Master’s Sun: Spooky Timeline-Cap Episode 11


Well, what do ya know? Something extraordinary happened on prime time! In this episode, the Hong Sisters brought the most daring issue ever seen on Korean national television. I thought She Is Wow was a huge deal…. and then come this episode. Now, I don’t follow Korean entertainment news but so far, I don’t hear anyone on twitter world or my twitter friends mentioned anything about this HOT issue. What issue I’m talking about? Golly, you think I’m going to spill the beans? Read our timeline while catching up on this episode on Viki.

Episode 11


ADGirl: Nope, Nuran ruined it!!! We do not know if it’s official or another ghost moment. Ready when you guys are! MS 99% at Viki Eng subbed.

ahsokaseoul: Ready when you guys are…even though Nuran ruined it!

ADGirl: Just waiting on Nelly, who is probably putting the baby to bed.

ahsokaseoul: I’ll be back in a few…

ADGirl: Ok!

ahsokaseoul: DO NOT start without me!

ADGirl: Of course not.


ADGirl: While I know I should be watching On Air for tomorrow, I am off to start another Annie Cheng drama True Love/In Born Pair.

missienelly: On Air have to wait. Kiddo is asleep. I’m starting my kindle now. Start your engine, ladies! Vroom Vroom!

ADGirl: My engine started.

missienelly: Great!

ahsokaseoul: Is anyone still watching On Air? Just when I’m getting into it… Starting MS when you guys get the go ahead.

missienelly: Mine started and ready to go.

ADGirl: Commercial for me.

missienelly: I’m watching On Air .

ahsokaseoul: Ready at  0:12

missienelly: Done credit. I’m at 0:12

ADGirl: I am watching On Air. Done commercial at 0:12. Play.

ahsokaseoul: Ok.


missienelly: What are you going to do now? Lol. What kind of question is that? Lol. *Giggle* Awwwwwww…. Sweet confession

ahsokaseoul: I’m as confused as Meow is…

missienelly: Are you ladies breathing?


ahsokaseoul: Sorry, watching…

missienelly: I don’t care if she’s confused lol

ahsokaseoul: missienelly, you are so honest.

missienelly: Salaryman’s eyes look half open lol


ahsokaseoul: They’re holding hands!

missienelly: Thank you ahsokaseoul lol

ahsokaseoul: Awww

missienelly: I know!!!! I’m that kind of man hehehehe

ahsokaseoul: Meow can go out at night now! lol


missienelly: ADGirl is missing… Where are you? Hahahaha funeral! 


ahsokaseoul: I was going to say makeover…



missienelly: I know! Bummer. Bad timing.

ahsokaseoul: Pause, door.

missienelly: Ok. Did ADGirl get cutoff from thunderstorm?

ahsokaseoul: I don’t know should we wait? Play?

missienelly: Let’s wait a few minutes.

ahsokaseoul: Ok.

missienelly: That poor woman probably running to her van now lol in her pjs

ahsokaseoul: We are really addicts!

missienelly: *grin* happy to be one! Muahahaha.

ahsokaseoul: Me too! I wouldn’t have met you..

missienelly: Awwwww telepathy hugs *hugs*

ahsokaseoul: *hugs back*

missienelly: I was so mad when I saw Nuran’s post so I’ve been staying out of Facebook all day lol. That girl haha she just can’t hold it back lol.

ahsokaseoul: I never saw the post until 10 minutes before we started. Talk about bursting MY bubble… I’m still going to watch!

missienelly: Omg, mine too! Thank goodness we are watching just one episode tonight. I think I’ll faint if I watch both! Lol. I need time to calm my nerves…

ADGirl: I am not reading what you put. As soon as I pressed play the power went out…. FUCK!


missienelly: Where you at?

ADGirl: Then it came right back on but the Net was down for a few minutes… FUCK again, then laptop needed to update! *growl*


missienelly: I’m at 7:21

ADGirl: Very beginning.

ahsokaseoul: I’m at 7:15

ADGirl: I literally pressed play and out!

missienelly: Go ahead and watch it. Let us know when you reach ahsokaseoul’s time.

