Master’s Sun: Spooky Timeline-Cap Episode 9


Meow dropped the bomb! She did! And guess what? Our Rocker aka Candy Kang aka Salaryman couldn’t sleep all night long after knowing our Meow’s special ability. I laughed the hardest in this episode. The love between Meow and King and Cruella and Rocker are getting more interesting and interesting. This episode really tested our OTPs relationship… And the episode ended with a bang! Jjinja! My jaw dropped and started cussing because I hate it! Go watch it, peeps. We saw it on Viki and so should you *wink wink*

Episode 9


ahsokaseoul: Ready for 8!

missienelly: Ok I’m at 0:11 now.

ahsokaseoul: I mean 9!

missienelly: Yes. Me too!

ADGirl: Commercial for me. Credits. 20 seconds now for me.

missienelly: Play!

ahsokaseoul: OK!

ADGirl: Play.

missienelly: Music sounded sad … *feeling mellow*


ADGirl: Music that fits the scene. WOW!

ahsokaseoul: That was heavy…

ADGirl: She is Cha! I think.


missienelly: What do you mean?

ADGirl: Pause, someone coming to the door. My door.

missienelly: No way. She’s not possessed now. Ok.

ahsokaseoul: Ok.

missienelly: Here’s my theory: what if Cha is still alive? Maybe she’s in coma?

ahsokaseoul: I still don’t know how Rocky knows Cha? Through King’s Dad?


missienelly: Hence last week episode was about coma just to give us an idea… I think through King’s dad.

ahsokaseoul: So, foreshadowing…

missienelly: How else would he know, right? Hmmm mmm that’s the word! I better remember it lol

ahsokaseoul: Why would he visit Cha’s house?

missienelly: Do you think it’s possible? Cha is in coma even though the car exploded? When was this? Or it was King’s dad all the long? Gasp! All along *excuse me*

ahsokaseoul: Somebody could’ve dragged her out before the car went BOOM. Rocker visited her house on her death anniversary I thought…

missienelly: I must rewatch again! Right? Somebody could have!

ahsokaseoul: Just as the aunt and driver were walking out of the house… Rocker was coming up to the door?

missienelly: That’s the orphanage.

ahsokaseoul: Oh I’ve been confused for nothing HA! Meow and Cha were in the orphanage together?

missienelly: They were investigating Meow and her sis’s background. And Rocker was there to investigate if Meow and Cha are related.

ADGirl: Unexpected company. You guys go ahead. I will catch up later…. Come hell or high-water. I am on tomorrow.

missienelly: I don’t recall hearing Cha an orphan *blink blink*

ADGirl: I could cry *tsk tsk tsk*

missienelly: Ok ADGirl. See you tomorrow nite. Let’s watch, ahsokaseoul! I’m at 3:13.

ADGirl: Yes, she is in an orphanage. The dad wanted Rocker to check and see if Meow and Cha had a connection because of the picture rocky found on Meow’s desk.

missienelly: Company this late eh?

ADGirl: Good night guys.

Missienelly: Nite ADGirl.

ADGirl: Yah, they picked up their son and wanted to stop in for a bit. Nite guys.

ahsokaseoul: Night!

Missienelly: Play?

ahsokaseoul: Yes

missienelly: Where is King’s dad at? Hahaha these men are trying to play each other’s mind. Lol

ahsokaseoul: I don’t know. Oh, the English Korean conversation again!

missienelly: Hahaha I was laughing at it too. Maybe in Russia? Mail order bride? Secretary Kim likes our Meow’s presence. Rocker looks boyish swoooooon

ahsokaseoul: A blue cat!


missienelly: Black eye! Boo! Aaaaaa he believe her now lol

ahsokaseoul: Meow finally told Rocker she could she dead people. Pause.


missienelly: Is she possessed?

ahsokaseoul: Play.

missienelly: King looks crazy now lol

ahsokaseoul: LOL

missienelly: Awwwwww sho schweeeeeet


ahsokaseoul: Awwww

missienelly: And I love this song! Lol! Taking advantage. Aaah kamjagiya!

ahsokaseoul: Any reason for a grope?

missienelly: Dunno. She must have dream of King! Or she felt his presence?

ahsokaseoul: I love Meow’s sister. Ooo morgue…


missienelly: She’s funny as hell! How long has the body been in the morgue? Eeeeee the fingers!


ahsokaseoul: I didn’t think that they had bodies for THAT long!

missienelly: Just wondering… At first I thought it was Cha’s body. Hahahahahha she’s rich!

ahsokaseoul: Sorry real life interrupted! No, it was his wife.

