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Kkkkkkkkkkrack! Krack krack krack! *pulls hair* Never, I mean NEVER, in my KDrama life have I seen a revenge melodrama (as it claimed to be) gone wrong! And a revenge melodrama this funny? Seriously, seriously unbelievably entertaining! This currently airing show is my now #1 crack drama of the season! When I first saw the first episode with ADGirl, it was just a bleh *spits profusely* so mutually we decided to quit watching it all together. And one day… I have nothing to watch. None! Zip! Nada and I figured, I have nothing to lose and watch Secret again and worse comes to worse… I’ll just give it a bad review! Heck, I just bit my tongue! By the time I reached episode 4, I was a crazy female dog running from one end to another end hoping that Wednesday would come sooner! Yeah *drools like a dog* I HAVE FOUND MY CRACK DRAMA  and I’m addicted to it excessively. Just give me the bloody episodes, please!!!!! *trembles and reaches for drugs*


Secret, a 16 episode drama by KBS2, told a story of four different lives collided by a hit and run accident that the aftermath collapsed their world to pieces. Four different characters, four different goals in pursuing their own happiness. Nothing best in pursuing your goals if money is not on the table, right? So here we are, thrown into a puddle of shit with richness, greatness, grandness, romance (one sided, mutual or nothing) and a whole lot of mumbo jumbo of craziness! To say it is a makjang drama, it isn’t. Not makjang at all… In fact, the story itself makes it easier for you to follow. The only upside, yes no downside so far, is that whatever revenge plot Min Hyuk tried to get back to the people who caused his pain just never goes according to what he wanted! It doesn’t sound upside to you? You just need to watch to understand it! And this upside costs us the biggest laugh of all! Ooops, I just give it out a spoiler right there! Aaaah, who cares… let me shower you with more spoilers through the characters!

  • Ji Sung as Jo Min-Hyuk: a spoiled rich brat who understand nothing but living in his own bubbles. His girlfriend died in a hit and run accident and ever since he found out the murderer (unknowing that she’s not the real murderer) is a substitute driver he once hired, he started tormented her life over and over again even after she pays her dues to the justice and real life. Ji Sung started to follow her in which eventually became very stalkerish and obsessive. He follows her around, made his Secretary/driver, Gwang Soo, tracks every moves she made and report all her activities to him. It is a definitely confusing to understand Min-Hyuk, even himself found it confusing by his own actions and wait… could he starting to develop a caring side despite wanting her to payback his pain? Min-Hyuk has a gorgeous fiancee in which somehow he started to have a feeling for her as well yet he can’t let go of his obsession with the murderer.
  • Hwang Jung-Eum as Kang Yoo-Jung: a dedicated and hardworking daughter, Yoo-Jung grew up in a single parent household with a baker father and does multiple jobs to support herself. Her loves for baking inspires her to create a new baking recipe for a competition she wanted to be part of but he dreams were shattered when she found herself slapped with a hit-and-run case and went to jail for it. Here’s a secret: it wasn’t her but her fiancee. She shielded him by admitting to the case because he just started a career as a prosecutor. The irony of this secret: he IS the prosecutor of the case she did not even involved with! She found herself pregnant when she’s in jail but the child died later and now she felt there is no reason to live and broke her engagement. Min-Hyuk however kept haunting her and she ended up agreeing to all the things he asked her to do in hopes that she could pay up the debt she owes for the death of his girlfriend. Sometimes I wonder, how far would she go? She already pays her dues!
  • Bae Soo-Bin as Ahn Do-Hoon: a forever guilty face shown on his face (perfect actor for the role), Prosecutor Ahn lives with his parents who mom constantly nagging at him for choosing Yoo-Jung for his bride. He is an okay prosecutor and struggles with his cases during Yoo-Jung time in jail. As a prosecutor, you almost expected him to be honest and all… but not in Secret. Ahn has not one, but two secrets he’s hiding from the justice. He was behind the wheels and he was the one that caused the accident. He could have told the truth but god forbid, he didn’t. Why? He just got engaged and just appointed as a prosecutor. SMDH, that’s his secret number 1. Number 2? Now, this secret is deliberate and I can now call him a true MURDERER! Wae? He killed his dementia father-in-law when he heard the old man blurted out that he knew Ahn was behind the wheels, not his precious daughter. Well, well, well… what we got here? Eeeeh? *wiggles brows* In the end, Yoo Jung and him broke off their engagement and Ahn became convinced (and desperate since he lost his job) that money is everything and accepted the job under Min-Hyuk. He knew that Min-Hyuk will tormented him as much as he did to Yoo-Jung coz psssst, Min Hyuk knows that him and Yoo-Jung are a couple.
  • Lee Da-Hee as Shin Se-Yeon: a pretty heiress (is she an heiress or a daughter of a high ranking politician?), she has been friends with Min-Hyuk since childhood and fair enough chosen as his bride. But she found out his little obsession and decided to turn this marriage into business. She demanded various demands from his family just to secure herself for future sake. Obviously, I would do that too. She is confused however with Min-Hyuk… How can she not? At times, he showed her with so much caring (or lured her to think it that way) but at times, he showed her his tiny obsession that she found it ridiculously childish. She is in love with Min-Hyuk, I could just tell it from “look at me, look at me” expression on her face. Because Min-Hyuk’s not-so-little obssession, she adopted Ahn to be on her side as a friend unknowing to her that Ahn’s original intention to be just friends turned into something else as well…. This caused a little havoc when Min-Hyuk noticed it as well.

Well, how messy is that? Now, many little things will come out more in future episodes. Friends, enemies, loves, hates… This is mine, no.. this is mine. The men want to claim possession on both women and I will not know how this will turned out to be in the end. Ok, after I laid out the secrets above, I somehow have this feelings there are more secrets we have yet to see. For instance, is it really true that Yoo-Jung’s child died of sickness? Could he be given away through adoption that no one knows but….. Min-Hyuk? Please remember, the whole goal of Secret is to make the people payback from Min-Hyuk’s lost. But how far must he go to get his revenge? See it for yourself, peeps. This is a must watch from me. I vouch that! Can you tell how serious I am? TAD SERIOUS! WATCH IT!!!!


8 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Secret Love/Secret

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  2. Thanks to Nelly, my “Adrama pusher” 😉 I watched the first 4 and was hooked time was not on my side. With her, “You must watch. You will Love it.” and of course the final push was, “I want to hear, what your potty mouth, will say about ADH”
    That is all I needed and Potty mouth is out.He is an SFB F***tard. I have sssssooo many more colourful words, I will keep them to myself.
    I am so hooked, that busy as I am I watched some of the episode in 10 or 15 min episodes. Finally all caught up today.
    Both Nelly and I need to just listen to each other right away and go for the Krack. I cannot wait for Wed/Thurs to watch the final 2 episodes with her. 😀


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