Just Watched: Green Chair


I was contemplating whether I should write this review. It was embarrassing to watch Green Chair. But I promise myself not to be bias. Yes, the cover of this movie was misleading and I got curious because of the title. Why Green Chair? Molla. All I know is that the movie was about a divorced woman, Myun Hee, who was sentenced to prison and a 100 days community service for having sex with a minor, Hyun, who was few months shy of being a legal age.

The first 25 minutes of this movie was full of intimacy. But the story started to take place as soon as Myun Hee realized that her relationship with Hyun is going nowhere. Duh, isn’t it quite obvious? How dumb can she be? This May-December relationship (notice I’m referring it May-December and not December-May because she’s 32 and he’s 19, reverse gender) will not work because of many reasons. The most obvious one is if this relationship is for real?

I don’t recommend this 2004 movie. Nope, not at all. I don’t even know how Green Chair showed up in my Top 10 recommendation list which the list is usually full of shows for my kiddo! Please don’t watch it unless if you need some… Hmm hmm


p/s: I lost interest I skipped to the end part just to know the ending


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