Second Chance: Hwang Sun-Hee

hwang-sun-hee-photo-u1I was first introduced to Hwang Sun-Hee in 2011 City Hunter, and this was last year when I saw this fantastic drama. Sun-Hee plays Jin Sae-Hee, a veterinarian and ex-wife to Young Joo (played by Lee Joon-Hyuk). It was a small role but she was very memorable to me. I was mesmerized by her beauty. And her deep, deep dimples! Aaargh! *girly crush* Her beauty is unlike others. She has this romantic and pure look which hard to find in many actresses. Her looks is however more mature than her age, which is only 27 years old. To me, she appears to be very docile, obedient and  shy, and she fits more of a housewife-y character. Obviously, her later character was a housewife in Wild Romance. Hwang Sun-Hee is an amazing actress. But I really would like to her in a bigger role, a more challenging character that could get her out of this image. She is currently in Hundred Years Inheritance (a minor role). I have not seen this drama yet and I don’t plan on watching it since it is a family drama.

I hope there will be more opportunities for her in future. It would be a shame if her talent is wasted on smaller or minor role. She has all the potential in the world and I hope her agent or manager will work harder to get her the “IT” role that could break her next-door-girl image to a real badass character! A little evil character may get her there out… Sun-Hee, I wish you all the best!


As always, I’ll end this post with one of the best song from the City Hunter OST, Sarang.



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