Who Are You: Rockhead & Crazy Lady FunCap Ep 3

Our Who Are You fun cap is finally up! Yay! After reading the caps, I finally thought to myself… hey, I can be funny too! LOL This episode, we still don’t get to see our Boo *disappointed* but we were still entertained by our OTP. I hope you enjoy reading our crazy idea and playing guess with each other. “Who Dunnit?” Dum dum dum


This is our episode 3 funcap from, Who Are You. Nelly and I hope you are enjoying this. As you go along in the episodes you will see a growing theme. Nelly is always waiting for me to start watching. Our biggest upset is waiting for Kim Jae Wook to become a major part of the cast. Having fun trying to guess the “Who Dunnit?” Are you ready for our thrilling, bumpy ride? Then watch while reading let us know what you thought and felt.

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