Currently Watching: Neko Zamurai 2


Yes, I’m on my second season with Neko Zamurai. It is unfortunate though that I started this drama when Debbie was dying from her illness. It was hard to watch it because Tamanojo looks exactly like Debbie. But we think Tama-chan is so cute it’s worth watching her in memory of Debbie *smiles*. So yeah, let’s watch it!

Episode 3

Neko Zamurai 2 is different than the first season but majority of the casts are mostly the same except for the landlord and few other casts. This time, his landlord is smarter than the first season. No money for the rent? No problem. Just hand over all his fresh plucked, fatty daikon and call it even on one month rent! Oy, I laughed so hard at this. You will also witness a cat massage scene. Tama-chan was not happy! Another episode was a crossover between him and Tama-chan. I’m not going into details but body swap with cat is interesting and fun to watch!!! I laughed so hard until I cried. Too funny!

Episode 4

This 12-episode drama is kinda-sorta a continuation from the first season and the movie. Yeah, I did not blog the movie… *looks down* I was too lazy. But even if you haven’t seen them, you can still watch season 2 with no biggie. I’ve seen 9 episodes so far and my son and I are patiently waiting for Tama-chan!!! She’s just too adorable! And if you are like us, you’ll definitely love the ending theme to this drama. It’s as addictive as Christmas jingles! This is a thumb up drama! If you are interested in reading recaps, please check out Nonstagica Dessert and AF Fansubs (in Indonesian).

Episode 6

Breaking News: Playful Kiss Thai


Stop the press!!!! Let’s scream together!!! Kyaaaaaaa! I’m a huge Playful Kiss series and I have seen all versions! Yeah, some were meh and some kept my heart fluttered. But now that the trailer for the Thai version is out, I’m more excited than ever! I’m not a huge lakhorn fan but hey, I will watch this for Aom and Mike! I can’t wait to watch it! Now I feel like watching Full House Thai again…. Squeeeeeeeeeee!

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Can We Rewind?


Heh, I’m fashionably late for my Wednesday Eu-Mak post! Well, to be honest, I was having difficulty choosing what songs I would like to feature for today…. I’m trying to keep myself busy and music is not my priority at the moment. I completely shut down from it since Debbie’s death. I don’t know, I just don’t feel like listening to anything at the moment. Even with drama watching, I mute them and only reading the subs. Yeah, I’m taking this emptiness harder than I thought I will be. *shrugs* I guess time will heal. Yeah, I just need time…

So please enjoy these songs I have chosen on random *smile*

Currently Watching: Mask


When I heard Joo Ji Hoon is in this drama, boy oh boy, the excitement in me is beyond words! I screamed like a school girl! I’m a fan of his acting. The last time I saw him was in Five Fingers and I was head over heel with him. Well, that’s one half of the story. The fact that he is incredibly talented and super duper handsome, can you blame me for being this giddy? You can’t! Because I know you are squee-ing as loud as I am too! The man is just… a walking sex symbol! There, I said that! Too much? Ehhh, who cares! It is my post and I’m entitled to say whatever I want! The canvas is white and I’m painting it with red lips kisses all over it! *giggles*. Okay *breathe*, let’s stop fangirling and focus on Mask, my current obsession drama *wink*NISI20150528_0010989593_web

Yes, I admit I was very excited to watch this drama. Joo Ji Hoon is a driving factor, of course! And sure, we can throw Yeon Jung Hoon and Hoya into it as well. Why not! A cast with full of sophisticated and handsome looking men? I’m in! Sadly, I’m not fond of both female leads. Soo Ae looks very depressing whereas Yoo In Young looks very bitchy! Well, we can just expect this drama will go as melo as we want it to be. Will it reprise the melo-ness of Secret? *giggles* I was shut down completely on the first episode already. Mask is more comedy than melo, to be honest! Waeeeeeeeeee? *stomps her feet* This girl want melo!


