Second Chance: Hong Yun-Hwa

pk 2Remember her? I thought she was the cutest character in Mischievous (Playful) Kiss as Jung Ju-Ri. Her bubbly personality and her ever adorableness should be enough to give her another chance. Don’t you think so? I personally would like to see her more. I heard she was in Real School, a 2011 sitcom drama but I have never heard of it until now. I tried searching her over the internet but I simply couldn’t find much. I thought I saw her in Ma Boy, a Korean telemovie, but I guess I’m wrong. It must be my eyes! I heard she’s also a comedian but I don’t see much of her comedy work published anywhere. Hm *frustrated*

So far, I can tell that she fits a high-school character. Hong Yun-Hwa is only 26 years old but she looks like she still belongs in high school. It can be a blessing for some and I don’t know if it is to her. She may not able to graduate from “high school” character for awhile. As an actress, it must be frustrated for her to get cast with her limited look. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to discriminate her but if you’ve watched too many dramas, I’m sure you notice certain actors stuck in the similar characters for awhile. I hope acting is not her only career because it can be tough. She needs to slowly mature-up and move on to a better character. What am I doing? Her agent should know this! That is, IF, she has an understanding agent that knows what is BEST for her.

Can you see her playing a different role in drama? So far, other than being a hwaeksang, I think I can picture her playing characters like college student (again, not far from where she was as Ju-Ri), a big sister, office worker and perhaps a police officer! How about an evil big sister? Yeah, that could do it! My wish is to see her taking up a serious, non-comedy role. Of course, it may be challenging with her adorable face, but I think she probably can do it. If she managed to win our hearts in a more challenging character, then her career may take off to a new level. I hope her next project is some melo or action so that we can see her breaking herself out of childish character. Yun-Hwa, please don’t give up! You know better than others. Hwaiting!



And I leave you with a soundtrack from the Playful Kiss. It is a song by G.Na titled Kiss Me. Enjoy!


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