Currently Watching: It Started With A Kiss

Iswak1I finally caved in and decided to watch this Taiwanese version from the manga series, Itazura Na Kiss. I already know the story line but I thought giving a different version a try would be the best for my almost empty soul since the Japanese version is ending this Friday. And guess what? I’m almost done with this as well! Obviously, this is the oldest version of all three ones I’ve seen. But I heard the first adaptation into small screen started back in the 90s and it is in Japanese. I must get hold of that so I can safely say “Yes, I’m an Itazura Na Kiss fan!” I even considered reading the manga itself! Is it too obsessive, this wish of mine?


It Started With A Kiss was broadcast back in 2005. The drama feels a little old but don’t sweat it because the story line is still as fresh as the new ones. I was taken back a little of how old this version is but it took me very little time to get over it. I was totally sucked in with ISWAK by end of episode 1. As of now, I’ve completed 16 episodes and I have 4 episodes to go. Yes, this version is by far the longest one of all three. I do feel it was kind of draggy at times and the writers were trying to stretch out the series with some unnecessary scenes. I can see why the Korean version stopped at 16. And same goes with the current one that is still airing, although judging by previous episode, it may sparks a sequel. Speaking of sequel, Jules told me that there’s a sequel to ISWAK which is called They Kissed Again. Since I’m a huge fan of anything Itazura Na Kiss, I got really excited to hear the news and I know I where I’m heading next!


Ok, now that I’ve seen nearly all, my review will be slightly shorter. However, I intend to do a separate review and it will be a comparison of these three versions once I finished them. I plan to give my two cents on which is the best and what not. So stay tuned for that! Until then, I would totally recommend ISWAK. Yes, it is a bit longer but you’ll understand why.


What do you think?

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