Master’s Sun: Spooky Timeline-Cap Episode 13


*tears* Yes, yes… ADGirl, ahsokaseoul and I were in denial and refused to believe that this is the end of King! It’s impossible for him to die, right? Think of it, it’s only episode 13. Hong Sisters couldn’t do this to us, could they? My gut feeling says otherwise… Perhaps we will see a light from this episode… Let’s watch this episode together on Viki and read our sort of dramatic than ever timeline-cap *wiggles brows* 

Episode 13


missienelly: I’m here!

ADGirl: I just got home, put on my pj’s, now to make a tea, I will be ready to go.

missienelly: Yay!

ahsokaseoul: Yay! I’m here, too!

missienelly: Awesome! I almost fell asleep… Don’t worry, MBLAQ GO woke me up *swoon*

ADGirl: Viki is 99% subbed. I am good with that…. Tea will be another minute or so.

missienelly: Ok. I’m finishing up a song and will get ready in a minute too *wink*

ahsokaseoul: Door. Will be back in a few…

missienelly: Ok.

ADGirl: Tea is ready and I am here….. I have the box of Kleenex beside me ready after last week’s end.

missienelly: Great! Angela will be back in a few.

ahsokaseoul: I need a do not disturb message…! I’m back!

keep calm

missienelly: Hahaha.

ADGirl: I need to get one of those too…

missienelly: Play?

ADGirl: Play.

ahsokaseoul: Ok.

missienelly: I’ve no credit so am at 0:06.

ADGirl: Commercial for me.

missienelly: Ok. Too bad just one episode for this week *pout*

ADGirl: No credit either. I am at 5 sec.

ahsokaseoul: I don’t know if I can handle more than one…


ADGirl: He better not die I will hate the Hong Sisters forever! Play again.

missienelly: Lol. Play?

ADGirl: What time are you at?

missienelly: 0:06

ADGirl: Play.

ahsokaseoul: 0:43

missienelly: He’s dead? He’s dead!!!!


ADGirl: WTF! They better just be messing with me!

ahsokaseoul: I know ADGirl..

missienelly: Stop!!!!! My poor oppa!

ADGirl: I bet she will slap Meow…

ahsokaseoul: How far are you guys?

missienelly: 2:24

ADGirl: Oops, I forgot to tell ahsokaseoul to play, sorry…

missienelly: He’s alive! He’s alive!


ADGirl: 2:21. We can pause.

missienelly: I’m pausing now.

ahsokaseoul: Pause.

missienelly: I’m at 3:02. Sorry Angela, I’m in the moment *winks*

ADGirl: Me too but I am still at 2:21.

missienelly: Go ahead and catch up with us ahsokaseoul *grins*

ADGirl: How sad is it that we watch shows here and we do not know who the writers are but for our k-drama we do.

ahsokaseoul: lol play?

missienelly: Yes! Where you at?

ADGirl: 3:12. I told you the aunt would slap her *fistpalm*

ahsokaseoul: 3:23

missienelly: Ok. Ouch with the slap! He can’t have amnesia! He can’t. The stab wound is to his body.

ADGirl: I love Secretary Kim!


missienelly: Me too! But he knows Hanna! The evil twin!

ADGirl: Yes he does. She is afraid to touch him.

missienelly: Is this song sang by our Rocker?

ADGirl: I bet because if she does his soul may disappear. Sounds like it. Meow will leave him out of fear to protect him


ahsokaseoul: This show is just getting TOO emotional for me… *feels sensitive*

missienelly: I don’t get it. Why to see her? Disappear forever?

missienelly: Wake up, King! Wake up! No no no no no! *shakes head*


ahsokaseoul: NO!!!!! *screams*

ADGirl: Is she going to sell her soul?

missienelly: What kind of trade is this? The amulet.


ahsokaseoul: I really don’t think I’ll be of much use this episode, Meow going to sell her soul in trade of King?

