Wednesday Eu-Mak: Wow Factor

Good morning and happy hump day everyone! How are things? I’m doing great. Another Wednesday, another week goes by a little more faster… And August is almost gone. How time flies, right? Summer will be over soon. In fact, we already started seeing early fall (autumn) temperature lately. The transition can be very fast so pay close attention 😉 and as I promised, this week is all about vocal. The two singers I’m featuring today recently released their hit songs. Ok, ok without further due, I present you Lim Kim and Junsu!!!! Woot woot! *clap clap*

Lim Kim aka Kim Ye Rim is a singer I recently discovered. Her name, however, reminded me of Lil Kim. My thought when I first heard her name “was she trying to be Lil Kim?” Needless to say, she is better than Lil Kim. Her image is un-trashy and very normal. When I saw her in All Right, the MV I’m featuring today, she looks very goddessly with the light shining directly on her. She could be the Asian Joss Stone for all I know, right? The voice. The style. The hair. Ridicilously similar. Actually, almost twin-like! But of course, only on MV, in person her image is much different. So who is Lim Kim? She is a member of Kpop duo group, Two Months. My first time hearing it so I must do some research on them. She recently was in Monstar as the young Choi Kyung, Se-Yi’s mom. She was also in SUFBB. Not bad for a newbie and both dramas are musical. Ok, back to the MV. All Right is just alright. The music beat is not bad but her voice though added some ooomph to it. But what bothers me is how many times she has to say All Right. And I’m puzzled by the title in the way. Is it All Right or Alright? Are you trying to say it’s alright, Lim Kim? Please clarify. The MV was shot entirely in the studio. I’m becoming more and more hesitant whenever I see a MV shot in the studio but I know the cost is ridiculously cheaper than outside. I could be wrong but who knows… Anyway, let’s focus on her voice. What a stunning voice! It is her wow factor here. I could just close my eyes and focus on her unique voice. I actually prefer her in Without Knowing It All, her other single which showcasing her true voice. When I first heard All Right, I thought her voice was digitize but turns out, it is her TRUE voice. I think she should stick with Indie genre, let’s not pollute her voice with Pop even though I know being versatile is what gets her known more. Ok, enough rambling… I hope you enjoy Kim’s All Right 😀

The next MV is the recent released of Junsu’s single, Incredible. This song is my go-to song for this summer. It is so vibrant and energetic it made me want to get up and dance. I actually almost embarassed myself one morning when I was standing on the train platform waiting for my train to arrive. I almost break out to my Junsu move! Thank goodness I was so sane enough to stop. Otherwise… my reputation will be gone, gone, gone! Anyway, back to MV and our smoking hottie Junsu. This MV is ridiculously energetic from the beginning to end with incredible dancing moves. I swear to God I will learn the dance steps. If you notice, Junsu is the only Asian ( I could be wrong). I wonder where they shot this MV? Like Lim Kim’s All Right, I’m also bothered by Incredible. If you listen carefully to the rap part, that space candy thing really annoyed me. What space candy? What are you trying to say? Is it like Lady Gaga’s disco stick? Eeeewwwwwwww… totally inappropriate! But let’s focus on Junsu’s wow factor. There are two in this MV: his unbelievable sexy voice and swift dancing moves. To have both skills under one premise aka Junsu is a bonus to all fan girls like me. I am looking forward to see him back in action with JYJ. The three hotness will blow up my playlist, that’s for sure! Anyways, I hope you enjoy Incredible! Just break a sweat, people. Break a sweat!

There you have it. I hope you liked it. Next week theme? I haven’t decided. I am still thorn between the two I have on my list. I want it to be something memorable and with a bang! Hang in there, peeps. Hang in there 😀 Until then, have a great day!


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