Wednesday Eu-Mak

Happy Hump-day, yeoreobeun! It is that time again… for Wednesday music madness. How was your long weekend? I hope you had a fantabulous time with family and friends. I did and it was filled with good food, family and Korean dramas. Yes, I can’t leave my dramas out… :). And this week, I’m back and fresh and somewhat lazy as well because I will be leaving for Ohio this Friday for my good friend’s wedding. And because the mood is slow and somewhat lazy, I decided to feature romantic songs performed by beautiful boys. Well, they are beautiful to my eyes… ;). So, let’s get started, shall we? This week’s lucky boys are KyuHyun of Super Junior and Roy Kim! *clap clap clap*

The first music video is by KyuHyun. This maknae is the 13th member of SuJu and even though he’s the youngest, his vocal is the best of them all. He’s definitely has the biggest potential if he decided to be a solo singer. His vocal range is pretty big and I especially adore him when he sings ballad. He and ballad-theme song are just meant for each other. The lucky song I’m featuring today is Love Dust. This is not a new song. I repeat: not a new song. The original singer is by kpop girl group, Bubble Sisters. I’ve never heard of them before until today but the song is certainly beautiful. And KyuHyun did a wonderful job reprising this once a hit song to his own version. It’s very refreshing to hear him doing this, it sort of brings you back to old days. As a bonus, I will feature Love Dust by Bubble Sisters and KyuHyun and you decide which version you love best. The song itself  is very moving and powerful, it always give me the chills whenever I heard it. I love both version to be honest… Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the original MV to this song. I hope the album cover will make do 🙂

The next music video is by Roy Kim. Yes, I have featured him in the past but I can’t help but to include him again… He’s so adorable! I love his Bom Bom Bom song… It was so cutesy and summery, and Love Love Love sort of reliving Bom Bom Bom again. If you’ve heard his songs  before, he loves playing with his voice and technically, he is capable of doing so. His vocal is very lay-back yet strong and his guitar skills are excellent! Roy is another perfect ballad singer. Like KyuHyun, Roy Kim is so good looking as well. Sorry, it can’t be helped not mentioning it to you all. The MV is very colorful and the mood is so happy happy. I love it. I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do and feel the love, people!

I hope you enjoy this week’s eumak! Next week, I decided to go rock with two groups under the same entertainment house. I’ll give you a hint: both singers were once in a same drama and they are both so adorably cute!


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