Wednesday Eu-Mak: SNSD versus SNSD


Hello and Happy Wednesday! Congratulations, we made it to the last week of August! What this means? Fall is coming and the temperature is cooling. Are you ready for cooler weather though? Well, I am not. I just came back and still adjusting, and now I feel as if I’m running out of time with summer. I don’t know *shrugs* I guess I can’t stop the clock from moving, can I? Buttttt… *perks up* speaking of cool, who has gone cool to cooler now? The SNSD girls!!!! Yipppppppppeeee! A back to back release of new songs really made my last weekend awesome. Have you heard of their new releases? It is hard to miss, and if you haven’t please listen.

First of, let’s start with Lion Heart. This song was released on August 17. The MV is loaded with cuteness! The color scheme is so my color – pink! Their fashion and hairdos are so my style! I can’t help but drooling at them. They are so pretty and classy! And the song, oh my… the song is so catchy I just couldn’t stop humming it. I love this 60s vibe sound. They are just so easy to my ears and yours. Every time Mr. DJ spins Lion Heart, I can’t help but singing with them! Tell me whyyyyyyy…. Oooh, and dance to it, too! I truly love this song so much! This song made me beyond happy! I’m on cloud 9 all the time with Lion Heart. It could be my theme song for the day! And the story really cute… Mr. Lion is very naughty grrrrrrr!

The next new release is called You Think. And guess when it got released? The very next day!!! I know! What the hell, SM? I really wish they could have waited a bit longer. Now the song has to compete with Lion Heart! This made me upset a bit… I’m not sure what is the rational behind all this but whatever… The song is out. SNSD never fails to impress though coz once again, You Think is also as good as Lion Heart. But You Think is more upbeat and stronger and the girls’ image is sexier. You think you’re really cool? Hehehe then listen to this song too!

So… if it is up to you? Which song would you vote for? I know, I’m asking you to make a difficult choice. I can’t decide myself T_____T. That’s why I said SM is so cruel to their Sones! And there are other great songs from this album, too! Seriously… How am I to decide? Lion Heart? You Think? What about Party? Or Bump It? See? I wanna slap SM for once!


Okay y’all, enough fire for today. I hope you enjoy the songs. Yeap, it is a battle but we all have our own preference and taste. Whatever it is, stay gorgeous, Sones! And for none Sones… Stay happy!

Just Dropped: Cruel Romance

I told myself that I will watch more Japanese dramas this year. Heh, I’m branching a little more from my list. This is another Chinese drama added to my watch list. I don’t even know why am I watching it. Peer pressure mostly. The reason why I hesitant to watch due to dubbing. Why? Most Chinese dramas require dubbing because the northern Chinese have deeper and harder to understand pronounciation whereas the southern are easier to pick up and understand. The main actress is from Taiwan and she, too, have her own accent. And even that, you noticed that they have Chinese subs as well… That is because sometimes it doesn’t get dub quick enough so they roll out the drama with Chinese subs. I am not a diva but I prefer to be without dubbing but I get it, even some Chinese can’t understand the other party. I grew up with the language so I’m biased. This is why it takes me a long time to watch this drama… I just can’t stand how it sound *cries*. 

But these weren’t the only things I’m picking on! I feel that Cruel Romance is overrated. It’s a so-so drama in my humble opinion but still very interesting to watch. I love the story line and the actions but I can’t help but rolling my eyes on the romance. So much cheesy and gooey that I just can’t….! And the drama is too damn draggy for my taste. I feel bad that I put this drama on hold for the longest time and finally, I feel that it’s time to drop it. No offense to all Cruel Romance lovers… I can’t see eye to eye with this show. I’m so done. To the drop list it goes… Zhaijian, Cruel Romance!

Currently Watching: Oh My Ghost


I told myself I will never watch this. I heard from chingus how this show crosses some ethic line. Plus, I’m not a big Jo Jung Suk! Or so I thought… When I was in Malaysia, I saw several episodes of You Are The Best Lee Soon Shin. I was intrigued by him and he actually made me laugh. When I first saw him in King 2 Hearts, he melted my heart there but that was it. There was no spark between him and I. I immediately concluded that we are not meant to be. That changed a bit until I saw Lee Soon Shin that only made me realized he isn’t bad. I even told DDee (in person, too!) that I finally considering him after declaring myself to the world via tweeter that I’m not interested in him. I believe another person who did not get why I don’t like him is Snow.


