Master’s Sun: Spooky Timeline-Cap Episode 2


Hello, yeoreobun. This is Master’s Sun live Timeline-Cap episode 2 simulcast. As I previously mentioned, our friend ahsokaseoul was not able to join us. She joined us all the way from Gretna. Welcome, ahsokaseoul! We are glad you said “I do” and join our craziness. I hope you have fun reading our caps and as always, I recommend you reading it while watching episode 2 on Viki! Enjoy!

Episode 2


missienelly: I see you

ADGirl: Angela, you please please please have to join us. Peer pressure….. YOU KNOW YOU WWWWAAANNNTTT TO!

missienelly: Hahahaha She’s not online I think *pouty face*


ahsokaseoul: Sorry I missed it

missienelly: It’s okay. We saw ep 1 last night and will watch ep2 tonight.

ahsokaseoul: What time tonight?

missienelly: Most probably 9pm eastern time, do you wanna watch with us again? Have you seen ep2? *grin*

ADGirl: Nelly, I am more excited for tonight. Angela says she would love to join us for the simulcast. I caught her up on the names.

missienelly: Goodness, I haven’t seen you all day! Everything ok? I’m so glad Angela could join us. So happy. and yes, I’m excited for tonight too! For us and for the show!

ADGirl: One more thing Angela we say 9PM I believe 8 your time, it is really a round about time. If you are going to join us, let us know and we will wait till each of us is on and ready.

missienelly: Yeah, we will wait.

ADGirl: Yes I got to sleep in till 9:30 and then real life. Which will be calling me again in a few minutes.

missienelly: ok. phew

ansokaseoul: I’ll be on around 8 pm. You guys message me when you’re both ready


missienelly: This is what I meant by referring him as King!

ADGirl: Nice Nelly. Ok I am ready when you guys are.

ahsokaseoul: Me too!

missienelly: Fell asleep for a while. Gimme 5 minutes so I can wake myself up *splashed cold water to face*

ADGirl: ahsokaseoul, we are watching on viki this way commercials that come up should be the same time and the subs we have will be the same. If there is a commercial let us know and we will pause and wait if we do not have one.

ahsokaseoul: Alright. I’m just waiting for missienelly. I’m all ready…

missienelly: I’m almost ready. MBLAQ’s Cry was playing in my dream, had to listen to it. Lol. Ok I’m all set. Play?

ahsokaseoul: I’m ready…

ADGirl: Play!

missienelly: Yeah!

ADGirl: I am finished with the credits, are you?

missienelly & ahsokaseoul: Yes.

missienelly: I really like his voice! (Seo In-Guk’s)

ADGirl: She really just means sleep. Hahaha

missienelly: This music reminded me of Mary Stayed Up All Night OST (Hello Hello)

ahsokasseoul: Poor girl let her sleep man…


missienelly: Boo yaa! She just told him!!! Oooooh I see dead people! Lol


ADGirl: Sixth Sense right there.

missienelly: Yes! But do you think the King believe her?

ahsokaseoul: Crap THAT movie is going to be in my head too!

ADGirl: Rocker is on the scene.

missienelly: Hehehe ahsokaseoul. I’ll take responsible of you *smiley*

ADGirl: Bahaahahaha! Be my Grudge!

ahsokaseoul: …………..

missienelly: Rocker is cute. Btw ahsokaseoul, Rocker is our nickname for Seo In-Guk.

ahsokaseoul: ???

missienelly: The other guy.

ADGirl: I sent you a message explaining it in a PM.

ahsokaseoul: I don’t know who you’re talking about, the guy that lives in the apartment building with her?

missienelly: Poof! She sounded flirtier than first ep! Yes that’s him (to ahsokaseoul).

ADGirl: I wonder how many takes they had to do this. We call So Ji Sub King

missienelly: Extremely handsome? Lol he acknowledged himself as handsome *sucker*. Gong-Sil as meow *purr*

ADGirl: Bahahaha that was so cruel yet so funny.

missienelly: I know!