ADGirl: I will. I will comment as I go *happy face* Started SQUEE!

missienelly: *Giggle giggle*

ADGirl: Hahaha whenever you want sleep holding my hands I will enjoy it for you.

missienelly: Funny line! How can he enjoy it for her? That’s just silly.

ADGirl: I think he means he will enjoy sleeping with her touching her hand whatever she needs. My heart is breaking for Cruella *pout*

missienelly: Basically at your service, my princess hehe

ADGirl: Ha she felt she was on Running Man! Since He is the King, she would be his Queen!


ahsokaseoul: I’ve never watched the Running Man..

missienelly: It is, technically. Run to one man, to another man. Like a headless chicken lol.

ADGirl: I am at 5 min. Deciding what she wants to do on a night date.

Missienelly: No? Oh my ahsokaseoul. Don’t. Pretty addictive! Lol is that helpful?

ADGirl: You will love Running Man, ahsokaseoul. Makeover, here we come.

ahsokaseoul: Yes. Completely.

missienelly: She WILL have no life if she started RM lol

ahsokaseoul: Here comes the punch line…

missienelly: Almost, ADGirl? I’m dying here!

ahsokaseoul: Tell me when I can play! I’m dying too!

ADGirl: Play ahsokaseoul!

ahsokaseoul: *happy face*

missienelly: Play!

ADGirl: Yes play!


missienelly: Wahhh

ahsokaseoul: HAHAHA

missienelly: *Drool*

ADGirl: Hahahaha jealousy. Gentleman’s Dignity… Forget his name…


Note: It is Lee Jong-Hyuk


missienelly: Ooooooh yeowja chingu.

ahsokaseoul: Ghost?


ADGirl: Not the right one I bet. WOW, it is!

missienelly: Why is he upset?


ADGirl: Bout to find out…

missienelly: Cross dressed father?


ADGirl: Hahahaha

ahsokaseoul: What just happened lol

ADGirl: Not likely on a Korean drama…

missienelly: I’m confused too.

ADGirl: I am confused too.

missienelly: Mistress!

ahsokaseoul: Secret mistress?

missienelly: *Pop* sound again *laugh*

ADGirl: Korean tv is not ready for cross dressing unless to hide your identity.

missienelly: Yeah. The closest was She Is Wow, gay relationship.

ADGirl: Enjoy what? Don’t even think of it. Hahahaha

ahsokaseoul: I want to play with you together…


missienelly: I want to play with you too!

ADGirl: We all want to play with you *grin*

missienelly: Ooooooopppppppaa! King’s dad! SHE’S ALIVE!


ADGirl: She is not alive, it’s her twin! They think she is alive!

Missienelly: Right, right. The evil twin.

ahsokaseoul: Remember… Poor Rocker..

ADGirl: Do you think his father is going to play dirty and tell King that Cha is alive and Meow is a fake?

missienelly: Rocker looking thin again…

ahsokaseoul: Why would he do that?

ADGirl: He wants her that’s why…

missienelly: He could be behind all this?

ADGirl: Rather than Cruella being the evil wannabe, it’s Rocker

ahsokaseoul: No… he’s too cute to be mean…

missienelly: Is this her????

ADGirl: There is the evil twin! What should we call her… the witch?

ahsokaseoul: dum dum dum

missienelly: SCREAM

ahsokaseoul: Too many nicknames…

ADGirl: With all that make up I never recognized her?

missienelly: Whose room is this?


ahsokaseoul: The mistress?

ADGirl: If I hear or feal a ghost you never have to tell me twice to get out

missienelly: Where in the world is his mistress?

ADGirl: Not sure whose room it is… The one he died in anyway. I am guessing she killed him and is in hiding?

ahsokaseoul: He died in his mistress’s arms and she’s hiding! Jinx!

missienelly: Hmmmmmm Hahahaha The coffee ghost. What was that?

ahsokaseoul: We’re not friends with that ghost…


ADGirl: He doesn’t know she has the necklace yet…

missienelly: Ooooooh yes

ahsokaseoul: Show him you still have the necklace!

