Song of the Moment: Wake Up!


Heh, I couldn’t wake up this morning! But this song really woke me up and it’s been playing nonstop since I parked my butt on this chair at 8am. Who is Sam??? This is my first time hearing him, thanks to Nikki, a good friend I met on FB who constantly supplying great music to my ears! Sam’s voice and K.Shin’s crystal clear rapping are just so ahhhmazing. The song is so perfect! Great ballad that I just can’t…. put it into words! Everything about this song made me just gaaaaaaahhh over it! Seriously, you better Wake Up, it’s 4 in the morning… The video is pretty simple and really, I don’t think people care much coz the voices are the center of the attraction.

And I must be a little delulu today because at first glance, I thought Sam is Kim Hyun Joong *slaps head*. Can someone just slap me already? Anyway, please enjoy this song as much as you can…

Update: thanks to dulcetkitten’s persistence, which I really don’t mind, Sam is short for Sam Ku. He was born in Seoul but grew up in Chicago! Oh em gee, he’s Americanos! *claps like a maniac* Please take your time and check his international fan site, Always with Sam Ku. I’m actually excited with this newfound voice and I can’t wait to hear what else is up on his sleeves. Errrr Michele, he’s from your hood, girl!

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Crazy


Isn’t it crazy? February is almost over!!! Annyeong, yeoreobun! Are you ready for March? I am not! How is this possible? I thought we just celebrate New Year 2015? Wow, time flies! Speaking of time, I have been running out of time. I do not know how but my time management skill is awful lately. My sickness has keeping me away from everything and my home is like a shipwrecked. I’m so glad hubby hasn’t said a word although I can see his displeased look every time he got home from work. Mianhae, yeobeo…

So for this week post, I decided to go with 4Minute’s Crazy. The title describes perfectly of what I am becoming now. Crazy!!!! This song was released on February 8 and already attracted 6 million viewers! Wow! This is incredible! How did the girls are able to pull the numbers this much? Sure it is misleading with some repeated viewers but still… Impressive! As for the song itself, it is not my kind of music. I don’t know, maybe I’m growing old but I just can’t stand the song nor the girls. The concept looks very G-Dragon but the entire MV is awesome. The vocal is awesome though. The girls are definitely powerful. They are way better than 2NE1 today but I’m sure 2NE1 will make a comeback to top them. It’s always the case and I think it is a very healthy competition. They keep each other on top of everything and push their edgy images to the level where any newbies will make it hard to replace them. Nice, girls!

And without further due, here is 4Minute with the latest hit, Crazy! Have a great day!

Song of the Moment: Searchlight


Bloody hell, this song is really really sweet! I can’t get it stop playing it in my head! Thanks to apqaria from Crush on Da-Hae for feeding my music addiction, she has supplied me THE song and now it’s nonstop playing in the background. Tamaki Koji’s husky voice give that soft rock feels that really grabs your soul. And the song itself is super sweeeeeeeet! The song is called Searchlight and it is one of my favorite song taken from Tokyo Bandwagon, a J-drama I’m currently watching.

I tried embedding the vid here but I failed miserably. I hate messing with html and my brain is tired to write the code so check it out on the link below. You will not regret listening to this song… Put your hands up and come and sway your arms left and right with this song. It is just so beautiful! Thank you Tamaki-san for this beautiful song.

Currently Watching: Tokyo Bandwagon


Apparently, I’m a Kame virgin when I decided to start to watch Second Love (review to follow soon) drama, his current airing drama. I was mesmerized by his beauty. My jaw was on the floor and often time I had to pick it up to avoid massive drooling. If you take a look at him, he has the most perfect brows! What in the world… And his eyes and lips! Okay, obviously I stare at him a little too much now *sticks tongue out*. But you know, he’s a completely different person in Tokyo Bandwagon, his drama I’m currently watching. His character is quite carefree with humor on the side. And he seems normal, the next door kinda guy you would wanna to date.

tabe kame (credits to alare-chan tumblr)

