Mini-Recap: Episode 6

Siren_(Japanese_Drama)-p1What is happening? Why is Tomi attacking Kara? Wow, this is not Tomi!!!! Not him at all! What is going on? Hello, Siren fans! We are back with episode 6! Are you ready for another suspense episode? This episode started with Tomi greeted his morning greets to his colleagues. He asked for Yuki but apparently she has left on an assignment. With another colleague! Tomi was stunned since Yuki is his partner. An apprentice introduced himself as his new partner. The scene then transported us to Kara boxing with her trainer. While in training, her mind wouldn’t stop thinking on Tomi’s discovery of her apartment. She warned herself to speed her next move up or risk getting caught by Tomi!sirenTomi’s new apprentice is very talkative, and a bit clumsy. I’m not sure if he would pass his apprenticeship. Rena-chan, one of the twins, was assigned to work as Kara’s assistance that night. Maikawa-san, the client, told Kara that he and Rena discussed Kara’s old rumors on the night she left early from work. Yikes, Kara started feeling suspicious but her quick mind told Rena that she and Maikawa have known each other for the past 8 years. Back in the office, Tomi searched for Yuki again. Yuki had left the office again. His apprentice teased him that Yuki is avoiding him. Chitose jokingly asked whether the two of them fought. Hayami saved Tomi by pulling him out for a chat. Chitose was curious by Hayami and the apprentice thought Hayami is up to something again. And I feel uneasy. Hayami looks devilish!siren.jpgHayami asked whether Tomi’s pride is hurt since Yuki was offered a spot in the First Division unit. Hayami was surprised when Tomi said he doesn’t know the news at all. Tomi left immediately and approached Chief Ando directly. Ando told him she hasn’t given her words. Tomi was surprised. Did she delay her admission because of him? Because of his marriage proposal? Anyway, Ando asked Tomi to train the apprentice well. Satomi called Yuki but she dropped his call. Her dad asked why hasn’t she accepted her new post. She told him that she has an unfinished business to settle. “Is it about Satomi?” She nodded.sirensirenKara asked Rena to go home together. Rena quickly texted Ai, her twins before leaving. Kara asked whether Maikawa told Rena about her ex-boyfriend. Kara said her ex was murdered and she has lost hope on the police force. Rena promised Kara that she would keep it a secret. Errrr… but Tomi and Ai already know about it! On her way home, Rena calls Tomi and asks to meet her the next night. Tomi was surprised when Rena said she had a chat with Kara. Tomi tried calling Yuki again. No answer. He left a voicemail. Kara heard it. She started planting Watari into her scheme to sabotage Tomi. She told him that she’s been stalked. She shared pictures of Tomi in disguise. Watari felt a pang on his face! “Ikemen,” he yelled in his head (ikemen is a term for young and hot Japanese men). Tomi is seriously f*cked. Watari sees Kara as his fiancee. He will do anything to stop Tomi now. He reported immediately to the police. Chitose took his report and he claimed that the stalker is one of her colleagues. Fortunately, Watari did not know Tomi’s name.sirenKara shared her murdered ex-boyfriend story with Yuki. She did it all to get Yuki’s sympathy and she got it. Kara asked Yuki whether she knows the progress of the murder investigation. Out of nowhere, Kara mentioned Yuki’s sense of justice will help her in solving the case. She hopes Yuki can solve the case. She invited Yuki to her villa where she keeps her investigation documents on her ex’s murder case. I don’t feel good about this. Yuki seemed easy to agree to Kara’s request. Meanwhile, while buying drinks in a convenient store, Watari