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I, missienelly, officially cannot trust myself anymore. Really, I can’t! *pout* It took 4 people to finally convince me to watch Can You Hear My Heart? and even that, I was still hesitating until I was cornered. I’m so glad and grateful that my tweeter friends are very aggressive and persistent coz I couldn’t have watch this without them. My stupidity reminds me of what I did to 49 Days. I waited and waited and when I finally watched it, I regretted myself for delaying it too long. And I’m doing it again with this drama. Aish, I’m so ashamed of myself *facepalm* Really, really embarrassed *headdesk x3*



This almost 30-episode makjang drama is not as complicated as other drama yet enough to rile you up. And I like that the characters are very honest to each other. I’m still surprise I can’t even believe this kind of writing really exist! For example the bromance between Dong-Joo and Joon-Ha/Ma-Roo are so sincere even though they knew they are unrelated. And when the boys fell for the same girl, I mean OMG usually you will see a fist fight but not on this one. They both are well spoken and respect each until their mother abused the trust they both have to each other and to her. It was a devastating to see it and all they ever wanted is for her to listen to them. But seriously though, I’ve never seen a family drama really good until CYHMH. And another record breaking personal record? Never in my KDrama history I’d cry so much until CYHMH. This drama moved me so much I actually don’t mind a rewatch again.


So how’s the story start? Hmmmm it’s kind of difficult. Let see if I can capture it properly *don’t kill me if I butchered it*. There are five important characters in this drama. #1 is little Mi-Sook/Bong Woo-Ri. She lost her mom to fire accident under President Cha’s management. Her mom was deaf and married to Ma-Roo’s dad, a person of a lower IQ. When her mom died, she was left behind with her step dad and took care of the household’s problem on her own. She had a big crush on Ma-Roo as a kid but pushed her feeling away when their parents married. #2 is Bong Ma-Roo/Jang Joon-Ha. He’s Woo-Ri’s step brother. Ma-Roo ran away from home when his step mom death was mistreated unfairly. He ran to President Cha’s wife, Tae Hyun-Sook, his sponsor as she promised she will  help him in anyway she could if he’s in desperate/trouble. He came to her to avenge the death of his step mom despite her being married to President Cha. #3 is Choi Dong-Joo. Dong-Joo met Woo-Ri when his mom was in her hometown to give out scholarship and sponsorship to Ma-Roo. Dong-Joo and Ma-Roo became brothers and left the country after his accident that caused him brain injury and led to lost of hearing. He trained so hard to read from the lips so that he can pretend he could hear when people are talking to him. And by the way, the cause of his accident stemmed from watching his grandpa killed by President Cha. #4 is President Cha. President Cha is the evil #1. He was forced to marry Dong-Jo’s mom, Tae Hyun-Sook, when Dong-Jo’s real father passed away suddenly. He was forced to sign a pre-nup which includes taking care of the Dong-Joo’s inheritance. On the other hand, President Cha found out that Ma-Roo is his flesh and blood and he only knew it when his mistress told him so years later. He now wanted that inheritance to pass on to his son instead to Dong-Joo. #5 is Tae Hyun-Sook. She is the evil #2 in CYHMH. She used the boys to avenge for the death of her father, which was killed by President Cha. She brainwashed the kids, led them into doing all her evil scheme and put her fire to already flaming fire. But she did a fine job nurturing these boys to be the children you’ve always wanted them to be. They are well behaved and spoken. I love it!


So what I like about this show? The bonding are the most to die for! The bromance between the Dong-Joo and Ma-Roo. The mother and sons relationship. The father and daughter relationship. The relationship between Woo-Ri and Seung-Chul. Aaarghhh, just love it! And the characters doesn’t yell as much as other dramas which is music to my ears *that stupid Crazy Love still driving me insane*. And to answer your burning question, yes! Yes, I love this drama! I love it so much I put this review on hold to almost the end because I want to be sure of myself. I highly recommend CYHMH! Great story, great acting and great OST too! WATCH IT! Make me proud! Pieces of Parchment did a fabulous review on CYHMH and I agree with everything she (or  he? o_O) said! 🙂


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