Wednesday Eu-Mak: You Got Blood?

05_da6_thailandSo on Monday, I finally had a chance to listen to Day6’s latest album. What took me this long? Well *shrugs*, I blame real life and its mess. But no fret, I am here and that’s all that matters. Of all the 6 songs from DayDream, I’m loving Blood the most! And then Juju, one of my tlist friends showed the following comments from the clip:


Isn’t it too funny? Yeah, boys… We see blood every month!!! *laughs* Anyway, I was spazzing with Anu and Christy. They are the ones that introduced me to Day6. I enjoyed The Day (first album) so much  whereas with DayDream, it took me awhile to warm up with the the rest of the songs in this album. I know, I’m picky. I really need to analyze what I’m listening before liking it. So one of the songs I enjoyed the most is obviously Blood. But the lyrics are so ridiculous! My God, this is why I never want to know the meaning to what I’m listening. I JUST DON’T WANT TO KNOW!!! I just want to enjoy the song and melody… *snickers*.

If you are interested in knowing more about the song, here’s an interview with one of the composers aka Joseph Park ‘220’. Anyway, please enjoy the song and don’t be bothered by silly lyrics. Life is too short *wink*. And have a great Wednesday!

Currently Watching: Pied Piper

AGJDSJLCWLH5DPTWG3LM_1024x0When I started this drama, I was not sure whether I will like it or not. I was not convinced with the male leads. And I was disappointed with Jo Yoon Hee’s performance in Nine. Regardless, I decided to plunge into Pied Piper. On the back of my head, I can’t help but think what if I don’t like it. It is a huge gamble. I have so many dramas on my plate and adding Pied Piper is like adding weights onto my shoulder. Since so many are raving it on my Twitter, this gamble better be worth my time!


The first episode was a meh. It didn’t grip me. Come to think about it, I can’t really remember what was it about except for the negotiation part with the villains. But I continued anyway. And right after episode 3, the show got very interesting and conniving that I couldn’t really slow down anymore. Before you knew, I was too absorbed with the show that most of my tweets on Pied Piper involves F, BS, C, MF, AF and all sorts of cussing vocabularies I know. You know I’m not usually like this. I’m very composed as a person. Some of my tlist got a kick out of my tweets! I guess they are amused and entertained by my sudden rage on Tweeter! *giggles*


So what Pied Piper is about? It is about a small, unrecognized team that focus mostly on negotiation rather than physical when dealing with crime cases. Needless to say, the crime is definitely more on mind controlling side. Joo Sung Chan was an international negotiator until he lost his girlfriend when he failed in negotiating her place out of a standoff. After that, he lost his mojo and went into hiding. Fast forward few years later, he came back when he was on the run. It turns out, he is hiding from Chairman Seo. They all wanted him back but I believe he is hurt after his girlfriend’s death. But the reason he came back and volunteer to work with the negotiation team was because of Pied Piper. Pied Piper was the reason his girlfriend died and now he is determined to unveil Pied Piper‘s true identity.


This show is addictive. Great acting by the two male lead (ignore Myung Ha). I find this show extremely good that I think it will go to my top 5 along with Signal. I’m glad I have the time to blog this post; I’m already at episode 14 out of 16. I could finish it all in one sitting! Please watch this underrated drama if you haven’t already. It is a great crime drama!


p/s: don’t let the whistling get into you!!!!


Currently Watching: Tomorrow Victory


Seriously *facepalm* I really don’t know why am I watching this show. It has been on my nerve since I started it. Now that Tomorrow Victory has ended, I really have no choice but to finish it. Well, I’m not far from the ending. Currently, I’m on episode 93. The show originally scheduled for 120 episodes received additional 10 episodes. Yeah, that’s 40 episodes altogether and another 20 hours to burn. Must I really do this? YES! Yes, I must! Why? I really need to see the redemption and revenge from the OTP. They are the most humble OTP around and yet treated like doormats! We finally saw them rising against the evil OTP and this, THIS I must watch! Geurae, I’m a glutton like that, peeps! *evil laugh*


Once again, please do not be fool by the drama poster. *rolls eyes* Sure it looks so rosy and happy, but there is no happiness in here. It seems that the writer continued to give green lights for the OTP to get run over by trucks of doom! Seriously, the show is filled with insane and out-of-this-world storylines. I constantly struggle to keep my sanity whenever I’m watching Tomorrow Victory. I keep looking for the victory but it is far from reach. This show, despite the craziness, is one of the best makjang dramas I’ve seen in awhile! Yes, you heard me right! Do I sound conflicting? *sticks her tongue out* It’s a love-hate relationship. You won’t understand unless if you are watching it.


