Just Watched: The Naked Kitchen


Joo Ji-Hoon! Ohrenmanida!!! After long hiatus, I believe this is his comeback project. I could be wrong though… Don’t take my word, I’m lazy to do research since it’s after 10pm now. But I’m here not to discuss his past, you can do your own search on him.

The Naked Kitchen. Complicated. Dangerous. Somewhat nerve wrecking. Easily fix. But “can you love two men at the same time?” This was the question asked by the female lead. Frankly, I’m not comfortable watching this movie even though the presentation of the movie was made funny. The intention is noted but I don’t appreciate cheating scandal. It’s so obvious one of them will get hurt. The male lead is portrayed to be sensible, calm, mature, stable and comfortable. The second male lead is young, fresh, playful and dangerous. And she… Well, let’s put it this way. She’s a free-spirited woman who hides nothing.


This one hour and 43 minutes 2009 movie is not for everyone. As much as I want to love it, I can’t. I’m certainly uncomfortable. I’m sure you can handle it. It’s not as bad though. You probably think it’s nothing and that I exaggerate too much. I still enjoy the movie for the most part. Not the ending. I don’t get it. Or did I miss something? Anyway… I know ménage à trois isn’t my cup of tea. That’s all.





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