Just Watched: Feng Shui


I never thought that people would use feng shui for a burial site too. I thought once the dead has left the earth, nothing will burden the living. Turns out I am wrong! Things I learned from watching Feng Shui. This movie, based on a true story, was written solidly and acted strongly by Ji Sung and Jo Seung Woo. What an impressive performance by these two! Also not forgetting Kim Sung Kyun’s performance. He played the lead of Kim clan which oh my goodness, I have never seen him playing baddies this good. Well, is he a baddie?

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Currently Watching: Project S Series – Skate Our Souls


Okay, so I decided to watch the third series of Project S two days ago. Am I crazy? Yes. Am I addicted to it? Yes. I don’t know what to say. It’s a great slice of life drama, to be honest. Again, I have to thank NeeNee of Asian Addicts Anonymous for this recommendation. On the surface, they make the drama series around sports. The previous two seasons were used volleyball and badminton as the theme. The third one is pretty obvious. Skateboarding. But I feel that each season gives us a deeper meaning to life. To be fit in. To be accepted. To be respected. To be independent.

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Just Watched: Bread of Happiness


So I was in the mood for something calm and relaxing. Bread of Happiness, a 2012 Japanese drama screamed to me last night. I thought why not and gave it a watch. It reminded me of Little Forest. Just under 2 hours, this simple movie is nothing but life. It is so heartwarming I did not want it to end. It tells the story of a Tokyo couple that moves to Hokkaido Prefecture to open a bed, breakfast, and bakery. The couple named the place Mani. The name was picked by Rie based on her favorite childhood book.

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Currently Watching: The Smile Has Left Your Eyes


I have been delaying The Smile Has Left Your Eyes for the longest time until I ran out of things to watch. Mind you, I don’t have a long list of dramas to watch lately. The Smile completed this week so I guess I better finish it now. I am trying to keep my list short and sweet and be very selective on the dramas I want to watch. I am glad I chose The Smile because it is crazy interesting and mysterious with a touch of crime and romance. I started two weeks ago and I am now sitting on episode 13. Seriously, I am dying to see the ending because this drama lost me at first but now put me on adrenaline.

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Currently Watching: Project S – Side by Side


My worse nightmare has begun. As soon as I finished SPIKE, Netflix auto played the next Project S series which is called Side by Side. I originally planned on finishing my other dramas but now I am extremely glued to this one. What has become of me? I need self-control! Will I survive this Thanksgiving? Will I be able to make my meals tonight? Anyway, Side by Side is another 8 episode drama in which I am now currently on mid of episode 6.

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Currently Watching: Project S – SPIKE


Thanks to NeeNee, I added Project S – SPIKE to my watch list this week. I decided to give a go on this Thai drama that is currently available on Netflix. Since it is only 8 episodes long, I felt I could handle it. Not every day I would volunteer to watch a Thai drama. Y’all know my allergy. I did it with an open heart and zero expectation this time. It is the only way I could watch it with no bias. Given that this is my second Thai drama this year, I am a bit impressed with myself. Let see how the future holds…

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Currently Watching: Player



Initially, Player was not in my list to watch but when Bel raved about how handsome Song Seung Heon oppa in this drama, I knew right away I do not want to be excluded from this party. I started watching on the week when Drama Fever did not update any of the episodes up. With the demise of the platform, I thought I am doomed. Daenghida, Bel is watching so I get to piggyback on plex with her. I knew that I do not want to skip this show. I love me some Robin Hood like show! Player reminds me of Switch. And Player is as fun as Switch! Winner!

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