Wednesday Eu-Mak: Hotness

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Hope you all are doing great in this magnificent day. Me? I’m hungry but that’s nothing new… Anyway, we are in our third Wednesday of this month and guess what? 2 more weeks before the Halloween *howls*. Do you celebrate it? I’m not a big fan of Howloween but sure, I’ll give out candies to kids. Speaking of candies *getting excited*, I decided to change my eu-mak focus for this week’s music post. And it’s all because of Grace of Musings of a Twinkie. Yes, it is none other than So Ji Sub!!! Can I hear aaaaaahhhhhhhh *happy sigh*?


Yes, yes… buckle up ladies (and gentlemen?) because this ride is going to get a bit sweaty and hot hot hot! I know we all have been squeal a lot lately due to his charms in Ghost, and Road #1 and the latest being Master’s Sun. And now, we can add his singing and rapping to our list to squee and swoon on our oppa. Sigh… what can I say? He has the total package. He’s handsome, tall,  sexy, hot and PERFECT! And I would like to thank GOD for dropping us an angel *blushes*.

*snaps* OK, let’s get back to business… The first MV is called Pick Up Line. Oh, how funny! Pick Up Line? I don’t think he needs it! And OMG OMG *bleep bleep bleep* can he get any hotter in this MV????? I’m sorry, I can’t even comment on his music. He’s just!!!!! I almost wanna yell at those girls… Get off of my oppa!!!!! Hahahha So Ji Sub in white suit? Hot! So Ji Sub in all black attire? Total cool. But in animal print and with that almost Curly-Sue curly hair? No, no, no. And the song? Very entertaining! It sounded very seductive and I could almost hear him begging when he raps, I’m sure he was trying to emphasize the begging part based on the lyrics he sang. Well, of course… it’s about pick up line! Begging is a must, right? This song is kind of upbeat and showcasing Ji-Sub’s rapping skill. I’m impressed. As for his voice? Let’s face it, he has quite a husky, low schexy voice. I have heard his older songs before but this is my first time actully listening to his songs with my full attention on his voice. Yes, I have no complain… I’m satisfied. It’s a great music, and I am simply stunned by his image on this MV. If you listen to this song in the morning, it will certainly wake you up… *beams*

The next MV is called Picnic. Compare to Pick Up Line, this song is more mellow and ballad-y yet our oppa continues to rap. It is quite an interesting song and I must say, I’m liking it. This is a duet with Younha and her voice blended really well with him. I must say, I burst out laughing the minute he started to rap… It just that he came out a little too strong at the beginning *not that I’m complaining* and I didn’t expect to see it this early. Overall, beautiful collaboration with Younha, amazing performance by two artists and a song that is to die for. His scruffy look makes him look even more mature but I rather see him in his clean image.

The last MV *yes, I’m going nuts with a third song* is called Eraser. This is his latest song released early this year and by far, my favorite of all. Why? It has my oppa and Yoo Seung Ho! OK, ok… not forgetting Park Shin-Hye. This drama-like MV is very nice to watch and the storyline is quite sad. The song itself is fabulous and very sophisticated, to my hearing. Ji-Sub oppa didn’t just rap in here, he sing too! Mellow is featured as well, adding extra ooomph to this song. Now, I don’t know who Mellow is but I found out he/she is a vocal trainer. I suspect Mellow is a guy and he sang the chorus “don’t forget me” part. Correct me if I’m wrong…

I apologize for not reviewing the songs very thoroughly this week. Can you blame me? It’s So Ji Sub!!!! I’m on cloud 10 now! I couldn’t even put my thoughts together! I hope you enjoy the songs I selected for this week. Next week, back to my regular schedule. I promise, I will not get distracted! *pinky swear*


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