I received what…? Liebster Award what…?

LiebsterAwardSerafinellyYeap, my not-a-month old blog received nominations for Liebster Award. What is it? I don’t know, my first time hearing it. I saw it posted on kfangurl’s blog and I went, “hm, okay.” And that was it, life goes on… And before I know it, two of my tweeter friends nominated me yesterday (May 30, 2013). So, I got curious and googled it. Of course, I couldn’t find it. But apparently, there are tons of bloggers out there received this nominations as well. After reading their blogs, I finally understand what it is. A Liebster Award is awarded to up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers. Hah! That’s me! That’s sooooo me! I don’t even know if I have followers. I must check soon!

So, to kakashi and NewKDramaAddict, I’m honored and grateful to you both for nominating me. I don’t deserve this award, yet. I’m too new. I haven’t done much with this blog and I’m still learning my way of blogging through WordPress. But, really… Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and seoul (soul). It means a lot and I shall do better, and be better!


Apparently, I received a third nomination and it came from Michelle. I must have missed the announcement or saw but forgotten about it. Thanks, kfangurl for pointing this out.

Updates (June 27, 2013):

One month later, I found that Coco and Vivi nominated me. One month later! To the duo of KDrama Fighting! gals, gomawoyo! This is very, very unexpected!

Apparently, there is some protocol I need to follow as a nominee:

  • list 11 random facts about yourself
  • answer the questions designated by the blogger(s) who nominated you
  • place YOUR nominations for the Liebster Award! Nominate five (or more) other bloggers that have less than 20 followers. Make sure to notify them via comment/email, etc.
  • Make up a set of questions for those nominated bloggers to answer.
  • Display the Liebster Award badge on your blog

Alrighty… Let’s get on with it!

11 Random Facts about Myself

Eggs – You have no idea how many eggs I consumed in a week! I love eggs so, so much and I will cry when we are out of eggs at home. Scrambled, sunny side up (with half cooked yolk), half boiled, full boiled, poached, steamed, baked! You name it. Do you remember watching “Runaway Bride,” the scene where Maggie tried all kinds of style of eggs just to decide which one she loves the most? Well, that’s me and I still can’t decide!!! Yes, my hubby nicknamed me “egg slut.” And I’m proud of it!


Vegetarian – I’m a vegetarian. I can’t do vegan. Actually, not that I can’t do it, but why should I? You see my 1st random facts about me? Yup, because I love eggs, I can’t be vegan. Plus, I love cheese and milk. I’ve been a vegetarian for 14 years now. It all started when my dear hubby challenged me to be one. Yeah, it was a stupid bet. Technically, after 14 years, I won, right? So this means I can go back  to eating meat, right? Well, let’s just say I’m so immune to this diet I have no desire to eat meat again. There is an exception: if you bring KFC to me. I can’t get over KFC!!!


Cow – My dream is to someday own a cow. Not any kind of cow, I love the Dutch breed kind. I don’t know why I love cow. They are just so adorable!!!!


Men in uniform – I got turned on when I see men in uniform. There is something about them in those suits! When I saw Lee Seung Gi in The King 2 Hears, omo omo… Words can’t describe how crazy berserk I went! But my obsession started way earlier. My university was 15 minutes away from the air force base and of course, there were tons of pilots and engineers went to the university. The best part was when I was doing my master degree where I was the only female in the class and the rest, well lucky me hehehe, are men in uniform. Now that I work in the capital of USA, I still get to see men in uniform. They are just so…. uh *making a fist*. Yummilicious!

Lee Seung Gi-The King 2 Hearts (7)

Pilot – After graduating from high school, I applied to be a pilot for Malaysian Airlines (MAS). I passed all the exams except for my height. Dang it, why am I too short? Of course, now they accept pilots at my height. Too late!


Musician – I was a professional musician until I was 15! Yup, who retired at 15? ME! I played oboe and bassoon. I used to be a member of a prominent orchestra and I was based in Tokyo and Beijing. I traveled a lot and I don’t get to see my parents very often. I was basically home/work school during my travel time. I did it for about 4 years and sort of glad I did it. It was a good experience and I get to see the world (I hardly remember the places I visited though!).

