Master’s Sun: Spooky Timeline-Cap Episode 10


Well, well, well…. Look where we are! It is episode 10 and we have 6 episodes left! Can you believe it? What can we expect from this episode? Yawwwwnnnnn, another possess plot. No, really! The Hong Sisters are just messing up with us again and again… This is the third possessed episode now… Don’t believe me? Well, the first one was when Cruella possessed by the beauty ghost. “You are the prettiest!” Right? And the second possessed, though minor, was on the previous episode in which Meow’s body was taken over by the pianist’s ghost wife. And this time? Possessed in a different way… You’ll see. Come read our timeline-cap while catching up with episode 10 on Viki.

Episode 10


ADGirl: I am off to do dishes and magically change the color of my hair before we get to watching ep10.

missienelly: Hi ladies, I’m here.

ahsokaseoul: I’m here. I’m off to get Kleenex….

missienelly: Do we need it?  I’m ready to cuss because of his fiancée! I can’t believe that girl is his bride. Aaaaarrrrggghhh!

ahsokaseoul: Just in case Meow’s reaction is going to be terrible. The Aunt is counting on it. She’s always wanted to get rid of Meow. I just hate to see Meow cry. King LOOKS miserable, too…

missienelly: Funny when I review episode 4 for blog post, you wrote the same thing: I hate to see Meow cry.

ahsokaseoul: It’s still true.

missienelly: Kind of like déjà vu but it isn’t. *spooky* You’re right. We may cry tonight.

ADGirl: I am here too; I have to rinse my hair at 9:10.

missienelly: Lol. What color?

ahsokaseoul: I know I will. I cry very easily. I wear my heart on my sleeve, as they say…

ADGirl: Dark Auburn. I am torn between tears and anger.

mssienelly: I cry easily too. So shall we start?

ADGirl: Kleenex is on hand just in case.

ahsokaseoul: All right, you are HERE!!! Why are you angry?

missienelly: I’m gonna use my sleeves to wipe tears *stick tongue out*

ADGirl: If we start, can we pause in 15 minutes?

missienelly: Yes

ahsokaseoul: Yes.

ADGirl: Ok, queuing up Viki now.

missienelly: I’m at 0:11 now.

ahsokaseoul: I have been ready for 20 minutes now…

missienelly: Me too. My kid is down with fever, he’s been in bed since 8!

ahsokaseoul: 0:17 for me…

ADGirl: Commercial.

missienelly: Ahhmazing but not .

ahsokaseoul: Oh no!

ADGirl: Aw, he is sick… poor little guy. Hope he feels better soon.

missienelly: Change in weather temperature *sad face*

ADGirl: Credits.

missienelly: Ok. Play.

ahsokaseoul: Ok.

ADGirl: One sec, I have to adjust my screen.

missienelly: Ok.

ahsokaseoul: Ok.

ADGirl: Ok, I am at 0:18 and play.

missienelly: What is this chick’s name again? Ok play.


ADGirl: Bitch works for me!

ahsokaseoul: I don’t know .

missienelly: I don’t like her. Her voice is so quacky *quack quack quack*

ADGirl: Starts with an S. The cold way he walks past her.

missienelly: Secretary Kim isn’t happy

ahsokaseoul: You guys really don’t like her…

missienelly: I know.

ADGirl: Nope

Missienelly: For me, it was hell. Awww

ADGirl: She always plays whiny, self-absorbed rich self-entitles bitch

missienelly: I know. Major pain.

ADGirl: Poor Meow

ahsokaseoul: Oh god, am I going to cry already? Try to avoid touching me even if you fall?


missienelly: And we have another 10 episodes to go!

ADGirl: Poor Rocker, he really thinks he has a chance now. Rocker will be her soft place to land now…

missienelly: He knows Meow likes him!

ahsokaseoul: I don’t think it’s a secret how much Meow likes King!

missienelly: Ya! That’s funny. Everything is calculated in his head lol


ADGirl: What?

ahsokaseoul: You have problems too, King!

ADGirl: King is so scared himself.

missienelly: Secretary Kim is so concerned. I am too!

ADGirl: Scared of letting her in to his heart.

missienelly: But she already did! Ghost radar… Enough to be used for money.

