Wednesday Eu-Mak: Fabulous OST songs

Good day, everyone! How are things now? I’m doing fine and happy to be back at my work desk. Even though I a had staycation, it was still one hectic staycation. I spent most of time with my kid and he drove me nuts with Wheels On The Bus LOL. Let’s just say I’m not cut to be a housewife :). Anyway, before I proceed with this week’s music selection, let’s take a minute of silent to remember all the victims of 9/11 tragedy …………. I would like to share my experience but I think it’s best to keep it to myself. Let’s move on, shall we? As I previously mentioned, this week songs are taken from OST. The songs are probably a few of the best songs I’ve heard in awhile. I love OSTs, it really represents the mood of the dramas and excite us viewers :). So without further due, the two songs are taken from two of my favorite dramas, Midas and Secret Garden.


The first song is called Can I Love You, taken from Midas OST and it is performed by multi-talented artist, No Min-Woo. I’ve never heard him singing ballad songs before. I’ve always known him as a drummer for TRAXX and now as ICON, lead singer for ROCKSTAR. When I heard him singing on Midas, I fell in love immediately. He has such a sweet, sweet voice. Yes, I’ve heard him singing in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, but that song is more of a fast paced and a bit techno. In this MV, you can see him working together with the music director/writer and together, their collaboration produce a one very moving yet powerful love song. Also, this MV showcases Min-Woo’s talent as a singer, pianist and guitarist. He’s not just a pretty face… Oh, no no no. Despite him looking very thin, it was part of his character as a cancer patient, he was still looking very handsome. You can see him in full action and his strong dedication as a musician really shines in this video. *grin*

The next song is titled Here I am, taken from Secret Garden OST and performed by another multi-talented artist, Yoon Sang-Hyun. Most of us known him as Oska but he’s just not another pretty face. Thhis oppa is also a singer and most of his followers are from Japan. I’ve never heard of him singing before until Secret Garden. It’s good to see him lending his voice to the drama he’s in, just like No Min-Woo. I love, love oppa’s voice. There is something mysterious in his voice in this song.  The music is very sad yet touchy and his whisper-like yet crispy voice added a heart-wrenching feeling to this song. If you listen carefully *apologize in advance if I sounded very music illiterate*, it sounded that there’s a tiny vibration came out from each music note he sang. I find it very beautiful. Another gorgeous song sung by him is Gazing from the same OST. This is a very short song but I hope you still enjoy listening to it.

Well, I hope you like my choice of eu-mak for this week. I know I’m going a little old school this week and go with old dramas but these songs were beautiful. And I’m going to continue with more OST songs next week, but this time… instrumental OSTs I found it very, very goooooood! Until then…


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