Currently Watching: Angry Mom


Dear my readers, despite the title, I managed not to get angry at all. *wipes sweat on forehead* In fact, from watching this, I got girl power vibe which is insane and awesome at the same time! What got me angry though is the OST. “I’m crying, crying, crying…” Oh gosh, shut up already! The song is… er, nice but I somehow find it inappropriate and unfitting when they spin it as background music for certain scenes that are more suitable with a more of an upbeat tempo. But, after watching episode 14, they finally play it on the appropriate scene. I do find the OST weird. They are aiming for a mature taste but I just don’t think it works out. *shrugs* I don’t know, that’s my only beef with Angry Mom. But other than that, this show is BEYOND FABULOUS!!!


For those of you who haven’t started Angry Mom and is simply thinking whether to watch or not, well… I’m here to giving you that piece of mind! QUIT THINKING AND START WATCHING IT ALREADY!!! Angry Mom is unlike you and I ever imagine it to be! I hesitated in the beginning as well. And the fact that I could guess what it is all about (I don’t read synopsis btw) but not entirely sure whether I’m right or is it my kinda drama to watch, it was a gamble I decided to take on. Of course, I asked around as well and all my friends recommended it to me! Let me tell you one thing, the show is helluva good I marathon all episodes just in time to catch episode 13 and 14! Yeap, I am addicted to Angry Mom! The show is ending next week and I look forward to see how they wrap this up.


On the surface, Angry Mom is pretty self explanatory. Mom got angry. Mom took action so that she can protect her child. Well, yeah… that was my initial thought. What I didn’t expect was that mom took her anger to another level by disguising herself as a high school student after her daughter got beaten up in school. My jaw literally on the floor when she decided to go on this route. Well, with her youthful looks and assisted by her gangsta friend, she entered the school as Jo Bang Wool. She is determined to find justice for her daughter. But in pursue of righteous and justice, she found herself caught in intermingling her past life as troubled teen as well as entering into the world of murder, scandal, money and politics. Yeah, for this high school dropout mom, it is overwhelming but her life experience taught her to be persistence and courageous. But Kang Ja, Bang Wool’s real name, has one issue. She’s so naive! As you watch it, you can certainly see how she trusted people so easily which made me very uneasy. But then again, she reminded me of…. ME! *laughs* I trust people easily too *hides in the corner*. But as a mother, you have to be skeptical and curious all the time. And that is Kang Ja. She has tons of hypothesis in her head but unwise when comes to make certain important decision. Come to think of it though, as a protective mom, she does what is best but her unwise decision could left you lost for words. *sigh*


To be honest, Angry Mom applies lots of realistic decisions and choices which you hardly seen on most kdramas. Perhaps 2015 is the year of realistic and make-sense drama? *shrugs* It is time for these writers to realize we viewers are not stupid! And Angry Mom is written in the most believable plots I could imagine at this moment – except for believing that Kang Ja can pass as a high school hwaksaeng. Okay, I know I talk a lot about Kang Ja but she’s not the only main characters here. There are a few more like her daughter, Oh Ah Ran. She’s unbelievably good teen actors and I adore her lots! Her home class teacher, Park No Ah, also another character to watch. You will feel annoyed by him in the beginning. He is an example of a teacher who wants to do everything right. Put yourself in his shoe and you would understand his every single action he made for his students. Another main character is Go Bok Dong. He is absolutely joy to watch but again, you will start with anger before switching to like him. His life story is pretty sad (which you won’t be getting it after episode 10) as well and the reason for him to act the way he is will leave your heart aches.


This 16-episode drama incorporated many pools genres under one roof. You get comedy, a light romance, drama, family life and murder. I love how they take us the viewers from ghetto (believe me, Kang Ja was ghetto) to daebak! This show is very entertaining even though the issue is pretty depressing. Good job to the writer and PD for making Angry Mom one of the best drama I’ve seen for 2015! It’s a drama that is full of feelings that you simply don’t want to deny it. In fact, which I usually don’t say it, it is definitely worth watching it again and again. Make Angry Mom your next watch drama! Jjaebal!


Wednesday Eu-Mak: EXO vs. MiO


Good Wednesday, yeoreobun! I hope you are doing great! Today, I’m taking a huge risk and I may offend and upset some EXO fans! Am I crazy? I think so! Do I care? Well, a little bit but I don’t care! *laughs* Hence, my  brave soul said let’s go for it! Enemies come and go, but good music is hard to find! I hope you are nodding with me *grins*. Sooooo…. at stake is Call Me Baby, EXO’s latest hit! I love the song so much! It is very hip and fresh and cool and awesome and so up beat! You really wanna dance to it. Here, take a listen to it!