I’m quite surprised that MBC is capable of producing a makjang drama. The show can really raise your BP! I really need to lay low on watching dailies once I’m done with Tomorrow Victory and Heaven’s Promise (review will up soon!). I just can’t. My heart hurts. My head hurts. My BRAIN hurts! The evil OTP continuously fighting for something that never theirs! They are selfish, greedy, thoughtless, immature, stupid, childish and cruel! The humble OTP, on the other hand, is too kind! They wanted to do the right thing all the time. Well, it’s not that I against it, but really sometimes I wish they are tiny evil. It is necessary to survive in this Tomorrow Victory world! Fortunately, there are people that want to do the right thing. So justice is within the sight…!


Okay, enough blabbering. Let see if I can shorten up my synopsis of this trainwreck show! I’ll focus on Na Hong Joo, the male lead of this drama. He was once an aspiring doctor but lost his opportunity when he was framed by his peers. At the time, he was left with a baby (his girlfriend ran away to the US) and a dementia grandmother. His mom passed away and he was told that his dad was dead as well. But later on, he found out who his dad is and you would not believe who he is! However, if you are a seasoned drama watcher, you probably have figured it out sooner! Anyway, Hong Joo chose a weird career path after getting expelled from his medical internship. He became a gigolo! I guess it is a fast money to support him and his family. Would you go for this route?


One day, his proposal to one of the girls he was seeing ended up not so rosy. But don’t worry, he planned this. He later dumped the bouquet on his way out. Seung Ri happened to pass by and found the bouquet. She took it and gave it to her mom. Unbeknown to her, a diamond ring was inside it. Hong Jo finally realized and started to search for Seung Ri (whom he saw her through CCTV) but when he met her, she said she did not have the ring. Guess who has it? *drums roll* Her MOM! But that’s how our OTP met. From mishap to misfortune, they later helped each other and eventually were able to climb up the ladder working in Seondong Group. Their hurdle? Seung Ri’s ex, Sung Woo, who is now married to Seondong’s heiress, Jae Kyung. But his marriage to Jae Kyung was for a purpose. Hong Joo continuously defending Seung Ri from Sung Woo’s and Jae Kyung’s attack not knowing what their relationship was.


There are a lot more to this. I just don’t want to reveal it all. It is so makjang that I could write a novel if I write it all on this post. For now, this is enough. Notice that I touched only the main characters. The supporting characters are important, too! They play heavy roles in this drama as well. But for now, my synopsis is enough. I don’t want to give you a headache *giggle*. IF you decide to watch it, be prepare to cuss. Your BP will definitely go up. And the extension is one thing I dislike the most. For once, this writer is on my dead list. My advice is not to watch it. Those who rated this show high must be as gluttonous as me *laughs*. Really, don’t watch it if you have a weak heart!


Just Watched: Click Your Heart


I was quite intrigued by this web drama. It’s been popping on my DramaFever page for awhile. I knew it is a sign that I need to watch it. When I saw Zombie Mama‘s post on Click Your Heart, I can’t help but read it. It sounded very interesting, especially  when you’re allowed to choose the next plot. Yeah, it is a unique concept. I have never seen a drama done this way. An unusual approach, actually. Sadly, I’m a party pooper. I decided not to play along with the show and watch all 7 episodes. Wae? I was curious.


Each episode is about 15 minutes long. This drama introduces us to FNC’s pre-debut group. They are currently members of Neoz School. Apparently all the boys are still in training but I’m sure they will be on our screens pretty soon. And what is the best time to introduce them to future (saesang) fans by having them star in this web drama! How convenient! The leading lady is none other than AOA’s Mina (aka Kwon Min Ah). I love Mina. I’ve been watching her since Wonderful Days! I also enjoyed her character in Adolescence Medley and All About My Mom. She’s cute. I especially enjoyed her speaking in Busan accent in Modern Farmer, a drama which I have yet to finish! *covers her face in an embarrassment*


Anyway, back to Click Your Heart. One girl and four guys. Was it four guys? Or three? This show distracted me with beautiful boys *laughs*. Actually, I was distracted by not knowing which episode to choose. I should have played along with the show. *facepalm*. Either way, I think I met three out of four boys. Good enough, right? The only less confusing part is that all characters use their real names! That’s easy! Mina recently transferred to a new school. But she already has a bad rep in her new school. Thankfully, Do Won, embraced her since they already know each other. Do Won likes Mina, obviously.


