Wednesday Eu-Mak: Past and Present

Happy Wednesday! It’s October! How are you all doing so far? I’m extremely happy it’s October. The holiday season is around the corner and I am loving it. I’m just so glad I am not traveling. Last year, right before Thanksgiving, I had to be in Colombia and I was stranded in the country because all the planes flying into the States were cancelled due to storm. Now, this is why I decided to stay put and not traveling until after January. Amuden, I’m here and I will be here for the next 3 months. Thank you very much *laughs*

So for this week’s music post, I decided to dedicate it to the rising R&B singer, GO. Yes, MBLAQ GO that is. Oh my god, I find him so desirable and so sexyyyyyyy! And the boy can sing amazingly! Give me a moment to squeal, will ya? SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE………….! Ok, phew… now that it is all out of my system, let’s dissect the past and present of GO. Before MBLAQ, GO was a member of an R&B group called Tykeys (pronounced Tai Kiz). Unfortunately, the group disbanded because their entertainment  went bankrupt. At the time, GO went as Jang Goon. Fortunately, he was able to move on and joined MBLAQ and the group debuted in 2009.

GO is an amazing singer. Wait? Have I not say that before? Hehehe In the following MVs, you can see how flipping amazing his voice is. He’s definitely an R&B and guess who his idol is? None other than Rain. He is one lucky singer as prior to MBLAQ’s debut, the group trained under Rain. Rain was their mentor and founder. Too bad they are not under the same entertainment company anymore. I would love to see them work together again…


The first song I’m featuring on this post is one of Tykeys’ famous song called I’m Sorry. The song is wonderful. Very soul and R&B and it showcases GO’s fabulous voice. His band mate were as great as him too. I simply love the way this song sounded. There is a slight uniqueness I simply couldn’t figure it out. They are very young but to be able to carry on such heavy and deep melodies, a big RESPECT from me. And the song is! Enjoy!


The next MV features GO performs Skylark’s Wildflower. Now, I don’t know Skylark but I do know that GO sing this song really well… Ok, this MV doesn’t do him justice as it was badly recorded! But you can just tell that he sang it really well… Just trust me on this *wink wink* All I want to say is I can never expect a Kpop singer can sing this gooooooood! He just justify to all kpop haters that he is not just a pretty face! He has THE total package!!!


The last song I’m featuring is GO with his group, MBLAQ called Cry. Yes, I know this is an old song but this is my favorite song thus far. Kind of like Rain’s Hip Song only fully clothed! LOL The song is wonderful (repeated on my playlist gazillion time). Why do I love this song? I’m actually lost in words, the song is simply too cool. The dance moves are just so mannish and perfect! Again, thanks to Rain! I do know that not many people love MBLAQ like I do… Perhaps it is because the group carries a different kpop music style… But I don’t care, more love for me *fist palm*

So, how do you like him now? He’s one cool guy, isn’t he? I hope you love my music selection for this week. And for next week, I will feature pretty boyz! How pretty? So pretty you wish you have their flawless skin! Have a fabulous week, y’all!


What do you think?

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