So Mask is a story of doppelganger. Seo Eun Ha is a daughter from a wealthy family. Her family arranged her marriage to Choi Min Woo, a chaebol heir of a large conglomerate company. Min Woo has OCD and mistrust issue and he was not happy to be married of to Eun Ha. Eun Ha agreed to this marriage only because but she warned Min Woo that he will not have her heart as she has given it away to another man. That another man is none other that Min Woo’s brother in law, Min Seok Hoon. Seok Hoon is married to Min Woo’s eonnie, Choi Mi Yeon. So noticed that I’m telling a story from Eun Ha’s perspective whereas in the drama, it is from Eun Ha’s doppleganger side Byun Ji Sook. Ji Sook assumed Eun Ha’s identity when Ji Sook was given a life or death choice by Seok Hoon. Before Eun Ha’s death, she and Seok Hoon were planning on framing Min Woo but it didn’t turn out to how it should be. Now, Seok Hoon is making Ji Sook to step in as Eun Ha and planning his seeds into Ji Sook. The problem is Ji Sook is forever feeling guilty. And of course, in my feeling, she is the most stupidest character in this drama. *shakes head*


From Ji Sook’s perspective, she dreams of becoming rich. Her family is poor and in debt. She tries her hardest to pay out the debt by partying with who’s who of the block but constantly getting humiliated. This opportunity offerd by Seok Hoon is a bitter sweet for her. She gets to be play a rich girl but had to die in her family’s eyes. But Ji Sook constantly feeling guilty and trying her hardest to reach out to her family even though she knows her family had accepted her death. This stupidity going on and on from one episode to another. Frankly, I’m getting tired by her stupidity and carelessness. She was caught by her younger brother (that she’s alive and well) and now, even the gangster is on her tail. Yeah, I told ya she is stupid. Min Woo, who was once suspicious and wary of Eun Ha is now curious that she’s different before the marriage.


The question is because Ji Sook is so stupid and trying hard to get away under Seok Hoon’s influence, would she able to get herself away and figure out the reasons what Seok Hoon with Choi Min Woo’s household? 10 episodes have aired and we have another 10 episodes to go. As much as the madness and chaotic this drama can be, I will still watch it. I am frustrated that I spent the past 5 episodes watching Ji Sook continuously making poor and stupid decision. By the end of episode 10, I thought I saw some light. I really hope Ji Sook is really accepting her role as Eun Ha and turns the table around with Seok Hoon. I also hope that she could convince Min Woo to quit taking his medication, one of the reasons that constantly made him unreliable and fragile as Director in his own company. Do you think Ji Sook can now put on the mask and save herself, Min Woo and the company? What do you think Seok Hoon wants so badly from the Choi’s household? Do you have any theory you want to share with me? My theory is that Choi’s dad must have ruined his family and now taking revenge alone since the real Eun Ha is dead. His goal is now to continuously poison Min Woo and once the board kicks him out, Seok Hoon will step in and eventually take it all as his! *laughs* Yes, I have my own evil plots too! Hehehe… If you haven’t seen the drama, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Watch for the craziness, people!


Currently Watching: Flowers for Algernon


I’m starting to think I’m neglecting Korean dramas more and more this year. *sigh* This is my… I don’t even know *shrugs* I lost count how many Japanese dramas I’ve watched this year. And for all I know, I’m falling for Japanese dramas more and more. They are shorter in episodes and packed with stories. And the best of all, very few fillers. *thumbs up* My time is precious and Japanese writers know how to maximize their viewers’ and my time! nyway, I’m excited that I’m adding another Japanese drama to my Currently Watching review… It’s always feels good to blog it. A good stress and depress reliever *beams*


So my new victim is called Flowers for Algernon. I’ve seen this on Bel‘s Plex for awhile but never bothered to ask her. She told me that I should watch it and so here I am. As I am typing now, I just started the first episode. Well, instead of writing in mid-way, I thought I should start my review early. This is a 10-episode drama and I’m afraid that I might zip through the entire series without able to blog it. 10 episodes means 10 hours and I can easily complete the series in a day! Just a quick recap for now, the main lead is cute! So, so cute but there is something wrong with him. He is not himself. Hmmmm *rubs chin*. The female lead reminded me of Kim Ji Won! Maybe I should put my glasses on *giggles*. Oh wait, I also see a rat! So this drama must have something to do with lab rats! Experiment! Okay, this is interesting! So I will be back after 5 episodes and see if I can tie up all these characters together…