But how I actually succumbed to Oh My Ghost? I promised Erl that I would watch it if she will watch My Beautiful Bride. Hey, it’s a good trade, right? And I’m ahead of my league. I have been marathon the series since the morning I came back and I’m currently on episode 14. 2 more episodes to go! *wiggles brows* Yeap, I’m fast! To be honest, the stories were wrong at one level but was compensated later and as Erl said, they justified it. And I like that the writer justified it but even that, I still think it is too much at many levels! *shudder* Come to think about it, there are many young watchers for this drama as well. Even though they rate it for age 15 and above, I bet kids under 15 are still watching it. Ai… Sorry, mother instinct is kicking and I’m quite concerned. But… *shakes head in disbelief* who cares, I’m watching it anyway and I have a great laugh since the beginning. To be honest, I have not been laughing this much from watching dramas lately. Oh My Ghost is making me craving for more REAL romcom! Can we get another one with less sexual desire as this one? Ooops, maybe a little *giggle*


So what do I like about Oh My Ghost so far? The characters! Surprisingly, there is no one to hate here! How is this possible? *covers her mouth* The only thing you wanna hate is how dare the writer is using sex as a next step to nirvana! But hey, we are all adult here so sex is nothing but a necessary activity for human…. and ghost! *laughs* Amuden, the story is wickedly weird! Here is my take on Oh My Ghost. Sun Ae is a virgin ghost. She needs a human body in order for her to move on to her nirvana, or to wherever she suppose to go. There is a time limit to achieve it but her time is almost up. One day, as always, she was chased by her sharman and found Bong Seon’s fragile body as her target for hideout. But Sun Ae suddenly stuck in this human’s body for no apparent reason, and she couldn’t figure out her way to get out. With no choice, she decided to find out about Bong Seon. Unknowingly though, Bong Seon has the capability to see ghosts since small. Her ability really pulls her down, and with her extreme shyness and lack on self esteem, Bong Seon became the easiest target for Sun Ae. Through Bong Seon, Sun Ae found that Bong Seon’s boss aka chef Kang Seon Woo to be the most ideal man for her gateway to nirvana.


Seon Woo was surprised with the changes with Bong Seon, not knowing that she’s possessed by a virgin ghost. Sun Ae drives Bong Seon body on cruise control and accelerate her to the next level! Everyone at the restaurant were surprised by the new and improved Bong Seon. They were so used to her for apologizing for anything and everything that the new her almost seems like they won a lottery! Her driven personality to get laid really bothered Seon Woo in the beginning  but eventually, as we all predicted, he fell for her obnoxious and loud personality even though he felt confused on why she is suddenly different than before. One day, he got her sick and brought her to the hospital. Sun Ae was finally able to escape the body. Once awake, Bong Seon realized the date, time and where she at and it didn’t reconcile with her last memory. She knew that her body was possessed. When she finally met Sun Ae, she refused to let the ghost possessed her body again but eventually made a pact after seeing that Seon Woo may fall for his college friend. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the reason Bong Seon works for Seon Woo is because she secretly in love with him but too shy to approach him due to her personality. Sun Ae is Bong Seon’s key to get her man but when she herself is with him, she realized all the memories he’s been telling her is his memory with Sun Ae. She decided to break up with him and left him alone in the altar… Not literally, of course! *giggle*


Yeah, the story sounded complicated but it makes sense to me. I hope it makes sense to  you. Many of the people I spoke with does not like Sun Ae. They felt that her character is sketchy, unethical, annoying, and on their nerves. And some said that they do not see how Seon Woo and Bong Seon could be together. I also heard that they just don’t like the OTP due to weak chemistry. *rubs chin* *shrugs* I really don’t know what to say… I watch for the story so I typically don’t put that much thought into the rest. And that’s why I said there is no single character to hate because in my mind, I’m following the story of this drama. Would I suggest it? Absolutely! But you need to judge it yourself whether to like or hate Oh My Ghost. The flaws are there but I don’t really care… Oooh there is another side story which I failed to discuss. How did Sun Ae die? *dun dun dun* Watch it if you’re curious *giggle*. Yeap, I’m not tellin’!


Wednesday Eu-Mak: Going Live

174Hellooooooooo! I’m officially back! Yes, no more hiatus until….. T______T October! Yeap, I’m constantly on the move these days. And I must say, even though I never complain about it, 2015 has been a very challenging year for my career. But, I will face it all one at a time and with open mind and heart! Hwaiting!

To commemorate my official back even though you’ve seen newer posts recently (I sneaked in a few) *wink*, I decided that today’s post will feature live performance by some of my favorite groups. The songs are their most recent comeback and are performed live. Now we can really see how talented they are and not just lipsynching. Well, perhaps a few of them are still are. I’m gonna let it slide… Too much to think of it at this wee hour. Amuden, let’s hear the songs now!





And MBLAQ… with lots of love and kisses from me!

I hope you enjoy their live performance! I hope to be back next week with a better songs, more toned down and less ga ga on pop! So who will get it? Stay tune! Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your day!