Love to speed – “I have a need for speed” – Top Gun. I may look small but I love to speed. Hubby bought me a sports car before and OH MY GOD I loved it. I used to drive to LA in 4 hours (usually takes 6 hours). Of course, we had to sell the car when hubby was given a company car and I was resort to using our old, crappy Honda Civic. Sigh… And of course, I can’t speed now because of “baby on board!”


Auditor – Sometimes I wonder how did I end up being an auditor but I am. I’ve been an auditor since 2010 and I am loving it! It’s like being a PI for numbers. Let me tell you, people create fraud all the time. Fraud! And of course, fraud is my expertise and am certified for it. Hehehe watch out, peeps… Don’t try to cheat coz I’ll find it and hunt you down!


Caterpillar – Well, I used to be very adventurous and ate caterpillars. Don’t ask me why…


Kpop craziness – I love Kpop. I love all kinds but my favorite groups are Super Junior and SHINee. Yeah, this noona loves all pretty boys hehehe. I even made my son crazy over them as well, too (behind my hubby’s back!). Soon, I’m gonna make my son wears skinny colorful jeans just like his idol, SHINee hehehe



Drama addict – I confess I’ve been a drama fan since my early age. Back then, I was so obsessed with dramas from Hong Kong. I watch it religiously I even spoke a bit Cantonese then. And later moved on to Japanese, Taiwanese, Spanish, Korean and Indonesian. But now, I spent most of my precious time with Korean drama.


Ok, now that I’ve completed all of the randomness of me, now I’m going to answer all the questions from kakashi and NewKDramaAddict.

Kakashi’s question: what are my all time favorite KDrama? 

This is hard to answer. I may have forgotten some of the good ones coz I’ve seen way too, too many! But I’m going to list down what I’ve been posted on MyDramaList: Playful Kiss, Bad Guy, Innocent Man, That Winter The Wind Blows and Nine.

NewKDramaAddict’s question: why do you blog? and how often?

I decided to blog because I’d like to share my review with others. I know there are many bloggers out there doing the same thing. However, instead of doing a complete review, I do partial review. What it is means is I watch drama half through the series and decide if it is worth going further or drop it. I don’t want to do complete review because it will consume most of my time (which I don’t have, I rather be watching you see…). I blog as I go, and almost all the time, I blog on-the-go. I prepare draft from my mobile and it makes it easier for me instead of getting on computer/laptop.

Updates: Questions by Michelle DeMarco (mafia by default gal)

If a K-star were to climb through my window to spend the evening with you, who would it be and why?

Wow, this is a tough question to answer but it would definitely be Lee Dong-Wook. He has a very unique face. And he has a sleepy eyes but he totally rock it! I don’t know why I like (more of love ^^) him so much but when I first saw him, he gave me that instantaneous magnetic reaction! LOL it’s true. Even as I’m writing this down, my heart starts beating faster and faster and faster… Swoon. Although he’s younger than me by few years, I think he and I would make a great couple! (in my dreams!)


If you could switch places with any female lead character, who would it be and which drama?

This is easy! Oh Ha-Ni (played by Jung So Min), of course! I love Playful Kiss so much! It’s my go-to drama whenever I travel. The male lead actor’s character reminded me so much of my husband. And obviously, I only miss my hubby when I travel hahaha.


Updates: Questions by Vivi & Coco (2 blonde nerdy girls)

Which kdrama character is most similar to your personality?  Why?

This is a toughie question. I could relate to anyone! No, really! But I’d definitely say Oh Ha Ni from Playful Kiss. Yeap, I’m clumsy. I always put my husband first before me (and now my son before me). I have been following my hubby for the longest time, and I was also the one that approached him for a date! Hehehe… But he was gentleman enough (not now… sigh) to accept it. Yup, I can relate to Ha Ni’s situation. That’s for sure!

If you could punch one person from one kdrama in the face, who would it be?

Han Na-Young from Crazy Love, my current drama watch. Before, it was Se-Na from Rooftop Prince. But after Crazy Love, Se-Na is no biggie!

If you could go out to lunch with one kdrama heroine or female best friend, who would you choose?

I’d pick Shin Min-Ah’s Gumiho character. She seems so nice, cheery and bubbly, just like me :D.