recognized Kara’s stalker. He followed Tomi and took pictures of Tomi with the twin. Tomi spotted him and asked Watari his reason for taking his picture. Watari sped. Tomi wondered “can he be Tachibana Kara’s friend?” Kara saw the pic and recognized Rena but Ai’s side was blurred.sirensirensiren.jpgYuki met up with Tomi for dinner at izakaya. Tomi said he heard her good news. Yuki said it is not confirmed. Tomi suggested that they should get a ring. Yuki was surprised. Tomi asked did she delay her acceptance because of his marriage proposal. Before she could answer, Tomi’s phone rang. It was Rena. He didn’t answer it. Yuki doubted him immediately and they started quarreling. “You don’t see anything at all,” Tomi explained. Yuki was stunned. A smile drawn on Kara’s face. She’s been listening to their conversation. Bingo, she has her next move. Yuki left abruptly. Tomi received a text from Rena to meet her in a hotel room. Kara has Rena’s phone by the way. Uh oh, it looks like a trap! Hayami received a text as well. His face tells me that he has found a treasure! Tomi took a taxi and headed to the hotel. Yuki followed him from behind. Oh geez, a disaster is about to happen!sirenTomi went to the hotel room. He rang the door bell but no answer. The door was unlocked. He asked for a permission to come in from Rena. Rena was nowhere to be found. He looked around and suddenly was attacked from behind. He fought back. It was Kara. Before he knew, Kara tore her blouse, slapped herself hard to bleed and lured Tomi into attacking her. When he’s on top of her to figure out her reason for doing so, she screamed for help. Sure enough, Hayami arrived in the room. Yuki did, too. Kara immediately seek for protection from Yuki. Tomi was arrested. Wow! Great play, Kara!sirensirenTomi was pissed. Hayami explained to Chief Ando that Tomi’s phone was missing. Same goes with Rena’s. Ando thought it is very childish with the missing evidence. Seeing that Ando dismissed Tomi’s case, Hayami immediately told Ando that Tomi and Yuki are seeing each other. Ando was displeased to hear it. Yuki apologized to Kara and Kara said she doesn’t want to press charge Tomi. Kara said the incident was scary and wanted to get some rest in her villa. She urged Yuki to join her and asked her to keep the location to herself. Yuki seemed helpless and tired from dealing with Tomi’s attack. Yuki told Tomi they are over.sirensirenYuki went back to her family home and told her dad that she is accepting the post. Back in Tomi’s home, Tomi is pissed. He vowed to reveal Kara’s identity. He said it out loud though. Kara was staring at his apartment from her window. Did she hear him? Tomi and the twins both discussed the incident. Tomi concluded that his and Rena’s phones were stolen and used to blackmail him. Tomi asked Rena to introduce him to Maikawa-san. The meeting was not as hopeful as Tomi had hoped for. But Maikawa-san said that Kara had a change in her facial expression when Sakae Nishi High School was the topic of one of their conversations. Maikawa wondered if that is Kara’s school.sirenFotorCreatedYuki left the city to go to Kara’s villa. Kara was totally unrecognizable. She dressed up like a man. They both walked to the villa. The villa is Watari’s but he is nowhere to be found. Where is he? Is he…..? Tomi, on the other hand, made his way to Sakae Nishi High School. Would he find what he’s looking for? Yuki felt a different energy when she entered the villa. She sensed that someone was living in the house but Kara teased her with her “justice sensor kicking in.” Suddenly, Kara pointed something underneath the spiral stairs and Yuki immediately bend down to see it. The moment she did, Kara took a golf club and swung onto Yuki’s head. Yuki collapsed immediately.