ADGirl: Here comes the Kleenex!

missienelly: I’m already tearing here *tsk tsk* Someone’s sweet home….

ADGirl: Awww

ahsokaseoul: She’s congratulating him…. Give birth to a son?


missienelly: Hahaha

ahsokaseoul: Missed something…

ADGirl: Throw him off with that comment!


ahsokaseoul: Pause.

missienelly: What kind of solution is that? Lol. Ok. Missed what?

ahsokaseoul: Play

missienelly: Ok

ADGirl: Play.

missienelly: King is just happy that he figured it all out lol

ahsokaseoul: It’s someone else… The look on his face!

ADGirl: She should give him back the necklace. You go girl!

missienelly: Hahahaha. Get lost! Awwwwww

ADGirl: She sure made him jealous! *wink*

missienelly: A+ for that!

ADGirl: The art the friend stole from a ghost she talked to before…

missienelly: Oooooh

ahsokaseoul: A vase ghost this time?


Missienelly: He slide away slowly and slowly lol

ahsokaseoul: The uncle quietly gets out of the way…

ADGirl: Have to pause and rinse my hair.

missienelly: I know! Girl fight lol

ADGirl: Back in a about 10 minutes!

missienelly: Ok.

ahsokaseoul: Ok.

ADGirl: I am at 12:56.

missienelly: Did you see his face? Funny. Am at 12:58.

ahsokaseoul: If the uncle and Aunt are the bad guys? Why do they want to marry of King so bad? If King has a child; the aunt and uncle won’t get any money- which I assume they’re after… I’m at 12:59 too

missienelly: So perhaps they’re not? Sorry, was too bz replying to my tweets *big smile*

ahsokaseoul: Then who is? dun dun dun.. I don’t think Cha was the only bad guy…

missienelly: Could it be his dad is behind all this? Could it be…

ahsokaseoul: Of course, the guy who can have a Korean-English conversation…

missienelly: Bahahaha only in kdrama land! Her English sounded more of a Russian accent. Mail order bride, and I’m sticking to it lol I’m gonna work on the episode 5 for the blog later. At least the episode is less scary than the 3rd one! *shudders*

ahsokaseoul: LOL. It’s probably the Dad – because we hardly see him and so many things can be explained away.

missienelly: I’m putting him as suspect #1

ahsokaseoul: The shoe episode. I will never forget episode 3...

missienelly: The clue is the man that walked away with a cut on his left arm! Yes. Took me a whole day to do screenshots. Too scary!!!

ahsokaseoul: I’m sorry, door. My daughter.

missienelly: Ok. NP.

ADGirl: I think the family the aunt is trying to have King marry into has something to with it too. I am back and ready to play when you are!

ahsokaseoul: Ok

ADGirl: I just rinsed the color and wrapped my hair in the towel.

missienelly: Hmmmm. Ok ready. Play?

ADGirl: Play. Angela?

ahsokaseoul: Ok.

ADGirl: He is routing for Meow ?

missienelly: Bang Shil… Fighting! Chicken! Whoa! A Joseon ghost!

ahsokaseoul: I think he’s more afraid of the aunt

ADGirl: Like she said it’s been used as a water jug for a long time……

missienelly: Right. Hahaha she still keeping hers. CEO Joo… Fighting! Lol.


ahsokaseoul: I‘m not letting her go.. you tell her, King!

missienelly: Pride, Angela. Pride.

ADGirl: Pause and I will explain why he is keeping her.

missienelly: Pause.

ahsokaseoul: pause

ADGirl: In the first episode his aunt and Uncle were talking about King wanting to marry someone other than Cha, not only did that girl suffer so did the girls’ family…  financially and other ways. When they talked about marriage with bitch previously she fell and broke her leg. I think it is not just because of Cha.

missienelly: Who broke her leg?

ahsokaseoul: Yes. Who?

ADGirl: I think he wants to keep her safe and believes he will harm her if he does like her, and gives Meow his heart. As for who broke the leg, the Aunt said in episdoe 9 he was going to meet Bitch who he was supposed to meet at an arranged marriage meeting. She fell and broke her leg skiing.

ahsokaseoul: Why does King what to keep her around now?

missienelly: I know he’s being reserve and holding his feeling.