ADGirl: He is going to read the book. SO sweet… Love King more and more *grin*


missienelly: Uhoh. Look at King!


ADGirl: Bahahahaha he is going to think Meow is the mistress!


missienelly: Thing!

ahsokaseoul: Crap! Duck and Cover! King is pissed!

missienelly: LOLOLOLOL

ADGirl: The green eyed monster is out on both King and Rocker.


missienelly: Secretary Kim’s work is done!


ADGirl: So I am guessing the CEO’s secret from his son is… married his wife for money position, had a mistress all the time and she is the son’s real mother! Secret birth story!

missienelly: Grilled hearts lol


ahsokaseoul: Damn ADGirl! How did you get that?

ADGirl: Watched too many Korean stories *pats shoulder*

missienelly: She is a spy lol

ADGirl: And North American Soaps once upon a time!

ahsokaseoul: That’s what I was thinking *laugh*

ADGirl: Yes, a spy is my secret. Sssh Don’t tell anyone *smile*

missienelly: Eeeeeee the house looks so big!


ADGirl: Just take the memory cards!

ahsokaseoul: The son knows about the mistress?

missienelly: How did they get in? Shouldn’t the household ppl know? Put it in your pocket!

ahsokaseoul: It’s in the script…

missienelly: Lol duh

ADGirl: Or the mistress is someone the son likes?

ahsokaseoul: The door is not sound proof! *mindless*



ADGirl: I wonder if it is the evil twin.

missienelly: Only in kdrama land! Haha always about money… Wife’s son?

ahsokaseoul: That jacket! Who cares it’s the King!

missienelly: Sorry. Son’s wife?

ahsokaseoul: Who the hell is it?

missienelly: He’s shock!!! Who? Who?


ADGirl: His Aunt? King’s Aunt?

ahsokaseoul: This is mine..

missienelly: This is mine lol Hah!


ADGirl: Hahaha it was a cross dressing!

missienelly: That’s him! I knew it.


ahsokaseoul: cross dresser!

missienelly: Yay!

ADGirl: WOW, that is huge for Korean TV!

missienelly: I know!!!

ahsokaseoul: The Hong Sisters..

missienelly: You know how I knew? He was wearing the wig cap!

ahsokaseoul: lol

ADGirl: LOL I did not notice!

missienelly: Looks like woman. Awwwwwweww. His eyes changed color. Less scary…

ADGirl: In his son’s eyes, an affair was more appalling then cross dressing.


missienelly: Haha flowed for Meow?

ADGirl: Can you feel the jealousy?

ahsokaseoul: That’s what King thinks.

missienelly: Very sexy!

ADGirl: Love secretary Kim!

missienelly: Awwww

ADGirl: He is talking to ghosts now.


ahsokaseoul: Aww talking to the garbage ghost.

ADGirl: Hahahahahaha telescope I have one too!


missienelly: Lol our Meow

ahsokaseoul: I bet it’s gold, too!

missienelly: Would King recognize this witch?

ADGirl: She is going to weasel her way in and the aunt and King’s father will want her to marry King!

ahsokaseoul: Eww

missienelly: He lost! He went to his dad instead. Big ego from these two men!


ADGirl: Their ego’s take up a whole room! No wonder they cannot be in the same room long!

ahsokaseoul: The love in that room.. *on fire*

missienelly: He looks hawt in this suit. *swooooooon*

ADGirl: He looks hot in anything

missienelly: Hate love relationship. I was looking at his butt!

ahsokaseoul: Or nothing. There I said it… *stick tongue out*

ADGirl: A nice butt too.

missienelly: Wolf and goat book!

ADGirl: Yep!

ahsokaseoul: Awww

missienelly: Don’t go!!!


ADGirl: They will end up with a good friendship I bet…

missienelly: I think so. He’s accepting it now. Cruella is nuts! Nooooooooooo!


ahsokaseoul: What? Cruella is crazy…!

missienelly: Haydn! *music*

ADGirl: From hating her to loving and pitying her to hating her…

missienelly: Why are they dining with the witch?


ahsokaseoul: They want to get her together with the King..

