fx-Amber2Current mood: somber. Don’t ask me why… I need vitamin sea and vitamin sun now. It’ll come soon. For now, I’m stuck in the office. In this four walls. A bit depressing. And with ongoing meetings and reports, I am burnt out. And just so happened that I stumbled on Amber f(x)’s On My Own. Perfect tune. Completely calming song. I’m shocked that Amber has gone this route. Ballad is now her tune. She can’t go back to Shake That Brass. I won’t let her. NO!


My only debate with On My Own is which version I love the most. Korean versus English. They are the same. But now I’m torn. I love the Korean one. Wait, I love the English one! *sigh* I just can’t decide. Nevermind, I’ll post both MVs and you decide which one you like. Cheers!

Wednesday Eu-Mak: No Sense


Yeap, I have no sense of time lately. Glad to know that today is Wednesday and I totally forgot to blog my music post. As you know, my day is consumed with work and life with my growin’ munchkin. It’s difficult to have a work/life balance when you’re a single parent. I really can’t wait for my dear husband to be done with his out-of-state assignment.


Anyway, speaking of no sense of time, I’m glad I bump into Sam Kim’s No Sense. It was released on YouTube on April 10 and I just found it now. What attracted me to this MV? Well, besides the groovy tune, Sam Kim’s killer dimples, of course! And the boy (he’s only 18!) can play a guitar! Whoooooo *fans self*. I could make out with his voice, too. So velvetty, so delicious, so jazzy smoooooothe….! How do I not know him? When I dig into Sam a little more, it turns out he’s one of us!!! Wow, hello American boy! He was the runner up in SBS’s Kpop Star season 3. *claps* and No Sense is his second song to his debut album. His first debut album was called My Name is Sam with a single titled Mama Don’t Cry. Please prepare your heart with this single… It is a heart-wrenching song and he tore my heart to pieces with that voice!

Okay, let’s enjoy our hump day with lively No Sense! Bye!!!! *waves*


Just Watched: High & Low


So, I did not know what to expect with this drama. By the time I finally figured it out what’s going on, I completed season 1. What in the world? What just happened? Did I really finish watching all the episodes? *sigh* Yeap, that was me two weeks ago. I was clueless yet calm while watching the series and sort of figured things out by episode 5. I know some of you would have dropped it if you are unable to follow the story. So what is my reason to continue to watch it despite being clueless? HANDSOME BOYS IN ACTION! *wink*


Yeap, that’s it. A legit reason, right? Plus, with only 20 minutes long per episode, you can’t help but press play. I was mesmerized by the number of actors in this series. I recognized some but not all. They are all not just pretty faces. Well, I don’t get to evaluate their acts clearly because… They each got very limited screen time. Don’t even count on script time, either. They all got few lines to share. The only time they have for us is fighting scenes. Yeap, with each episode I saw, about 13 minutes of the time are fighting and action scenes. That’s all. You don’t get  much. BUT you will be able to piece out the story by the end of the series.


High & Low is quite complicated to follow. But my understanding is that five gangs were formed as a result when Mugen, a legendary organization, got disbanded. The 5 gangs are Sanno Rengokai, White Rascals, Oya Koukou, Rude Boys, and Daruma Gurentai. Now, they are all fighting each other to become the ruler of SWORD – a large territory that houses these organizations. The peacemaker of the gangs is none other than the Amamiya brothers. They are unbeatable brothers who are now trying to regroup the gangs again. While all these going on, Mighty Warriors emerge as a new and rising group. The gangs and Amamiya brothers got puzzled. They do not know which side Mighty Warriors is.

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This 10-episode series was very entertaining. The fighting scenes were to die for! Your eyes will thank you because each fighting scene was choreographed beautifully. I really mean it! And the OST… bloody hell the OST is strong and powerful. I wish I could own it! High & Low is one of the first two series drama and will follow with a movie. Basically, the first series is a long introduction of the boys and how the friendship and brotherhood are formed again. I’m currently watching High & Low Season 2. I can’t wait to introduce you to the Mugen aka Exile Tribes. Now if you see I misdescribed the series, please correct me. Like I said, I couldn’t follow the story until episode 5. There are lots of trailers out there for this series. I hope you enjoy some of them.

Currently Watching: Our House


What would you do if your spouse passed away and you are still in your prime age? You would date and eventually get married again, right? Well, that is Our House except that when Sota remarried, he sort of left one important news to his new bride! *drum rolls* His children!!! He only not has one or two but four children!!! Four!!! FOURRRRRRR!!! How did he able to trick this woman into marrying him without letting her know his baggage? Easy! He married a foreigner! Yeap, not a big deal! And Sota is fortunate to have a caring new wife. Alice was only upset for a 5 minute and then she was ready to assume the job as a mom and housewife.


BUT all happy ending has its own nightmare, right? The resistance came from none other than Sota’s oldest daughter, Sakuraba. Sakuraba made her siblings retaliate and deny Alice’s presence. It is true, Alice can never replace their mom but she should give her all to be their best mom. Sadly, Sakuraba or as we refer her as Sakura feels she can handle the household on her own. Yeap, this 12 year old kid thinks she can takes care of her siblings, her aunt and grandpa, and her dad. She wants to be the mom for them. I love her confidence but a child needs to be a child. Sakura is a child and she crosses the line too many times! She is a brat! And she thinks her voice trumps the adult in the house. Wrong! And now she has met her match. ALICE!!!!!


Alice knew the battle to win the children hearts would be tough so she started slow. She tried to win the kids with her food. Sakura insisted that she makes the best nikujaga and as good as mom’s. But Alice won over with her tacos and burgers and eventually character bentos! She’s good! First, she focused her attention on Shintaro. Then, on Sotaro. And the recent episode was with Momoka. Her last hurdle would be Sakura. How would Alice wins her and earns her trust?


