Wednesday Eu-Mak: A Soul Comeback!

011316_vos_01Hello and happy Wednesday, yeoreobun. Yeap, it is another Wednesday. And I hope it is not too late for me to wish you a very Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year! For you singles out there, did you review a lot of hong pau (red packet)? *smiles* Amuden, my wish for all my readers to have a very prosperous, exciting and healthy year. And to start of today’s post is a major comeback by V.O.S. Yes, Voice of Soul. The group has come a looooong way. Formed in 2004, the trio became two-member group when Park Ji Hun departed in 2010. But as of last year, he rejoin the group and now back to a trio group again. I’m so happy that the did. V.O.S was one of the groups I listened quite often back in the day. *giggle* back in the day… as if I’m that old! *laughs*


So let’s start with their comeback song that was released on January 13, 2016. The song is called The Only One For Me. This is an amazing comeback song and video. The song is heart-wrenching and memorable it made me feeling so sad… Their vocal is stunning, super ballad-y as always. Please tell me you don’t feel like crying after hearing the song and watching the MV.

So yeah, I just can’t helped but listening to the song over and over again. The followings are some of my favorite songs from V.O.S. I hope you enjoy them!

And a bunch of great drama OSTs!!!!!!!!

Okay, I think I should stop, right? I hope you love all the songs I pick for you! With that, I wish you a good day and great week! I will be on hiatus again starting this Friday. I’m heading out to India on work and hope I will be blogging on and off from there. But, as you know, work comes first. Otherwise, I will see you in March!




Just Watched: Helter Skelter and Shoot My Heart

I obviously had some times to catch up on movies. I have guests around and I think drama watching can be time consuming so I opted for movies instead. Needless to say, I made the right decision. Yesterday, I saw two extreme movies. From one psycho movie to another. Surprisingly they weren’t that bad. I enjoyed it very much. So here are my short reviews for the movies I saw:

Helter Skelter


This mature rated Japanese movie is not for everyone. Helter Skelter is a very disturbing movie. Super twisted. Super dark. Super wacko. But surprisingly good! I really did not care about the nudity or sex portrayed in this 2 hour movie. What I really care was the messages it tried to bring. Beauty can be the cause of your own death. And exactly happened to Lilico. A famous supermodel that addicted to cosmetic surgery ends up losing her sanity when her body began to break down from the after effect of too many work done to her body. She started taking her anger from her manager to her agent and to her manager’s boyfriend. Her agent sent her back to the plastic surgeon to show her scar on her face. Her plastic surgeon promised to make her back to “normal” again. While this is going on, an investigation took place where sudden death from the after effect of surgeries and illegal organ donation in the medical practice. Are these cases related to Lilico? As her agent said “except for her eyeballs, nails and pussy”, Lilico is all plastic! Yeap, I said that! *giggle*. WARNING: DO NOT WATCH IT WITH KIDS AROUND!

Shoot My Heart


The next movie I saw was equally crazy yet entertaining. Shoot My Heart is an outstanding diary-like movie told by Soo Myung. He was put into a mental hospital when he found his mom dead in the bath tub at home. Her suicide caused him schizophrenia developed from his guilt towards his mom’s death. In the hospital, he met a wacko Seung Min. He was hospitalized for just because of his family. They both knew they are in the wrong place so they decided to make attempt to escape.

Shoot My Heart is a heart-wrenching movie and very touching to your inner soul. If you have the opportunity to watch it, please do not hesitate. It is worth 2 hours of your time.


Wednesday Eu-Mak: It’s a WINNER!!!

12654680_476773745840052_6736903495559032482_nA very good Wednesday to all of you from a spring-like weather! Yeap, I said spring. Only last week I mentioned of snow storm Jonas and it is now gone gone gone down the hill. I know this is just a temporary warm as we will be getting cold again. Perhaps the spring is around the corner? But we are only in February *sobs*. There will be plenty of chance to snow… Anyway, the weather is a winner! And speaking of that, WINNER is the center of my attention today… Yeap, they are.

I must admit I know nothing of the boys. I don’t follow them around and don’t even know the history of this group. I heard that this album is their first release since their debut album back in 2014. Wow, that is quite a long of a wait! But you know what, now THAT is a comeback! Unlike some groups I shall not name, their so-called comeback is 6 to 9 months apart! What the…? Do we need to make them understand the word comeback? Oy… *facepalm*


Well, let’s focus back to WINNER. The first song I present to you is called Baby Baby. The song was released on the eve of February 1. I saw my twitter feed crowded with happy tears! I guess the girls were so happy and satisfied with the songs. As for me, at the first beat of the song, I’m already impressed. It is quite smooth and doesn’t sound like the usual kpop song. Impressive, YG! *claps* And this song should not be labeled as kpop. It feels so grown up! I mean they still sound very young but the song makes me feel like a real adult. I can actually picture myself listening to Baby Baby while sunbathing in Goa in two weeks from now… Wearing a big smile on my face *wink*.


