Master’s Sun: Spooky Timeline-Cap Episode 1

I’ve decided to get out of my comfort zone and try something new. Believe me, it wasn’t an easy decision and I put so much thought into it with all the “what if and will I” questions in my head! So join us and read our RAW experience as we watch this drama. For the first episode, the timeline cap is between ADGirl and myself. Our other friend couldn’t join us on but you will see her starting episode 2. I recommend to read our caps while watching it at the same time… 🙂

Episode 1

ADGirl: On Viki now with the commercial. Paused and waiting for you.

missienelly: Starting now. The music is awesome. *thumbs up*

 ADGirl: I am more scared of this one than I was for Who Are You.

 missienelly: Me too!!! Wth!!!!

 ADGirl: I do not watch super natural or anything with Zombies etc.

missienelly: I steer clear of this genre all the time. I’m only brave because you’re watching it with me! *grin*

ADGirl: Agh


missienelly: What kind of ghost is that? *scratched head*


missienelly: Wow the sound is so dramatic!!!

ADGirl: OK just jumped and silent scream

missienelly: Covering my face! Fuck that was pretty intense opening! Lol.

ADGirl: Holy crap just yelled OMG. The face right behind her!

missienelly: Me too! I scared my kiddo lol *go back to sleep my child, go back to sleep* (in creepy witch voice)

ADGirl: Laugh

missienelly: Laugh! Aish the fight over money *hate it!* So Ji Sub!!!! *gugu gaga*


ADGirl: At least we do not have to wait 4 or 5 episode to see him.

missienelly: Yes! *thumbs up*

ADGirl: Hahahaha he is the crack pot con artist.

missienelly: Sign haseyo. He can’t sound cruel to me.

ADGirl: He is an ass hat in the beginning


missienelly: Yes!

missienelly: A very cute asshat! *smiley sigh*

missienelly: I hope he get struck by lightning! *evil laugh* I can’t believe this guy is his driver lol. Hmm does he have some kind of ability too?

ADGirl: The spirit world starts working.

missienelly: Kamjagiya! Ack!

ADGirl: Giggle Kamjagiya

missienelly: I wanna giggle so bad! Lol *gotta keep it down, kiddo asleep ssshhhh*

ADGirl: “Even if you avoid lightening you won’t be able to avoid me.” “Did you feel the tingle?”

missienelly: Fuck! I just screamed! Sorry Laurie! Can’t avoid that F word now lol

ADGirl: AAAGGGHH scared the shit out of me. Good I can swear when I get scared *says the Catholic gal* lol

missienelly: Again, why the ghost is looking so awful?

ADGirl: I think it happens till she accepts to help them.

missienelly: Haha she reminds me of Rockhead! *Taecyeon’s Detective Cha from Who Are You* Lol He thought she’s crazy lol *well, she is!*

ADGirl: I would think it too. She keeps touching him even after he says DON’T!

missienelly: Gasp! The flower!

ADGirl: That’s some freaky shit.

missienelly: Wassup with everyone and white rain coat? Shesh. Scary.

ADGirl: I think it has to do with people who can see ghosts????

missienelly: Hmmmm perhaps *good theory, Laurie* Why is she dressing up like a mental patient? Lol

ADGirl: She feels mental. Probably barely sleeps. Another one who can see ghosts after an accident. OMO jumped and screamed a few times.

missienelly: I think she’s better. Isn’t it how it should be if you have the ability to see ghost?

ADGirl: enough my daughter is asking what is wrong.

missienelly: I’m toughening up now. Lol. Hahaha that loud, Laurie? *raised eyebrow*

ADGirl: I am in the living room and she is on the couch.

missienelly: Seriously she gotta change from those clothes!

ADGirl: She had ripped jeans on last night.

missienelly: Omo!

ADGirl: Bahahahaha

missienelly: Hahaha Choked from laughing! She just wanna touch him lol *no no no, honey*


ADGirl: Trying not to laugh out loud is so hard.

missienelly: I know. I’m stuffing my mouth with blankie o_O. Did he not see that?

