Who Are You: Rockhead & Crazy Lady FunCap Ep 4

The recap for episode 4 for Who Are You is now up. At this point, both Crazy Lady and I just antsy to know when our Boo will make his appearance…! And guess what? God has answered our prayers! Hottie hot hot hot on our screen….. *major drools* Amuden, enjoy reading our recap. Who cares it is behind, because for all we know, there are still many people who haven’t watch Who Are You yet!


Nelly(Rockhead) and I (Crazy Lady) are most anticipating and can hardly wait for the appearance of perfection. Yes I am talking about Kim Jea Wook- as Det Lee Hyung Joon. Not just a glimpse but as part of the drama and a main character.
For Nelly and I think Kim Jae Wook is one of those men that are perfection, and come with the whole package. *Drool, Thud* the body, and yes hoping to see some post military abs, *mind draws a blank thinking about it. His voice, face, especially that smile with those puppy dog eyes…………………
Who Are You - Episode 1 - Watch Full Episodes Free on DramaFever
Where were we? Oh ya KJW! Lost my thought.
OK, lets get to 4 where we left off in the morgue trying to solve the murder of the prosecutors fiancée. Who did it? What is the significance of the briefcase? What does it have to do with what happened to Det Lee, and…

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