The next released song (on the same day!) is called Sentimental. As much as the title, it is not sentimental at all but the song is quite fun. The MV is so vibrant and the mood is so happy. But the song is not what I expected. It screams GD! What the hell? Even one of the members look like GD. *pouts* Why can’t they make it WINNER original? I prefer Baby Baby to Sentimental because of this. I’m a bit disappointed… Sadly I am. Sorry.


The final song released on the very same day is called I’m Young. Indeed, I’d like to say I’m Young too *giggle*. Unlike Sentimental, I’m Young is a hair raising song! I just can’t describe this feeling… The mood is just very nostalgic and beautiful. I’m totally ruined by it. And it is performed by Tae Hyun, one of the member that reminds me of GD. But GD no more in here… The song is heartbreaking, the MV is heartbreaking but I can’t stop listening to it! Darn it, I can’t!!!

Okay, I think I should just dig my own grave now coz I’m so dead after hearing all three songs. Of course, I’m Young is the cause of my death now. If you see me next week, that means I survive WINNER. If not… you know where to find me *wink*



Breaking News: Go Princess Go is outttttttttt!


I’m doing happy dance! When Bel announced the trailer earlier today, I can’t help but to jump on my computer and search for Go Princess Go. I remember telling her to be on the lookout. And she did! I can’t tell you how excited I am! To make my life even happier, 13 episodes are subbed and up on Viki Fan Channel! 22 more episodes and we can start marathon this drama in our own comfort corners! If you need to know more, click on the poster that I link to MDL website and check the trailer out!

Currently Watching: Cheese in the Trap

b3EgeXk1_ff898b_fHow did this happen? From being curious, 8 episodes later I’m still glued to Cheese in the Trap. This anticipated manga turned drama received so many buzz in my Twitter list. As Grace would say, I’m officially trapped. But being trap doesn’t mean I really, really, REALLY like it. In a way I do, but deep down I feel something is missing. I really can’t pin down what it is… Perhaps, the slow pace and quirky mood? I usually like this style of drama. But this time I am half sold *pouts sadly* E1VOVAjL_d7660c_fIt has nothing to do with the cast although Baek In Ha, one of the characters, is driving me batshit crazy. I’m not a fan of the actress (since It’s Okay, It’s Love) and definitely not a fan of her as In Ha. Her over dramatic acting skill says it all and it is grossing me out! Yes, I am taking it personally. Other than that, I wish this show will give more feels because I only feel it tiny bit. I want more. The whole thing is just too cold. *shrugs* maybe I have been pms-ing for the past 4 weeks?X3bApaAL_fda961_fBack to Cheese in the Trap, this drama is all on Seol the cheese girl. She’s nerdy and quirky yet super cute. I love her and her conversation in her head. Very fascinating! She started her university course again after taking a year break. Prior to her break, senior Jung and herself were never on the same page. His then girlfriend always picks on Seol. And one time at the party, Seol witnessed something that creep her out. A drink suddenly spilled onto Jung’s girlfriend and she got wet. But what shocked Seol was that Jung acted all worried over the spill but as soon as his girlfriend left for clean up, he broke a wicked smile. Seol happened to see that smile and Jung caught her staring at him. To me, that entire scene was insanely creepy. Obviously, Jung spilled the drink on purpose. Wae? Did he not like her? Or did he find it very thrilling to make someone frustrated and angry? Hmmmm interesting behavior… VLQ2woq3_157f24_fFast forward a year later, Seol was forced to enroll into a class under a professor she doesn’t favor with. And Jung happens to be in the class. She continues to avoid him whereas Jung continues to get closer to her. Seol became suspicious and started questioning his intention. Why is he oh-so friendly now? It turns out he approaches her with an intention to date. Of course, Jung hesitated in the beginning but now, our cheese is trapped under Jung’s spell. At the same time, Seol started to befriend Baek In Ho and found out that In Ho and Jung knows each other. In Ho advises her to beware of Jung’s sleek tricks and Seol keeps that in mind. Sadly, he never really gives her a concrete reason. Why? Why can’t he tell her everything?  D45Xym23_da58ad_fTo me, the whole drama is intriguing and fishy. Some speculate that Jung is a serial killer. Some say that he is a murderer. Or whatever. I am curious. We know his background. We know how powerful he is simply by watching him controlling In Ho and In Ha. How far can he be to control these two? And now I need to know whether is he a serial killer or just a mistaken identity? Park Hae Jin as Jung is really something. He somehow brought in his serial killer mindset from Bad Guys into this show. It is hard to read him which makes Cheese in the Trap very interesting. All I ask is that can he and Seol be a bit livelier?