ADGirl: I think he did but chose to ignore it. That would make him crazy.

missienelly: Hmmmm is he communicating with someone else?

ADGirl: What is it in Korea glasses with no lenses?


missienelly: *nodded* I know! Whoa Seo In-Guk is Kang Woo!

ADGirl: Kang Woo HHHmmmm going to need nicknames for them. We can call her OF her Rocker.

missienelly: Yeah!

ADGirl: Off her rocker


missienelly: Ok. She seems flirty all the time lol Peacefully cat lol meow

ADGirl: Probably because she is shy and it comes off as flirty. Sadly you know already Seo In-GUk is going to be the heart broken b-lead.

missienelly: *pouty face* Sadly. Korean Victoria and David lol


missienelly: Whoa! Can he see ghost too?

ADGirl: Yes he can. Hmmm… Maybe just her.

missienelly: Oooooh! *in shocked* that’s him digging up earlier.

ADGirl: She is pretty.

missienelly: Yes. Fugly as ghost though *that’s the truth*

ADGirl: The things those makeup artists can do. LOL I love she scared the driver.

missienelly: Too computer graphic.

ADGirl: I enjoy this Sunbae’s acting

missienelly: Me too. Love his voice. Very calming. Ack! He’s so mean *mean face at the Kingdom* Lol at her comfy style

ADGirl: He thinks she is nuts and the one threatening them.

missienelly: To a reasonable person, it sounded that way. Poor girl…

ADGirl: Trying to type in the dark is a task! I would think she was crazy too.

missienelly: Haha a skill you need to master 😉 Hmmm rocker has a mission to be with Kingdom.

ADGirl: A spy. So Rocker will be the real asshat in the end!

missienelly: Hahaha Mr. Kingdom is so full of himself. SMH. Thank god she pulls her hair back. Phew.

ADGirl: She looks better with it off her face.

missienelly: There goes Rocker. We should call her Meow! *purr*

ADGirl: Meow it is.

missienelly: I love the way she said meow. Cute Aargh commercial!

ADGirl: OK I am paused

missienelly: Starting back on


missienelly: Hah! It’s all out.I see. The ghost dresses up as a bride.

ADGirl: It seems the more Meow helps the more they look like themselves.

missienelly: She started to look more human too.

ADGirl: The more she around Asshat, the more human she looks. Meow that is.

missienelly: Meow Awwwwww this is a sad lova story. She’s pretty.*cries*

ADGirl: Yes she is.

missienelly: Meow the moderator lol. He sees her or no?

ADGirl: He didn’t see her till she touched him from behind.

missienelly: Nice punch, buddy!

ADGirl: WOOT what a punch. I bet we see him in more dramas.

missienelly: He’s handsome *who let the cougar out?* hehehe

ADGirl: That he is. One more to add to the eye candy store 😉

missienelly: Hahaha. Check!

ADGirl: Watch him kick ass on the field because Asshat cursed him

missienelly: Yeah. Here he comes. Whoa! Is that her talking or the ghost?


ADGirl: Oh yah beautiful way to end episode 1.

missienelly: Laurie!!!! I love it!!! Do you? Do you? *jumping like a dog*

ADGirl: The bubbles nice added touch. Hell yah I am hooked.

missienelly: I know! We must watch ep2 tomorrow! So am I! Tomorrow 9pm?

ADGirl: OK tomorrow it is. I am up for a while so I will watch other drams. Tomorrow about 9 is good for me.

So there you have it… ADGirl and I had so much fun watching it together. Though we are on the same time zone, we are far apart but somewhat connected through Master’s Sun. The power of KDrama, that’s for sure. If you would like to read a more detail review of this episode 1, please click The Master’s Sun episode 1. This is the dramatic review by the one and only badass unnie *in a good way of course*, Jess Unnie from The Crazy Ahjummas.

Questions? Comments? Likes? Dislikes? Drop us a line, or two, or more 😉 will ya…

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