Wednesday Eu-Mak: Indie Electro

Have a nice day! Nope, nope… I’m not telling you to leave but this is what my son would say whenever I greet him every morning when he open his eyes. He is just the sweetest darling angel from heaven and I’m so in love with him. He made my day better and especially today, extra brighter. How was your week so far, yeoreobun? Productive? Not so productive? Well, make sure you start your day on the right foot with a good, hearty breakfast to fill that growling tummy of yours! And hopefully, this week music selection I decided to post will keep you calm and cool. This week, I decided to go Indie Electro. I love this two type of music genre, and when they are combined, *like fireworks* they became the most unique, versatile and powerful composition ever. Now, just for the record not all electro music are head-banging, non-stop protruding beats poking into your head! Hence, my selection for this week are much mellow and some what… nice! I owned these songs and listen to it all the time. I hope you will like it. But if not… it’s okay, I’ll bring fun and funky music next time 🙂

The first MV is called Bulletproof by eAeon. eAeon hmmmmm there aren’t many information you can find about him. He is one of the duo Mot members. As you can tell, I just recently discovered him through one of Asian Dramas Whoo‘s tweets. She introduces eAeon’s collaboration music with Lena Park and I fell in love with that song completely (pssttt: as a bonus, I will feature it in this post too). Immediately, I feel in love with eAeon. KoreanIndie wrote a great introductory article of Mot/eAeon and feel free to read it at your spare time. Anyway, let’s get back with Bulletproof. The music is especially unique and eAeon’s nasal-like voice is so captivating. I’m truly awe how beautiful his vocal is… Yes, I’m hypnotized by him! Completely! It feels like there’s a secret in his voice that keeps digging into my inner-soul deeper and deeper. The music itself is so unique it mesmerize you completely. The synthesizer element added into this hollow, fantasy-like electro music only a few people know how to appreciate it. I know this music is not for everyone. However, having a music background, this is my thing. Sure I love Kpop and Rock, but Bulletproof gives me the chills and I could tear from listening to it… Such a beautiful composition!

With that said, I’m posting two versions of Bulletproof. The original one with an awesome, awesome MV (it took a year to complete it) and the unplug version of Bulletproof. The songs are best when you listen in the dark room, and away from our ever noisy world. Don’t forget to shut your eyes while at it… It will give you chills! And as promised, I also include a bonus track, You Don’t Know Me, by eAeon with Lena Park (or rather Lena Park featuring eAeon). I hope I have broaden your music verizon a little bit 🙂

The second MV is called Astral Plane by 3rd Coast. This song is not as Indie as eAeon’s Bulletproof but certainly very electro. This song will blown you away. It has this jazzy, R&B and electro fusion picturesque which is very colorful to your ears and mind! It has this gorgeous fantasy, 80s like vibes (I can just imagine this song spins  in fashion show and/or fashion trunk show, or in an eclectic fashion boutique) and every single tune stood up among the notes! 3rd Coast is not new in this industry. They have been in biz since 2006. They have this Clazziquai feel with all their songs. Another fact: they consist of 3 members (two male and one female). Back to Astral Plane, this song is sang entirely  in English. Yes, finally a Korean Indie song that I can finally sing to it. The rapping part reminds me of Verbal Jint! This song is from their third album, which was produced in 2010. They have been on hiatus for awhile, I hope they’ll come out with new album soon. It’d be a shame if they quit producing music.

So, there you have it! What do you think? Not bad, right? I think so. I hope I don’t scare you away… :). As for next week, I’m featuring two artists with such a strong voice they don’t need music to support their vocal. Curious? Just, wait ya? Till then, have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: Indie Electro

    • Isn’t it? He sounded like he doesn’t want to open his mouth :P… and when he did, it was like a secret gushing out like water hahaha. It’s hard to put it into words, it’s all in my head…


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