Coming Soon: Shark

상어포스터 최종(인쇄용).indd

Shark is my anticipated drama for this year. I really cant wait for the airing which is May 27 (4 days left). It will be shown on KBS2 network. This is definitely a comeback drama for both actors. Kim Nam Gil was previously seen in Bad Guy and Son Ye Jin in Personal Taste. This is also sort of a comeback for Ha Seok-Jin and Lee Ha-Nui. I last saw Seok-Jin in I am Happy and Ha-Nui in Pasta. Let me tell you, all four actors are great actors! They each have their own strengths and my feeling is that the chemistry between these four will raise Shark up a notch!

I’m Kim Nam Gil’s biggest fan! I’m so crazy over him I’ll watch anything with him. Wait, I lied. I haven’t watch that many of his dramas. Shame, you Nelly! Well, the most recent one was Lovers (as recommended by kfangurl). It is an old gangster/comedy drama but let’s put that aside…

Anyway, Shark is said to be a revenge drama. Well, if you’ve seen Nam-Gil’s Bad Guy, you will know why he selected this project. It seems like this is a continuation from his previous work. I heard Shark is marriage of Bad Guy and Nice Guy (or Innocent Guy). To be honest, revenge drama scare me a lot! Why? You never know how the ending will be. Bad Guy’s ending was such a shock to me. My jaw dropped. I bawled my eyes out. Oh boy, it was rough! I am sensing Shark will be similar too. But come to think of it, why must all dramas’ ending be happy happy? Right?

If you plan to watch it, let me know. Maybe we can watch it together. So far, only Viki has the license to air in US. If you are watching it from a different source, please share it here. So to build our momentum, here’s the trailer recently released for Shark! Gwah!!!!


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