What a cool song, right? Now, let’s not be biased here. Open up your mind a give this rendition a hear. I was so surprised yesterday when Michele told me that MiO decided to cover Call Me Baby. Never in the million years I would imagine them to do this song. Wow. Just wow! They are amazing! Ok jja, give this version a hear now.


So…….???? What did you think? Yeah? Yeah? They tune down the beat and slow down the pace of the song. The result? The romantic version of Call Me Baby!!! EXO made the song sounded very hip, young and fresh whereas MiO version is very mature, romantic and smooth. Boyish versus manly *giggles*. It is hard to choose between the two. Original versus the latest eargasm to my ears. Yeap, wanjeon eargasm!

I hope you enjoy this little competition or mash up between EXO and MiO. It is healthy, right? *grins* Okay, hope you have a nice day! See you next week!

Song of the Moment: One Day of Love


As you can tell, I’m on a roll with The Princess’ Man and racing to finish it. I’m  in a rush because I need to know the ending. But I can’t help but to blog this song now. In the beginning, I couldn’t focus on any of the songs because I was too absorbed into the story line and just recently this song is getting into me. The singer’s raspy voice is just to die for. I’m a huge fan of Park Wan Kyu’s voice. This is not my first time hearing him and I know for sure, he will continue to lend his voice for OST in future.

One Day of Love is a really powerful and emotional song. Wan Kyu’s raspy and rock-y voice really give depth to the meaning of love. The music is so perfect it left a sweet after taste in my ears. This is what the song did to me: it ripped my heart to pieces and then reassembled it with lots of band aids. Oy, if you get what I mean *shrugs*. The romance between the two OTPs are to die for. *wipes tears* I’m too emotional to blog today… Please enjoy this beautiful song as much as you can. If you feel like crying, just let your tears flow freely… Totally worth every tears.

Wednesday Eu-Mak: APink All Around


Yeoreobun, happy Wednesday! I hope your hump day is as delightful as mine! Yes, I’m just happy to be alive today and in good spirit. I hope this happy feeling will flow continuously to the weekend *wink*. Since I’m in a good mood, the songs I have chosen for today’s post reflect my happy feeling. And I want you to be as happy as me! So please excuse me because I’m extremely bias today… I am happy because APink is all around me lately. If you saw my recent Song of the Moment post, you will know why *giggles*.

Here are the songs and I hope you enjoy their songs and couple of it are duets with B.A.P and B2ST! I am still catching up with my work but I still want to send some cheery dust to your way! Tackle hugs to each of you! *finger heart*


Breaking News: It’s a June Comeback for MBLAQ! 

 If you are an avid MBLAQ fan like me, this is one super exciting, long overdue news that we, A+, have been waiting for! It’s been announced that the now trio will make a comeback in June!!!! *squeeeeeeeee* Can you hear me screaming on top of my lungs? *giggles* I am too happy I could break my bedroom floor from jumping nonstop! Yes, yes, yes! Along with the news, it was said that G.O and Mir took part in producing the album! I’m not surprised at all. This isn’t their first attempt and we can be rest assured that this album will be the bomb! G.O and Mir are powerhouse duo when comes to composing songs. I’m not worried and there’s nothing to be worried about. It’s all goooooood, ya know? *wink

Right now, I’m hoping that there will be no major comeback by other kpop groups this June. I want the world to focus on our MBLAQ boys, and our boys only! Now, what do you think of the theme the boys decided for their comeback? I want them to be strong and show to the rest of the world that they can still rock the house with just three members. Of course, I’m still sadden by Joon’s and Thunder’s departure. It’s not the same anymore… *pouts* But I hope they will continue to give support to their MBLAQ brothers. 

So what do we do now? KEEP CALM & WAIT FOR JUNE COMBLAQ! 

Breaking News: Wish I Never Had


The anticipated 4th single song by Sam Ku is here!!! I woke up this morning to Sam’s post on his Facebook page and even though I knew I had very little time to spare, I tossed my towel and took 5 minutes break just to listen to Wish I Never Had. This is not my first time hearing this song. I’ve heard the accoustic version on ChiTown Cloud page and let me tell you something, it was so good I was excited to hear this version. And this version is AWEEESOME!!!