Right now, I don’t know how long this drama will be. So far, I have seen 5 episodes. I’m looking forward for more episodes but I don’t expect it to be long. Perhaps, *shrugs* another 3 episodes? Anyway, I enjoyed Our House since it is very family oriented drama and it’s a drama my son would enjoy, too. I definitely recommend Our House. It is different than your average dramas *beams*


Just Watched: DramaWorld

dramaworld-poster-reveal-790x450All the kdrama cliches in the world can now be seen in one drama! DramaWorld! How fantastic is that? This mockery/parody web drama was produced by my favorite Asian drama streaming site, Viki! Don’t worry, they did not pay me to say that. In fact, I’m paying them monthly fees to provide me good services. And they are! I love Viki! And I love DramaWorld! It’s funny and witty. It’s so relatable to my everyday kdrama questions! I mean… It’s about time someone come out with a drama that addresses all our concerns! *snickers*


But the question to ponder is… Did DramaWorld deliver? I don’t know about you, but it did to me! I truly enjoyed it! I had a blast watching it from start to finish. Even my husband was stunned by one episode he saw with me. To be honest, he thought kdramas have gone English! *laughs* Actually, I don’t mind watching more of this meta kind of drama like DramaWorld. It’s so creative and done in almost perfection! Surely the writers understood our cringe and displeasure in watching our dramas and dump all it in this 10-episode web drama. Bravo, writers! Bravo! *claps* And the show was able to score some big names to cameo is a huge victory!!! SuJu Siwon? Lee Ji Ah? Han Ji Min? Sung Hyuk? And more! Yeap, you can’t beat that!


So DramaWorld is not just funny, it makes sense in a nonsensical way, too! The foolishness was out of this world adorable and dorky that really, my mind would accept anything that thrown to me. On top of that, I found myself so attracted to Claire, the main character in this drama. Her badass haircut is so badass! But her acting is very immature and wooden. I often saw her giving the “it’s your turn to say it” look. It is too obvious. But I don’t know if it was her lacking or done on purpose? I don’t know. Hard to tell. Additionally, her character is extremely superficial. Again, did the writer create Claire to be superficial on purpose? We wouldn’t know. I bet it was intentional. Just to make us seasoned watchers cringe more. Hmmmm, come to think of it, the writer must have done it on purpose to torture us all!!! *gnashes teeth* 


Ok, enough blabbing. Here is my two cent on this drama: Claire is an avid kdrama watcher. She is so obsessed with her drama (ooops, sounds like me!) that she would watch it at work, too! But it really affected her work and focus. One night, she was so glued to her frustrating show that she wished she would be in it and make the drama to her liking. I mean, don’t we all wish we could live in the drama we like and change the story? Claire got her wish and she landed in the drama she is watching! She found herself in between the OTP and was guided by another person, Seth, who got transported into a drama as well. Seth shared his kdrama guide manual with Claire on 101 kdama plots. In the beginning, she was behind the scene but suddenly found herself IN the drama! Now Claire not only gets in between the OTP, she is stuck in between them and the (unknown) villains! So how she solve the show?


By the end of episode 10, despite the actress’ woody acting, I was begging for more! Can I have season 2 right now??? DramaWorld was enjoyable. If you haven’t seen it, please watch it. Don’t take it seriously, it was meant to poke fun at us. For me, DramaWorld could be the beginning of something new. Perhaps we would see more collaboration with two or more countries in near future? We have seen Korean, Japanese and Chinese collaboration dramas and movies. Adding the US not only opens up doors to new watchers, perhaps to a new adventure!


Happy 3rd, MyMyooz!


Wow! This blog turns 3 years old today. I can’t believe it! I feel like I’ve been blogging for years! But I forgot I used to blog under my personal site which now gets neglected by my real life. Oooops, that happens, right? Either way, I’m glad this blog is growing. I have many followers and viewers and that’s all that matters. I have reduced my drama watch a lot though. Real life is sucky… But I’m still watching, and happy that I’m watching *wink*.

Let’s see how I did so far (since I started watching):

Movies completed: 147

Dramas completed: 304 (this is a lie!)

Not bad, right? Well, I will revisit this post again next year and see my progress.

Before I leave, thank you all for stopping by at my blog. It means a lot to me that I have readers *grin*.

Just Watched: Liquid – Oni no Sake, Kiseki no Kura


Out of blue, I decided to watch Liquid. Thanks Bel for uploading this drama for me to watch! What happened was that Ito Hideaki’s upcoming drama is coming up soon and Bel tweeted me our next Jdrama watch. And that’s how I remember Liquid. This NHK produced drama is 3 episodes long. They should have made it into a movie instead. Anyway, Liquid is yet another simple drama. Shuichi’s mom passed away and he is left with a dying family business. Sake-making business. In the beginning, he sees himself to be working in a corporate. But after his mom’s passing, he decided to plunge into the business. Besides, with his recent divorce, he really need to get out of his box.


So Shuichi has to recruit expertise to make sake. He also was forced to invest on equipment that exceeds his budget. And he hired Yusaku, a retired sake expert to make the best sake so he can sell it. Yusaku wants to make the perfect sake whereas Shuichi, a typical banker, is thinking on how to make money out of it. Well, the gap generation is the villain in here. This drama is more like a docudrama. The sake making is pretty intense. But overall, I found it very boring. The Japanese take pride in whatever they put their mind into, which I really respect it. I love the dedication in this movie. Not everyone has the patience like them But the drama isn’t for me. Too booooring… *yawns*.