Impressions on Episode 6:

This episode is rather slow in the beginning. I was bored, especially with Yuki and Tomi’s scene. I’m so over with Yuki, to be honest. For a detective, her investigative radar is definitely off! Tomi is completely furious and Kara really played him well. By the end of it, I was all perked up again! I am dying to see the next episode. Would we know Kara’s motives? Would Tomi discover something useful for our case? I’m excited! As for Yuki, ha ha ha… Serves you right for doubting Tomi!





Currently Watching: The Flatterer

FlatterHave you heard of this web drama? Me neither. I was surprised when I heard it from Bel. Seriously, I would never watch it had she not told me so. I’m starting to see more and more web dramas popping up. I don’t think I have seen all of them but I’m watching a lot more. It’s hard to get subbed web dramas sometimes… So when I see one, I quickly watch it. And with The Flatterer, I did not even take a second to think!


This 12-episode recently wrapped web drama is very interesting. The length of each episode varies. The longest one was 24 minutes long. The story is simple. Park Gun got transferred to a school full of bullies and troublemakers. Most of the boys passed the high school age. All Park Gun needs is to survive until he graduates. But can he? As of episode 10, Gun had attempt many ways to save himself from being used by these bullies. The scenes were too funny I just can’t….. Can’t tell you coz I’m afraid I might spill it all! But I fear for the ending! I heard it was left hanging… Unanswered! Incomplete! Waeeeeeeee? Was it done in a rush? Are we anticipating for season 2? Ah molla molla! I really loving this gangster drama and I hate to see it incomplete if this is the one and only The Flatterer! *stomps her feet*. So with that, I’m a little afraid to recommend it to you. It is definitely good! The acting is a bit juvenile but quite comical and entertaining so really, I do not mind! I guess in this case, watch at your risk!


Breaking News: Dear BTS…


Dear BTS, thank you again for parking yet another album preview teaser! You previously posted one  on September 9, 2015 and it nearly killed me! And today you posted another one… Thankfully it is less than 2:14 long. Oh goodness, thank you! Anything longer I might get a heart attack! Actually, I nearly had one yesterday! Thanks for the Run! I’m not an ARMY but I really love their songs. And it looks like another BTS album ready to slay their fans again, including me! Oy… Am I ready? Are you ready?

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Feelin’ Melancholy

MG_8878Don’t ask me why but this is how I have been feeling for the past three days… I have too many things in my head. I have one major decision to make that will determine my path and this could  be forever. If not forever, at least it will be for the next two to three years to come. Yeah, my shoulder is heavy. I don’t know what to feel now. It will be another major stepping stone for me and my family. I know what to do. I know the outcome. I just need a big push from myself to say “Yes, let’s be brave again!” Oy….

And that chingu, is the story of my Wednesday life! Happy Wednesday! It’s eve Thanksgiving Holiday for us in the States. What do you have on your agenda for this long weekend? My family and I are leaving for Philly and celebrate our first non-Thanksgiving day with them. I said non-Thanksgiving because apparently, they don’t celebrate it. Hmmm… it is odd but we will not hold any judgement against them *smiles*. So yeah, that is it… Nothing fancy. It will be quiet, that’s for sure.

So to continue with my melancholy mood, I have a few songs for you to hear it. I hope you don’t get too tear up by these songs… Enjoy!

Along the Days by Huh Gak

I’m always amazed by Huh Gak’s voice. And this heart-wrenching MV along with his voice really gives me a chill. I feel like I was with Ha Suk Jin the whole time… By the way, Huh Gak needs more recognition and exposure, too many kids are drowned  by cookie cutter idols that always put real talent aside. I really hope you share the same feeling as I am when listening to Along the Days.

Lonely by Jun Pham

This is my first Vietnamese song ever! And I’m quite surprised by how much I love this song! The singer made the language sounds super lovely. The MV is top notch! I’m impressed!

Sends Back by Volume Brothers (feat. Kim Hyun Soo)

Wow! Oh, wow! This song started softy ballady and when it reached the climax, the singer hits the highest note he could get and the music turned to pop rock! I love it! I was  blown by the entire song. His voice is really good. And the MV is sweet. This song needs more views! This is one awesome love song!

Ok, three songs should be enough to knock you out, right? *giggle* I think so. And my time is up! I’m outta here and happy Tofurkey day!!!





Breaking News: Are You Ready to Run?


