Just Watched: Love, NY


Talk about being lonely in the city… If you are single in the city, you can definitely relate to Love, NY. Somewhat. This short, 15 minute mini drama told a story of a lonely Korean traveler in an icy cold NY. Yes, it is that simple. But she found love at the oddest place and time. This unexpected love is the warmest, romantic love I’ve seen in years. This story is perfectly written I yearned for more. There isn’t much things to say without giving away the entire story. But for me, this is absolutely a must watch. It’s a Lost in Translation all over again… She speaks Korean, and he’s a Korean American with English only label written all over his forehead. Though  unable to mutually connect verbally, they successfully connected through drawings, sign language and her mini Korean-English e-dictionary. It was so, so sweet to see them both trying so hard to get their messages across to each other.  The atmosphere is cold but it quickly warms up as the couple get to know each other within hours. I’m glad I watched it and I’m sure it’ll be the best 15 minutes of your time too! You can catch Love, NY on DramaFever.



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