Wednesday Eu-Mak: All About Girls!

Hi girls and boys! Happy Wednesday! Phew, I almost forgot to write today’s eu-mak post. Don’t fret, thankfully I was reminded by my good ol’ secretary aka my iPhone. Thanks, baby girl! Ahaks! Anyway, how was your week so far? Productive I hope? This week went by pretty quick for me… I guess it is because it will be a long weekend for most of us (LABOR DAY) and a week long for me next week. Yes, I finally decided to take vacation this year but it is more like a staycation. I’ll be heading to the BIG APPLE on Monday to meet up with my family and spend two days with them. I can’t wait to see them and stuff my face with some home cooking food….. Hmmmmm, good food come to my tummy please! Hehehe

As I mentioned last week, I was really debating between the two themes I have on my list and I finally decided to end our August with a great spunk! August has been a really awesome month for me and I figured what’s better to do but features music by girls! Owwwwwwww! That’s right, it is ALL ABOUT GIRLS today. The artist I’m featuring for today’s post are Ailee, the all Korean-American girl hailed from Jersey, and adorable girly KPop group, A Pink aka Apink. I’m especially crazy over these girls lately as their latest single is so addictive I can’t help  but dance to it.

Ok, first stop is Ailee. Who is Ailee? She debut in 2012 under YMC Entertainment. This YouTube sensation singer made a move to South Korea in 2010 after landed an audition (psst: with the help of her uncle) and her luck to stardom took off immediately. What a lucky gal! And plus, I really, really love her voice. The MV I’m featuring today is U&I. Many people say that she has the voice of a Beyonce. Now, now… I hate to compare them together but I sort of agree there is a similarity. If you listen to this song carefully, especially the “Wait a minute, wait a minute…” part. What do you think? Does she? But if you listen to her Heaven’s song, she sounded completely different yet powerful and very soul-ly. But one thing for sure, her mogsoli is jjang! U&I’s MV is definite has an ala 30s style… The color is very sharp and vibrant, the atmosphere is very glamorous and sexy, and the dance part is so easy to follow. I can do this! Go ahead, shake that head and hip of yours too! And I also the love the music percussion featured in this song (drums and trumpet). So upbeat! I hope you enjoy U&I as much as I do!

The next one is NoNoNo, the latest single released from Apink’s 3rd mini album. I still remember when I first heard this song one month ago. My first thought was “what….. they went 80s?” It was that first guitar beat that got me but as the song progressed, I was completely possessed by it! This song is so addictive even my kiddo say NoNoNo instead of NO! mommy now LOL. The song is very girly, just like ’em girls! The colors is so beautiful. The dancing is hilariously cute. But you know, their dance steps may appear to be easy but whoever can shake their hip ziggy zaggy across the dance floor like Apink, my bow to you! My hip got tired and give up half way through. NoNoNo is a fun song though! The girls seem pretty happy with making cupcakes and doing all girly stuffs (I want to whisper happily with my girlfriends too!) and enjoy being themselves. They sure made me want to dig out my closet for that missing romper! Where are my girls (and boys too)? Let’s dance! This is one great summer song!

So girls and boys, I hope you like my choice of MVs for this week post. Good songs, right? As for next week, I will feature two songs by a Korean Indie-Rock group. Who are they? You will see… and get ready with your Kleenex coz the songs are so, so beautiful! Stay tuned and have a good weekend!


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