Spotlight: Choi Kwon

(¿¬¿¹)ÃÖ±Ç, "ÁÁÀº ¸ð½À º¸¿©µå¸±°Ô¿ä!"Get out! This actor turned 30 years old this year! How can it be possible? He looks 19! Don’t ya think? My gosh, what do these people eat??? *SMDH* Anyway, Choi Kwon is an actor I think deserves a spotlight! I saw him in The King 2 Hearts as a North Korean soldier. His role was quite minor and not so noticeable. Other than that, I’ve not seen him in anything else. Yeap, this is the reality of secondary actors in South Korea. In and out of drama unnoticed by anyone. I am sad to see this is happening to some actors. Choi Kwon doesn’t have anything lined up in his pipeline this year. It makes me wonder what’s going on? Is he on MS duty? It can’t be! He’s too old now.

Anyway, reality is reality, right? He’s not the  best looking actor in town. In Korean drama and movie land, looks is extremely important. I know this is bias but most noonas and ahjummas want to fall in love with their actors and actresses and networks and directors have no choice but to select the best looking actors from a pool of already full of beautiful and handsome group. Yes, it is a sad world we are living in. I hope Choi Kwon prevails and show us otherwise. His last work was in Tasty Life, a 2012 SBS family drama. Nope, I didn’t see it… I hope his agent could find him a better role in future coz believe me… we don’t want anyone to be left out, right?


Fighting, Choi Kwon! Don’t give up and I hope to see you in future. As I end this post, here is an OST from the King 2 Hearts. The title of the song is Love is Crying by K. Will. This is my favorite song and I’m sure you love it as much as I am *melts*


What do you think?

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