Currently Watching: Ordinary Love

OLI decided to watch this show to support Kwon Se-In drama. But guess what? I’m on episode 2 and not a shadow of him still. Great sadness! Ordinary Love is a 2012 mini drama aired on KBS2. It has only 4 episode which I like. Why can’t they make more dramas this short? Prolong the storyline can hurt the overall drama sometimes… Just my opinion.

Anyway, Ordinary Love? Yup, very ordinary. Nothing special. I thought it’s kind of bleh. The female lead doesn’t show much facial expression so it’s hard to read her sometimes. The male lead? He’s okay. Just okay. The story though? I like the story. Well, perhaps it only has 4 episode so the intention was revealed almost immediately. It helps knowing sooner and now, it’s the healing and discovering the truth process.


Ordinary Love is about finding the truth of a murder that happened 7 years ago. Jae-Gwang wants to know why his brother was murdered so he purposely approach Yoon-Hye, the murderer’s daughter with a hope that she can lead him to her dad and ultimately seeking closure for the family. But after hanging out with Yoon-Hye, it came to his realization that her dad may not be the killer after all. Strange and I really can’t predict what’s going to happen next.

I read the review on MyDramaList and the ending sounded pretty bad. Well, how bad it is would depend on how you look at it. I don’t judge by the ending because sometimes, some drama ended with an open ending just for you to decide how you want the ending to be. Would I suggest Ordinary Love? It’s hard to say. I’m very curious where it takes me and if you have this curiosity, yes I’d totally recommend it. It’s not a heavy drama and the emotional isn’t over the top, it will make you feel less edgy.


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