Master’s Sun: Spooky Timeline-Cap Episode 3


Here we are again with another timeline-cap for Master’s Sun! Last episode had us cry a bucket, but this episode had us squealed and screamed frantically throughout the entire hour! We hope you enjoy our craziness as we embarked on another spooky ride with King, Meow, Rocker and Cruella Devilla. Enjoy reading our cap while watching it via Viki 🙂

Episode 3

missienelly: Putting my kid to bed. Hopefully to be online soon…

50 minutes later…

I’m ready.

ahsokaseoul: I’m here. Let me get set up.

missienelly: Ok. ADGirl still not in. Until then, I’m feeding myself with kpop hehe

ahsokaseoul: Sounds good. What are you listening to?

missienelly: Now is MBLAQ Smoky Girl

smoky girl

ahsokaseoul: Have you ever counted how many times they say Smoky Girl?

missienelly: Haha no. How many?

ahsokaseoul: I lost count after twenty…

ahsokaseoul: Dont get me wrong, I love me song…

missienelly: UKISS Standing Still now. Haha I won’t *stick tongue out*


ahsokaseoul: That’s a song I listening constantly, pretty much anything UKISS

ahsokaseoul: the random girl with the creepy contacts could’ve been left out. But who’s looking at the girl??

missienelly: Yeah. True. *laugh*

5 minutes later… Angela about to continue with her Reply 1997 and I’m on my Crazy Love (don’t watch it, please!)


missienelly: Uh oh Laurie…. I thought I saw her online early today

ADGirl: Sorry guys I ended up having to do errands.

missienelly: Aaah, there she is!

ADGirl: I am on now and ready to get Viki up and running.

ahsokagirl: Hi ADGirl!

ADGirl: Hi ahsokaseoul! And missienelly!

ahsokaseoul: Hi! Let me know when we start!

missienelly: Ok. I’m ready. Pillow to cover my face ready too hehe

Hiding Cat

ahsokaseoul: Hee hee

ADGirl: I have commercial first. Play. And credits starting


missienelly: Ok starting. I mean credit starting. Shesh this creepy music. *shudders*

ahsokaseoul: Reminds me of Masterpiece Theatre

ADGirl: Just a little bit.

missienelly: *Giggle giggle*

ADGirl: Hahahaha Having a bomb shelter.Too funny meow!


missienelly: Bomb shelter *laugh* Shoe! Good bait!

ADGirl: BOO!

missienelly: Aaaaaaaaaaa

ADGirl: See I would drop it all and run.

ahsokaseoul: I must be behind

missienelly: Thank god for pillow! Oops where you at, ahsokaseoul? *raised brow*


ADGirl: Yah where are you?

ahsokaseoul: I just saw the shoe.

missienelly: We will pause 2 minutes for ahsokaseoul. We are at the stairs scene.

ADGirl: I paused when they leave the stairs let me know.

missienelly: Minute 5?

ahsokaseoul: My computer froze on me sooooorry *pouty face*

missienelly: It’s ok. Give me some times to recuperate from screaming lol

ADGirl: Just let us know and we will pause or go back for you.

missienelly: Yup

ADGirl: Cause the hand tripping her was too freaky. Are you at the leaving stairs yet?


missienelly: Yeah. It happens so fast!

ahsokaseoul: Meow is trying on the shoe.

ADGirl: Now you have to pause *stick tongue out*

missienelly: Ooh ok paused haha

ahsokaseoul: She’s running with one shoe on!!!


missienelly: His car! Ok she saw the shoe. What the…?

ahsokaseoul: lol

ADGirl: Play ahsokaseoul. Hahahaha running with one shoe!

missienelly: I can’t type. Too busy covering my face.

ADGirl: *giggle*

ahsokaseoul: eekk

missienelly: Ooh kamjagiya!

ahsokaseoul: King gets scared a lot


missienelly: He does! Shesh she just loves hugging him! *raised brow*


ADGirl: Wouldn’t you *wink*

ahsokaseoul: I know! Wouldn’t you?

missienelly: Do they happen to dress the same color? I’m just jealous!!! *stick tongue out*

ADGirl: They do that a lot with the OTP’s

ahsokaseoul: I think that’s the point.

ADGirl: OK how the heck did she get to the mall?

missienelly: Was the accident nearby? Or someone killed and dump we body in her own car?

ahsokaseoul: the shoes dum dum dum

missienelly: Correction: Dump her body. Ahhh our Rocky. Swift move. I’m impressed.

ADGirl: Yes dump the body. Still how did the shoe end up at the mall? Smooth exit from our Rocky!

missienelly: She was killed in the mall?

ahsokaseoul: Rocky has no sense lol

ADGirl: Someone would have seen the blood

missienelly: Aaaaaaaaah her hubby? Hahaha Kleenex box!


ADGirl: Ran out of the spa naked… Bahahahaha

ahsokaseoul: why is meow still carrying around that shoe gross… talking of kleenex box…

missienelly: Hahaha there she goes again grabbing him at every opportunity. It should have been me!

ADGirl: UGH! The Chaebol with family members spying on him. Why wasn’t one of us?

missienelly: Sigh…

ADGirl: Pause commercial

missienelly: Most of my tweeter friends are bored with ep3. I’m not so far. Are you?

ahsokaseoul: No. Play.

missienelly: Great! I simply refuse to hear them. Aha! That’s why she showed up at the mall! We got our answer.

ahsokaseoul: I wonder if the shoe has special meaning… Oh the husband is an asshat!

