Master’s Sun: Spooky Timeline-Cap Episode 7


The continuation of Master’s Sun timeline-cap continues… If last week we saw an episode of man’s best friend aka dog, this week we get to see children’s  best buddy aka doll. I know not all kids today play with a doll but in this episode, it symbolize a bigger issue. If last week was about pet love, this week is about abuse love. Yes, abusive love is all around us. This episode is a bit teary for me, so get your Kleenex ready!

ADGirl were not able to join us for the most part of the discussion for this episode due to bad storm at the time but you can still read her thoughts below after my and ahsokaseoul’s conversation. Ok, let’s get this episode going, shall we? As always, we saw this episode on Viki. I hope you enjoy reading our craziness!!!

Episode 7


ADGirl: Behind the scenes for the poster shoot.

ahsokaseoul: Thanks for sharing!

ADGirl: Looking at these it makes waiting for tonight easier.

missienelly: Awwww gwiyeopda!!!

ahsokaseoul: How am I going to wait until 8 pm? This video makes me want to edit again.. I’m afraid YT will just take them all down again…

missienelly: Uhoh this is dangerous and dare not looking at it


missienelly: Don’t mind me, I’m here

ahsokaseoul: I’m here, too!

missienelly: Uhoh ADGirl…….

ahsokaseoul: If ADGirl doesn’t come on tonight, I’ll watch episode 7&8 by myself… I can always find ways to watch them again and again….

missienelly: Or you and I can start watching and she can add her part later…

ahsokaseoul: True. How long do you wanna wait?

missienelly: Let’s give it until 9:30/8:30 pm.

ahsokaseoul: Alright…

10 minutes passed…

missienelly: Ok ahsokaseoul. Are you rrrreeadyy?

ahsokaseoul: Yes!

missienelly: Since ADGirl isn’t here, it’s your turn to converse with me *wink* Play. Commercial now.

ahsokaseoul: Ok, I’ll try.

ADGirl: Hi ladies! Sorry I am late. Once again, we are in the middle of a thunderstorm here. I have been trying to wait it out. It is still on.

missienelly: Credit. Squeeeeeee. Yay. We are about to start watching!

ahsokaseoul: ADGirl!

missienelly: Let’s do it, ADGirl!

ADGirl: It is still on and power goes in and out.

ahsokaseoul: We are through the credits..

ADGirl: I will have to let you guys watch and I will have to watch later.

missienelly: Yup. I’m on 0:18. Squee part. Ok. Make sure you add your thoughts into it later, ADGirl.

ADGirl: can I just say wwwwwaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaannnnn? I will. I’m going to miss you guys while watching.

missienelly: Ok bye!

ADGirl: Night ladies!

ahsokaseoul: We are going to miss you too!

missienelly: Let’s start ahsokaseoul. I’m on minute 0:18.

ahsokaseoul: He’s going to hit her?

missienelly: Let’s squee together. *grin* Touch touch! Can he read now? Kiss kiss kiss



ahsokaseoul: I always thought he could read…

missienelly: Aish. Why pull your hands away, King?

ahsokaseoul: Called it!!!

missienelly: Not after the incident. You did! Love her bag!

ahsokaseoul: The date!


missienelly: I forgot too lol Firm line? Like meow cares?

ahsokaseoul: The Zone!


missienelly: Don’t try to touch other places? Why? Lol. Yes, the zone. *narrow eyes*


ahsokaseoul: I’m afraid of you, not ghosts…


missienelly: There must be something going on with the driver. Haha. Cruella so skinny!!!

ahsokaseoul: With bug-eyed glasses!

missienelly: Yup. I think he likes her!

ahsokaseoul: Sweet Candy, he doesn’t want to watch the movie cause it’s not funny?


missienelly: And I think King likes her. He’s being nice, don’t you think?

ahsokaseoul: Yes, he does.

missienelly: Bahaha at driver

ahsokaseoul: He wants her to call…


missienelly: I know! Isn’t it cute?

ahsokaseoul: The driver has a cold, no coughing on the King!

missienelly: Can I lie down next to him? He’s a driver and secretary too!



ahsokaseoul: Well, if you wasn’t lying down like he’s in a coffin! Commercial!

missienelly: Paused!

ahsokaseoul: Start

missienelly: Just in time coz I was getting jumpy *grin*

ahsokaseoul: Meow is afraid of water omo


missienelly: Hahaha ghost runner! Hmmm I wonder why…


ahsokaseoul: tandem bike with ghost included ROFL


missienelly: Lol. She confused him lol Runner ghost!!

ahsokaseoul: Ghost racing and kraktastic music. Are you OK?


missienelly: Are you ok? I know! Olympic music.

ahsokaseoul: That’s what the guy asked Meow!

missienelly: Lemme guess there will be more ghosts coming. Cute stuffy toys.

ahsokaseoul: Awww

missienelly: It’s a red and blue fans!

ahsokaseoul: He called! What a gentleman *wink*


missienelly: I know!!!! Yay! Look at his face! Lil smile… *Giggle giggle*


ahsokaseoul: The smile on his face… for awhile.

