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I’m not a fan of anything ghostly, be it in dramas, movies or MVs. My last ghost show was the Hollywood version of the Ring, back in 2001. I saw it in a theater with a bunch of friends. Everyone seem to be fine after the movie but I was literally haunted and traumatized by that movie I actually believed that creepy bony girl will crawl out of my 13″ TV and my monitor. It was the most scariest things that ever happened to me and it took me years to move on from my nightmares. I am old enough now to know that it was a fictional movie but once awhile it still gives me the crawling creeps! Thank goodness I didn’t watch the original version… Oh god, now I’m scared! Gotta hug this pillow aka bantal busuk (literal translation: stinky pillow) really, really tight!


Who Are You is currently airing on tvN channel. This 16 episode drama attracted a lot of audience due to its ghostly theme. While we are on the subject, I noticed that there are sudden ghost drama influx among the TV networks in Korea. It seems that everyone agreed with this theme. I guess the writers talk! Joa! As long as the story line is interesting and gives us audience something to rave and cheers about, that’s all that matters to us, right? I wonder what would be their next plot would be? Anyway, let’s leave ’em alone for now. Let’s focus on Who Are You and the greatness of this drama in which I heard that DramaBeans, the mother source for most bloggers and fans alike, has decided to drop recapping this drama after one episode… *tears in my eyes*. I wonder why… Oh well, the ladies must have not interested I guess. It’s okay *sob sob*

So, because I’m afraid of anything ghostly yet eager and giddy enough to know what Who Are You is all about…. Hold up! The truth is, er… *looked down in embarrassment* *red cheek* I watch it for Kim Jae-Wook. Yes, I said it. Phew, that went well! How can I not? Don’t tell me you are not? C’mon! It is his first post military project and how I really miss his gentleman-like charm from Mary Stayed Out All Night. He is one hot total package! From that sleepy yet sharp enough to penetrate my heart with that gentle glaring eyes down to his runway model-like body and to low yet sexy voice *smooth as hot Caramel down your throat*, believe me God is great when He created him ever since he was in his momma’s womb! There! I said it! Whoa, that took a big chunk o’ relief off of my shoulder *smily sigh* Uhm, where was I?

Right! Because I was eager enough to watch the show but scared at the same time, I decided to watch it with my Facebook girlfriend Laurie aka adgirl22. We are digging with this drama. We love it so much we decided to post our live simulcast of our conversation on Laurie’s blog. Our funcap is more unique than any other recaps, it is not structured but it captures our thoughts and feelings together. I must say this is the best KDrama watching experience. It is a lot more fun and I’m less bored. Yes, I get distracted easily whenever I’m watching dramas. I can feel that we will be doing a lot more simulcast in the near future. And Who Are You is the perfect first project for us. WRU is intense yet romantic, serious yet quirky, scary yet funny, edgy yet normal… The intensity can be nail biting at times! The ghost effect is not scary but…. BUT with the added background music it made the show really creepy and spooky! Jeepers! Kamjagiya! Maldoandwae! F*ck! Sh*t! What the…? Yeap…. all those words came out of my mouth. The story is quite solid, IMO. Though each incident is not related, however the clues are! So whatever questions you may have when watching it from one episode, it will carried over to the next episode… Once you accumulate all the clues, I’m DEAD sure the answer will be revealed. I’m sorry, I’m trying so hard not to give out the story…

This 16 episode drama is a MUST watch. The color is so vibrant (summer drama always very colorful). The action is not too bad. The romance, hmmmm… It is starting and I can’t wait to see it blossom. This drama can be a bit sad since it involves death. But nothing personal, death is death whether you like it or not. Did I say it is a MUST watch? If you haven’t start, well what the HELL are you waiting for? WATCH IT! WATCH IT NOW!!!! And why not watch it with Crazy Lady & Rockhead FunCap, ei? *grin*


13 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Who Are You

  1. Have you seen Darkwater (the original Japanese version)?? Highly recommended, from someone who doesn’t like horror. It’s horror with a heart! It’s more spooky than anything, but its rather touching 😉


    • Are you kidding me? I’m already traumatized by all things horror and you’re asking me to watch Darkwater? Some friend you are :P. I don’t know if I’m strong enough to handle it. Is this new? I dare not even look it up. The name itself sounded creepy lah…


      • Haha I dunno what came over me to talk about Darkwater! Maybe it’s because it’s the same director as Ringu? It’s more creepy/suspenseful than outright horror. It’s old, more than 10 years old, and is considered lightweight compared to the Ring so you won’t be as traumatised. But it does have a little girl with long hair and you’ll probably want to stay away from bathtubs for awhile HOHOHO ;P.


  2. Noooooo The Ring!!!! I used to watch a lot of horror as a child. I loved scaring myself for some reason but The Ring, that one was specially, there was something specially disturbing about that one bbbbrrrrr *shudders*. Nothing more fun than watching a show with someone else 🙂 commenting, spazzing and or/ranting together 😉


    • You loved scaring yourself? You kidding, right? No one in the right mind would do that… Oops I forgot, you do :P. Yeah, that Ring is just errr…. Shudders just thinking of it.

      Yeah, I am liking this experience. So much fun!


  3. What prompted me to watch Who Are You? Why, Kim Jae Wook of course. I am in total agreement with Nelly. He is the total package.
    I am having a fantastic time simulcasting with Nelly, and learning to add our chat as a blog has been a challenge. As she says if we keep going we will be pro’s (in our own eyes) in no time at all. Which means I also see more funcap/recaps in our future.
    Yes while DramaBeans may have dropped after the first episode, what we are doing is a far different kind of recap.
    We do hope you enjoy our funcaps. 😀
    Now off to work on ep 3 while waiting for Nelly, to finish ep 8 tonight.


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  5. Let’s be real here, everyone who attempts to watch this drama is after Kim Jae Wook. Then later you just get hooked with the story 😛

    I’m a real scaredy cat so I watch this during the day and when I’m not alone. So I really feel for you about The Ring and other horror movies out there. :O


    • Snap at my head! You figured my TRUE intention, girl! 😛

      Yes, the story is getting better and better. I just finished ep8 last nigh and it left me feeling very mushy yet sadness because our Boo, Jae Wook, is no longer the man he can love. Oops, did I say too much? XD


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