ADGirl: I freaking told you BOF… Amnesia and forget her!

missienelly: Hmmmm…. Stupid! Stupid!

ahsokaseoul: *SOB*

ADGirl: That’s what Cha has been waiting for to go with him!

missienelly: No!!!!!!!

ADGirl: She gives up her ability to see ghosts?


ahsokaseoul: Don’t go towards the light!

missienelly: How can she give it up? Hanna?

ADGirl: Ok at this point too much like BOF… he will think Hannah is the sun!


ahsokaseoul: I think she gave up King remembering her?

ADGirl: That’s what I think… He will be tricked into getting engaged to Hannah!

missienelly: Sweet Sec. Kim. Selective memory.


ADGirl: He has no memory past the first night?


ahsokaseoul: The aunt never “asked” Meow not to see King. She plainly told her not to.

ADGirl: Yes, she did numerous times. He will have to see her and the pendant to get it all back.

missienelly: Screwdriver! Sec Kim doesn’t recognize Hannah?

ahsokaseoul: He looked surprised to see her!


ADGirl: He did!

missienelly: Yes, you’re right Laurie. He will remember her once he sees the pendant. Surprised but does he remembers her?

ADGirl: I think in the end the husband and Secretary Kim will tell him


missienelly: I really hope so.

ahsokaseoul: The aunt is an ass! 

ADGirl: She reminds me of the mother on Secret Garden!

missienelly: Oh no, she’s worse! King’s aunt is milder lol

ADGirl: I can see it dangling dangling from your mouth. He can read! YAY!



ahsokaseoul: lol

ADGirl: This will be key, he will have to finish the book to remember it.

missienelly: Hehehe he can read! Can she still see ghosts?

ADGirl: Cha following him stopped now she is gone so he can read. He loves meow and so let her go

missienelly: Gasp! Kamjagiya!

ahsokaseoul: Then what about the evil twin? What the hell does she have to do with anything?

ADGirl: He thought Cha was behind the kidnapping, it was Hannah

missienelly: She will seduce him now.

ADGirl: Yes she will.

missienelly: Someone need to fill in the gap with him. Eventually he will catch up. Lol

ADGirl: hahahaha blaming the aunt and weird medicine. The evil lady can stop allot of things but not LOVE

missienelly: The best is to take advantage of him now lol

ahsokaseoul: Where are you guys? I’m at 29:54, My app is giving me trouble today *sad face*

ADGirl: The next few episodes will be torcher watching him with Hannah

missienelly: Laugh! 30:41. I’m pausing for you.

ahsokaseoul: I don’t want to see that… King and Hanna.

missienelly: Play?

ADGirl: 31:06

missienelly: ahsokaseoul, catching on?

ahsokaseoul: I’m caught up. 

missienelly: Ok. Play.

ahsokaseoul: Rocker is going to get Meow and King together?

ADGirl: I put it back to the same time so playing now

missienelly: *thumbs up*

ADGirl: If he does, he deserves anything he wants. Cruella will make him happy.

missienelly: I’m sealing it. Awww…

ADGirl: I like that he is not going to get in the way of King and Meow.

missienelly: Even though he forgot her, unconsciously he remembers his way… at least his foot!


ahsokaseoul: There’s someone else for that now. King is wondering if he left something there AWWW

missienelly: Did I leave something there?



ADGirl: Yah your heart! 

missienelly: I know! It’s Meow!! Can’t deny love *winks*

ahsokaseoul: Why was Sec. Kim so shocked?


missienelly: I’m confuse with Secretary Kim. Is he or is he not?

ahsokaseoul: Was it that King’s Dad knew all along about Hannah?

missienelly: He must have. Rocker knew.

ahsokaseoul: Uncle… Makes sense now

ADGirl: I think he knew the girls but not that they had anything to do with it…

missienelly: Gasp

ahsokaseoul: dum dum dum

missienelly: I’m lost.

ahsokaseoul: Cruella!

