Just Watched: Demo, Kekkon shitai!

917000120In Viki, this drama special is called Wedding Bells for the Otaku?. I stumbled on it last night and thought why not give it a try. I did not realize it is drama special until it ends. It was only an hour long. While I enjoyed this comedy drama for the most part, lack of physical contact threw me off a bit. I mean this is a Japanese drama and they are quite up front with physical touch like you can see in Taiwanese and Chinese dramas.

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Just Watched: Ambergris


I stumbled on this ad drama by Samsung recently and immediately excited to add it to my watch list. I have not seen a web drama in a while and thought Ambergris is short enough for me to enjoy. This drama was set in the future and how human did not get freedom like us today to enjoy nature. I added the link to all four episodes below. A total of 24 minutes long, it surely interesting concept with future product placement that Samsung has in mind.

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Currently Watching: Story of Yanxi Palace


I have heard a great deal of Story of Yanxi Palace and yet I hesitated giving it a watch immediately. My allergy to Chinese drama is very deep. I am cautious to what I want to watch and it has to be very moving and gripping for me to stay with it to the end. I originally curious about the show. I am not a fan of palace harem dramas. I dislike the cat fighting, jealousy, pretentious, bitching, and most of all women treating each other cruelly just to win the heaven son’s heart. So annoying…

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Just Watched: My Strange Hero


I really need to move away from high school dramas. I don’t think I fit for this genre anymore. I had high hopes for My Strange Hero. Nothing wrong with the execution of this drama nor the acting. Everyone was great! But I really dislike the story. It was extremely boring. Nothing special about the plots. I wanted to drop this drama so many times. I kept hoping that the snail pace will pick up. I kept hoping that the drama will get intense. Nada. Nope. So disappointed.

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Just Watched: Kingdom


I finally saw Kingdom last week and boy oh boy, I finished season 1 in one day! And now I am angry! I need season 2 now! This perfectness of a rare Korean drama which I just cannot even put into words! Only 6 episodes long, this zombie drama is out of this world daebak! You know I dislike watching horror stuff. I still can’t bring myself to watching Train to Busan. I managed to start Kingdom after days of convincing myself that I can handle it. It works out well. Even my son watched it with me and we both enjoyed it so much! This blockbuster like drama is a must watch for everyone!

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Just Watched: Encounter aka Boyfriend


Yes, I finished Boyfriend and I am glad I did not drop it. To be honest, I really liked it. It was such a sweet drama and it was delightful to watch Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo together. The slow pace is bothersome to some. I know that. Many drops because they could not see the chemistry between the pairing. I had my reservation as well with this pairing. Bo Gum did not disappoint me although I feel like he smiles way loads in this drama. Sometimes, I feel his character is a bit stalkerish but I get it. When you are in love, you want to be with the person you’re in love with 24/7. However, I also felt that he wasted his time in this drama even though I regretted saying it now when I saw his peak performance in episode 15. I can’t help but cheer for his awesome performance for a heartbroken man and son.

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Currently Watching: Top Star Yoo Baek


This little gem drama is so funny I wonder why aren’t many people watching it. The format reminded me of Modern Farmer even though I dropped that drama. I love that Kim Ji Suk is the main lead – I really enjoyed watching him as the nasty King in Rebel. He really nailed the role. I did not see his previous two show but I feel that he did again in Top Star Yoo Baek as Top Star Yoo Baek! For some reason, this role is made for him. He has the cheese and he knows how to play arrogant cheese.

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