But before I go on any further, I must thank Bel again for encouraging me to watch this dorama. Her suggestion is always spot on. I was distracted when I started the first episode. I thought it bored me to death. But I give it a watch again the next day and here I am, 8 episodes later, blogging it. Yeah, I have 2 more episodes to complete this series. If I don’t do it now, I’ll never get to blog Tokyo Bandwagon. Why? This drama is surprisingly addictive and I’m afraid I may end up blogging it under Just Watched post instead!!! Listen, I don’t even know what it is that makes this drama so addictive! No, no, no… Kame is no longer the factor. He’s part of the story which I really enjoy it.

vlcsnap-2014-01-15-23h26m42s182 (1)

The warmth of the family is very welcoming and every member of the family give their hearts to each other. As I watch it, I secretly wish my family would be as warm as theirs. Even when there is a dilemma or entangle issue between them, they resolve it in the most human way. Ahhhh Japanese and their manners! I can never compete with them. Really, I wish I’m as polite as them… Anywho, enough of me and my daily grunt on myself. Let’s focus on Kame. *shakes head* I mean, Tokyo Bandwagon. This drama is interesting. It is narrated by the late wife of Tokyo Bandwagon store. Oh hold up, let me explain the meaning behind the name Tokyo Bandwagon. Tokyo Bandwagon is the name of a secondhand bookstore that is located outskirt of Tokyo. The store has been there for hundreds of years and Kame is the fourth generation for this family. They have expanded the store to cafe as well and it is run by the granddaughter and granddaughter-in-law.


Ao is the second son in the family but he was born from his dad’s mistress. However, he was raised by the family and his birth mother took off to pursue her own career. Luckily that they raised him nonetheless with lots of love. So when Ao found out that he’s not his mom’s real child, he quit reading and he changed his ambition which was once wanting to become the next owner of the store. Ao works as a freelance tour guide. On his free time, he spend his time at the store helping out the family. Okay, so far so good, right? Nothing to worry about, right? Well, there you have it folks… Nothing to worry about. Tokyo Bandwagon is just your average daily family drama just going about their own business. That’s it! Well, there are more stories in between and mostly about love, long lost love, seeking love, and discovering a brand new love. Now the love part is quite interesting. Ao is known as playboy and he constantly invites female to his family’s store but one day he fell in love with a university student who has similar passion as his – books! Wahhhh, isn’t it great???


You must watch Tokyo Bandwagon. Among the best relationships in this drama is between Ao and his rock singer dad. I’m not kidding, you! Their relationship is just awesome. And I envy Ao and his popularity in his family. Can I just adopt Ao for myself??? This 10 episode drama was aired in 2013 is a feel good drama. Tokyo Bandwagon is a guaranteed laugh out loud and teary drama at the same time. *happy sigh*


Wednesday Eu-Mak: Lunar New Year


Annyeong and hello! Happy Lunar New Year eve everyone! What a year and I’m happy to leave the year of horse. My year was horrible. Too many death and tragedy in the horse year and I hope that the year of sheep will bring us lots of prosperity, good health and wealth, and many joys to our lives. Here are couple of clips from my favorite Kill Me, Heal Me cast for the new year celebration. Take it away….!

I laughed so hard on the second clip! Shin Se Gi??? Why not Yo Na though? *giggles*. And here is new year greeting by new kpop group, G-Friend. They are so cute!

And also by CNBlue – in Mandarin and Korean. Jia yo!

Well, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers Happy Lunar New Year 2015! And don’t forget… clean your house tonight to get rid of those bad horse year omen and welcome the sheep year by wearing colorful  dresses, or in Chinese, preferably in red ^^.