The melody is perfect, Sam’s vocal is pitch perfect, his presence is definitely perfect! This song is just gorgeous! Sam is so under-rated, and so is his buddy Kevin Shin! These two need more publicities. I adore Sam’s voice at this moment. His voice is so crisp and clear it is so mind boggling where did he get this voice from! I’m definitely in love with Sam, his voice, and his all mights and efforts that he puts to produce this album! Another success from Sam and I’m grateful to be his fan! So without delay, take a listen for yet another music masterpiece for your ears! Trust me, they will thank you for that!

Currently Watching: The Princess’ Man


Yes, I’m on a roll with my sageuk drama! I realized I had this hole in my heart after Shine or Go Crazy! ended! Quite a few people disagree with the ending of that drama but I was content with it. I guess I didn’t put that much hope and I was fine when I saw the ending. But according to Drama Fan from Stuck on Hyuk, the ending was not in line with what was written and it didn’t make any sense. *nods* To a certain degree, it doesn’t. But I saw it from a Buddhist perspective and how perhaps the PD does not want to show encouragement of multiple wives even though this is all in the history (hey, this is just my prediction), I thought the ending is understandable. But overall, the show was so good and left me wanting for more sageuk! I can’t believe I said that! *hands on cheeks*


So The Princess’ Man came to mind after Mari said she is still watching it. Being that there is another person as you know, I almost always need a hand holding for just in case, I tag along and hopefully will encourage her to finish it too (3 years on hold). I also thought that since this is a 2011 drama, I should give it some love and encourage kdrama newbies to watch it as well… Heh, provided that I must like it to encourage them to watch it, right? *winks* But no fret people, I love The Princess’ Man! I wanted to write a mid-review for this show but I’m too afraid I may not have enough time to do so. I just started the show early this week and I’m already on episode 10! I could easily finish it by Sunday night if I wanna… yeah, it is that engaging and addicting! And the chemistry between Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won is out of this world awesome!  AWWWWWWWesome!


*clears throat* I got sidetracked by… what else but The Princess’ Man so I’m now on episode 12! *laughs* See how engaging and captivating this show is? This drama is 24 episodes long and it is very dynamic and full of strong characters. Every single actor plays a heavy role in this drama and they really own their characters. I’m impressed by how these characters take me from skeptical to curious to palli-just-tell-me-what’s-next! *breathes heavily* If you think Shine was great, this drama is even better! I don’t even wanna watch anything else at this moment…


The story started as Princess Kyung Hee’s cousin, Se Ryeong, posed as the Princess when she heard that the new teacher is the candidate for her husband. The teacher, Seung Yoo, is a known womanizer and was pretty daring to lift the blind that separated him from the princess on his first day of teaching! OMG! And that’s how he met Se Ryeong whom he thought was the real Princess. The game between Se Ryeong and him became out of control that jeopardized the real Princess’ chance of future husband. Seung Yoo was accused of meeting the Princess outside of the palace and sentenced to be taken out as the Princess’s husband candidate, and the Princess forbid Se Ryeong from stepping into the palace nor meeting Seung Yoo ever again. Seung Yoo felt betrayed for being lied on but his feelings towards Se Ryeong is growing stronger. Eventually, he accepted her thinking that she’s the palace maid. Oy *facepalm*Se Ryeong had her chance to spill her identity and of her father’s too but she lost that opportunity. When Seung Yoo found out that Prince Su Yang, Se Ryeong father, slaughtered his family and accused him of the person of interest, he disappeared. But when he was finally caught, he found out her true identity. Yeap, he was fooled twice basically and devastated by the death of his family. And the worse of all, to be caught in between his love for Se Ryeong and her dad’s aggressive pursue for the monarch, it left Seung Yoo bitter, thorn and extremely angry! Heh, I don’t blame him… I would strangle her to death if I could!


This drama not only talks about betrayal, but it also weighed in on friendship between Seung Yoo and Myeon (his childhood who turned his back on him due to jealousy) and family ties between Prince Su Yang and his brothers. There are a lot to swallow when watching this show. The romance at the beginning was a LOL funny but died down and went straight to business after episode 4. As I said earlier, even though this show change its course, I still love it coz it is very engaging. Tess of Couch Kimchi told me to look forward to episode 18 for yet another awesome scene between Se Ryeong and her father. I’m extremely excited now and I don’t think no one can stop me once this review is posted! Oooh, would I recommend it? D’oh, isn’t it obvious enough? *rolls eyes*