ADGirl: He does love her that was the meaning behind keeping it all in his head and not his heart.

missienelly: I see. I remember now.

ADGirl: He wants to protect her. I think maybe testing her too.

missienelly: Hence that’s why he said he’s calculated all the risk in his head *happy sigh*

ahsokaseoul: He wants to kiss her for real this time. Play?

ADGirl: Does she like him only because he can help her? It’s probably what he thinks because Cha lured him. Play?

missienelly: That’s what we want too Angela. Yes, play!

ADGirl: Yes, that is what he meant.

ahsokaseoul: Playing.

missienelly: The amulet. Just straight to the point!!! Aargh!

ADGirl: Love the Wolf Goat analogy.

ahsokaseoul: I know. The goat must be crazy…

missienelly: He can’t hear it anyway anymore now… That ghost is gone!

ahsokaseoul: Pause.

missienelly: Pause.

ahsokaseoul: Play.

missienelly: Ok

ADGirl: What time are you at?

missienelly: 19:15

ahsokaseoul: 18:41

ADGirl: 19:41

missienelly: I’ll count 30 seconds.

ADGirl: Let me know when you are 19:30.

ahsokaseoul: Kk

ADGirl: Bitch may be also affected by the same people who kidnapped King.

missienelly: Fake marriage? As expected!


ADGirl: Sorry sent that too soon…

ahsokaseoul: The wedding is fake!!!

ADGirl: Yes, he said it too her just outside his office door.

ahsokaseoul: I’m at 20:04

missienelly: Kang Candy aka Salaryman aka Rocker now knows. What’s wrong with that? Lol

ADGirl: Salaryman will keep it from Meow because he likes her.


missienelly: Is she possessed? The music!

ADGirl: O do not think so… Now she will be!

missienelly: Is this a dream? Oh no oh no oh no

ADGirl: No, it is the ghost in the jar.

Missienelly: Aaaaa. Lol.

ahsokaseoul: He was playing the flute without using his mouth!

ADGirl: Is she going to have an affair with a ghost?

ahsokaseoul: Ewww


Missienelly: Well that’s what you get when you married to a younger man lol.

ahsokaseoul: But he was cute!

missienelly: I thought so too lol

ADGirl: Dressed in period costumes usually does make us drool *snickers*


ahsokaseoul: Lol

missienelly: *High five* Secretary Kim! He was kinda good looking! Must check him out hehe

ahsokaseoul: You go Sec. Kim!

missienelly: I’ll lean on you instead lol. Loosen the grip please lol. One scaredy cat!


ADGirl: Because she can see straight through him, I think she is deliberately not going to him…

ahsokaseoul: Sorry laughing over here…

missienelly: Me too. Comfort her, Kang Candy!

ahsokaseoul: Pause.

missienelly: Ok. I’m at 27:27.

ADGirl: 27:26

ahsokaseoul: 27:44

ADGirl: Poor Salaryman.

Missienelly: Great. Play?

ADGirl: Play!

ahsokaseoul: Ok.

missienelly: What’s that look, King? Goddess lol


ADGirl: If looks could kill, Salary man would be dead.

ahsokaseoul: We see you a lot!

ADGirl: Goddess suits her in the mythical sense.

missienelly: Covering face *shivers*

ADGirl: BOO! Bahahahahaha!

missienelly: Aish! Scaredy cat!

ADGirl: Do it again!


ahsokaseoul: Do it again!

ADGirl: She is too cute to hate!

missienelly: Lol I know.

ahsokaseoul: Her dress is actually good this time *thumbs up*

missienelly: Wait! What’s that???


ADGirl: She is placing a kiss on his heart!

missienelly: Kiss on his nipple?

ahsokaseoul: What?

ADGirl: Marking her territory!

missienelly: Like a dog! *woof*

ADGirl: YEP! Omg! Sh…. King scared her!


missienelly: I’m really popular among ghosts!

ahsokaseoul: He’s giving her a job with benefits??


ADGirl: Yah, can you imagine a ghost doing what the first ghost did to her when she met King while she was driving?

missienelly: Here we go with all the calculations he made in his head. Laying it all out.


ahsokaseoul: I don’t want to.

missienelly: Did he just confess? Awwwwwwwwww

ADGirl: In his own way, I think he did!

ahsokaseoul: She’s not wearing the necklace *pout*


missienelly: Still holding hands!!!!!!

ahsokaseoul: Hope but sad…

ADGirl: She has the necklace on her but not wearing it…

ahsokaseoul: Pause.

missienelly: Wish we could tell him that…

ADGirl: Sure, do.

missienelly: Paused at 36:26.

