Just Watched: Heartbreak Library


Hoho, it’s Lee Dong-Wook movie! I’m doing my happy dance. He looks so young in here. And he got to act with Eugene, one of my favorite actress of all time. I just finished this movie and I find it hilarious! Well, not that ha ha kind of funny but it hits me just at the right spot, if you know what I mean. One thing I need to warn you if or when you decide to watch this movie: never to watch it when you’re hungry!!! Dong-Wook’ Jun Oh character is a Japanese sushi chef and when he’s in his environment, boy I got so hungry. And him as a chef? I should transport him to my kitchen! And the ending is just mellow yet perfect… Awwwww ❤

So what is Heartbreak Library is all about? It tells a story of a young man that vandalizes library books. But the weirdest thing is he only tears page 198. Yeap, and not any kind of books but books that his ex-girlfriend had borrowed and read. When the librarian found out what he did, she confronted him but the answer he gave startled her. To be honest, I was too. He was looking for an answer she left and it can only be found on page 198. Do you know how many books he had to go through? 900+ books! The librarian helped him narrow down by printing him the list of books his ex have read.


In the end, the librarian decided to help him find his ex by following him around to his ex hometown. The entire process later on became very sweet as they both slowly falling for each other. The love they had is not so obvious obvious like romance drama you’ve seen, but it was very mild and subtle if I can sum up to you.

I’d definitely recommend this movie if you’re looking for something light. It’s not the greatest love story but I love the plot. The script could have been better but hey, I will stop complaining. It’s great!


What do you think?

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