ADGirl: Just someone they just met. And with the history of King etc you would think they would thoroughly investigate anyone…

missienelly: Exactly! They did to Meow.

ahsokaseoul: Put on the necklace Meow! Yay!


ADGirl: OMO! She is going to get stood up because of the article or see it and watch him have to walk out with Cruella for the news!

Missienelly: Yes! She is wearing it.

ADGirl: Finally!

ahsokaseoul: Cruella is going to get her revenge…

Missienelly: Oh, ADGirl!!!! Coz she was embarrassed eh? Sigh

ADGirl: *cries*

missienelly: Don’t listen to her!!!

ahsokaseoul: Follow her!

missienelly: Grab her! Love this song! Lonely love!

ADGirl: He should have went after her and told her that it was for his aunt! Yes I love this song!

missienelly: I know. Those misunderstanding. Hmm…

ahsokaseoul: It wouldn’t be a drama…

missienelly: He’s back. She’s possessed?


ADGirl: Acting like she is possessed!

missienelly: It’s her. Kisssssssssssssss!

ahsokaseoul: *sigh*


missienelly: A real kiss! With her!

ADGirl: Just a touching of lips kiss…. *narrow eyes*

missienelly: Fireworks in my head!

ahsokaseoul: I can’t feel my legs!

missienelly: *Sigh* Wow. Yes the kiss weren’t that great but it’s a kiss nevertheless.

ADGirl: With all the other things they let slip in the censor world of Korean tv… a kiss other than just touching lips would be shown.

ahsokaseoul: That kiss will help me wait until tomorrow!

ADGirl: So glad we decided on watching tonight like everyone else *smile*

missienelly: It’s SBS!

ADGirl: Won’t have to avoid the homepage wall *clap clap*

missienelly: You both need to watch She Is Wow!

ahsokaseoul: At least Meow didn’t have her arms at her side… *phew*

ADGirl: Can you imagine if the kiss was on TnV? That is true.

missienelly: I know. tvN is the best! Can’t wait for tmrw!

ADGirl: That must take some work to kiss like that.

missienelly: Shouldn’t it be easy? Kiss! Just kiss n make it genuine.

ahsokaseoul: Thanks for watching with me! They have to get the kiss in several angles with so many people around.. It’s hard to get a good kiss…

missienelly: Did she wrap her arms around him, ahsokaseoul?

ADGirl: Actually if you watch the BTS on the Kiss scene from the previous kiss they did not even actually kiss. Hence the hands on her face!

missienelly: Aaah!

ahsokaseoul: Oh that’s why they do that..

missienelly: I thought it is more passionate when he grab her face and pull her towards him.

ahsokaseoul: I like the smaller kisses on the forehead and back hugs myself. The “BIG kiss” is usually so awkward looking. This was a very good kiss for me. Maybe it was because it was King..

missienelly: Yes. I’m satisfied with this pat kiss. I like innocent kiss. No French kiss with my oppa!

ahsokaseoul: It was between the real Meow and King, so I loved it even more !

ADGirl: I like them too; it’s part of the draw for me to A-drama. No ghost to get in between.

ahsokaseoul: I have to get going now before I start watching more dramas… Night guys!

missienelly: Night!

ADGirl: Night!

ahsokaseoul: I’m glad you could watch with us, ADGirl! I can just imagine you running across your lawn to your car in your pjs to watch your drama! *laugh*

ADGirl: Well I forgot, no power means no net!

missienelly: That was what I imagine lol

ahsokaseoul: See you both tomorrow!

missienelly: See ya!

ADGirl: Good night.

missienelly: Night all.

Yes! It is a cross dresser topic tonight! Were you as shocked as us? I had figure out all by myself *pats shoulder* and it is a tremendous deal to have such a taboo topic on Korean television! They didn’t make it a big fuzz though which I’m glad. I hope you enjoy reading our timeline for episode 11. For more thorough review, please visit Jess Unnie’s dramatic review here.


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