Currently Watching: Spy Myung Wol


Frankly, my sole purpose of watching Spy Myung Wol is to keep up with all the dramas Jin Wook has acted in. I’ve been head over heels with Jin-Wook ever since I saw him in I Need Romance 2. There’s something about him that made me want him so badly!!! His smile reminds me of Tom Cruise. Very mannish yet has a hint of boyish element. Anywho, let’s not dwell on my girlish crush… My cheeks are warm *blushed*

To be honest, I know nothing about Spy Myung Wol. I was feeling disconnected when I saw the first episode. It didn’t leave a lasting impression (not even Eric’s shower scene do the trick) but I forced myself to keep it up (because of Jin-Wook). I was quite lost even though the story was very simple.


This drama has 18 episodes and I’m currently on episode 12. It’s a spy drama but it’s no thriller at all. I was hoping some real action for but instead I got romance. No, I don’t like to read synopsis because I want to be surprised. But I must admit, there are some funny moments and some moments where your heart starts beating a little faster. This “spy” drama told a story of North Korean spies whom were assigned to steal 4 ancient books. One of the book is belong to a Kpop superstar. At first, Comrade Myung Wol mission was to be closed to the Kang Woo, the celebrity. But things got out of hand and her mission was changed to marry him. Hah!

Yeah, the story sounded ridiculous to me. But I guess this is how the writers wanted it. And the lead female. She appeared to be wary. It’s so unnatural. I hate it. Okay… So the verdict is? Watch at your own risk. I personally won’t recommend it. Bleh *tongue sticked out*



3 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Spy Myung Wol

  1. This is slightly off-topic but have you by any chance, watched Nine yet? Lee Jin Wook’s really swoonworthy there! Sigh, he is such a good kisser. 😀


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