Well… 8 episodes later. Didn’t I tell you I will blog after episode 5? Shhheeeesh, you can’t trust me now. So okay, here is the deal with Flowers for Algernon. Sakuto has an undeveloped brain and hence, he is stuck with a 6 year old mentality and also slow in progress. His mom left him because she couldn’t bare standing a stupid son whereas his dad died from his illness. This left Sakuto on his own at 16 and he was taken in by a florist company. They took him in even though knowing his condition. I think that is nice of them to do so. Sakuto was given easy tasks since he is considered mentally challenged. One day, he was assigned to deliver a bouquet of flowers to Haruka’s apartment. Haruka is a research scientist working on understanding and programming a brain. She misunderstood Sakuto for his weird behavior but eventually came to realize that he is special. She convinced her boss, Daigo, that it is time to apply their studies onto human and Sakuto is the perfect lab rat for their research. Under careful brain surgery, Sakuto is transformed slowly to a normal adult brain. But since his brain is developing and learning rapidly, the way his brain digesting every information is more analytical and deeper than ours. To me, he is shaped as a robot and the human emotions came once a human explains what they are to him. Yeah, this is the sad part of the story. And Daigo offered himself to be Sakuto’s sensei which in sense that he has the right to program Sakuto to whatever he wants! Whoa! Is that good or evil?


Well, though it sounds very nerdy and technical but I can assure you that Flowers for Algernon is pretty interesting to watch. I’m not really counting on the romance even though it existed. Clearly, as Sakuto developing into a normal being, he is falling for Haruka but had his heart broken when he saw Daigo kissing her. I was devastated to see him getting his heart broken. But how do you think he reacted to the kiss? Is he determined to get her back? Will he move on since his feeling is not entirely developed… I don’t know. I gotta watch it. I have two more episodes and feeling really antsy right now. Sakuto had a vision of his late dad and from the preview for the next episode, he started to see his dad more and more. I believe this is a sign of brain failure. I’m afraid of what is coming next yet I’m still curious. Perhaps love could cure it all! Who knows *shrugs*. If you are as curious as I am, watch it. It is refreshing to see another sci-fi kinda drama after Ando Lloyd.  If you have read the book, which is of the same title, I’m sure you know this will end. Now Bel… when can we get the next two episodes? *giggles* No pressure, girl! No pressure whatsoever but hurrrrrrrrry! I want a happy ending for Sakuto! He deserves one! *cries*


Just Watched: Dragon Blade


My hub and I were excited when Bel told us that Dragon Blade is waiting for us on Plex. This movie was never on my radar and when hub read the synopsis, he told me that he have heard of it and was also curious what it is all about. He then told me about the history of the Roman and the long, long time ago relationship with the Chinese. It was hard to believe that they were once communicated in good terms. I mean, think about it, how can these two giant kingdoms set aside their pride and bonded? Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either but I couldn’t care less now… It’s history and I’m not that into it.


Anyway, we saw the movie. There were lots of actions going on. If you are watching it for SiWon, well… He had impressive scenes but the awesome one only lasted few minutes. That was a boooooooo from me. If you are watching it for Vanness, other than me gushing over how perfect his English is (although he is expected to have one since he is an American!), that’s about it. He was in the first and last scene of the movie. No action whatsoever from Vanness… Another boooooooo from me. But if you are here for Jackie Chan, you will be entertained! Jackie pretty much brought in his funny and cute style of acting and his martial arts to the table. I extremely enjoyed it, it’s been awhile since I saw his drunken master style of fight.


The history in Dragon Blade is partially true, partially fiction. I consulted with hub and he said that “whereas it is very entertaining and partially true, I wouldn’t recommend you believe in everything. Some of the scenes just don’t make sense.” Hmmmm, if the master of history said so. But he admits that this is a part of Chinese history that never gets explored before so he is happy that the writer is bringing in to the theater. As for me, Dragon Blade is a pure entertaining and mindless movie to watch. I needed something mindless and I got one. Easy as that.


