Second Chance: Kang Min-Hyuk

121112-kang-min-hyuk-wideKang Min-Hyuk! Bloody cutesy boy! Hmmm, I don’t think we need any introduction, right? I mean he was the cutest, nerdy drummer in Heartstrings. This is a light, lovely college student’s romance-musical drama and Min-Hyuk’s character, Yeo Joon-Hee, added some bubbliness and cuteness you simply don’t want to waste a single second of your time on anything else. Behind those big glasses, he became a shining superstar the moment he played his drums! Well, he’s kind of like Clark Kent, Korean version! He became cool! Who would have thought, a super skinny looking dude can bang those drums real good! And mostly, I really enjoyed observing him having the cutest crush on Hee-Joo. Like a good boy, he followed her around and took her ride in his scooter. So adorkable!


What a boy… If you heard the news, he recently jump in on The Heirs wagon. Hmmm, I’m not keen on it just because there are too many publicities going on with this drama it really grossing me out. But perhaps I may just have to watch it now… So, in a nutshell, I don’t think Min-Hyuk needs a second chance anymore. Right? He’s making a name for himself and he’s getting active in acting world. I know he couldn’t do as much acting as other young actors due to his commitment with his band, CNBlue. But it is great to see him back on the small screen. Heartstrings is the only drama I’ve seen him in. I also saw him Accoustic, an Indie movie. Another role with similar vibe as in Heartstrings. I guess Min-Hyuk is comfortable being himself in the screen. I don’t blame him though.


Acting wise, it is what it is. You can’t expect much from him since he is still a newbie. All his roles (that I’ve seen so far) were typical clumsy college boy so I am not surprised if he is clumsy in person too. Do I sound too mean? 😛 Well, he is still young and he has a lot way to go if he wanted to be a full time actor. I think he should sticks with what he does best: a musician! And the OST accompanying this post is from the Heartstrings OST. The song is titled Star and guess who is the singer? Our sweet boy, of course! 🙂


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