Who Are You: Rockhead & Crazy Lady FunCap Ep 2

Here is our FunCap from Who Are You episode 2. The brainy Crazy Lady did it again and me? A complete wacko Rockhead as always… I hope you enjoy reading our thoughts! Warning: IT CAN BE DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH! WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU LAUGH TOO HARD, CHOKE ON FOOD *so don’t read and eat*, SNORT TOO LOUD, CRY A BUCKET, etc. Other than that, have fun!


Here is episode 2 from funcap 1&2. As Nelly says, “If you’ve seen the drama and read our recap, Laurie is the Crazy Lady. Me, I am a total Rockhead lol. I do not use my brain after work”

We simulcast both episodes in one night so the conversation flowed from one episode to the next.

Crazy Lady
I am pressing play.
I may not be able to watch the whole drama, my daughter and husband should be back before it is over.
I will let you know, we can pause and pick tomorrow if we have to.

OK ! Play
This psychiatrist is getting on my nerve!
He threw her down! Gasp!

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