missienelly: Exactly! Big relief to see him smiles! Chucky!!!

ahsokaseoul: Playing Rock Paper Scissors (kawi-bawi-bo) with ghost children


missienelly: No. Don’t leave your bro behind. Scary.

ahsokaseoul: Get that doll away from him!

missienelly: What?

ahsokaseoul: Get those ghost kids! Pause.

missienelly: Get that doll out! Pause.


ahsokaseoul: Play.

missienelly: Ok . Pink jacket. The zone again lol

ahsokaseoul: Creepy doll… Touch the Zone.


missienelly: She’s right. He’s not scared of anything. Hahaha

ahsokaseoul: It doesn’t matter what color that guy wears anymore… *grin*

missienelly: I know! He’s a model. Kang candy

ahsokaseoul: Get lost again.. Are those pills or what?

missienelly: Get lost. Pills.

ahsokaseoul: The girlfriend.

missienelly: She’s pretty. Why do I feel bitter?


ahsokaseoul: We’re not actresses… What are you doing with that doll? At least he called her imaginative instead of crazy!

missienelly: Lol Rocker is being nice but you think he know something? Ack. Lol. Why aren’t you going for her? Hmmm…. LOLOLOLOL

ahsokaseoul: I think Rocker is working for Kings uncle to spy on her – but I don’t know why… Do they go to the hospital ALL the time?

missienelly: New secretary.

ahsokaseoul: Pause again.

missienelly: Paused

ahsokaseoul: Sheesh

missienelly: I don’t know. Why not go to the clinic? Right?

ahsokaseoul: Play.

missienelly: I’ll investigate this. Ok. Gossip gossip. Hmmmmm so Rocker works for King’s dad?

ahsokaseoul: Cruella is putting fuel onto the fire!

missienelly: She speaks English. He reply in Korean. *weirdo*

ahsokaseoul: It sure sounds like Meow is a secretary… Hahahaha I missed that!


missienelly: He needs a good brain to remember all so that no one knows of his dyslexia. Rewind? Omo!

ahsokaseoul: Will he fool Meow – I think not ewww! Awww

missienelly: Awwwwww. Hmmm yup yup. She’s being flirty again. Ooooooooo

ahsokaseoul: Can she see through his looking glass? Awww


missienelly: What I control and belong is kingdom.

ahsokaseoul: Embarrassed.

missienelly: I wonder how he feels when he realized his own feelings toward her…

ahsokaseoul: My world has been noisy.  Just what you need, King.

missienelly: Omo


ahsokaseoul: Woah

missienelly: Getting way close

ahsokaseoul: Give him a back hug

missienelly: Just one span


ahsokaseoul: Pause.

missienelly: Paused.

ahsokaseoul: Play.

missienelly: My heart trembled a bit. Play. Jealous.

ahsokaseoul: Cruella and Rocker totally at each other’s face…


missienelly: Ooooh another close face to face

ahsokaseoul: When they start pulling pig tails…

missienelly: All he thinks is money!!!! What kind of mom is this?


ahsokaseoul: Well that all he can control, he can’t control the feelings he has for Meow. Crap! Ghost kids again… Creepy doll!

missienelly: How come, oh geez!

ahsokaseoul: That’s the way the ghost kids spread their terror?

missienelly: I don’t get with ghost kids. Is it like that beauty ghost on ep 4?

ahsokaseoul: I think so.

missienelly: Uhoh the ghost kids are going to protect the boy.

ahsokaseoul: Oh the doll was crying…


missienelly: Really? I missed it! He’s so fine in that suit! Rawr!

ahsokaseoul: The ghost kids are in the doll until they find someone that needs them…

missienelly: Aaaah that makes sense.

ahsokaseoul: Pause.

missienelly: The gypsy music. Paused.

ahsokaseoul: Wahhhh. Play.

missienelly: Eh? Ok.

ahsokaseoul: A commercial break for 15 seconds arghh!

missienelly: She’s so brave! Lol

ahsokaseoul: Breaking and Entering?

missienelly: The drawings!!!! OMG! The kid drew his own future?


ahsokaseoul: Yay she found the boy! Meow you tell that Mom off!


missienelly: Yay! What the hell though. Awwww. The doll meant good in this case?

ahsokaseoul: Throw the fucking doll off the balcony!

missienelly: Child abuse!

ahsokaseoul: Ok here we go with the ghost children!

missienelly: All victims of home abuse *sad face*


ahsokaseoul: Great! Kleenex time!

missienelly: The last kid is cute! *wipe tears*

ADGirl: Oh sure, now that you guys are into episode 8 the fucking storm is over and everyone is in bed here.

missienelly: We are nearly done with episode 7 . I need to find this OST!

ADGirl: HHHHMMM! I will join with 8 and watch 7 later.

