Currently Watching: 100 Days My Prince


I don’t know why I decided to watch 100 Days My Prince. I just felt like it at the time. But now, 10 episodes in, I am not impressed by it. Is it me or does anyone feel the same way? I don’t want to drop it because I really am hoping for the rainbow on the other side. I was hoping it would be as squeeworthy as Bogummy’s Love in the Moonlight. I did not get any of it. I am a bit upset. And EXO DO as the Crown Prince is a bit depressing. His 1 dimension facial expression frustrates me. Is he angry? Is he mad? Is he in love? I wouldn’t know! Why couldn’t he gives us more like he did in It’s Okay, That’s Love?

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Currently Watching: Let Me Introduce Her


Okay peeps, if you are looking for a drama with plots that thicken every single episode, Let Me Introduce Her is the one for me. Totally makjang! I know, some of you may not like makjang style of drama but this is the best makjang I have seen lately. I am like… wow! I started on Monday and I have 6 episodes left. This drama is so juicy! It is like a daily drama but only 40 episodes long. And you know how much I missed watching daily dramas… correction, makjang daily dramas! *evil laugh*

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Just Watched: Bleach


Didn’t I say I will not be watching any movies since I am not traveling anymore? Well, apparently I lied. I saw back to to back movies the last two weekends and the latest one is Bleach, a live action based on the manga, Bleach. Somehow, I suddenly feeling attachment with movies. And why Bleach? I was trying to get my son off the tablet and felt this movie will bleach his brain out! *laughs* Well, it did! At least for one hour and 48 minutes!!!

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Just Watched: Little Forest: Winter & Spring


I just could not sit still today and decided to watch the second part of Little Forest. It is different than the Summer & Autumn. In Winter & Spring, Ichiko talks a lot about preserving food and food that survive through winter. The story line is pretty much the same. The excitement in this movie was a let down. I do not feel the joy as much as the first one.

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Just Watched: Little Forest: Summer & Autumn


So after watching Little Forest, I was told that the Japanese version is even better. Intrigued, I decided to watch it myself. Knowing that there is food involve, I knew it would be good. It turns out the movie is divided into two parts: Summer & Autumn, and Winter & Spring. I really can’t wait to start the next one soon. Summer & Autumn was pretty good. I have no doubt the Winter & Spring would be good too.

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Currently Watching: 1 Pound no Fukuin

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I needed something silly to watch and Bel suggested 1 Pound no Fukuin when she stayed over at my house last weekend. The first episode got me laughing my butt out. I mean… a boxer fell in love with a nun? How silly is that?! And then to watch Kame three quarter naked all the time? Juicy juicy juicy! He is super skinny though but very fit! But the best part of this drama? Fun and entertaining! I have never laughed so hard watching a drama lately.

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Currently Watching: Devilish Joy


Aaaah I finally able to watch currently airing drama. It feels weird not watching more than one  in a longest time. And it feels weird to marathon dramas lately. I feel old *laughs*. Don’t mind me, I am just wacko today. Speaking of wacko, this drama started quite like that. In fact, it was off-putting because it was so cheesy my heart could not take it at all. Mari told me what do I expect? She pointed at the title. Devilish Joy. Hmmm she’s right, what do I expect? Anyway, I went on with the cheese and guess what… here I am 8 episodes later and really, really liking it!

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