Second Chance: Kang Byul

kang byul 2I doubt this rising star needs any introduction. I first came to know this bubbly girl through Creating Destiny (aka Seeking Love) as Han Hyo-Eun. Her cute personality and her gorgeous face next to Eugene was very unforgettable. I enjoyed watching her feisty character. And the best of all? She is good in expressing herself via facial expression. Oh yeah, I believed her wholeheartedly! Later, I saw her again in Rooftop Prince as Lady Mimi. She was one funky chic in this drama. Again, her beauty stood up and I was just in love with her bubbliness and her crazy hairdo. So, so cute! And how cute her name Lady Mimi is? I also saw her in Harvest Villa as Park Song-Yi. In Villa, she was a student and a daughter of a hired killer. In here, Kang Byul, yet again was very unforgettable. I truly enjoyed all her performance in all the dramas I’ve seen her in. She is currently staring in Ugly Alert (aka Bravo My Life). This is a family drama and Kang Byul’s first role as the main lead. Impressive resume, girl! *clap clap*

The star recently turned 23 (August 9) and she is already on her way up the chart. But why am I still featuring her? Well, I have my reasons. Reason #1: she always play the girl next door! I think she needs to get out of her own closet and take up a more mature role. I know her personality simply doesn’t fit with stronger, powerful character but there’s always the first time, right? Reason #2: you almost always see her in family drama genre. I want her to be in a prime drama instead. It is more challenging and the characters written for prime drama are much heavier. Family drama is less challenging and mostly shot indoors. Reason #3: it is all about exposure! She has been exposed in the movie and drama making since she was 15 years old and I’m dead sure she has collected many experiences from left and right. It is time to pick up the pace and dive in to a much heavier invested character. I heard her character in Ugly Alert is pretty challenging. Now, I don’t plan on watching it but I certainly hope she picks up one or two more skills from here. It is time, my girl… It is the time for you to shine! *tears in my eyes*


Kang Byul is a fantastic rising star! We need to see more of her. She’s very active, beautiful and down-right funny. She deserves all the attention and hopefully she landed a good main female lead soon! Before I end, I present you a song taken from Creating Destiny OST titled One Person. The song was performed by V.O.S. This is one lovely, lovely song…



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