Currently Watching: Nail Shop Paris


Consider this a warning! This drama will make you feel “what the hell am I watching?” because it did to me. And I don’t understand why such drama gets to air. This drama will not move forward if it were up for me to decide. Seriously, I am lost for words on this one. The hype was so big but it turns out this drama is suitable for certain age group. Bottom line, this drama is not for us noonas…


Should I go further? The only weapon Nail Salon Paris use to lure us is the cast. Yes, they are all young and beautiful! I watched it because I heard it is *rolled my eyes* a cross-gender dressing drama. I’m a fan for such theme because it is almost always funny. Well, like I said, this one is different. The story line can be very interesting if it were done right. I mean, think about it… Cross-gender dressing? Check! Gumiho? Check! Spy-ish? Check! See? It has all the interesting element? So what went wrong? Poorly written and lack of chemistry. I think if they include season actors, this drama will make them look bad. The energy is just not fit.


This “flower boy” drama is currently airing on MBCQueen network. It has 10 episodes (Amen!) and so far, 4 episodes aired. I highly don’t recommend you watching this drama unless if you’re 24 or younger. Or young at heart! But I’m planning to keep on going because I vow to stop neglecting any dramas this year. Sucks for me 😦


What do you think?

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