Currently Watching: 49 Days

49days-p1I feel like knocking my head to the wall again and again and again. Why did I wait this long to watch 49 Days? Why Nelly? Why? Why? Wae? Does it ever happened to you? I have been contemplating on this drama for the longest time. Yes, for a very long time. This drama has been popping on my Top 10 Recommendations in my Netflix for almost a year but I completely ignore it. I finally added it to my queue in December 2012 (yeap, you heard me) but that’s about it. I let it fermented in my queue for several months more. I have read the synopsis countless of times. Each time I read it, I shook my head and said “hell no!” I mean if you read it, it sounded like a bleh melodrama with guaranteed tears! Sorry, I hate crying coz the last time I cried from watching drama, my eyes were so puffy it took days to finally come down *shudder* Once again, I’ve been completely wrong. What is wrong with me?

49days 1

Ok, enough rambling now. Let’s focus on 49 Days. People of kdrama-verse! Listen to me! This is one helluva good drama. No, not good. It is so beautiful. I’m speechless at how great it is. It has everything. Love. Appreciation. Hardship. Friendship. Family. You name it! And it somehow reminded me of Secret Garden even though the story line is completely different. There is no body swapping but more of a “borrowing” ones’ body. And it’s not as melo as I thought it would be. I’m quite surprised how funny it gets by the time the episode 2 started. The casts are great! They all seems appropriately cast to fit each character. And the story line is wonderful. So wonderful. I have to admit, after watching Nine, it was hard to move on because how great that drama was. All the latter drama was either too childish or too serious. I felt kind of lost 😦 49 Days finally filling in that missing piece in me.

49days 2

49 Days is a very interesting drama to watch. It tells a story of a newly engaged couple that was pressured by the bride’s father to move their wedding date quicker in 3 weeks (or something like that). However, the cheerful bubbly bride, Ji Hyun, got into an accident that left her in coma. Her soul met up with a reaper and she was promised a second chance at living IF she achieve the condition: to get 3 people (not related by blood) to genuinely shed 3 teardrops for her in the course of 49 days. To achieve this goal, Ji Hyun decided to borrow a part-time convenience store’s body, Yi Kyung, at day to work on her scheme to collect these tears without knowing who Yi Kyung is. The task Ji Hyun thought it would be simple at first ends up being very challenging when she found out that her fiance, Min Ho, cheated on her with her father’s secretary. And the story gets wilder when her friend started to notice the similarities between Yi Kyung and Ji Hyun.

49days 3

I’m currently on episode 10 out of 20 episodes. This 2011 received quite a good rating and it finished 2nd (source: AsianWiki) nationwide on its last episode. I’m sure by now you can tell how excited I am. This is a definite MUST WATCH drama. Plus, it has Jung Il-Woo (big thumbs up!).


And it has beautiful OST! I can’t help but sharing 49 Days’ theme song I Can Feel It by Navi.


What do you think?

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