What is the most kdrama episodes you have watched in one sitting?  Which drama was it?

I think it would be Bad Guy. I love Kim Nam Gil and I love him in this drama. He’s so classy, cold and cool at the same time. Yum!

This one isn’t about kdramas, but it’s still important: What is your favorite kind of dinosaur?

This one is easy: Diplodocus!!!!

Do Nominate

So I suppose to nominate bloggers and/or microbloggers that I think deserve this award. There are many bloggers I know received two, three and four nominations. I will do my best to nominate my Tweeter friends instead of the real bloggers. Heck, I don’t know them anyway…

So here they are in random order:

@MicheleDeMarco – she’s my new twitter friend. Her devotion to Rain is a serious business (in a good way) and she’s going to Seoul this July! Psst, I think she’s going there to be part of the greeting crowd when Rain is released from his army service.

@iwatchKDrama – she’s one busy mommy yet she’s able to blog, update her YouTube with fanvid and her FaceBook account. I always look forward to her fanvid ^^

@asiandramaswhoo – her blog is unique! she is like a reporter reporting from kdrama to jdrama, music and all entertainment news. I especially adore her weekly music selection 🙂

@crazyforkdrama – she started to reply to one of my tweeter and before you know it, we are tweeter-buddies! I hope to meet her someday. What I love about her blog? Her Musical Monday and KHottie of the week posts. Daebak!

@NewKDramaAddict – this gal have seen a lot, I mean a lot, of dramas! She is not bias like me. She watches all kind of dramas! And best of all, she’s in the tri-state area! One day, I should drive to her place and watch dramas all day!

@kfangurl – I adore this gurl. Her reviews are the coolest! And mine you, please spare at least 30 minutes to read her post because it is that long! But you won’t feel bored coz she’ll include some OST music in between. Very special blog ^^

@mydunn123 – like she said on her post, we hit off right away! We tweet just about everything and not just dramas. We talked about public transportation, food, weather (especially weather at her place hehehe), etc. Love her loads! Pst: i love to tease her as she does to me too 😉

Ok, there you have it!

The Burning Questions

I’ll ask simple questions and I’ll keep it to two questions only:

1. What is your favorite sageuk drama? And why?

2. Did anyone complain that you’re watching too much drama? Who did? And how did you justify it to them?

Again, thank you so much for nominating me for this award. Really, I don’t deserve it. But thank you!


8 thoughts on “I received what…? Liebster Award what…?

  1. ha! nominated me back, huh?! I’m not even sure that’s allowed ^^
    I guess I best answer your questions here then:
    1.) The Princess’ Man. It has it all … I am (was?) an avid PSH fan. When the scandal started, I was also very sad about how it would tarnish my love for this drama … But now, I can say with confidence that I will watch it again not too far off into the future.
    2.) Oh yes, my husband. He complains all the time. Currently, he hates the blog even more than KDrama. I tell him it helps me relax. But I do feel a bit guilty for spending so much time with Khotties …

    and btw, it is NOT okay that they did not let you be a pilot!! >.<


    • Well, let’s just say rules are meant to be broken lol.

      Yes, I was so disappointed and naive back then (still is!). I could have done something but didn’t know how… I guess I want not meant to be a pilot 😦


  2. Thanks for the shout-out! I really appreciate. Like you, I have no idea how many followers I have but things like this, the Liebster Award will get our blogs out there. In just over 1 month, I’ve had almost 1500 hits! Sure, that’s nothing compared to our more seasoned brethren but I expect it to grow and grow; especially if you fill a void that is definitely out there.


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  4. Hehe.. I want kids to indoctrinate *coughs* I mean introduce to Kpop.. For now I’m just slooowly adjusting my husband’s wardrobe. He wears more colors now…. not quite to kpop fashion. Let’s say, we’re almost to the point of conservative idol airport fashion at times 😉


    • Well, Rosie… I failed on my husband even though he’s already dressing Asian enough. My main goal is to turn my son into SHINee’s fashionista craze. Hopefully he’s okay for me dressing him in colorful tight jeans LOL. He’s already starting to care the way he looks and the way his hair parted. That’s a start, right? LOL.


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