Wednesday Eu-Mak


Summer is officially here!!! Wow, I never looked forward to summer as much as this year. I’ve been traveling to tropical weather countries since the beginning of this year and it was definitely hard to fly back to winter. I usually scheduled my work travel around May to September so that the weather difference wouldn’t be too bad on my body. Unfortunately, this year we decided to go a different route. As much as I hate it, I couldn’t do anything to prevent it. Oooh well… But yeah, summer is here and the air is humid and I love it. Let’s hope it won’t get too hot this year!

So… I decided to dedicate this week’s music to summer. For a change. It’s one season everyone is looking forward to. If you’re not, well… you’re in the minority then. The songs I selected are so appropriate and it’ll bring out the summer in you. Without further due, I present music by f(x) and Big Bang! Yowzaa!!!! I’m going all out with Kpop this week I tell ya LOL. Ok, back to the song!

The first MV is by f(x). This South Korean all-girls group is so hip-hop they are soo goooood! They don’t look your everyday typical girl band. I like them. And I like their songs. When they sing, you can actually follow them word by word. It helps me especially when I’m learning Korean coz they tend to speak very fast! The song I selected for this post is Hot Summer. Obviously, right? This MV is so energetic and the vibrant color is so catchy. The music is very electro-funky and you know you want to shake your head with it. The dance was a bit robotic to me and they don’t look sweaty as I hope for LOL.

The next one is Big Bang’s Feeling. What can I say? Let’s jump up in the air and “let’s move (here we go), get loose (y’all know).” I guess I don’t need to introduce the boys, right? They are considerably the famous kpop music group in the country (by country I mean South Korea). Please enjoy… I can’t type much today, it’s too hot :P.

I hope you enjoy this week’s eu-mak. Next week post? It’s couple time!


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