Just Watched: Saigo no Kizuna

7zIVsI decided to watch Saigo no Kizuna because of Sato Takeru. I love his portrayal as Rurouni Kenshin in the Rurouni Kenshin saga. Yeap, I saw all three and never blog it. One day I will… When I’m ready. But until then, I want to introduce you to Saigo no Kizuna as it is not so much of a movie movie, but more of docu movie of World War II that was set in Okinawa. Yeap, it is the infamous Pacific war. My hub was skeptical when I decided to watch this docu movie. He is a die hard Chinese man who still hold dear to the past and to what Japanese had done to his ancestors. I do not hold grudges as much because it was all in the past. I grew up listening to stories told by my dad and how he once lived under Japanese rules in Malaya. Yes, it was painful to hear but my dad told me that he learned a lot through the experience even though it was painful to his childhood.


So back to my hub, he had a different idea before starting this docu movie. He thought the Japanese will just glorified their past. *rolling eyes* I hated his mentality. As educated as he is, I feel bad that he could not get over it. Okay, I should stop ranting. It is his life and I should respect his opinion. Well, now back to Saigo no Kizuna, I’m surprised by the story. It is a true story of two brothers, both were soldiers and both were forced to defend their country. Except one of them, through his and Japanese’ eyes, he is considered a traitor. Seiyu is the eldest son in the family. In order to survive and support his family, he decided to migrate to America and work as a farmer. But he realized his opportunity was too limited and decided to change his name so he can get better opportunity. By doing so, he switched nationality as well and became American. Needless to say, as a American, he was being called to join the army. He and his great buddies were hesitated because it will be a betrayal to their country but at the same time, they can’t leave to home coz the family needs money. The dilemma was especially difficult for Seiyu because his mom passed away two years after he left for America and leaving his brother Yasu in charge of the household as the eldest son.


Yasu adores his nee-chan so much! He cried so hard when Seiyu left. Three years after his brother gone, the Japanese government has forced all the students in school to learn the military survival and training which eventually forcing them to enlist. It was difficult for Yasu knowing that his brother in America and he has to fight the American. When the war started, the two brothers fought hard. Seiyu became an interpreter while Yasu, since he is native Okinawan, was forced to be the solider at the front line. The brothers eventually met and was shocked by what they have became.


This true story reunited the brothers and their siblings after the war. Seiyu chose America to live whereas Yasu remain in Japan but these brothers grew up well and are pretty successful in life. If you are interested in history, this docu movie is a must see. I’m glad I saw it. I cried a bucket actually. What a great life story to pass on…

Just Watched: The Pirates


I haven’t been blogging on movies for awhile… I have been very lazy and decided to blog movies if time permits. Today is your lucky day coz here I finally decided to blog The Pirates. I’ve been meaning to watch this ever since I found out that Kim Nam Gil nabbed the main lead role. He is my mustache oppa *giggles*. And the best part is his co star from Shark, Son Ye Jin, is part of the movie too. Nice! Coincidence? *shrugs* I don’t know. Are they comfortable working together like Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum? Maybe.


So about the plot for The Pirates. Hmmmm… Where do I begin? *rubs chin* It is the most ridiculous thing ever. *facepalm* It is just a bunch of bandits and pirates trying to catch a whale who swallowed the royal seal. But the process of catching this whale is funny and all the mishaps scenes that Sa Jung the bandit and Yeo Wel the pirates went through to get the seal back for the Emperor were hilarious. The first 30 minutes into the movie was a little painful. I was questioning myself whether I should stop or move forward. The scenes were so serious and I was yawning several times. But once the focus move to the bandits, you will see the mood in the movie shifted a bit and you will find yourself holding your tummy from laughing too hard.


This movie is flooded with famous faces and they all received equally time on the screen as the OTPs! Now that speaks a volume, unlike other movies which just adding known faces just to pull audience. Not The Pirates and which is why I love this movie a lot. The OTPs nailed the role really well. The stunts were great and let me tell you about Son Ye Jin. I thought she is a girly girl, but in this movie as Yeo Wel, she showed us that she can do so much more than a pretty face. And oppa Nam Gil, well… He is just awesome and funny. I get to see him smiles a lot *giggles*. Listen peeps, I highly recommend The Pirates! Great and entertaining movie!