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Sharkulaka! Sharkulaka! Sharkulaka! Lets chant this with me! Haha… I got the idea of Sharkulaka from NewKDramaAddict. She catches up with Sharks’ newly released episodes every Saturday and she pretty much proclaimed the day as Sharkurday! How appropriate, right? And of course, like a zombie, I follow her steps as well. Some site called Shark differently… I wonder why. The other name for this drama is Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus. I’m not sure how it is related as the name Shark is the direct translation from Hangul. I could search for it but am too lazy now…


Shark is considered my most anticipated drama this year. And that’s the truth!! While we’re on the subject, I have been looking forward to Kim Nam Gil’s comeback project ever since he completed his military service. I fell in love with… Hmmm should I even go there? It’s embarrassing *cheek turning red* Ok, ok… Let’s focus. Shark. Yes, Shark. Where should I begin? Let’s start with the casts. Kim Nam Gil is Joon Yoshimura aka Han Yi-Soo. Joon came back to Seoul to revenge for his dad’s wrongful death. Son Ye-Jin is Ji Hae-Woo. She was a carefree artist turned prosecutor to seek the truth and closure behind the mystery of Han Yi-Soo’s vanish. Ha Seok-Jin, the second lead, is Oh Joon-Young. He’s Hae-Woo’s husband (they got married on the first episode) and was very closed to Yi-Soo before he went missing. Lastly is Lee Ha-Neul as Jang Young-Hee. Young-Hee is Joon’s secretary and personal assistant. So how are these four related? Before he is Joon, Yi-Soo and Hae-Woo were an item back in high school. It was love at first sight for Yi-Soo and Hae-Woo started to liking him more and more when she’s around him. In comes Joon-Young. He became Yi-Soo’s first friend in high school. He has a long outstanding crush over Hae-Woo. Obviously, he won her heart in the end and married not only to her, but to her fortunes as well. Young-Hee came to know Joon when she was helping a woman chasing after a pickpocket thief and lectured Joon in Hangul how “gentleman” he was for not helping out with the situation. Unknown to her, Joon is the son of hotel mogul in Japan where she started her first job. Hence, Young-Hee does all Joon’s official work with Joon-Young while in Seoul.


Complicated enough? Wait… there are more complication ahead of you. Joon flew in to South Korea to help his father (a Yakuza who adopted him) expands their hotel business. But on the different agenda, he’s back for the first time since his missing incident 12 years ago. He was struck by a truck while making a phone call to discuss his theory in regards to his dad’s suspicious death with Detective Byeon, who adopted Joon’s younger sister. Needless to say, the death is eerily related to the hit-and-run case Hae-Woo’s dad was linked to as well. Ever since Joon’s homecoming, Hae-Won started to receive multiple signs and clues that led her to Yi-Soo’s missing case. I could go on and on but I don’t want to be a spoiler…


This revenge drama started at a very slow pace. It was so slow even the initial ratings were low for this much anticipated drama. It’s very unfortunate because Shark had to compete with several strong contenders at the beginning. But don’t let the ratings fool your decision. There’s a reason for it to start at a slow pace. If you decide to pick up Shark, pay very close attention because it can be very tricky *yes, you may rewind and watch it again.* I highly recommend this revenge drama. Revenge is so sweet especially with Kim Nam Gil in it.