ADGirl: “If you are the sun I never want to see morning.”


ahsokaseoul: He always has great one-liners.

missienelly: He does!

ADGirl: Pause I have to put Netflix on, on the other computer.

2 minutes later….

ADGirl: and back I am at King opening the curtain. Play?


missienelly: Yes. Covering my eyes *nervous*

ahsokaseoul: Ewwwwwwww

missienelly: Ack!

ADGirl: Where are you? At the water fountain?

missienelly: Yes.

ahsokaseoul: What’s the point of having such a huge fountain in the middle of a building… lol

ADGirl: I ask myself the same question every time I go in a building with one.

ahsokaseoul: Of course, the king would have a gold looking glass in front of his window!

missienelly: Gold! Of course! Hence he’s the king!

ADGirl: Right, wishing well.

missienelly: “It’s day time, why aren’t you sleeping?” Lol she’s known to be a sleeper then


ahsokaseoul: Even ghosts need coffee… even creepy looking ones.

ADGirl: I think it is the only time she can sleep.

missienelly: Hahahaha she’s making friend with that ghost lol

ahsokaseoul: Snap!

ADGirl: A ghost who loves coffee. Hahahahaha


missienelly: How could a none-being smells coffee? It doesn’t make any sense. O_o. Is this king’s mom?

ahsokaseoul: Or an aunt?

ADGirl: Yes it is. It seems she is not a bitch of a mom this time.

missienelly: She just can’t help not touching him lol *meow meow*


ahsokaseoul: Meow is so coy

ADGirl: A ghost isn’t going to hang around the fountain because it’s expensive.

missienelly: So coy! Lol

ahsokaseoul: Hahahaahahaha

ADGirl: Meow has some of the best facial expressions. Very rare for a k-actress. *nodded to self*

missienelly: I agree! *nodded*

ADGirl: I bet that boy is the one on the roof and having coffee with Meow.

missienelly: Oh! It’s King! *jumped with excitement* That boy is our King!

ADGirl: I am now guessing Rocker has something to do with it.

ahsokaseoul: Oh the news really knows how to cover faces and voices well  *curled lips*

ADGirl: Far better than even here.

missienelly: Hmmmm who is this ghost? I’m curious now.


ADGirl: The ghost in the picture will be the ghost with the school girls.

missienelly: Aaaah that explains! He lost ability to read after accident. *pitied him* Whose kids are these? Hahahahaha smart kids!

ADGirl: Then how does he know what’s on the contracts etc.

missienelly: That’s what I said to myself!

ADGirl: How do you hide that as a CEO? Hiding my eyes…

ahsokaseoul: Damn! Ewwwwww


ADGirl: Shit just yelped

ahsokaseoul: Hahahaha

ADGirl: It is starting to make her sightings funnier than scary.

missienelly: Hahahhaha. Asking a ghost for another ghost lol. Too funny!

ahsokaseoul: Have you seen this girl?

missienelly: Omo!

ahsokaseoul: Are you a person?

missienelly: She refered him by Room 404


ahsokaseoul: What a jerk to scare her like that

ADGirl: I wonder does he know she can see ghosts

missienelly: How did the girls get in?

ahsokaseoul: They’re high school students; they figure anything out.


missienelly: Giggle

ADGirl: That’s how will stay the B-lead. He will not stop the ghosts.

missienelly: Gasp!

ahsokaseoul: Dum dum dummm

missienelly: His fashion style is killing me!!!!

ADGirl: HHHHMMM! Do you think the driver has something to do with what happened to him?

missienelly: But love, love his hair style.

ahsokaseoul: I think the puke green jacket works for him…Really 🙂

missienelly: I figure there’s something going on with the driver.

ADGirl: I find in the dramas when the man thinks he is KING his fashion sense is outrageous. King of Dramas, BOF, etc.

missienelly: L!!!!!!!

ahsokaseoul: Omo L!!!!!!!!


missienelly: Don’t they both look alike? Right?

ahsokaseoul: Yes!!!