ADGirl: He killed her!

missienelly:How convenient she’s dead?” Hmmm



ADGirl: She saw him having an affair I bet!

missienelly: Good theory. My best guess is he wants money from her life insurance.

ahsokaseoul:That poor tissue box… poor Meow

ADGirl: Meow! Just go buy a new pair of shoes!

ahsokaseoul: lol

missienelly: Not enuf lol. Hah!

ahsokaseoul: Rocky to the rescue!


missienelly: King is becoming a lil thoughtful. A lil.

ADGirl: Aww I wanted King to give her the shoes.

missienelly: Rocky so hawwwwt *fanned self*

ahsokaseoul: *big smiley face*

missienelly: Me too, ADGirl!!! Bomb shelter again lol

ahsokaseoul: shoes for meow

missienelly: Rocky so sweet. Yes!!!!!

ADGirl: YES YES YES!!!! F!

missienelly: Hahahhaha

ADGirl: Pause commercial again

ahsokaseoul: kk

ADGirl: I never have this many commercials *frustrated*

missienelly: Gosh meow is just so coy and a lil corny hahaha. Coz it’s new drama @ADGirl

ahsokaseoul: That’s why I love her! She’s so random!

ADGirl: I am at 27:03 and play.

missienelly: She is! Her corniness is still cute! Ok.

ahsokaseoul: The actress looks familiar… who is she?


ADGirl: Yes it is very cute. Suits the character very well.

missienelly: I know her from somewhere too. Male energy!

ahsokaseoul: Is she the editor on FBND?

missienelly: I know who you’re talking about. Nope.

*researched* her name is Park Hee-Von. We saw her on God’s Quiz 3 as Lee Ran.

ADGirl: What’s her name on the show? We can look her up on wiki.

missienelly: No name so far. Gosh our King looks so pretentious. The murder scene!

ADGirl: King is going to kick him out of the store.

missienelly: Wifey is rich. Hmm I knew it.

ADGirl: I do not think he killed her. I think he was having an affair and she either saw or heard it and ran off.

missienelly: What a big shades!

ADGirl: Bugs are out!


ahsokaseoul: lol

ADGirl: Bug eyed

missienelly: She does sounded crazy lol

ADGirl: She is the mistress! Told you!


missienelly: Gasp! You got it!

ahsokaseoul: Get a room!

missienelly: Poor wifey…

ADGirl: The mistress did it!

ahsokaseoul: You got it ADGirl!

missienelly: Oh goodness! *eyes popped out of socket*

ADGirl: What a horrible way to die.

ahsokaseoul: Damn

missienelly: Oh wow. She should reveal herself to him.

ahsokaseoul: Tears of blob… Tears of blood. I love auto correct!


ADGirl: Hahaha My mouth hurts from having to smile at all the sales records.

missienelly: Fake tears. Boo hoo hoo. Find new way. Say something! King to the rescue? Hhhmmmmm

ADGirl: Ah King!

missienelly: I’ll grab his hand.


ahsokaseoul: King!

missienelly: Asa!


ahsokaseoul: Pervert… lol

missienelly: Subtitles brought to you by I See Dead People lol funny Viki, very funny!

ADGirl: He is going to start helping her.

missienelly: I think so. The beginning of trust.

ADGirl: A ghost whisperer ending.

ahsokaseoul: Yep

missienelly: What’s up with the midriff top?

ADGirl: Not sure maybe to have her torso seem longer.

ahsokaseoul: lol

ADGirl: Betrayed my Kingdom… this is why King suits him.

ahsokaseoul: the GPS helped not just the King


missienelly: Hahahaha *Giggle giggle*

ADGirl: HHHMMM! I am starting to wonder if his mom or aunt is behind the kidnapping

missienelly: Good theory, Laurie! For what purpose though? Hmmm

ADGirl: If she is the Aunt he is the sole heir, money would go to her?

missienelly: She’s old anyway…

ADGirl: What did he put in her drink?


missienelly: I missed it!

ADGirl: Maybe her friend is trying to get her to sleep.

missienelly: Is he going to give her piggyback? L!!!!!


ahsokaseoul: *squee*

missienelly: That bitch. Lol

ahsokaseoul: lol

missienelly: Umph. What’s this, Rocky? *sob* It’s not her! It’s that girl!

ADGirl: The drugs allowed her to be possessed. Holy Crap! *said the Catholic girl*


missienelly: Aaaaaaaaaaa

ADGirl: Now you know why he does not want to be touched.

missienelly: Next ep!

ahsokaseoul: kk

missienelly: They both wearing white!


ADGirl: Sure thing. Can we pause for a drink and snack break?

ahsokaseoul: Good idea ADGirl. See you in a couple minutes.

missienelly: I’ll be here. Don’t mind me. Staring at my baby. He’s giving me arm pillow. Sweet.

So, what did you think of this week’s ghost? Pretty scary, eh? I can never forget the sound of that shoe tock tock tock across the mall. Holy fudge! Till today, I still feel spooked rewatching this episode! O.M.G *shudders* For further review, please visit Jess Unnie’s dramatic review here.


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