missienelly: Pause? Where you at?

ahsokaseoul: No, it’s gone.

missienelly: Ok. I’m at 16:39.

ahsokaseoul: Me too!

missienelly: Play. Finally get to see her happy happy. Dog barking? Lol


ahsokaseoul: Pause.

missienelly: Giggle giggle with her. Pause.

ahsokaseoul: Right when Meow gets happy… Play.

missienelly: Ok. Play? Ok. Small vs big sun lol. What’s up with the arrange marriage? Ai. Lol at Rocker


ahsokaseoul: The big sun won’t rise in Japan, will it…?


missienelly: Lol. It won’t I guess… *snort*

ahsokaseoul: Poor Rocker…

missienelly: He’s definitely rocking the dark circle look *panda boy*


ahsokaseoul: I’ll take him either way… *beam*

missienelly: Lol he’s one scaredy cat!

ahsokaseoul: Cruella!


missienelly: Cruella! Haha we said the same thing! Love her dress minus that swan hehehe. She loves him! It’s official!

ahsokaseoul: At least she doesn’t have those glasses…

missienelly: So hard to seduce salary man lol. Gasp!


ahsokaseoul: lol Do we call him THAT now?

missienelly: They felt the ghost! New nickname!

ahsokaseoul: You saved a hand, Rocky!

missienelly: What’s going on? Was the pianist trying to hurt himself?


ahsokaseoul: His wife was the one in the morgue.

missienelly: Yes. Did he kill her?

ahsokaseoul: I’m not sure yet, maybe it’s undying love or guilt.

missienelly: Hmmmm she looks like a doll!


ahsokaseoul: Ok like guilt now…

missienelly: Guilt for sure!

ahsokaseoul: Pause.

missienelly: Ok. What’s an amulet? For protection?


ahsokaseoul: A necklace that’s a good luck charm. For protection. Play

missienelly: Ok play. First time hearing it. He bought it!

ahsokaseoul: He bought it! AWWW

missienelly: Hahahaha Meow knows it already *snickers*

ahsokaseoul: Isn’t she talking about his pen…


missienelly: His pen as an amulet.

ahsokaseoul: Oh!

missienelly: She’s there to use his oven? She might as well move in now! *laughs*

ahsokaseoul: Just give the necklace to her already!!!

missienelly: Ahhh she’s baking a pie for the pianist… I know, right? Kang Candy lol Don’t!!!! She’ll be a dog again! Lol

ahsokaseoul: That’s why I cracked the walnuts. She’s complaining that he touched her?


missienelly: Yeah.

ahsokaseoul: Poor King, he just wants a normal date.

missienelly: Cruella is so persistent!


ahsokaseoul: Wouldn’t you be?

missienelly: Yes, I would. He’s thinking something else, she’s thinking of him lol Poor girl

ahsokaseoul: That’s what I’m thinking.

missienelly: And I’m thinking of King!

ahsokaseoul: The bag again CUTE!

missienelly: I want that bag!

ahsokaseoul: And commercials pause!

missienelly: Pause. I bet that bag is popular now!

ahsokaseoul: Yep! Product placement! Play.

missienelly: Damn you Viki! Enuf with the commercial! Ok. King the moderator. Is she sick?

ahsokaseoul: I guess he didn’t kill her…

missienelly: Lol at King. Separate please lol. Nope.


ahsokaseoul: Maybe that’s why she’s wearing silver paint?

missienelly: What is that mean by it? Ahahaha she did take his pen! You’re right! Timing timing! Aish


ahsokaseoul: Timing sucks between these two..

missienelly: I know! Where you going, Rocker? Confirming that King and Meow are not in any relationship?

ahsokaseoul: King doesn’t like being compared to the pianist!


missienelly: Jealous again.

ahsokaseoul: You’ve got to be kidding. Pause! *grrrrrrr*

missienelly: She found the pen!

ahsokaseoul: I’m thinking Viki hates me today!

missienelly: King looks hot in that suit! Love the neckline. Sorry. Pause.

ahsokaseoul: Where are you?

missienelly: Viki is recently bought over. Hence, many commercials. 46:23

ahsokaseoul: 43:50. 45 I meant.

missienelly: Ok play.

ahsokaseoul: King is talking to the trash can.

missienelly: Awwww the ghost protecting the amulet. Ok now it’s getting fishy. Aaaaaaaa no!


ahsokaseoul: Don’t drink it Meow!


missienelly: Shit shit! Yes King. Come back!

ahsokaseoul: The wife and pianist are trying to get Meow?