Mina joined the radio club Cha Ni is in. She was assigned to interview the school’s star baseball player, Ro Woon. Of course, her sweet and lovable character made him fall for her. Cha Ni is the character I don’t recall meeting him. To be honest, he and Do Won look alike!  *covers face again* Oh well. I think I met Ju Ho at the end! Ack… He is her ex-boyfriend! He looks so cold yet the man you want in your life!

maxresdefault (1)

So guess who Mina picks as her boyfriend? Should I tell you? Hmmmm *rubs chin*, I’ll be mean this time. Go watch it. As I said before, the drama concept is unique and unusual to our typical drama watching. But the story itself is pretty typical. Nothing to rave… I think it would still fun to watch it. After all, Click Your Heart is a cute drama! *wink*


Wednesday Eu-Mak: Pain Poem

maxresdefaultOk, are you ready to slow dance with your partner in crime? Don’t have a partner? No worries, you can substitute with cat, dog, pillow or your stuffed toy. This song will make you want to slow dance. And on the back of my mind, I was badly searching for that common Spanish words I know but I never heard any! It’s okay, though… Because Pain Poem delivers that feeling I yearn for. The song is so emotional, and Kim Bum Soo’s voice is so emotional. Well, you can always expect the extraordinary performance from Bum Soo-ssi.


The MV reminded me of the Descendants of the Sun! Well, that’s because David McInnis is in it! Anyway, this Spanish/Latin vibe song was released on April 21. I’m so glad I stumbled into it. The MV is not only beautiful, the song is, too! Can we get more songs like this? We need more ballad like Pain Poem in our lives! Right?

Currently Watching: Beautiful You

TVhmc1sksURA635814685125772439Beautiful You. Yeah, beautiful you. But nothing beautiful about it. Not sure why this drama was given such name. Le sigh. Well, this daily drama has been aired for sometimes now on its MBC Channel. I’m current with all subbed episodes and just need to catch up on the last 10 episodes or so. But why I delay my review? I don’t know. I was not in the mood and work travel really hampered my will to write. Either way, I finally found my groove and ready to spill the beans. Should I spill all of it? Nah, no fun. I’ll give you all synopsis, again! *wiggles brows*


One of the reasons I refuse to let Beautiful You go is because of hot PD. Do you remember him? Molla? Hot PD from Apgujeong Midnight Sun! Yeah, that hot PD. When I found out that he’s the male lead, I immediately said I do! Pffftttt who cares about the story line. As long as I get to watch him, I’m content. But wait, guess who else in it? Seo Do Young-ssi!!!! I think the last drama I saw of him was Thorn Birds. I’ve been wanting to watch his Thorn Flower daily drama but no channels have subbed it. It is frustrating. But the wait is paid now. I’m so glad he is in Beautiful You. So, so glad.


Okay, so far, I’ve seen 107 episodes. The series is 120-episode long and it wrapped up on April 22, 2016. Well, I’m so glad that it ended on the dot. I really do not want an extension. Our OTPs were miserable. It was so miserable that even I wish that all of them walk out of the show single! Trust me, chingu, that is the best and thoughtful wish you want to happen to them. Too evil? Not really! They all deserve a happy ending and happy ending here means going their separate ways. Well, this is my wish… I’m curious how they will end it.


The story is simple. Cha Seo Kyung ran away to the US with her husband. Her marriage was not approved by her mom. But she then came back from the US with a bun in her tummy. Her husband is nowhere to be found. It turns out, they were divorced because her husband cheated on her. Because he is a womanizer and moved on, she did not inform him of the offspring. On the day of her arrival, she bumped into her old flame. He was not only that, he was her radio producer, too! *whispers hot PD*. Yeap, it’s Ha Jin Hyung and he was angry to see her back. Pregnant. Coincidentally, she also met Kim Sung Joon. Even though she was so pregnant, that did not stop Sung Joon to be smitten by her. I guess his boat was rocked differently than Jin Hyung.


Ok, that’s that. Later on, Jin Hyung had to reach out to Seo Kyung when he was short on writers. He had no choice and knowing that she’s available, he thought why not use her. She was heavily pregnant at the time and agreed to work for him. She needs money, right? Her mom disagreed but she assured her that she would be fine. At the same time, Sung Joon visited her home to meet with Seo Kyung’s grandfather. Sung Joon’s dad passed away and he was her grandfather’s student. Sung Joon went to her home to give back the pen that belongs to her grandfather. And only there he started noticing that Seo Kyung is his granddaughter. Since then, he’s been a regular in that household.