ADGirl: He should just ask her.

missienelly: It’s the pride!

ahsokaseoul: Play.

missienelly: Ok.

ADGirl: Jealous bitches

ahsokaseoul: Ditto.

ADGirl: Is she dreaming again?


ahsokaseoul: The cute guy! Lol.

missienelly: Don’t think so. He’s cute!

ahsokaseoul: Ewww


missienelly: The scholar!

ADGirl: He ain’t so cute now! Holy crap he is scary!

ahsokaseoul: Lol. He makes the uncle look awesome!

Missienelly: Hahaha.

ADGirl: He sure does! She is tired from not leaning on King.

missienelly: She’s been picking on him! This is different kind of possessed.


ADGirl: It’s her desire coming out in the worst way.

missienelly: Goddess been wearing color that matches with Rocker *grin*

ADGirl: Told you about the curse!

ahsokaseoul: Yes, you did *nodded*

missienelly: Did she just do the three finger wave thing? Lol

ahsokaseoul: Oh…. Cruella is crushed!


ADGirl: Making sure I was reading it right.

missienelly: Cruella is back!

ADGirl: Yes she is. Without realizing Meow does not want Salaryman…

missienelly: Aha!!!! She’s alive! So she must be in coma like I predicted!

ADGirl: Sec. Kim going to tell King where meow is! Sneaky!

ahsokaseoul: Smile from King!

missienelly: Sneaky! Gollum!!!

ADGirl: He is going to go to Meow. I have to say I love the make up on this ghost…

missienelly: The eye is scary.

ADGirl: It is.

ahsokaseoul: Pause. Where are you guys?

ADGirl: King listening to Meow.

missienelly: 44:38. Paused.

ADGirl: 44:50

ahsokaseoul: Play 44:44

ADGirl: Play.

missienelly: Ok

ADGirl: Love King!

missienelly: Hehehe

ADGirl: I like Meow’s outfit!

missienelly: Yes. Cute.

ahsokaseoul: Yes. It’s not a hospital gown.

ADGirl: Cruella is playing a mean trick on her!

missienelly: Gong Sil talking to Gong Sil *giggles*


ADGirl: Too cute!

ahsokaseoul: Lol

missienelly: So sweet!

ADGirl: I am confident at this point the kidnapper is not Sec.Kim. *fist pump*

ahsokaseoul: Me too.

ADGirl: I do think it is Uncle…

missienelly: I dunno, we shall see. We still have 6 episodes to go. Can’t trust Hong Sisters! Look at these lovers …

ahsokaseoul: Don’t have vases in your house and you will have a better marriage LOL

missienelly: Sexy lips! Lol

ADGirl: What if it was a plan by KING and he forgets?


missienelly: Seolma! No way.

ADGirl: A way to get his father’s attention!

ahsokaseoul: Bite your tongue, ADGirl!

ADGirl: I am going with how the Hong sisters can twist things!

missienelly: Nooooooo! Goodness, we are so twisted!

ADGirl: Did you see the pupil in the dead waiter eye?  It’s a star!


missienelly: Cute song!

ahsokaseoul: Flippin weird ghost waiter!

ADGirl: It’s fun to be twisted.

missienelly: Stupid contact lenses!

ADGirl: I am glad bitch is gone *phew*

missienelly: What if this bitch wouldn’t let him go, later?



ahsokaseoul: WE all know that’ll probably happen…

missienelly: Hmmm good point Sec Kim…


ADGirl: Twin scenario just came up!

missienelly: Yes!

ahsokaseoul: Pause.

missienelly: Paused at 54:08

ahsokaseoul: Play.

missienelly: Ok!

ADGirl: 54:14. Play.

missienelly: Omgosh! Is that bitch, Cha?


ADGirl: So Cruella or the girl lackey of the Uncle? It can’t be Cruella!

ahsokaseoul: She’s alive!

ADGirl: Twin!

missienelly: Is that Cha?