missienelly: Her ringtone! I dunno. Hmmmm what’s the deal now…

ahsokaseoul: She’s getting possessed again! His wife is looking for a body?


missienelly: Her eyes!!!! Omo maybe!

ahsokaseoul: Contacts from hell!

missienelly: So she must have been dead for a while…

ahsokaseoul: The pianist had been going to the morgue every day for a month…

missienelly: Oh wow!

ahsokaseoul: dun dun dun

missienelly: He needs her. Why? She called him lazy bahaha


ahsokaseoul: He doesn’t think he can do anything without her. He’s been brainwashed by a ghost…

missienelly: This scum is a baby!

ahsokaseoul: The wife is the asshat this time! Pause AGAIN!!

missienelly: Yes! She doesn’t look like one when he was alive though. Pause.

ahsokaseoul: Play.

missienelly: Ok. What secret? Awwwww Lol at King’s face!


ahsokaseoul: Awww confiding in a ghost

missienelly: Kissssssssssss! Meow didn’t know King kissed her!


ahsokaseoul: Crap!

missienelly: Geez I love this song too! Crap it is! Wait wait!

ahsokaseoul: King was crying *tears*

missienelly: Sob sob. Awwww King is not feeling alright… Secretary King = matchmaker = cupid!


ahsokaseoul: Sorry crying over here…

missienelly: That airport never empty! She found the necklace! What??!!!

ahsokaseoul: The necklace! The song!

missienelly: Married???? Nooooooo! Not that bitch!!!!


ahsokaseoul: Will get married to who? NO!!!


missienelly: I’m crushed!!!!! Heart quake! Sobbbbbbb

ahsokaseoul: Crap pause!

Missienelly: Ok.

ahsokaseoul: Play. Commercial right at the end??? *angry face*

missienelly: I believe the girl is the one his aunt been talking about. Play. Middle finger to Viki lol Preview looks good! Gasp I can’t wait for tomorrow!

ahsokaseoul: Well tomorrow night. Because of commercials and crying I will watch again…

missienelly: Yes yes! Great episode! Too bad Meow doesn’t know King kissed her!


ahsokaseoul: I thought so. What did you think of the kiss? Even though it wasn’t technically them at the beginning?

missienelly: I’m disappointed coz he knew what would happen next. He stole their first kiss!

ahsokaseoul: Why do women always have their arms to their sides when they kiss?

missienelly: Haha, let’s try doing that to our hubs tonight! “Research” purpose!

ahsokaseoul: Now I think of it as King knew that was the only way to get Meow back…

missienelly: Yup and he knew she will not remember any of it…

ahsokaseoul: It was a very fairy tale kiss I thought…

missienelly: Sweet but unfair.

ahsokaseoul: Fairy tales weren’t meant to be happy I guess.. You said it so well…

missienelly: Sigh

ahsokaseoul: They burst my bubble *happy*

missienelly: I’m looking forward for the REAL first kiss. It burst mine for a moment, plus the song? Added oomph to the moment!

ahsokaseoul: Anyway, I have to get going for now… See you tomorrow!

missienelly: Ok see ya. Nite!

Ahsokaseoul: Night!



At first I thought Cha must have possessed Meow again, due to creepy lady’s warnings. So I thought she was Cha playing Meow. Now I can see it isn’t. The beginning scene of watching a wounded King makes me want to cry and scream, COME TO NOONA for a big feel better hug! Even though he is not physically wounded, he is emotionally wounded and not being all cold and get out of my way. OKAY before I start bawling….

OMQ! A terrible thought went through my head….. I have always thought somehow the accident Meow had was one of the vehicles involved in the same accident King and Cha were in. That would be their connection and why he is her Bomb Shelter. My terrible thought is, what if Meow is the one Cha is protecting!? WTF!!!!! Writers better not do that to me!!! What if Meow or her sister has the necklace? The writer would not do that to us! RIGHT?! AAACCKKK!

Okay, so I am sure his father did not torture him, and did pay the ransom. I am shocked King said he will let Meow go and have nothing to do with her when he finds the necklace. I am glad she did not hear him.

HHHMMM! Wonder how Rocker will act around her now that she told him. What will he tell King’s Abuji?

Sweetest moment so far, for King. I wub him even more now. “Do not disturb her while she is sleeping. She needs a good rest so she can help ghosts. SSSHHH!” Sits beside her then touches her head, and swoon, I am a puddle on the floor. I am glad Meow’s sister told her she was crazy, for even thinking of letting ghosts use her body. I am now scared for her. It makes me start to think of what will happen.