While Sung Joon is developing feelings toward Seo Kyung, she instead decided to date Jin Hyung. But their relationship came to an end not soon after due to Jin Hyung’s mom. At the time, Sung Joon was engaged to Jin Hyung’s sister. But they broke up when Sung Joon put Seo Kyung before his fiance. Jin Hyung, on the other hand, was disappointed with his mom’s tantrum that he ended up leaving the country to further his study in the US. After a time jump of nearly 5 years, Seo Kyung and Sung Joon are now an item and ready to say I do. Jin Hyung came back and heard the news of them. Meanwhile, Jin Hyung’s sister regretted her decision for breaking her engagement with Sung Joon and now plotting to break them apart. She realized that Sung Joon is the one for her. She decided to use her brother and break Seo Kyung and Sung Joon apart.


What a mess, I tell you. Jin Hyung assured his mom that he won’t go back to Seo Kyung but his noona insisted that he should so she can keep Sung Joon to herself. And now Beautiful You has made one person’s greed and tear her own family and other people’s lives apart. So now you understand why I wish them to walk away from this series alone? It is for their own good, to be honest. No one will be happy. Seo Kyung will not be happy with Sung Joon because she is simply using him for her daughter’s happiness. Sung Joon will not be happy with her because he will never win her heart. Jin Hyung will not be happy if he marries Seo Kyung because his marriage will be forever tormented by his bratty and childish mom. And Jung Yeon, his noona, will not be happy as well because Sung Joon has Seo Kyung in his mind and heart.


Overall, the story is pretty frustrating. The side stories are so boring and ridiculous but I watch it as it gives me a time to prepare for the angst. But I still enjoy Beautiful You because the pace of the series is very calming and soothing. Call me weird but I love it simply because my other dailies are batshit crazy!!! I always prioritize Beautiful You simply because of the warm fuzzy feeling it gives me. However, I don’t really recommend this show. The writer lost her steam and recycled few plots over and over again. Such a waste of episodes, to be honest. *pouts*



Currently Watching: My Little Baby


My Little Baby is a weekend drama produced by MBC. I didn’t expect to watch this. In my mind, a weekend drama is full of angst. But I decided to watch it since it is only 35 minutes long per episode. Needless to say, I nearly completed the series without posting my review. But don’t sweat, I have 3 more episodes to go. I can definitely complete it once this review is up. My Little Baby ended last night. It didn’t get as much love as I have hoped for. I guess the premise is not very inviting to people. I don’t know… But for me, a man and a baby? Sign me up!


This 16-episode of drama drove me batshit crazy and yet made me laugh so hard! I constantly get angry at the silliest things and then unknowingly laugh at it. I must be crazy! The show itself is nothing extraordinary. It’s just that the drama is full of crazy mothers raising their babies and a man entrusted with his niece. That’s all. But he is not just another ordinary man. He is a special detective. He is Cha Jung Han. And Cha Jung Han is entrusted to care for his niece, Eun-Ae, when his sister and brother in law died. And the episodes are day-to-day lives of him and Eun-Ae. It is funny to watch how he tackles things with his baby. From nursing the child to putting her to sleep, Detective Cha sacrificed his sleep to make his niece happy. But you would think his hurdle is with the baby, right? Wrong! The biggest mistake of his life is when he joins the mommy club in his neighborhood. *shakes head*. The mommies are so vicious!

maxresdefault (1)

Coincidently, living in the same apartment building is his first love and now a single mom to her 5-year-old son. Han Ye Seul has a different method when disciplining her child. It almost seems mind boggling that when her son throws tantrums, she would imitate him as well. If he’s on the floor crying, she would be on the floor crying with him, too. Anyway, Detective Cha thinks he has a chance with Ye Seul again. He did propose to her after seeing her several time even though the did not officially date. Sadly she turned him down and shied away from him. Meanwhile, Ye Seul’s dad is trying to get back with her husband.


Other obstacles Detective Han is facing is Eun-Ae’s grandmother. She did not get the paternity right for Eun-Ae so she came to introduce herself to Cha. But, using his detective skill, he found out that the grandmother is not the real grandmother. Sadly, our distracted detective did not further pursue on grandmother’s intention to get closer. She found out that Eun-Ae has a money trust and she wants that money! *shakes head* another greedy human being! I really, REALLY, dislike this grandmother. She even blamed Ye Seul’s son for a scratch on Eun-Ae’s face. But no fret, Cha caught it when he found…. oops, I rather not say it but it is an evidence of her lies.


My Little Baby sounds like a light drama but it isn’t. I’m somewhat glad that it is only 35 minutes long because if it is any longer, I don’t think I’m able to breathe. On the “would I recommend this drama?” part, I’m not sure if I want. If you are used to watching a drama that could raise your BP, then this drama is for you. It is super hilarious but the angsty part drives me crazy! Overall though, it is a balance of funny and crazy. If you don’t mind it, watch it! *wink*