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Doctor-X! This show has been popping up on my Viki slideshow almost all the time as if it was telling me to watch it. I’ve looked at it for the past summer and I kept pushing it away. I’m not a huge medical drama fan. I don’t really care for ER even though how good the show was. Grey’s Anatomy? I watched it for the romance and when Izzy left, I left with her too. Someone had asked me why don’t I watch Good Doctor, the new currently airing show on KBS2? As much as I love Joo Won and Joo Sang-Wook, I just couldn’t stomach it. Hmmm  perhaps I spoke too soon, yes? Who knows, I may marathon it once it is done airing. But I’m looking forward to Medical Top Team, simply because of its brilliant casting. Generally, I tend to shy away from medical drama because of its medical terms. It throw me off completely. I feel so bapo… Why don’t they have any dramas with math genius? C’mon, for once, give it to me! Numbers are my friends and the love of my life!

This is a medical drama. Yup, you heard me correctly. I let my guard down because there is only 8 episodes to watch. Besides, it is a Japanese drama. Japanese drama is a completely different breed. The writers waste no time in spending two or three episodes just to introduce the characters’ background and lives, etc. Doctor-X  is straight to the point. I like it. And hence this show received very high ratings throughout its’ airing. The first episode really throw me off however. I didn’t expect them to put the audience immediately into the medical world and I put it on hold immediately after that. But finally last week, I knew that I had to watch it whether I like it or not. But surprisingly I was okay! The show is brilliantly written, very witty and full of sarcasm, smart yet funny it really tickled me to the point that I really don’t understand myself. If you are looking for romance, please walk away because this show is not for you. Once I finished episode 2, my appetite for Doctor-X grew and I became somewhat obsessed. The show brings in a very different aura and it excite me BIG TIME.

Doctor-X told a story of a daring female doctor who would do anything to save lives. However, since she is a freelancer surgeon (a contract employee) in a university hospital, other surgeons shows no respect at her overconfident and somewhat bitchy character. Her daily image to work (as if she’s dressing up to party) is quite trashy and almost inappropriate. I’ve never seen any surgeon going to work in shorts and knee length boots except our doctor Daimon Michiko. Yes, her name is Daimon but people refer her as Devil LOL. It is just too funny. And the first thing you would realize is her eyes. Yes, her eyes is so huge and pretty annoying at times. But you know what, I don’t care because this doctor is very sassy! I love her! Her confident is very astonished. Her mantra “I will not fail” can be a bit flamboyant to hear it and almost showy but once you see her on this show, you will know why. Other surgeons are so curious with her bizarre and superb quality of work and did a research on her over the internet. Their research was lead to a gypsy-like ghost doctor named Doctor-X. Is she Doctor-X? I don’t know as I just completed episode 5. If you want to know, watch it!

I am confident, as confident as Daimon sensei, *raised one brow* that you will like this show. Please check it out and I know it will get your interest immediately. And word on the street is that Doctor-X season 2 is coming out. Well, I’m definitely going to put it on my to watch list! THIS IS A GREAT SHOW and I’m going to tell the world that you must watch it!


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