ADGirl: Hehehehe. Meow is at it again.

missienelly: Haha The music. So mischievous!

ahsokaseoul: Great reflexes for going 2 miles/hr!

ADGirl: I think driver likes meow for King

ahsokaseoul: *big smiley face*

missienelly: Who sent that pic? Hehe good match

ahsokaseoul: High school girls are very blunt…

ADGirl: Very mean!


missienelly: No filter

ahsokaseoul: How did meow know about the cellphone?

ADGirl: Eon Soo

missienelly: The ghost must have told her

ahsokaseoul: Ok

ADGirl: The ghosts talk to her once she looks them in the eye. OMO! Did not expect to see the accident.


missienelly: Omo

ahsokaseoul: Ewwwww

ADGirl: I mean they blurred the hand in Where Are You for goodness sake.

missienelly: The impact was quite hard but she looks ok though… Fight fight fight!

ahsokaseoul: She died because she bought them drinks?…. Girl fight. Where are the teachers???

missienelly: Yeap. I think she wanted to buy the girls’ heart.

ADGirl: Only the one who stood buy and watched.

missienelly: This episode is a lil touchy *sob sob*

ADGirl: That was weird. Always is when it involves kids.

missienelly: She bought the girls drinks?

ahsokaseoul: The vending machine…


missienelly: Awww all Eun Sol wants is friendship

ahsokaseoul: That’s what Meow wants too. Can I greet him?

missienelly: She’s being cute again.

ADGirl: Yes, can I?

missienelly: I’ll get in line lol

ADGirl: See the fountain for gold.

missienelly: He’s mean yet dashing! *sigh*

ADGirl: He does not want to be hurt or hurt anyone again. That’s how we know Rocker is nice but will be the asshat in the end.

missienelly: There’s a reason he’s who he is now.

ahsokaseoul: lol

missienelly: Asshat lol

ADGirl: OMO! She is the guilty one. No wonder he does not want anyone close to him. Told you Rocker is the bad guy.

missienelly: Rocker is her brother? Revenge?

ADGirl: I bet he is connected to the young ghost. The ghost who is on her roof.

missienelly: Kamjagiya! Haha is king curious?

ahsokaseoul: Or jealous…


missienelly: Omo who sing this song? His voice sounds like Onew! *Onew from SHINee*

ADGirl: A little of both I think.

missienelly: His expensive fountain lol


ahsokaseoul: LOL

missienelly: Kissu kissu!

ADGirl: Yah not till episode 8. I cannot wait for the bed scene.

missienelly: He’s so closed to her face


ADGirl: So do you think you will have nightmares tonight, ahsokaseoul?

missienelly: Preview is awesome

ahsokaseoul: Not this time.

ADGirl: Love the preview. Makes me want it to be Thursday again.

missienelly: It isn’t as bad as the first episode, ahsokaseoul.

ahsokaseoul: When is the next one?

missienelly: Me too!

ADGirl: Actually episode 3 is up Wednesday and 4 is up on Thursday.

missienelly: This is a Wednesday n Thursday show. Hopefully we can watch two episodes next Thursday.

ahsokaseoul: They’re both subbed!

missienelly: Testing our patience.

ADGirl: They will be. Viki has it up and fully subbed usually by 7 on Wed and Thursday.

ahsokaseoul: I’m not that far in Korean to watch it straight…

missienelly: I rather watch from Viki coz DF takes forever for the get them subbed.

ahsokaseoul: What time on Thursday do you want to watch?

ADGirl: 9 pm again if that works for you.

ahsokaseoul: Ok works for me…

missienelly: Yay

Well, that is all for episode 2. The three of us had so much fun watching it. As you can tell, this is at the early stage and there are not many discussion but you will see more and more coming out from us as the series progresses and more questions arises from it. For detail review on Master’s Sun, please visit Jess Unnie’s Episode 2 dramatic review here.


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