Currently Watching: Crazy Love

CL1Let me get this straight: I dislike family drama and I avoid watching any dramas with more than 24 episodes (I’ve made a few exceptions, of course). And then come Crazy Love. Did I mention I dislike family drama and drama with 20 episode and above? Well, eat your words out, Nelly! Crazy Love is a family drama I stumbled while browsing on new releases on DramaFever one night. I was looking for something fun and when I saw the episode was 30-ish minutes long, my eyebrow raised a little. Most dramas these days are spanning between 45 to 90 minutes long! 30 minutes? I’m a sucker for short duration drama and especially if the series has 10 episodes or less. It’s hard to find one with Korean but Japanese dramas are mostly 12 episodes or less (if I’m wrong, please correct me!).


Anyway, after watching the first episode, I began to develop into this crazy potty-mouth person. I don’t kid you this time.  “Where is she coming from? I have never seen her before,” says my brain. Never in my KDrama history I get sucked in immediately into this emotional crazy household both OTP are in. Crazy Love did not waste any time at all in slowing down and introducing each character like some family drama do. The minute you start watching it, they made you dive in right into a pool of craziness! My friend Belinda at It’s My World – NewKDramaAddicts Drama Sandbox understands exactly how I feel! The title says it all. Happiness? What happiness? Please do not expect to see much in here.. Ok, let me take one step back! This is a 100-episode drama (yeap, you read it correctly!) and when a drama is this long, you can expect the writers are having a fantabulous time torturing and tormenting US with all sort of craziness they could figure it out (whether it makes sense or not, that’s another story) for this drama. So back to the happiness… The moment you senses that all the misunderstandings are about to clear up and the happiness in sight, the writers (damn you people!) give you enough time to breathe in (like 5 seconds) and then pushed you back into another pool of craziness.


I’m currently on episode 59. Crazy Love is still airing and I’m taking my own sweet time with the show now. I’m in no rush after marathoning about 40 episodes in 3 days. No fun yet addictive like a good book! I couldn’t stop NOT WATCHING it and I was exhausted when I caught up. Oh boy, never again… This drama is not for anyone. Obviously, the housewives of Korea love it so much that the original Monday-Thursday time slot are now extended to Friday as well! Let’s hope they don’t extend the episodes as well…!!!!! Would I recommend this to you? If you’re mentally unstable and recently went through a break-up or divorce or death or anything tragic, NO! They should put a warning for dramas like Crazy Love! This is not for anyone… I’m already sucked in deeply on this one, there is no way out but to go on. Beware if you want to watch it… Don’t tell me I didn’t warn ya, honey!



12 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Crazy Love

  1. Whut, you watched 40 eps in 3 days??? Even at half hour eps, that’s still 20 hours in 3 days!! You seriously DO have the key to bending time and space! XD

    Actually, the long-running dailies are often half-hour eps, with episode counts of over 100 eps. Not all of them are makjang like Crazy Love sounds to be, with many going comic instead, like the High Kick series. I’m currently watching High Kick 2 and By Land and Sky, both way over 100 eps long, each ep at half an hour. High Kick is comic, while By Land and Sky is like a mild family melo. I kinda like these long ones, come to think of it!


    • Yeap, I did and I’m not proud of it! *heads down*

      I feel very intimidating when I see anything above 50 episodes, and all I could think off is how much time I need to invest. Errrr, no thank you. I’ll stick to shorter, jam-packed emotional dramas instead.


      • *nods* I understand. I highly recommend Ojakgyo Brothers, though. If you would make an exception (well, another exception!), this is just 58 eps, and it’s well-loved even by viewers who swear up and down that they usually don’t enjoy long dramas. Seriously, it’s like 4 romances packed into one package. Lots of fun and lots of sweet and some serious swoon on the side too 😉


  2. HAHA this cracked me up. I’m tempted to lose my family drama virginity to this, just from reading this post. I’m a bit short on crack at the moment. This might fit the bill! 🙂


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