Geez BTS ,thanks for this comeback teaser! I was not expecting Run! I’m sure your fans are not expecting this too! Way to go to kill your ARMY’ hearts, boys! WAY.TO.GO! How could you just park this teaser and leave? HOW COULD YOU??? I hope you will take responsibilities. There will be tears. Lots of it!

Mini-Recap: Siren Episode 5

Siren_(Japanese_Drama)-p1Oh goodness gracious, who’s dead body is that? Watari??? Wait, it was discovered by the young Satomi-kun! Looks like we are revisiting an old case on this episode. Frankly, I fear for the old virgin life. The red flags were everywhere yet he’s totally blinded by Kara’s presence. Did it not occur to him why she decided to stay with him? Does he not get it that she is using him? *sigh* I would question her if I were him. Ok kids, let’s watch Siren episode 5!

sirenThe ending from the episode 4 left me feeling nervous and cringing for Tomi’s dear life! Kara just framed him just by wiping her lips in front of Kara! That is one great weapon she just used and it adds tension between the couple! Kara warned him not to follow her again. This is interesting. She followed him and he followed her. What would she do next? And what would Tomi do now? Yuki decided to stay over at her family home. She ignored his call. Her dad senses something is up between her and her boyfriend. Tomi is sadden by the incident. Why is he has to be blamed by it? I wonder it, too.sirenThe next day, Tomi was relieved to see Yuki in the office. She greeted him coldly. Chinose-san noticed Yuki’s behavior. Yuki was called by her Chief to a private room. Meanwhile, Tomi received a call from the hospital. Maya is currently receiving a visitor. Back to Yuki, Chief offered Yuki a space in First Division unit. She was happy for a minute but recalled Tomi’s marriage proposal. “If one of us gets into First Division, let’s get married.” With that, Yuki said she will consider. Someone told Hayami what he heard. And Hayami is backed to sabotage her. Meanwhile, Tomi is moving as quickly as he could to the hospital. It turns out, the twin is there for a visit!sirensirenYuki came out from her meeting with Chief feeling pathetic. Chinose calls on to her for one-on-one time. Tomi decided to use the twins to get more info on Kara. Tomi expresses his difficulty in finding information on Kara, including her address. The twins split up. Rena investigates Kara at the club and Ai investigates through an old acquaintance. Ai successfully dig out Kara’s address. Yuki and Chinose chats after their judo practice. Yuki tells her that Tomi is cheating but Chinose thinks otherwise. Meanwhile, Hayami went to see Kara. He wants to know if she’s Yuki’s informer. It seems that he’s trying hard to sabotage Yuki’s entry to First Division. Try harder, shorty coz Kara is not spitting a single word! *evil cackle*

sirenChinose speculated that Yuki doesn’t know Tomi well enough so she decided to look into Tomi’s old case. And this is the dead man we saw on early episode. The suspect was stabbed to death. It was brutal. Yuki read Tomi’s thorough report. His report showed Tomi’s passionate towards his job. He was too passionate that he ended passing out on the job! *laughs* That night, Ai and Tomi trespassed Kara’s apartment. Tomi had a vision in mind what a killer’s apartment would look like. But Kara’s place was completely different. He was shocked how lifeless her apartment is. In there, he found a box of medicine tablets, fake handcuffs and a book on “criminal investigation questions 101.” Tomi sighed on his predictable moves. sirensirenFotorCreatedYuki decided to investigate on one of Tomi old cases. The victim was Tooru. She asked the bar owner on what clue she may know. Tooru told the owner that he has a girlfriend. Hmmm, who was his girlfriend? Meanwhile, Rena was called to entertain one of Kara’s guests. She took the opportunity to get to know Kara more and found out that she may had a boyfriend. But her boyfriend is dead! Are you connecting the dots now? Me too! At Watari’s home, he’s prepping his bed and himself. He wants to sleep with Kara. Will Kara agree? sirensiren2Chief Ando met up with Yuki’s dad and told him about the First Division offer. They were both surprised by her reaction. Ando asks if her dad knows her reason for not jumping into it. Kara went back to her old apartment and started noticing something off. The lock to her apartment was turned differently. The curtain to her sleeping was wider than usual. She immediately thought of Tomi. Concurrently, Tomi and twins started discussing the findings together. He immediately associates the boyfriend with Tooru. Tomi thinks Kara may have harass him because he was the first person to arrive at Tooru’s murder scene. “Is it to seek revenge against the incompetent cops?” he thought. He received the call from laboratory. The medicine found from Kara’s place was painkiller. And then he thinks Kara must have another place to sleep in.

