Yoo Seung Ho

If you know me by now, the love of my life (well, other than my hub and son), it is Yoo Seung Ho. Nothing can top him in my heart… Yes, this noona is crazy, head over heels, with him! I even counted our age difference! Yes, we still can work this May-December relationship! I love Yoo Seung Ho. I EFFING LOVE YOO SEUNG HO!!!!

The Fangirl Adventure Log


The smoldering gaze of Yoo Seung Ho can most definitely render a fangirl of any age weak in the knees.  Partner that with maturity, poise, intelligence, and affable charm and he becomes downright lethal!  In fact, he becomes a fangirl dream.  When I watch Yoo Seung Ho, I always have to pause a moment to remind myself that he is all of twenty years old!  Building his acting resume since the age of 7 and settling into that wickedly intense smolder by age 16, I could no longer deny his rightful place here as a worthy K-Shot of Hot.

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