Just Watched: Hibiki


A long plane ride from Kunming to Beijing was enough for me to catch a movie. I decided on Hibiki because of the synopsis. I hesitated a bit though because it is a high school movie. However, there was no hint of romance which encouraged me to continue watching. And watch I did. I was glued to my screen and released a tiny bit of scream – not because I was cringing but I felt very disturbing with the main character. Hibiki. She is savage! SAVAGE, y’all!

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Just Watched: Banjo no Himawari


Yeap, you guessed it right! I am on my Japanese drama roll! This sudden free time allows me to catch up on the dramas I missed this past summer. After watching two feel-good dramas, I decided to go back to one of my favorite genres in Japanese dramas. Mystery and crime. I selected Banjo no Himawari not just for that, but also because it is only 4 episodes long. The atmosphere of this drama is dark. And cold. This drama also introduces me to shogi. What a mind blowing game! Have you heard of this board game?

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Currently Watching: Manpuku

jrRxyfAs I am about to complete my first Asadora, Manpuku is my second daily I started shortly after. Though this show is subbed quicker, I have not been able to focus much. The show lacks the handsome factor that got me going from one episode to another *giggles*. I know, I know… I sounded extremely superficial. Well, I am! This series dedicated to family, invention, survival and family. As you know, I love a tiny bit of romance in my show especially in a 151-episodes daily drama. I just surpassed episode 51 which means I have 100 episodes to go. If I put my mind to it, I could finish it before I leave China. But could I?

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Currently Watching: Coffee & Vanilla


Just like that, I almost finished watching Coffee & Vanilla. I started two days ago to fill in the Nagi’s Long Vacation hole that left deep in me. I was so entertained by it that I thought this drama would give me something to giggle. Well, sure enough… this show did not only give me giggles, it also makes me cringe hard. I did not realize it was adapted from a manga until the female lead started narrating the show. It is so obvious especially when she looks at the camera with that cute facial expression. Her voice also gives it away, in my opinion.

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Currently Watching: Nagi no Oitoma


Yosh! I finally got my Jdrama mojo back! It has been a long time since I last saw my Japanese series. I am still on my two Asadora but they are nearly completed. I am currently in China and both Kocowa and Viki are not working despite using my vpn. But miracle is on my side! Plex is working wonderfully and I am able to watch my dramas! I tried watching Love Affairs in the Afternoon but the affairs made me so nervous! I put the show on pause, once again. Don’t worry… I will get back to it. I am not a quitter!

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Just Dropped: Flower Crew – Joseon Marriage Agency


Yeah, after 5 episodes… the mood of this show went from bad to worse. I don’t feel it. In the beginning, it felt like another highly anticipated drama. I mean… it has been a long time since we last saw Flower boys drama theme. I was hoping for something strong, cute and silly but instead we got only a little of everything. Maybe it is because I had a blast watching Be Melodramatic, The Tale of Nokdu (reviews coming soon!) and Extraordinary You (reviews coming soon!), Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency felt short with me. I hate to dropping a show but I am afraid that my time is more precious.

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