sirenKara was mad that Tomi broke into her apartment. She now broke in to his apartment. I wonder what she would do in there. Yuki visited Tomi’s home and met up with his dad. From her visit, Yuki discovered a picture of Tooru with someone. And that someone is Kara! Yuki walked away determine to find Tooru’s murderer. And Tomi thought Tooru’s death has to do with liquor store’s owner. Yuki went back to Tomi’s apartment to discuss her finding. Yuki suggests that they should ask Kara but Tomi pushes that idea away. Yuki baffled at his idea. She asks numerous questions including where is his source from. They ended up in an argument. He said he was harassed by Kara and she accused him of kissing Kara. She begged him to include her in his strategy. Kara heard all their conversation through the device she installed in Tomi’s home. Wow, this is going to get worse. Yuki packs her bags and leave.


Impressions on Episode 5:

Wow, we have some development but not all. We now know Kara was closed with someone. And Tomi’s discovery really helps but still a dead end. So how episode 6 will be? In my opinion, Kara will use Watari as her time bomb. She will harvest him into loving her dearly and since he will protect her, he will do anything ANYTHING to protect her. That, includes killing anyone that tries to harm Kara. Whoa, be careful there, Tomi! And I believe this it is the end for Tomi and Yuki’s relationship! *shrugs* too bad…



Mini-Recap: Siren Episode 4

Siren_(Japanese_Drama)-p1Moving on with Siren episode 4, it opens up with Kara pulling Tomi’s mask. Oooops, was his undercover blown now? *feeling nervous* So let’s continue! The episode started with Tomi recalling on why or how Kara’s medical record was missing from Tsukimoto’s office. Tomi and Yuki are on their way to the hospital. It turns out the unexpected victim, Maya, the one Kara thought she had killed is still alive! Tomi said his intuition says that Tsukimoto is not the culprit yet Yuki felt annoyed with his theory. But Tomi kept thinking that though he does not have a solid theory between Tsukimoto and Kara, he certainly feel they are connected.


Watari is feeling giddy and starting to share with Kara that he has a deserted villa. He invited Kara to go with him and clearly, though she did not agree, her smiles say it all. Tomi continues with his investigation. He rang the doorball to an apartment and it turned out, Ai and Rena occupy the space! Tomi avoided them immediately but too late, he is too recognizable! The twins were thrilled and felt that he’s cooler that he was on undercover duty at the time they met. He asked about the missing Dr. Tsukimoto. The girls told him that it is strange that he took Maya in. She is not Tsukimoto’s type. He asked them if they know Kara and both of them said no.

sirenWatari seems excited when driving to his villa with Kara. He is truly an old virgin. He nervously asks too many questions and all Kara did was smiling back at him. Tomi went back to see Maya but she remains in coma. He asks her doctor what can he do to speed her recovery up. The doctor said that when Maya was admitted, she mumbled something. Anxious, Tomi quickly beg the doctor to remember it. “Anything is fine. A breakthrough.” he thought to himself.