Dragon Blade told a story of two different kingdoms facing their usual dilemma. Huo An is the guard and protector for the western gate during the Han dynasty. But clearly, there’s always jealousy coming on and he was framed and ended up being a slave. Huo An met Lucious. Lucious is on his way to the east to save the chosen emperor from being killed by his own brother, Tiberius. The two heroes bonded and they unite to fight against Tiberius who is on his way to claim the Silk Road. He was defeated as the Persian, Chinese, Mongols (I think that’s who they are) and several other kingdoms joined to stop him.


Overall, I like it. Nothing fancy and it did not give a huge impression on me. It is epic though and the sets look very believable. They did a fabulous job on the costume as well. But it certainly a movie that I would watch once and that’s that. *shrugs* Nothing much to rave now…


Currently Watching: Que Sera, Sera


Whatever will be, will be… Yeah, whatever. I’ve been putting this drama on hold for the looooooooongest time! I don’t know why. There are many factors that cause this delay. First, I’m not a fan of Eric. He is just a meh. Second, it is the title. It sounds so cheesy to my ears. Third, I don’t like Yoon Ji Hye. She’s not attractive to my eyes. Hmmmmm, I sounded very picky and personal, right? Sorry, I can’t help it. This is just who I am. If the poster is not a picture perfect to my sight, I won’t be watching it. But sigh… I finally decided to watch it because I’m in this depression state and I thought a melodrama would heal me. I’ve heard many mixed reviews on Que Sera, Sera. But  *shrugs* that does not stop me from watching it. It is time to put my bias opinion aside and witness it myself…Aja!


This drama was aired in 2007. So if you decided to watch this drama, it will feel old and everything you see (fashion, technology and style) are old-fashioned. But really, it gives some sweet memories especially with the flip phones. The hairstyles weren’t bad at all; in fact, they all looked pretty classy and they could go well with today’s world. And for all I know, their acting is quite professional and way better than some of the actors today. But the plots are typical of kdrama style. If you decide to watch Que Sera, Sera, you would recognize some of the typical scenes… To purposely kiss another person to make their love one jealous, to pull the car to the side of the street unexpectedly, to ask the person leave the car in the middle of nowhere, OR to act cold to the person you love *giggles*. See? Nothing we haven’t seen it before, right?


So what is so special with Que Sera, Sera? To be honest, I don’t know. I’ve watched too many angst-like daily dramas and melos to feel angsty with this one. I guess I’m extremely immune to melodrama. Or perhaps I’m too depressed to feel angry and frustrated. Overall, I like it. If I was asked to describe Que Sera, Sera in one word, I would say it is very toxic! Yeah, the relationships are so toxic that I just can see where they will take me too. Wait, can I add another? *laughs* It is also very twisted! It’s been awhile since I saw such dramas like this… I believe the last drama with similar twisty plot but not necessarily the same was Thorn Birds. Thorn Birds drove me up to the wall! Urgh… Never, again!


Anywho, Que Sera, Sera is a drama full of dramas! This show is about taking advantage of one’s wealth to get another person jealous by involving a third party into his/her own game. Does it sound complicated? Easy, it is a jealousy drama that led to a triangle love. Wait, make that times two! Madness and twisted, I tell you! *shakes my head* But I love it, regardless! They keep pressing my button with crazy conversations that if I could get into my screen and slap them, I would! I want to slap Kang Tae Joo mostly; he keeps pressing the button just to show how superior he is against Eun Soo, Hye Lin and Joon Hyuk. This love and hate relationship that started cold remain cold throughout the series. I blame Tae Joo for this misery. He is a player that loves to date rich women. But now that he is officially used by Hye Lin to get back to Joon Hyuk, who is actually her oppa (adopted) that she madly in love with, Tae Joo finally realized how miserable he is. A player that, once, used to get what he wants now is finally in love but with a girl that he once despised and realized money does nothing to him now. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… Can we tame this money beast?


I’m currently watching episode 11 out of 17 episodes all together. I’m curious where Que Sera, Sera will take me on this dark romance drama. Will it have a happy or crazy ending? Will all OTPs ended up dead? Who knows, right? Bahhhhhhh… I just want to know how the ending will be. If you can stomach this love/hate drama, give it a watch. It is peculiar and really get your heart boiling, but I can guarantee that you will enjoy it. Plus, this drama has great OST! Take a listen to Moonlight, one of my favorite songs from this drama *wink*