Currently Watching: Itazura Na Kiss


Before I get crazy with this romantic cutie stalker drama, I just want to say that watching Itazura na Kiss made me want to go back to Japan so badly. I was planning on going to Tokyo this August for work but after counting how many days I’ll be away from my baby, I decided to scrap it and stick to Dhaka. Well, I can go back next year…20130530-074601.jpg

Ok, enough sadness! Itazura Na Kiss (or Playful Kiss) is a drama based on Japanese popular manga. I’ve seen the Korean version gazillions times. The male lead character reminds me of my hubby and I dig it! The meaner the character gets, the more I love it! And guess what? This Japanese version is as cute as the Korean one. Irie, the male lead, is so cute and adorable. And Kotoko, aka Irie’s stalker, is adorable as well.

This drama needs no introduction unless if this is your first time hearing it. If in fact this is your first time, please stop doing what you’re doing and start watching it!! I suggest to start with the Korean version since the Japanese one is still airing. So far, 8 episodes already aired. It is unfortunate for fans like me because only one new episode is released every week. How I wish they would release more episode… Coz it seems forever to wait for a new one!!! Grrrr!

To sum up, IT’S A MUST WATCH show!!! Please don’t miss it!



2 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Itazura Na Kiss

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