FotorCreatedsirenThe villa was secluded and far from the main street. Kara thought the place could be useful for her mission. Watari seems anxious while showing the place around. It turns out he wanted to propose to her. Right when he was about to pop the question with an engagement ring, Kara was already on her way down to check the basement. Oooops! Meanwhile, Tomi forgot his happy hour date with Yuki. He made plan with Maya’s doctor, Kuramoto-san, instead. Yuki simply warned him to get home sober. It turns out Hayami was listening to her conversation. He teases her of having a boyfriend. He made a wild guess. “Your partner is… Satomi?” He warned her that Chief Ando does not like office affairs.

sirensiren2What meant to be a dinner to dig info on Maya, Tomi and Maya’s doctor started socializing instead. She’s half drunk and sigh that he’s 7 years younger than her. Tomi tried to get her back into the tangent by asking to remember what Maya had said. Sadly, she is too drunk and Tomi ends up nowhere with his mission. Watari and Kara are back to their apartment and he ponder on the perfect time to pop the question. But instead, he asked for her parent’s being. Upon hearing her sad parent story, he felt truly responsible for her life and proposed to her immediately. Kara did not say a word and Watari asked her to take her time. Will she consider his proposal? But wait, Kara said she will consider him and the poor man was stunned by her answer! She told him not to announce anything yet. Oh yeah, we know where this is heading, right?

sirensiren3Back with Tomi, he is at a dead end with Maya’s doctor. She asks on his personal life and starts rubbing her hands against his. Poor Tomi. He was harassed by the twins and now this. But as always, Yuki calls him and he is saved by another potential harassment. Does she have a six sense or something? Tomi decided to take the doctor to dinner instead. She got sober immediately and recalled what Maya said. “I won’t tell anyone but HELP ME.” Tomi asked for more clarification and got an incomplete name. Maya said “something-san” and he quickly eliminate Tsukimoto as the girls refer him as sensei. *rubs chin* could it be Kara-san? And back in Watari’s apartment, he passed out on his couch with a glass in hand. Did Kara drug him or something? He passed out right away. She took his car keys from his jacket and drove herself back to her old apartment. She dragged a heavy luggage out. What’s in it? Don’t tell me… Is it? IS IT??????

siren4Yuki started to suspect Tomi. She found a strand of hair on his suit and she could smell perfume scent too. Tomi presented his findings but his chief was not happy. He wants Tsukimoto to be captured. Kara came back to her apartment and Watari still sounds asleep on the couch. She started reading the newspaper she took from the mailbox. What’s on the news article that made Chitose alerted Tomi immediately? In the hospital, he warned the nurses to be careful with any visitors visiting Maya. As he heading out, he passed a woman and recognized her scent. He quickly stopped her and asked whether she is Kara. And that… she is! She is totally unrecognizable! Tomi asked whether she is there to visit. He then said that he can still recognize her. Kara got pissed.

sirensiren2Tomi thinks Kara is in trouble for disguising herself in a public. So he decided to follow her again. Sadly, she caught him this time. He is determined to find her hideout but she managed to elude from him. Kara told Yuki she is being followed. She showed Yuki pictures of Tomi. Yuki was stunned but tried to act cool. Kara got confused when Yuki laughed her ass out suddenly. Yuki tried to cover Tomi up and said he did it to protect her. Yuki praised Kara’s attentive skill. But deep down, Yuki is starting to doubt Tomi. Is he cheating on her? She is worried. More worried when Kara said “I thought he likes me.”

sirenAnd the last bomb of the day! Tomi follows Kara again. Kara led him to a new cosmetic clinic. She then led him to a hotel. She took the elevator and went to floor 25. Tomi waited for the elevator so he can follow her. As soon as he walks in, Kara said “hello there”. He is caught! What’s more disturbing, Kara notified Yuki to meet her in the same hotel! So Yuki saw everything! And Kara wiped her lips just to give impression to Yuki that they kissed. So now Yuki thinks he IS cheating on her!!!


Impressions on Episode 4:

Where is Siren taking us next? How far will Tomi go into digging Kara’s secret? What happens to Watari? Did he wake up? I’m pumped up for the next episode! I need to know everything and how Tomi explains himself to Yuki. Will their relationship end? I’m nervous for them especially with Yuki. She is simply fragile and clueless!