Currently Watching: Tantei No Tantei


Originally, Tantei No Tantei was not on my watch list. I saw Bel tweeted it and got curious. She was not sure if I could watch this. The drama is too violence and she knows my limit. But since I was bored in Jakarta, I decided to give it a watch. Lo and behold, this drama got me hooked immediately. Bel is right, this drama is not for everyone. It is very… Brutal and cruel (but well deserved!), to be honest. Seriously, I have never seen crazy scenes as brutal as the ones I saw on this drama. I was shocked!


Tantei No Tantei is a drama of revenge. Rena’s dear sister was murdered by her stalker and the stalker himself is now dead. Since her sister’s death, she decided to be a detective. But what prompt her to be one since, you know, the stalker is already dead? She is in search of Death of God. Who? Death of God, one of the police force detectives in the city, is the one that alerted her the location of her sister’s death. While searching for him, she came across to some cases that crazily directly relates her to him. But each time she gets involved to these cases, her identity slowly get revealed. Detective Kubozuka is genuinely concerned of her coz she managed to get through to everything before him. He had asked her to keep her profile low but Rena can never do that. She is one feisty detective in the Anti-Detective (what an irony, isn’t it) Department and refuse to butt down and give up. I’m actually curious on who is this Death of God and what is his deal.


In this investigation, Rena is helped by Kotoha, her nearly give up assistant that knew Rena’s dead sister. But Kotoha’s sister, Ayane is one of the keys in this case interrupted Rena’s investigation. The level of violence Ayane did to Rena was unbearable to watch! Who is Ayane in this case? How deeply involved she is in this case? Is she a puppet? Hmmmm many questions I have but have yet to be addressed as I’m only 6 episodes in. Throughout, I have my suspicious on one person but I’m going to leave it as that. Are you curious? *wink*


Tantei No Tantei, also means detective versus detectives, is a 10-episode drama that is based on a 2014 novel of the same title. This high paced, highly violent and intense drama will open up your eyes to a different kind of corruption case. One detective is using all her might to get her answer while the other is going out his way for this justice. One thing for sure is that Rena is always one step ahead of Kubozuka. Will he gets his way and intercept her? Or will she work with him to resolve this case? Wow, again, so many questions flying in my head. I would recommend this drama to you if you can stomach to watch the amount of beat ing and torturing to and by Rena. She’s the bomb, I tell ya! I love her determination. It is all on her face and she carries it so strongly! Jaaaaah, just watch it! It’s a girl power drama!


Breaking News: Look Who Is Turning 23!


Yoo Seung Ho is!!! Happy birthday to my other cute bias!!! *claps* I’m so happy and beyond words to see him growing before my eyes. Isn’t he the most adorable creature in the world? *blushes* Look at that smile! It is so contagious I’m grinning from ear to ear too! I just can’t… He’s too cute!


Ever since he was released from the military, we have yet to see him in on our screen. His first project was print ad for magazine Grazia and then he went on a vacation before starting his first major work, Joseon Magician, that is set to air in late 2015. He has finished shooting for the movie and now keeping himself busy with CFs.


This picture was taken early this year. Look how mature he looks! *hands on cheeks*


Sigh… Can we say aaaaaaaadorable together? *bats lashes* Now I feel like having a Swiss roll…!


Finger heart to the birthday boy too!


And when ask about his ideal woman? Well, we already knew… Right? *wink* Don’t they look good together! I want my mall to be covered with posters of them too!!!! In fact, can we get a Lotte Mall in DC? What number I should dial to make this happen? I promise to be at the mall every week and gaze his posters (or hold hands with his life size cut-board) for hours *bats lashes*


Yeap, he is in lots of CFs. The boy is everywhere but on our silver screen!!!! Waeeeeee? I need him in dramas badly *cries*. I just wanna see him… To cure my emptiness, I started watching these these clips like mad. He is so… asdfghjkl!!!



Music Video

Just being cute clips

Okay, I think I should stop *laughs tears*. I could go on and on and on… Heh, I can’t help it! He’s too handsome to be ignored!





Looks like I’m unstoppable!!! *laughs* Saengil chukahaeyo, Seung Ho-ssi! Palli and do dramas, this noona is dying to see you again!

