Wednesday Eu-Mak: Bring the Kleenex Out!

Happy Wednesday all! How are things? I have had some awesome weekend and a bit hectic schedule for the past two days. As you know, I was in NYC to visit family and to run a personal errand for myself. I got home early this morning (12:35am) and I’m really, really tired now. My son has been really awesome and cooperating with me as much as he could, which I appreciate his efforts. I’m so blessed to have him *thank you God for giving me an angel* and I hope he will continue to be this good throughout the course of his life. Anyway… Let’s get back to music. Yes, to start off your September I decided to make you cry a little bit… Or at least moved by the songs I’m about to feature. As I mentioned last week, the MVs for this week are different than others. The songs are performed by Vodka Rain, my current favorite Korean Indie-Rock group.

So who is Vodka Rain? This is an indie rock group formed in 2005 and released their first album in 2007. This four member group is fairly new to me. I came across them early this year and started to listen most of their songs like mad since the beginning of summer. They make good music. Period. I’m just in awe how beautiful their songs are and how some of the song managed to penetrate deep into my hearts. They sounded very contemporary at times, and sometimes very modern-gypsy like. I guess it all depend on their mood when writing the music. But the element of Indie remain in their songs. The songs are well written and sounded harmoniously and perfect fit for fall season. I must admit it was their name that got me. Vodka Rain! Who would have thought, right? Seoulbeats did a great article on Vodka Rain. Please click here for further reading on them. The article also featured their banned song “Night Time Restaurant.”

So for the first MV, it is called Wants to See as translated from Google. But with my own interpretation, it means I Would Like To See You. The song is excellent and it gives me the chill. The voice is so heart wrenching and beautiful. The first time I heard this song, I froze. I was stunned by the voice and how the song progressed from the beginning to the end. Beautiful cello. Beautiful piano. And the climax starting at minute 3:12 just stop me from doing nothing else but to fully centered my own gravity on the song to the end. Magnificent. Things like this really put me into tears. I hope you are on the same page as I am. The song is just beyond words…

The second MV is called Nothing I Could Say as translated from Google. I believe this is by far, THE BEST SONG from Vodka Rain. Again, the group used the climax element in this song. It started slow with a beautiful voice from Jang Yoon-Ju, a multitalented model-singer, and later followed by Vodka Rain at the minute 2:50, in which the climax of this song started. Seriously, I wonder if am I the only one who start crying when he start singing? Tell me if you do coz this song is so beautifully composed I can’t believe I just only know it now. Again, it is so heart wrenching and I felt that my soul was ripped apart by this song. Out of this world song that made me yearning for more and more…

Did the songs move you a little? Don’t worry, I’m not going to call you heartless if you are not. All of us have different taste in music, I don’t expect you to like mine. As for next week, it’ll be music from OST. The songs are beautiful and the voice are stunning! I can’t wait for that post to come… Until then, have a great day!


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