Missienelly: Ok. Sounds good.

ahsokaseoul: Oh! Hi ADGirl! Rocker is doing something sweet *smiles*

ADGirl: Watching it on my own will not be the same. *sad face* Of course, he is! He’s a Sweet Candy after all…

missienelly: Hahaha he just pushed her to the police lol

ahsokaseoul: Pause

missienelly: Paused. You’re right, ahsokaseoul. Housebreaking.


ahsokaseoul: Play

missienelly: *thumbs up* Haha King too?

ADGirl: Are we playing episode 8?

missienelly: So cute, both in jail. Not yet, ADGirl. We will let you know *stick tongue out*


ahsokaseoul: He booed her in the head hahahaha… I can’t type today!

missienelly: Lol

ADGirl: When is King not sweet? Even when he is the egotistical I am the Cat’s Meow (Pun totally intended) Asshat, he is still sweet.

missienelly: He did! Wait ADGirl. We are still on 7. Are you not taking me? Lol

ahsokaseoul: King is leaving Meow? Oh there she is…

missienelly: Did she lie to him? There she is. He really pays attention to her!

ahsokaseoul: Crap! The screen froze on me!

missienelly: Paused. It did to me last time with ADGirl when we chat for Who Are You lol

ahsokaseoul: Play

missienelly: Ok. Uh oh jealousy from both. Rocker knew her? Haha the fan

ahsokaseoul: I have to watch it on my iPod, Rocker sees Meow getting in the car with King… What does Rocker know of King’s girlfriend?

missienelly: Exactly. He knows a lot more.

ahsokaseoul: Hahahaha

missienelly: This is expensive. Lol. Hey hey he’s touching her more .


ahsokaseoul: Awww

missienelly: Gloomy world! His world is gloomier. Weird thing on my radar? Hmmmm nice line. Ooooooooooo Air raid shelter lol What? What? Hmmmmmmm

ahsokaseoul: That’s why he’s scared to let her in – he doesn’t feel he deserves her.

missienelly: I see

ahsokaseoul: Kiss her!


missienelly: Preview has L!!!! ADGirl! Get ready with 8!

ahsokaseoul: *squee* Onto Ep, 8!!!!

Side Discussion:

ADGirl: I did not finish ep 7 yet. The lady in 8 with Sunbae, is she Cha’s mother? If so that would be filial and the reason she cannot say who did it. It would also make sense for her to protect her. Now finishing 7 and making notes for comments at the same time.

missienelly: I’m trying to remember which lady you’re talking about. Do you know which scene?

ADGirl: In the beginning, the lady Sunbae is with when he sees Rocker outside the orphanage… Too be clear I mean ghost Cha on MS and not Det Cha on WRU. (WRU = Who Are You?)

ADGirl: Here are my thoughts for MS episode 7.

My heart melt when King tells Meow only touch the hand to the elbow, not any other part of me. No talking. I get he is protecting himself. I hate that I suspect Sunbae driver, especially when he is all for Meow and King as a couple.

I hope Rocky is just telling Cruella he does not like Meow. Who wants Meow to be hurt, right? Not me, I see a broken heart coming. I like that Cruella was not mean to Meow. When they are King’s apt, and King is taking calming meds. Sunbae is so comical and obvious when he he is saying all the things to drive King jealous with Meow’s date with Rocker. King “I am not worried! She will never last they are in the dark. She will run out screaming like a mad woman.” Sunbae, “Well She is not calling you yet. She must be doing fine with Rocker.” Hahahahhahaha


The faces King start making and then using the bitter taste of the meds to hide his jealousy.

At this point, I wonder who Rocker is working for. The ghost chasing Meow is one of the funniest so far. As a stranger, I might hold the ribbon for her, but when she is talking to herself and making signs in midair, I know I would be laughing too hard to even take her seriously.


How sweet she wants to call King. She is listening to what he said. Yay! He called her, I love that smile when she is telling him of the date, and he realizes it was not a knock your socks off date. King having the internal constant fight- I like you! I do not like you! I am jealous! No, I am not! I want to protect you! I do not care.

So the 10 billion won is not actually money. More and more mysterious. Sunbae showing her the necklace, that is so sweet.

Rocker always catching her talking to things, the doll is the best. Then he finds reasons to understand and make her feel good. AAAAAAWWWWW! Melt. King seeing Meow scared, and talking to Sunbae about it. It is more like he is scared.

Is Sunbae faking illness, so that Meow can work closely with King? Is he really sick? Her smile and flirtatiousness on being his secretary is too cute!


Sweet moments saving her from the ghost in the meeting, and the telescope….. Makes me go melty melt. Marble not concrete. Special Radar.

It is really hard to hate Cruella. It’s not like she is after King. I love the relationship and dialogue between her and Rocker. That mother ugh! I cannot go into the mother child thing. The rant would be tooo long. The kids just needed someone to care.

Poor Rocker! Wonder what he is thinking now that he found the pictures. I am sure it is the wrong idea.




I’m kind of torn between bleh and teary wit this episode. There was not enough skin ship to go around in this episode *laugh* even though I know I should not put too much stock on romance…. Yet! Anyway, I hope you enjoy our timeline cap. As always, please visit Jess Unnie’s dramatic review here. Thanks for reading!


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