Wednesday Eu-Mak

Another Wednesday, people. I know, I know. Time flies and we are in our third Wednesday of this month! We has the time go? Seriously, I’m baffled on how fast this year has passed. And the next 6 months will fly in no time. I don’t like it. Why? Why can’t I slow you down, time? Why you tick-tocking so fast?

As I mentioned in my last week Eu-Mak post, this week MVs will be not your average KPop. Hm I don’t even think this music should be categorized as KPop anymore. They are more indie-like, ballad-like, rap-like, jazzy-like and combining all these elements and you got an out-of-this-world craziness yet soothing and comforting music chores to your ears. That’s right people, I’m going unconventional and decided to feature Verbal Jint and Urban Zakapa. Heard of them? If you’re an avid music lovers like me, I’m sure you are. If not, welcome!

Let’s start with Verbal Jint. I recently discovered him and it was love at first sound. I was confused as I never heard of him nor his songs. Mine you, my music selection mostly lingers around Kpop genre. Verbal Jint is a one man show and he does have a very unique name. Verbal Jint is a combination of his nickname and stage name. He’s mostly known as Korean rapper and songwriter. His voice is not as deep as Big Bang’s TOP but deep enough as a rapper. Like most rappers, VJ doesn’t work alone. He collaborated with many singers. He needs another voice to balance up his music. But not all of his songs need to be supported by another voice. It all depends, of course. And when he sing, his voice varies depending on the music itself. Sometimes, he sounded ballad-y, jazzy and it has a mix of huskiness and rocky in it. Having said that, I decided to feature his Good Morning for one of this week’s selection. The title is so appropriate and the music is so fresh. Good Morning has a little bit of reggae twist in it. It is so wonderful to hear it after a long day at work. And VJ’s voice? So, so classy. OMG, I could just listen to this song again and again. Please enjoy it, and you’ll understand me when I say classy. VJ is one classy man. Classy. Yeah!

Next stop is an MV by Urban Zakapa. Yeap, another indie, R&B and jazzy like music. I’ve heard of them but never pay that much of attention until recently. I think I am moving “tiny bit” away from Kpop and diversifying my music selection. But no sweat, Kpop is still my fave! Anyway, Urban Zakapa. When I heard their names, I never thought this would be a Korean group. Boy I’m wrong coz they are! And how unique name their name is? Right? I just love they it sounded. Urban Zakapa. Urban Zakapa. Chant with me, people! LOL. The group comprises of three singers: two males and one female vocal. They are indeed very young and has quite a number of followers already. And when you hear Crush, your  body will automatically starting to relax and your mind will drifting to the infinity. Their voices are so soothing to your ears and you can actually feel their emotions as they sing Crush. It has a romantic and dreamy vibe in this song and I thought it would be the perfect song while sitting on a beach or by a pool or in your veranda. OK, not all of us can afford to go to the beach now (like me), so just pretend you are… You have a good imagination, right?

So, so… What do you think of Verbal Jint and Urban Zakapa? I thought both songs compliment each other and so perfect to hear it one after another. It’s just my opinion, I get over excited over little things. I’m not very expressive in words but music wise, I am. And my  brain tells me Good Morning and Crush are exquisite and elegant to my ears. I hope it is to yours as well. Have a great day! And next week? Well, back to Kpop *grin*


What do you think?

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