She will let the piano man’s wife use her body and that will be enough the wife will leave. She will think it will be safe with Rude B**ch (Cha) and she will not leave her body. Only King’s real love for Meow will have to fight it out. Or she will never let King touch her. HHHMMM! My brain is flying a million miles a minute watching this.

He found a way to keep her by his side.

I love that she said she was not hurt by his telling her to leave. Stuck by his side anyway. She knew he didn’t mean it…. In the Viki translation it says you think I am like a barking dog. I am sure it would translate to our saying, “You think I am like a dog, whose bark is worse than his bite?” She giggles he tells her to get lost and she leaves happily. I still think it’s the Aunt and Uncle, that’s why she is worried about who King will fall for etc. I think there is something more to this business trip to China. That’s why they are pushing for it.

Poor Rocker not sleeping. Meow as much as she is trying to help… Bahahahahahaha … She is not. -Rocker Are they always around you? -Meow Um.. Kinda but they are not all scary, with big wounds and holes in their eyes…” -Rock That’s ok you do not have to keep going. Hahahahahahaha

Love Rocker and Cruella…. She is right about dating. He will look back and realize it was their first date.

I love his response, fine we are dating… Let’s break up. Giggle and clap. Although I think they really are cute couple. Thank you for the memories, be happy.

Do the malls in Korea really have auditoriums? For concerts, etc? Sunbae is making me squee with joy, at his little tricks to reminding King he needs Meow and she needs King. The amulet is the best yet. The way King spun around when Sunbae said,”The Sun.” Love it. You know King will listen and buy it for her.

He did! YAY! The reason for her being at the apt…hahahaha to bake. He is all dejected. Here have one drink, let her cook it. It’s dangerous and can take my body. Grab wine back in fridge- You are never to drink even one sip again. Don’t go anywhere.” Swoon.

Poor Cruella, I think I like her because she is not after King. If she was, I know I would be all smack a b***h. Poor Rocker, thinking he has a chance with Meow now. He might have if, he would not have told her he was lying and only doing his job etc.

Poor Wife and Piano guy. Artists… how picky. Meow helps the Kingdom again. The jealous comes out in King “Are you always going to let random people hug and hold you?” Heh, I love that he called her out on the ball point pen. Such a squee moment going to give her that amulet. She kills ha I can’t find it and runs away. Giggle.

OMO! OMO! OMO! NO …. Rocker and King to the rescue. Rocker knows Meow is not Meow.

SSSSSSSSSSSQQQQQQQQQQEEEEEEEEEEE! “Want to know her secret? How she really feels about you?”


“SO you can do more calculations. Not that you can do it on your own. I want to know your secret.”

“Take a good look! Get lost.” Kiss kiss kiss! SSSQQQUUUEEE!!!!!

Can I love him any more? Sweet mother of pearl, I think So Ji Sub just passed my favorite K-Hottie Song Seung Hyun. They are besties HHHMM! Nope nope not going there, I am married after all. *giggles*

The only part to this is she will not remember, or know about it. Rocky for letting her know King was there. I think she will in time remember.

Are you freakin’ kidding me? I knew there would be a wench chaebol (not sure if it the same term for a girl) Did they really have to use Seo Hyo Rim? UGH! SO many other actresses out there! Off the bat, the aunt is pushing for this marriage because they are in on the whole kidnapping.

Cannot wait for tonight. Only a deadly emergency will keep me away tonight.


That was my review it was long sorry.


Whoa, Laurie, so long! But yeah, I don’t like her to be his bride! No way! They could have found a much better looking actress aiiiiish.

Tonite probably a teary episode…. *pout*


Yeah it’s long, but you can shorten it when editing. I added more for you guys and was thinking out loud so to speak when making the motes.

Teary I am ready with a box of Kleenex!

Another thought came to me about Cha and who she is protecting….

From the preview they think she is still alive in coma as you said. What if the person she is herself? She knows if whoever she helped kidnap King, will kill her and the necklace is with her.

My other theory is she has a twin and she hid the necklace with the twin.

Ok, that is it for now. The more I think the more thoughts and theories go around in my head. *going nuts*

My goodness, this episode started with a bang but left us a little disappointed, didn’t it? First of, I can’t believe King went along with his aunt’s marriage proposal. Secondly, I can’t believe this actress playing his “potential” spouse! Why? Why her? There are many other actress…. Why not Shin Min Ah? That would make sense, right? Amuden, I really enjoy this episode. I laugh so hard even after rewatch. I can’t wait for the next episode. For a thorough review, please visit Unnie Jess’s dramatic review here.


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