ADGirl: I get it Cha died and she hid it, she took the role of Cha? Maybe?

missienelly: Awwww Rocker wants to protect Meow. Lol at Cruella


ahsokaseoul: You really are a freak of nature lol

missienelly: Black barbel whale lol


ADGirl: bahahahahaa

ahsokaseoul: Poor little sun…

missienelly: Hahaha

ADGirl: Cha is sweet and Cruella is cute. She is playing this role well. I bet the two of them help King and Meow

ahsokaseoul: I hope so

missienelly: Lol what is this?


ADGirl: a dream! thank god

missienelly: Nooooooo. Here she goes. Not your books!

ahsokaseoul: The aunt is taking advantage…

missienelly: Cruella playing Cupid?

ADGirl: I have some nasty words for Hannah! *fist palm*

ahsokaseoul: So she can get Rocker… Awww

missienelly: Hold it, ADGirl! Lol Why don’t they talk face to face?

ADGirl: She told the evil bitch she would never look at him again

ahsokaseoul: Meow doesn’t want him to see the necklace and remember her…


missienelly: Right

ADGirl: She is afraid she will hurt him more. That tingly feeling like the first night they met? heheheh

missienelly: Yup. Just tell him now


ADGirl: So that is it. He had nothing to do with it, and the girls were his family. I still think it was Cha he was protecting

ahsokaseoul: Why would Sec. Kim leave now if he wants King and Meow to get together. Ohhhhh…

missienelly: He needs to find Hannah.

ahsokaseoul: She still sees ghosts…


missienelly: Yes. Lol at uncle. I’ll be damned!



ahsokaseoul: How’d she get a necklace that looks like Meow’s? I guess she knows where to shop…


missienelly: Yes yes

ADGirl: The necklace is being sold at Kingdom!

missienelly: That’s right!

ADGirl: The one thing he doesn’t know is the significance of the sun

ahsokaseoul: the kids…


missienelly: Lol the kids will tell him hopefully. Yes!!!!



ahsokaseoul: Yes!!! possession again…


missienelly: Gasp! She’s gonna show up in front of Hannah soon!

ADGirl: Yes Rocker is going to figure it out. What will happen when King touches her?

missienelly: Hah!

ahsokaseoul: Yay!!


missienelly: Wow! He’s recovering fast! Heirs!!!!

ADGirl: I love LMH’s new hair *swoon*

missienelly: This episode confuse me a little.

ADGirl: He is going to speak English!

ahsokaseoul: Only one this week? King was only in hospital for like a day… Kdramaness *rolls eyes* I love it!

missienelly: So perhaps we will see Cha living in Meow’s body in next couple of episode?

ahsokaseoul: As fast as they’re going, I bet the next episode…

missienelly: LMH has been practicing his English *swoon*

ADGirl: How are they going to drag it out that long?

missienelly: I don’t know. How many episodes left? 3?

ahsokaseoul: Yes

ADGirl: I am so happy they did not add more episodes though. I think Heirs has something to do with it. Yes only 3 left. Well I am off to bed ladies. Have good one!

missienelly: Stick to the original, Hong sisters! Me too. Night. Night, ahsokasseoul.

ahsokaseoul: night


Well, that was quick, wasn’t it? He was stabbed, almost died, got his heart beats back, lost his memory and found Meow all in one episode! Talk about being quickie! Hong Sisters, what’s the rush? I don’t know about you but I certainly feel like this episode is too rush. 4 more episodes before the season is over! I’m liking it but I’m not because everything seems to be boom boom boom. I wanted to see him a bit more curious and search our Meow on his own, not through the kids. Aish… SMDH. Anyway, this is what we got and there’s no turning back. I wonder what is going to be on the next episode? Back to normal and off to hunt for the necklace again? The answer is on next episode. For a thorough review, please visit Jess Unnie’s dramatic review here.


What do you think?

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