Breaking News: Ma Prezzie


What a big surprise!!! My lovely darling Tweeter friend, kfangurl, presented this header for me. Isn’t it gorgeous? THANK YOU, kfangurl! Thank you so, very, very much! I was super stoked when I saw it yesterday and immediately put it up on this blog. And then I stared. Stared and stared and stared until my boss came to me and asked “Who is that?” in her seductive French accent. I gave her my best evil look, I doubt I looked as evil as Cruella Deville but enough to warn her to back off from my man!  Yes, he is my man regardless of his age (I’m so glad my hubby is not into my REAL social life). This noona, along with kfangurl and MicheleDeMarco are crazy over this boy!

Coincidentally, this smoldering boy turned 20 today! 20!!!! How in the world a 20 year old boy has a charisma and charm of a late 20s to mid 30s man? Or even older! He’s just one attractive actor. I mean look at this photo here of him at younger age next to f(x) Sulli? You see that cute looking boy with that innocent smile? Does he know that he would someday growing up to be a smoldering, mouth watering hottie that could melt any woman with his killer look?


Say the magic spell word with me ladies: Abacadabra!


And this stare? I surrender! You win, Seung Ho!


Okay, enough said. My screen is already full of my finger prints. I’m tad close to lick him now… Screw this! Can I get a kiss from that lusty lips?


And this rather adorkable smile… (me doing the same thing too hehehe)


Deep breath, I should stop. I REALLY SHOULD. I could spam this post all night long if I want to… We all know he’s serving his military duty now and all noonas out there, including me, just dying to see his post military look (aka his chocolaty abs). Can December 4, 2014 be any sooner?

Amuden, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY #1 ACTOR who knocked my Lee Dong-Wook to #2 spot since last year. I guess this is how it feels to be a cougar hehehe and I don’t care anymore! Yoo Seung Hoo, saranghaeyo!!!! Neomu, neomu saranghae! And one last one…


Dang it,he is one dashing actor. He is smart enough to enlist himself this early so that he can concentrate on his career after discharge. Fine, fine… I’ve been telling myself to STOP but I simply can’t. That’s it, I’m done. Happy birthday, Seung Ho!


7 thoughts on “Breaking News: Ma Prezzie

  1. Ok photos, 3 and 4, definitely sexy. He is also too pretty! But I guess I want to wait until he comes back from the army teehee! I expect the hotness level will be almost unbearable! lol I hope you guys survive! 😀


    • He’s a very pretty boy. I’m very drawn to pretty looks rather than mature look except for Jang Hyuk, of course. He’s an exception 😉

      Have you seen I Miss You? I saw the first time for the story and second time just to feed my lust over Seung Ho ^^. I don’t know about the girls, but I don’t think I can survive. I’m gonna need a temporary relief to patch this hole until his dismissal from the service. Hmmmm who’s my next victim to ogle? Lol


  2. What a beautiful prezzie for you.
    As gorgeous as he is, I cannot bring myself to fangirl over him. I know it is the mother in me, and the fact that he is younger than 2 of my daughters. Yet at the same time, I too cannot wait for his Military discharge.
    I loved him in Arang,even as much as I disliked Operation Proposal he certainly made it enjoyable.


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