Currently Watching: Scholar Who Walks The Night


You have no idea how much I have been begging, not literally of course, for Lee Joon Ki to do another sageuk drama! Except for the what-the-hell ending, I really enjoyed him as Sato in Arang and the Magistrate. He made my heart fluttered so much in that drama. He is definitely great as a period man and in hanbok. Wow, don’t get me started with him in hanbok! *blushes* His charm is unbelievably charismatic. The man made my knees shaking… Okay, okay… the man made all women gushing over his dashing look! Yeoreobun, by adding Scholar Who Walks the Night into my watch list, this drama is now my fourth sageuk this year. I know I’m a little behind with my resolution schedule but I think I can still make it by December 31. I have 3 sageuk dramas to add after this and I sort of have dramas in mind now. I’m excited to watch them all, hopefully they won’t bore me to death! *shifty eyes*


The Scholar is based on manhwa. You know I don’t read manhwa so I wouldn’t know how closely this drama is to the original storyline. But what I love about this sageuk is the element of vampire. I’m not into vampire dramas much. I find most vampy dramas are overly romanticize by PDs. I mean, who doesn’t want to be bitten by a godly, dashing, forever young vampy, right? Believe me, if I could surrender my neck to Lee Joon Ki’s character, Kim Sung Yeol, I would! *nods madly* So although I love the concept of vampy in sageuk, I sort of dislike the writing of this drama. I’m not sure if you notice it as much as I did, but the story keeps going around and around in the loop! If not because of oppa, I would have give up on it! Seriously, this writer has issues… She could have make the story richer but nope, she just want us to watch oppa going back and forth like a mad man! *sigh* I’m sad that we are going through this again and hence, dragging us like mad all the way to episode 20. Puhleeeeez, do something more creative and dramatic! *stomps her feet*


Why am I still watching it? This drama has potential, I can see the plots get thicken soon. But so far, nada. She got us excited with some romance and that’s about it. *shakes head* Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to bash it but I’m trying to explain that we could have gotten somewhere at episode 10. Oh well, this is her style and I’m going to respect it. But the last episode I saw, episode 10 that is, got me excited. The bath scene was… Drool worthy! Eeermagerd! I must say that the chemistry between Eun Bi and Joon Ki as the OTP is weak but I’m very forgiving considering of how big of an age gap the two are! Eun Bi as Yang Seon is pretty cute and slick. I really like her when she cross-dressed as a boy but as her true self (girl), she is somewhat melo and sensitive. I can see how she is much stronger and confident as a boy. She reminded me of Yoon Hee/Shik, a character played by Park Min Young in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.


Okay, to summarize the Scholar in few words, it can be difficult. There are several characters that cross path but they don’t confuse you much, unless if you don’t follow it thoroughly. I will try to sum it up up to episode 10. 200 years back, Sung Yeol was a good friend to the Crown Prince (CP) Jung Hyun. CP wrote books under pen name Lustful Students. At the time, his dad was under the power of Gwi, a vampire that resides in the palace and literally have his hands on the King’s neck. CP refused to bow to Gwi and it has caused his life. Sung Yeol defended but lost his battle to Gwi. Gwi has turned him into a vampire and used his then-fiancee as ransom. Sung Yeol has no choice but to drink her blood to live. He then determined to take revenge on Gwi. But in order to do that, he first must find a book written by Lustful Students that could be the key to terminate Gwi forever.


Fast forward 200 years later, Sung Yeol is known as a mysterious nobleman who is looking for the book written by the late CP. He seeked help of Jo Yang Seon, a cross-dressing girl that works as a story teller and bookseller. Yang Seon’s identity was revealed one day when she was chased by the police and had to reveal her true self to the nobleman. Meanwhile, Gwi continues to search for Sung Yeol and now found a new weapon to lure him in. Gwi found a lookalike Sung Yeol’s fiancee; her name is Choi Hye Ryung. She has wagered her life with Gwi and in return, he must get her a seat as the King’s wife. In this case, the closest seat she could get is with the current CP, Lee Yoon. Lee Yoon’s dad was killed by Gwi and he, too, is searching for the book. In memorable of his ancestor Jung Hyun, Lee Yoon took his pen name and he is now the modern world Lustful Students.


On the last episode, it was revealed that Gwi once had an affair with human and had to kill her because she was pregnant with his child. According to him, that child could be the key to end his life. Dun dun dun! Coincidentally, when Yang Seon’s dad was killed as a scapegoat for hiding Lee Yoon’s identity, she found out that she is not his real daughter. Now, remember when Gwi mentioned that his child is also killed as well and it was years ago. *bites lip* He was not confident when he said that so… Can you smell where we are going here? I’m thinking that Gwi’s child survived and Yang Seon is his descendant! Ba da bing!


So far, we are 10 episodes in and 10 episodes more to go. I have no clue if they will extend the series. Too soon to know, kids. But would I recommend it for watch? I don’t know. By this time, we are deep enough to know that Yang Seon has fallen for Sung Yeol. Could they survive this human/vampire relationship? Or should Yang Seon moves to Tamra with her mom and sister? I really want a happy ending but at the rate of where we are right now, and with the OTP came from different world, I suspect another Arang ending. For those who are watching, what do you think? If you haven’t and have reached up to this point, would you watch it? It is at your risk, chingu. *shrugs*