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Wednesday Eu-Mak: Featuring… Sung Hoon

c3da7027-9f6b-4df3-9e13-b5ae03ab2440Hello and happy Wednesday from the aftermath Jonas! If you live in the east coast like me, I’m sure your place must be slammed by snow storm. If not? Lucky!!!! I’m actually exhausted from shoveling snow three days in a row. My car was buried, my front door was blocked, my deck was filled with snow and the parking lot was buried with mountains of snow. All those are nearly cleared and now hoping that the sun would melt all the snow on my deck. I’m not going to tackle those since my back and wrist are hurting now T___T. But thanks to Jonas, I was able to catch up on dramas and spent time with my son (we saw Harry Potter and Jaws).

Anyway, for today’s post, I decided to feature MVs with Sung Hoon. Bang Sung Hoon. Yeap, he is Grace‘s precious and thought this would surprise her a bit *smile*.


The first song for this post is called Climax *clears throat* by Nop.K. Nop.K is a new artist and Climax is his debut song and the title of his album. The song isn’t bad; I love the vocal and rapper. Not bad. If they could increase the beat a little bit more… The chorus seems too melo and draggy for my taste. Not powerful enough… *pouts*. Also in this MV, you can see Sung Hoon reprising his Oh My Venus‘ Snake role once more. The man is beautiful and buff. I think he looks good as a boxer. I really hope his next drama or movie will involve sports again. He’s really good at it.


The next song is taken from 6 Persons Room called Sunlight. This song was performed by Sung Hoon’s co-star and singer Geummi of Crayon Pop. Sunlight sounds sad but it is quite beautiful. And not just beautiful, it’s calming to our ears. The sound of the guitar and her soothing voice and occasionally hum and sing by the man himself…. Just pufffect! Sung Hoon himself is as handsome as I remember. Great drama and great song *beams*.

I hope you enjoy these songs. Thanks for stopping by and have a great Wednesday, yeoreobun.


Currently Watching: High-End Crush

fullsizephoto648610I’ve been watching my twitter feed and many Tlist have seen this recent posted web drama by Naver. But I also saw many frustrated over Jung Il Woo’s character as CEO Choi. I wonder why… After watching 11 episodes last night, I really do not see what the fuzz is about. So what if he annoyed you? It is part of his character! *throws towel* C’mon, YOLO, people! Just enjoy it! And as Bel pointed out, it gives me Noble, My Love vibe. I sort of agree with her, too. Arrogant male lead who falls for an underrated good girl… Now who doesn’t like that, right? *wink*CZPHRylW0AAftlPImg8068029_nAs for me, I loved it so much that I marathon the show up to mid of episode 11. If not because of my failing eyes last night, I would have finished it by now. Yeap, I really am enjoying High-End Crush. It was funny and cute! Jung Il Woo as a dramatic CEO Choi is funny. I love his hand gestures and awkward facial expression. And his outrageous fashion statement! So drama queen of him *giggle*. Jin Se Yeon is not as broomy as she always does in her dramas. Sure, I still have a hard time believing her forced facial expression which sometimes ends me to zzzzzzz, but I think I could accept her as it is. For now. Her improvement in acting is enough for me to continue with the show *thumbs up*.1451958457395High-End Crush is a story of two opposite characters. CEO Choi, as I said, very dramatic character. Yi Ryeong, on the other hand, a very earthy character. He is one picky CEO and wants everything according to what he has in mind. She is different. She is very cautious and aware of the surroundings even on limited resources. He is super rich and she lives in a mountain. They are living in two different lifestyle. He met up with her by accident. His PA asked Yi Ryeong to model and she gave a much needed attitude to protect herself from this fame work. Their first meeting was extremely dramatic and embarrassing! He saw her naked! *covers eyes* But he fell for her smile and since then, he wants her to sign a contract as a trainee with his entertainment agency. He denied his PA’s speculation on his feelings towards Yi Ryeong but almost believe that he actually is.

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So how the story would end? It is pretty predictable. They will be together. But the process of failing in love? That’s what I’m looking forward to *giggle*. I can see that he started to care so much for her and she is still clueless of this “love” feeling. But we know she’s not a fool. She’s just playing… dumb in love *grin*. And by the way, there are tons of cameo in this drama. Way too many! I laughed big time when I saw Jung Kyung Ho in it *wink*. Ooh, and Monsta X, too! a4f76a69gw1exdrnamamqj21gs0r87dr