Currently Watching: Special Affairs Team TEN Season 2

408px-Special_Affairs_Team_TEN_2-p2When I first saw Ten season 1, I didn’t expect anything extraordinary other than “yet another homicide drama.” I was completely wrong. I was so moved by the show that by the end of Ten, I wanted more and more. I felt so incomplete with the ending and wondered when the season 2 will air. Almost a year later and many dramas after (I really need it), Ten2 is finally back. The episodes are longer, the cases the team were assigned are more neurotic and complicated, the mysteries are more in depth and the casts are more determined than ever! As I’m watching it now, I’m literally sitting at the edge of my stool with episode 6. This is the best comeback I’ve ever seen thus far. Yes, you heard me right!


Ten2 is two episodes longer than the first season. And as I pointed earlier, the length of each episode is a little longer as well. Unlike the season 1, the color is a little bit vibrant but still retained its dark atmosphere. I don’t have any preference actually and I hate to compare between the two. I’m just happy the new season is here. Ten2 wrapped up the series last month and I finally catching up with the episode. Ten2 is only available on Hulu and I can only watch it via laptop. This OCN production drama has two new additional members but their role are significantly small and the main four are still the engine behind every case they took. The collaboration of these four are stronger than ever. And they are cooler too!!!


I’ll not go into details as each episode (or sometimes two) is designed by the case they took. I just want you to trust me on this one. Ten2 is definitely a must watch. If you have not seen the season 1, I suggest you to do so before jumping to season 2. The first two episode of Ten2 is a continuation from the first season. You can still get the idea from watching Ten2 but ai…. Jaemi eopsoeyo 😛


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