Wednesday Eu-Mak: Peppertones Time

Hello, hello, hello……! It’s freezing in here… Yes, the fall has arrived (as of Sunday 4:44pm) and it brings the coldest morning and the warmest afternoon temperature. The best! I enjoy fall the most… I love the beautiful color of leaves slowing turning up the environment volume from green to yellow to red and the leaves wilted quietly into crispy brown. Yes, the leaves are slowly turning crispy chips! LOL if you get what I mean. Amuden, let’s focus on this week’s group. FO.CUS. This week eumak is by geeky KIndie duo called Peppertones! Hence, Peppertones time *wink* Do you know them? Yes, yes… it is last music post for September and I’m ending it with some funky yet happy music.


So who is Peppertones? It’s a duo group formed by two nerds (and yes, they are real life size nerds!). KoreanIndie does a good review on them, please check it out here. Now… who would have thought nerds could sing too? And they look… OMO, quite cute IMO. Wait wait…. adorkable! That’s better! What do you think of them on first glance? And they both look like they have a classy sense of humor. Just take a look at the photo below… Hey, can I join you guys?


So why am I featuring them? Well, first of all I just discovered them. Not recently, but sometimes this summer. I don’t know… All of sudden I had this sudden craving for Indie music. Maybe the lay back summer slowed me down and guide me to more chillaxing music. Anywho, Peppertones… Gosh, I love their music to pieces. I could just sit down on my computer, working on budget and I just cannot get any angrier because of their cool, eclectic persona they brought into their music. Their songs made me happy. It will make you happy. I promise you *crosses heart* I always wonder how the F can a band be so perfect? Yes! A perfect band do exist and it is PEPPERTONES!

Now, the first song I’m featuring is titled For All Dancers! I just want to laugh whenever I start hearing this song. Hooo! Haaaa! Yessss! Hoooo! Haaaaaaa! Heyyyy! I’m so obsessed with this song. I just love every single note that come out of this song. This is a really awesome track… I just want to drop everything and dance to For All Dancers! They coordinated really well and they struck a balance chord between the two. Let’s dance! I have no complain, none whatsoever…

The last song I’m featuring is from the same album and it is called Bikini! Do you bikini? I do… in tropical island, of course. But this Bikini is different. Let see…. how to describe it? This song is more synthesize than the first song. But the beat is cool, too! It has an 80s electro-vibe and softy ballad combined…. Aaaaah, I can’t describe! You just have to listen to it. This song really made me wanna stand up and dance and dance and dance! And again, this song is wayyyyyyy too perfect, I have no complain. And you know what? If you imagine yourself riding a bike on a hilly mountain and the breeze blowing your face? That’s how it feels! Or sitting on a sailboat sailing to the infinity….. Aaaah, OR that freshness you get from splash of cold water onto your face. Yeap, that is what Bikini does to you and it did to me…. many, many times!

I bet you are as entertained as I am with their songs! That’s it…. my work is done, and my day is O.V.E.R! Gotta love me some Peppertones. If you like their songs, you can purchase them from iTunes. Enjoy your hump day… wherever you are!


What do you think?

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