ADGirl: It was impossible to survive the blow up! Then Holy FUCK A twin!

missienelly: It’s the twin!

ahsokaseoul: Everyone’s going to think it’s Cha!

ADGirl: So Cha really did like King! Her sister is the one who had him kidnapped etc.

ahsokaseoul: Who is Cha trying to protect?

missienelly: So the innocent twin is dead! The one he saw when he was withheld was the evil twin! *gasp*

ADGirl: That has to be it!

missienelly: Gosh. Hungry bitched. Love story…

ahsokaseoul: Pause, my computer froze.

missienelly: Paused at 58:17

ADGirl: 58:09. Love how she is telling the truth in the story yet making it seem all romantic.


missienelly: Very positive !

ahsokaseoul: Play now!

ADGirl: King gets to see how she sees him and she doesn’t know it. Melt my heart.

Missienelly: *thumbs up*

ADGirl: Play.

Missienelly: I envy too.


ahsokaseoul: Cruella is being so mean!

missienelly: Cruella!!!

ADGirl: Me too, King be still in my heart.

missienelly: I know.Special to all of us dear Meow.

ADGirl: Wow love the translation… I haven’t gotten off of him.

missienelly: He’s here!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaa!

ahsokaseoul: Awwww

missienelly: My baby? My baby?


ahsokaseoul: She better not be dreaming…

missienelly: Stop ahsokaseoul!

ADGirl: No, she is not dreaming… Saranghae King!

missienelly: Awwwwwweww Rocker. Mianhaeyo.

ahsokaseoul: Rocker you have no chance…


missienelly: Will they kiss this time? *facepalm*

ADGirl: Pause.

missienelly: Aaaaaaaaaaa he confessed!


ahsokaseoul: Yay, paused! Sorry I am having a moment here *cries*

missienelly: Now I’m having a moment too. On cloud 9!

ADGirl: Play.

missienelly: Tears of joy! Kiss kiss kiss!

ahsokaseoul: *happy face*

missienelly: Ok as always I didn’t get my kiss again… SMH


ADGirl: Better get it next week on opening scene!!! If not, I will punch something!

missienelly: No Kleenex needed tonite!

ahsokaseoul: Oh well, next time…

missienelly: Awesome episode!

ADGirl: I think Meow will walk away thinking King is just messing with her again…

ahsokaseoul: Speak for yourself, missienelly!

missienelly: Urgh, ADGirl! Mood killer!

ahsokaseoul: There are so many episodes to go…

missienelly: Errr cried a teeny ahsokaseoul…

ADGirl: Or I am hoping for the hot steamy opening jump into his arms kiss though *grin*

missienelly: Exactly!

ADGirl: I would have tear up but my daughter keeps talking to me. Sees me here and is bugging me to use the computer because she does not have her laptop *growl*

missienelly: Fabulous and I’m happy he confessed!

ADGirl: So am I .

missienelly: Good chat tonite, ladies!

ADGirl: I am going to rewatch this episode… You know, for research! *wink*

ahsokaseoul: Exactly. Right when Rocker told Cruella he liked big sun too!

ADGirl: Had a great chat tonight!

missienelly: “Research”

ahsokaseoul: Me too!

Missienelly: Cruella is definitely stunned. She thought she’s the hot shot! Not anymore!

ADGirl: Now I think this is how Cruella will be used to hurt King…

ahsokaseoul: I have to go.. Not enough bandwidth to go around. Thanks!

missienelly: Ok. Nite ahsokaseoul.

ahsokaseoul: Night!

missienelly: Me too. Nite ADGirl.

ADGirl: Good nite, ladies.

Yeap, another episode…. another heartbreak! We didn’t get a kiss, yet again… When can we get to see it, Hong sisters? We are dying here… But, on the much shiny side, the marriage is FAKE! Isn’t it obvious? Chaebol marries another chaebol for business purpose? I’m getting tired of this plot, when will these writers (not just Hong sisters) move on and get on to a more interesting plot? Amuden, I find this episode is kind of mellow. The only entertaining I got was the ugly looking vase ghost! This episode is just a meh even though I had tons of fun. I’m so glad for ADGirl and ahsokaseoul, they keep me entertained! For a much better review, please visit Jess Unnie’s dramatic review here.


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