Currently Watching: Incarnation of Money

Incarnation1Annyeonghaseo! This is my first review for this blog and I have decided to start with the Incarnation of Money. This recently aired drama just wrapped up its season on SBS network. At first, I wasn’t planning on watching it. But I got excited by a review I read: if you like History of the Salaryman (I reviewed this drama in my other blog), you will definitely like this one. Frankly, I don’t see any similarity between these two dramas but as I continue on… I started liking it. Of course, it helps knowing that Kang Ji Hwan is the lead actor. I first saw him in Lie to Me. I didn’t like him at the beginning. My first impression of him walking up in top to bottom white suit really threw me off! Really! I felt so disgusted because he sort of perceived himself as a king. I know, I know… he was playing his character really well. And I shouldn’t be making such comment but I’m only human…

Anyway, let’s not doze off! Incarnation of Money is a comedy drama about revenge, corruption, politics, love and money. Well, it is typical story line in most dramas today. What made this drama stand out from others? The plot is very fresh and unique. Now I get the meaning of the review I read earlier. The story is so entertaining you will never get bored. The writers wrote it so well that I keep wanting more and more, and the humor always popped up at the right time. The writers also poked fun on big girls, plastic surgery and food. I find it very offensive when they brought these sensitive issues but it was acted so well but I don’t know if anyone feels hurt by it. But you know what? This is a very common issue in developing countries and I know it is a common talk in Asia.

Since this is a fairly new drama, I’ll try not to spill too many beans and direct your attention to one one particular character: Lee Cha Don/Lee Kang Seok (there are too many characters to follow). I’m currently on episode 12 of 24 episodes. The drama told a story of Cha Don, the prosecutor, who has a strong desire for money and not knowing that money IS running in his blood. He was the son of a prominent billionaire but lost all of his heritage when his dad was murdered and his mom was wrongfully accused for the death of his father. Cha Don was later been chased by a group of people (his father’s closes friends) who wanted him dead because he figured out who was the mastermind behind the dirty plot and while being chased, Cha Don got into an accident. Because of the accident, he was diagnosed with amnesia. His life turned upside down because of memory loss. Well, he lost his parents, but later was sent to an orphanage home (sponsored by a loan shark who sees potential in him). He grew up to be a prosecutor (a corrupted one, unfortunately). Well, of course, he was asked to resign from his position when he was involved in a case that is larger than any prosecutors can imagine. All his corrupted money was burned down and he decided to start a small law firm to continue his work. I wish I know what was his main goal in the corruption case he was part of. I hope to find out later. For his first case, he and his team decided to take one of the case he had during his internship time. The client? His own mom! Unknowingly to these two mother and son, together they will eventually solve the mystery of the death of his dad.

I’m very excited for this drama because the plot is very refreshing and it keeps me guessing again and again. Plus, it’s so hilarious I laughed my heart out. The writers are sure good in blending dark plot with humor. Would I recommend it? Hell, yeah! Now, shoo… go watch it please!


Kang Ji Hwan as Lee Cha Don/Lee Kang Seok


Hwang Jung Eum as Bok Jane


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